ZERO To $10,000/Mo With Affiliate Marketing | What I Would Do If I Started AGAIN With NO Skills!

what's going on, you guys here again and on this video today I want to show you what I would do if I had to start again if I had no channel if I had nothing I had to start completely from scratch to get myself to five to ten thousand to get dollars a month that's exactly what I'm going to show you but I want to take it a step further and show you how to do it if you have no follow have no money and if you have no skills , so if you don't want to create any videos if you don't have experience with affiliate marketing I want to show you exactly how you can do it moreover at the end of this video I will be announcing the 10 lucky winners get 250 for me giveaway in september i also have a link in my description for my brand new giveaway guys we are doing one more two and a half thousand to ten lucky winners the link is in the description sign up now don't forget to beat it like of button and comment right now, I'm in the gift k and make sure you sign up so you definitely have the best chance to win one of
these giveaways what would I do if I had to start making money online again especially if I wanted to do an affiliate market well one of the ways i would do these guys i would use instagram but hear me i don't want you have to go there and create something like this be satisfied there is a way to do this is where you don't have to do anything the work myself and I'm going to walk you through it and show you exactly how it can be done, but you're probably thinking alan what niche would I go into what would I do to make it money, I want to break it down I went to Google and I typed in the most profitable instagram niches and this is what came up this is the top eight travel is one of the biggest but I know right now travel is a little limited we clearly have a pandemic we're dealing with in many countries have your beauty fashion health lifestyle etc when you look at some of these which you may need to have experience in some of them, such as music or business parenting you need to be a parent, or preferably you need to be lifestyle takes a lot of time in order health and fitness you want to be someone who is in the industry but in terms of fashion and beauty these two I think a lot of people can get away with doing even if they are not into fashion and beauty and I will explain that in the second beauty is not so good because you may have to
have some experience with the makeup etc.

But fashion I went and I did a lot of research and I found a lot of different
absolutely instagram sites crush it and they don't show their face they use someone else's content they post it again and they are smashing and I want to show you exactly how you can do it when you get there to instagram guys I went searching and I found a whole range of different
types of instagram profiles here what does instagram do of course post them do things they do also instagram tv and instagram tv and the reels are blowing up so much because the video content is going on all platforms with a youtube shorts with tick and now clearly with instagram and i want to show you how can do the exact same thing and there's so many different brands that you have obviously things that people have when they use here like Nike do they do puma when you come here do you have people that do their own independence products whether it's in the fashion is or beauty it's a beauty here it's independent here's another one here and these people are really doing very well if you come here you can also do Nike so many people who repost Nike shoes nightwear they have a link in their buy here like these people here they take over to websites and blogs with links for these different types of products and they make it absolutely the best part about this whole thing is guys they don't create any of these posts they don't create one of these rules don't upload all this instagram tv different types of videos it is I want to show you how you can do the same and here's another one over here guys called go sport me if you scroll down they advertise everything guys from surfing to shoes to running shoes for different types of active wear okay if you scroll down there are so many different sports items etc when you click on the link here it takes you to a website and as you can see they sell all of this their website now , I'm going to show you how to do it without a website okay here's another one over here I found Shane of course Shane is a brand but there are a lot of people who take content from them repost it because if you're
a glam they give you a lot of this stuff you can use and repost it exactly what I want to show you on this video so the first step for these guys you need to take is you need to get yourself a create
Instagram profile you need here and create one, let's say that you wanted to do something similar to you can give it a name that is clear not shy, but it can be something in fashion or let the creativity for yourself it is clearly a women's clothing brand, so you can think something yourself then from there what would you do once you create these guys you need a link, an affiliate link to be able to promote this product now you can see by myself that I use a
link behind because i promote multiple things that leaves the door open for you if you want to promote for example glamor if you want to promote for example another product say we wanted to do all the shoes like we say you wanted to do nike and you wanted to do puma and you wanted adidas does and you want to easily do asics use a link tree well and then you can have everything connected to it link tree what happens is that you can have a
number of links to this the different products now if you don't want to do that you can also just have the one link and it's good and have it here in you linked
instagram bio now how do you become an affiliate of these different types of products you want to do is you want to come to a site called
