Why Do I Have 0 Sales and Clicks on Amazon Affiliate Associates

welcome guys to this tutorial here i will be talking about uh why you see zero sales in amazon associates so the affiliate program and this is especially when you start out so i recently joined the amazon associates program and within the first day i wanted to test it out so i went i created some affiliate links and i tried to go to them and see if they worked and i would keep seeing that here within the earnings overview where you can see the number of clicks and the commissions as well as here i was seeing all zeros so these were zeros when i tested it out and i was wondering if this was working but the thing is that amazon associates they update only a few day a few times over uh the day or once a day something like that so you have to be patient with this program here you can see last updated so you will be able to check when the update the report was created and you would be able to see the clicks update over the period of time so for example when you test it out put your link out there come back next day or the day after and see if the number of clicks was would still be zero that way you would be able to check if if your affiliate links will be working so i hope that this tutorial was useful and see you guys in the next one

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