Up to $5000 Per Month with Temu Affiliate Program? (Honest Opinion)

Can you really earn up to five thousand dollars 
per month with their Temu Affiliate Program   as many people claim or is it a waste of time? My 
name is Mikael and if you have been looking for   a way to make money online, it's very possible 
that you'll come across information about the   Temu Affiliate Program because it has been 
hyped by a lot of influencers and personally   I have received so many promotional emails 
about it and so many questions here on my   Channel about how it really works and if it's 
worth it. So therefore, I decided to record this   video because it can potentially be a way 
to earn but there are also just some very   important details you need to be aware of to 
find out if this really is for you.

So let's start by going over the basics of 
what Temu is and it is a platform, a shopping   platform, an online platform a little bit like 
you can say AliExpress or Amazon. You can find   a lot of different products. Many of them are 
very cheap actually and you can join from more   or less all countries from what I've been able 
to find out. And it seems like they then wanted   to get more attention and more new users and more 
members, so they made this great affiliate program.   And this is the reason that you have probably 
heard about it before because I have received,   you know, so many questions. This is one of the 
most requested videos that I have seen for a   long time. And also I have received so many spam 
emails of people promoting this to me also. And   this of course the disadvantages of just making 
a really great affiliate program that's open to   everyone. Even people that do not really know how 
to do it ethically and in a great way because   then there will just be spam everywhere.

And then 
we start questioning is this really true or not.  And even maybe influencers have just jumped 
on this and made these hype videos. And let me   just reveal right away that you can potentially 
earn really good money with affiliate programs   like Temu, it's not just limited to Temu, it 
doesn't offer anything special like that but   there are just some very important things that 
many people forget to tell you when it comes to   making money like this. So let's go over these 
different affiliate programs or ways to earn   that they have and then we'll talk more about 
the right approach and what you should not do   even though some people claim that's a fast way 
to earn, so then you know exactly what to expect.   So from what I've been able to find out, Temu has a 
couple of different ways where you can earn.

One of   the methods is this influencer program where 
you become a team of influencer where you can   earn up to 300 balance. This is not something you 
can cash out. This is for content creators that   already have an audience and then you can get a 
balance to shop there. And then you can get the   free products basically to show to your audience. 
That's one method they have. But this option is   not really relevant for all. The program that 
has really been hyped is this affiliate program   where they say you can earn up to five thousand 
dollars in cash per month.

So let's talk about that.   So on Temu's Facebook page, I found this post where 
it talks about the affiliate program. And first of   all, you see this it has no requirements to join, 
so that's why so many people have done it. aAd   you can see earn up to five thousand dollars per 
month. So basically what it is is that you see that   you will get a link that you can then share with 
people. And then they can just be friends or it   can be on social media or it can be if you have a 
following, you can do that and then you can earn up   to 20% commission on each referred users. So that 
means that when they spend money you will get a   commission. They will not pay extra or anything 
like that. That's a great thing about affiliate   programs. People never pay more. You just get a 
card also Amazon. And many other platforms also   have options like this. Temu just pays a way higher 
commission that for example Amazon and that's why   so many people started promoting it.

However at 
the time of recording this video when you then   click that link to actually go and sign up there 
you see it just says that something is wrong. And   it said this for a while while I had tested it so 
and this post is actually a few months old now. So   it seems like maybe at the time of recording this 
video anyways, that they do not just accept anyone   into the affiliate program. Maybe it became too 
much, maybe that became too much hype but the   thing is that you also don't need Temu's affiliate 

And the point of this video is not so much   whether you can use that to earn five thousand 
dollars per month because you potentially could.   My point of this video is that it is legit because 
many of you have asked but more importantly to   also debunk some of these fast quick fixes that 
I've seen many other people claimed you can use   to then use an affiliate program like Temu's or 
like other affiliate programs.

Because the key is   to learn to do affiliate marketing correctly. Then, 
it doesn't matter if it's for Temu or something   else, as long as it's a program you really support. 
So let me talk a little bit more about what I've   seen some people claim and what works and what 
does not work if you want to work as an affiliate   for Temu or any other platform for that matter. 
So when it comes to the Temu Affiliate Program   or any other affiliate program, I just want to make 
clear that affiliate marketing has a huge earning   potential. Yes, you can potentially and eventually 
earn five thousand dollars per month. There are   also many people that way way more than that per 
month, so it has a huge earning potential if you do   it correctly. But the thing is that when it came 
to Temu, there was so much hype and I've seen so   many videos where influencers say like oh you just 
joined through my link of course you know, I don't   have a problem with that.

I also invite people 
because that's a part of how we that make content   we spend a lot of time and money doing that. So 
that's a part of how we can earn. I don't mind   supporting others but they need to get valuable 
for information and many of them they just said   like oh you just joined and you then just jump to 
you know canva create some little designs and of   the products on Temu, share it on Instagram, make 
a profile there and then you will earn hundreds or   thousands of dollars. That's just not how it works. 
Yes, you can do that once you have a following but   the thing is that that just doesn't happen and 
creating an account just to become an influencer   to promote a specific program doesn't really 
make sense from a business perspective.

I have   done affiliate marketing for years and what you 
need to do is to first sit down and find a niche,   a topic you want to actually focus on something 
you know about that you can help people with. Then   start creating content whether it's on a website, 
whether it's on YouTube, whether it's on Instagram,   TikTok, that doesn't really matter, that depends 
on your personal preferences. What I do not   recommend is that you go out and try to become an 
influencer for the sake of becoming an influencer   because then your earnings will actually be quite 
limited compared to if you are a niche affiliate   marketer where you have knowledge about a specific 
topic that you can share with people that help   people. Because then, it's also more long term and 
more Partners you can work with. And that's the   approach that I see many influencers do not say. 
They just say oh go here grab that in link there,   share it on social media platforms, and then 
you will start earning.

That's just not a   good sustainable long-term way of earning. If you 
want to consistently earn hundreds of thousands   of dollars per month online. So don't go for this 
try to become an influencer to become famous. Go   for creating something with value and then slowly 
it will build. And that's what can become a real   sustainable long-term business and income.

that was my main point of this video because   I've seen so much hype when it comes to team that 
has nothing to do with Temu itself. That's just   people that got carried away with it and with the 
high commissions without sharing the details about   how it really works to become successful with 
affiliate marketing. And since so many people   ask me about it, yes, Temu is legit platform from 
what I've been able to see. But your focus should   not be on that specific program, your focus should 
be on creating quality content, finding the right   traffic source you enjoy working with and content 
you enjoy working with, and then start building it   from there. I have more information on my website 
about the exact steps I have used to do this.

I'll   leave a link to that below, so if you're serious 
about that, this is not a quick fix. That's what   many people don't tell you. It's not a quick fix to 
make money with affiliate marketing but it has huge   earning potential. And if you're serious, you can 
check out more information about that below this   video. I also have a video where I talk more about 
some goals you need to set if you are actually   interested in making money online full-time 
because having the right mindset and doing   that, that is very important. I will also leave 
a link to that below because then you can learn   some very important basic things you need to have 
in place to succeed online. So make sure to check   those things out.

And also if this video helped 
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