Authorityhacker.comcane as you can see went there and I initially searched for shoot affiliate programs it's very important guys because I want to show you what makes a good affiliate product over here and that's the earnings per click I'll show you what I mean if you scroll down to here where you're going to find all these different shoe affiliate programs you can apply for many different parts of the world account i don't know what part of the world each one is available in you have to do your own research on it if you scroll down let's look at this here called zappos for example when if you scroll down , you can see that they pay seven percent commissions and on average their earnings per click means every time someone clicks one of their links on average that person or the affiliate makes 13 big guys in normal affiliate marketing like when i do affiliate marketing through clickbank or average digital 24 what you earn anything from 50 cents to two dollars a click three dollars a click is amazing and anything more than that is really good results so 13 per click is astronomical it's really good but the commission rate is sometimes 7 you might want to look for something a little bit better and you might want to look for it a little bit more famous product so if you obviously scroll down here you have puma guys you got gloss you got nike you got converse et cetera and everything in between so if we go to number six if we scroll down to the gloss let's take a look at this because let's say if we wanted to replicate what they're doing here so if you come here you got clear as you can see clothing brand they have shoes I have accessories I have everything and if you scroll down here you can see here that their commission rate is 10 and their earnings per click is 28 almost 29 guys that is big and another good factor is that here 30 day cookie duration which means when someone clicks on your affiliate link if they buy something within the next 30 days you will be paid that commission which is amazing now if you are looking to do something for kids if you scroll down check this I got it saw when i did the research 88 per click okay that's an insane amount of money but i know that more people on instagram are looking for shopping themselves than anything else so what do you want to do from here guys want to apply for this affiliate program ok and to apply different types of affiliate programs you want to go to the shane affiliate the site is good so all you have to do is click on the link that goes on there to do it will bring you
to a page that look and when you're here you can see exactly how it works so you have to apply for it different affiliate programs good and when you're here it shows you exactly how it works you have to come when you're done you have to log in once you register guys once you sign up and You get your link you can clearly see the benefits you are going to get now you saw on the previous page that you earn up to 10 but really they pay up to 20 and the best Part is about this guys i'm going to show you how to do it without creating these different types of posts or roll or instagram tv itself there is a way to do it and you don't have to do any of the work and have the link so you can absolutely start crushing it okay all you have to do is scroll down here click on sign register and get the affiliate link once you have the affiliate link guys you want to register because you know a link shorten like link tree and then once you have to create your profile create a little bio you can come here and copy the ones you know similar buyers they have and then a link the link tree links here with you an affiliate link, from here you want to do guys is that you want to start filling your instagra m account with this different posts with these different roles and with instagram tv the one I recommend right now is post of course guys now many of you need to know how to reshare these posts it's very easy what I want to show you today is how you these rules can create or how you can use their videos more here on your own instagram profile and upload them again so you can come here and click on your link when I look at my instagram accounts guys and I look at my ig TV , I get a lot more engagement on that why than I do on one of my posts
because Instagram gets a lot of press more people say it what they like to watch roles and they also watch it instagram tv they press it so would you start taking or using
this different types of videos they have here and put them up on your Instagram profile I'm going to show you right now when it comes to rules guys roles anything up to 60 seconds long is okay so you need to make sure that if it's under 60 is condes it's an instagram reel if it's more than a minute then it's ig tv and i show you how you can create one or the
other so let's say the first thing we wanted to do is rent an instagram reel You just have to come here and click on one of these different videos so if we're playing this video here actually what you're going to watch is just people dancing in different kinds of clothes you've got music here I'm just going to pause it let's say we wanted to use this video here guys so take a moment all you have to do come here and copy this link okay so I'm going to copy this link one time you copied the link you want to come to this site here called okay once you get to
this site you have this tab about here called tools click on the scroll down downloader downloader here and click on instagram once you click on that if you scroll down you can see that you have download photos download videos download profiles ig tv etc let's say that u ne t click on download the video here and then down paste it in there once you paste it all you have to do is click on
search as you can see now it's going to look for this video once it found this video it will we show that it found the video and we can download it fine that's just the video we need to do now is to download look here it says download click on to
