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What is affiliate marketing? This is Mike. He has a website about gadgets. He writes reviews about the latest gadgets
and has a section to compare the features. And also, he tracks the best
deals for his readers. And Mike would like to make some
extra money from his passion. He can monetize by placing advertising banners or by referring special
offers from selected stores. This is Jack. He likes to read Mike's website. Jack would like to buy a new gadget
he read about on Mike's site.

This is Laura. She has an online store
where she sells gadgets. Laura would like to have more sales and is
concerned about spending marketing money without having real results,
without getting only clicks and likes. She is out of ideas where
to advertise her website. So what happens is that Mike decides
to add a banner on his website with a link that sends to Laura's store.
While reading Mike's reviews, Jack sees the banner,
clicks on it and gets to Laura's store. He sees there the gadget he was
reading about and decides to buy it. He places the order, pays for it
and receives it shortly. This way, Laura just got a new order and she rewards Mike for recommending her store
with a percentage of that sales value. This is called affiliate marketing. How does Laura know who sent Jack
to her store? The link Mike had on his website was a special link containing info
about each of the three: Mike – the affiliate, Laura – the advertiser
and Jack – the customer.

This type of links are called affiliate links and are obtained using a
tool that can track all this information. Such a tool is provided by affiliate
platforms like 2Performant. Besides being a tool, 2Performant is a network, an ecosystem where affiliates
and advertisers can connect and start working together easily.
2Performant has tens of thousands of affiliates that advertise
online and make money. Just like Mike, they are site owners, bloggers, web developers or
pay per click specialists. They can choose from hundreds of online
businesses just like Laura's shop, connect with others and use
the tools to make money online. Create your free account today..

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