download the other option you give , say log in to download guys you don't need to sign up don't sign up to anything nothing just click to download it if You can see here now the video we are downloading on our computer you want to do here simply we have a couple of options: The first option is we can download it I'm not saying directly on Instagram that you do what I suggest you do simply to come to a website like and look here where it says mobile video you want to go to 1080 by 1920 because it's the instagram reel size guy so you can click to create a blank oke and then all s You have to grab the video and drag it and drop it and drop it so I'm going to pause that okay we I'll lower this music right here so lower that and then we can just drag it's on top and we have our first video here so if you play it good we have our first video here we can use everything we can do now if you wanted you could put a caption on top of your absolutely you guys can come here you have text that you can put that you want you can say buy this link in bio it's up to what you want to do the creativity Everything is fine then this is what you need come here it says download click download and then leave it as an mp4 video and then simply click to download we're going to download it from our computer creating it as our own video and especially if you've posted something above all good very easy to use SMS once it's downloaded guys who i want to show you exactly how to upload it now this video is only 22 seconds long that means it's perfect for instagram rolls a s if you want to do TV you can easily make more of these videos and upload them here on canva let me just show you exactly what I mean once this video is downloaded ok guys so this video just downloaded so I'm going to leave video there since it is now downloading you can possibly do if you want to create it longer than a minute because you wanted to do everything igtv very simply come back to this site or this instagram profile here guys click on one of these different types of videos about here I'm just going to break it and all you have to do is grab these links and download diem and create more now create longer content I'll be doing this a lot recommend it to activewear put on all the activewear together ok if you underwear do you wear laundry if you do bikinis bikinis skirts shoes shoes accessories accessories well and download it and what would happen once you grab a lot of these types of videos and you come to what's going to happen here as you continue to watch this vide o's to download it's about the one increase minute point that's going to be perfect what we have to do now for instagram tv we have to upload the video to our own profile so the way you do it guys all you have to do is simply come over to your Instagram profile you created and now that you have it your link here and then you have to click on this plus sign once here on you click on this plus sign if you can see you can select from the computer so click to select now from the computer i'm going to grab the video ok i downloaded it and as you can see the video is here now you have a couple of options okay you have square option you have a portrait landscape what we want to do is we want to choose the portrait option here because that's what's perfect for instagram roll from there guys you come here and you click next once you click next as you can see you can leave try your video sound and choose a cover here possibly better as you can see, you can choose a
different oms good laugh so maybe choose that if your cover come here then click on the next now you have to write a
caption now when it comes to writing a caption guys i highly recommend you easily come straight back to their profile here and click on any of their videos it's good that they here so if you click on this you can see one like this they have something like this looks amazing that's all you guys have to do something very similar scroll down and check out exactly what they do then simply come back and write your own caption here the guys are not over complicate the video itself to do all the work for you when you come down on you what you have accessibility is good if you want to write alt- text you can for people with disabilities you can do that too and then you turn off your advanced settings here comment if you want (i6-6-6-9)
highly recommend it comment on it guys then click share and then this is your first video where you use your instagram rules and like i said if you want to do it for your ig-tv all you need to do is create the longer videos like I said with instagram guys you can do it create different types of products you can do well you can do puma can you Nike do you can do your own personal mark it's up to you the good thing about shane here guys if you sign up to their affiliate program when you go here you can see they got clothes tops with dresses lounge underwear shoes accessories and if you click on that it's going to take you over 10 you're going to find all these different
types of images that you can use when you sign up as an affiliate I'm going to give you all these resources and then you just have to upload these different images guys right to your instagram profile doesn't require you to film anything requires you not to use your face Do you need money then you start building a following and the best part is it's all direct marketing people who see it will definitely click
links that u in the description has here, and you will start making money online with this affiliate marketing strategy, that's why I say if I were to start again from scratch, it's give up something I would do you're not going to make your first dollar a day, but if you are consistent and you can see that you have unlimited content if you look at this unlimited content on websites if you have a look at this you have unlimited contact content if you look at
their own instagram profiles and because you promote their products directly which means that they earn money because they can't reach everyone with you will reach people they haven't reached you will definitely start making money online with affiliate marketing using this strategy now for the moment we've all been waiting for guys i'm going straight to my wordpress profile now here before i do guys if you enjoyed the
video make sure to hold that button for appreciation and go down now and comment that you're in the next giveaway give ne t comments, I'm in for the next giveaway guys we need now to announce it here 10 minutes as you can see I'm doing it live guys announce 10 winners we're coming here it says winners needed we will click winners we're going to pick 10 winners and we're going to pick winners and I'm going to show you these winners now I'm contacting all the winners guys via email so if you can see you
mentioned here guys congratulations are the 10 winners going be receive 250 every congratulations now if you want to know another great strategy you can use to earn money online guys click this video here right now it's a full detailed tutorial I highly recommend it if you haven't haven't seen please watch this video now guys I see you on the video until next time take care and bye

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