Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies that Crush It In 2021

hey miles here in this video you are going to learn three affiliate marketing strategies that are crushing it right now these are legitimate strategies that work for beginners and advanced marketers alike and in this video i'm not just going to explain them i'll show you real world examples multiple examples and then at the end i'm going to share the number one most important thing to make each and every one of these work correctly so a lot of people think that affiliate marketing you choose one strategy you go one direction and that's it what you're going to see here is that you can actually blend these strategies in so if you're brand new you can pick the one that resonates most with you but if you're into motion you're going to be able to figure out how to generate additional cash flow from the website from the brand from the youtube channel from the email list etc etc so let's jump into it the first one the number one is what i call the useful affiliate marketing method okay being the useful affiliate now the way that this method works is you actually go create a process and you document a process you teach people how to do something get a result that they want and one of the steps inside of this requires a premium tool a premium software or a premium course etc etc okay so the example that i want to jump on and share with you is my keyword research content so people search often for keyword research and you can see right here in youtube not signed in i'm i just searched keyword research which is a very generic phrase and you can see i've got a piece of content here that's ranking number two and then if you scroll down you've got this other one that's watch and learn exactly how to research keywords like a pro so this video right here specifically that's four years old and it's been seen 160 000 times it's a very long video that goes i think it's about an hour 54 minutes long it teaches exactly what people are looking for it'll teach you how to do keyword research top to bottom and in it i share my number one keyword research tool that i personally use and love so in order to do keyword research the way i do you got to use my tool and if you keep scrolling down you'll also see that people also watched this video which is keyword research for seo how to find low competition high volume keyword phrases again it teaches my process in a little bit different way than the first video but you got to use the tool that i use and recommend as an affiliate in the video okay so i'm being useful i'm teaching people how to do key research but then you'll see a lot of people search different kinds of phrases so here how to find low difficulty keywords which is a very commonly searched phrase and you can see i arranged rank second with the exact same video so this is kind of the game right we we create really helpful and useful content that people are searching for that actually delivers the result they're searching for okay i'm not um saying in that video like hey go buy my keyword research course and then i'll teach you how i actually teach them how to do it you just got to use that pro tool that i use it's the real actual tool that i use and love okay so what's the process for this one well the first thing is to identify some sort of a process that you're familiar with or a result that people want and then you go literally create a tutorial a guide on how to now if i showed you on my blog i have a exact similar step-by-step post that matches the video what i mean is that same content that's in my video that same idea that same workflow that i taught i've also taught it on my blog and when i email my list i often email them directly to my blog to go learn the process because there's less distraction on my blog than there is on youtube now my blog doesn't rank as well as my youtube does but that's fine so what i'm saying is you can take these same tutorials that you're creating and you can leverage different types of media to really gain the exposure so you teach the process or the tutorial that requires a specific tool you publish it to your blog and to youtube and then you go market it okay then you go on quora where people are asking questions on how do i research keywords or how do you find low competition keywords and you answer their questions and you include a link back i've seen people go as far and i've even done paid ads to those pieces of content so i've even bought the video views when someone on youtube looks for keyword research or how to find low difficulty keyword phrases i've actually paid to have my video show up in the number one spot for some of those before i ranked organically to just drive traffic because if they watch it if they like it if they really get the result they're like man this sounds great i want that tool they click through they buy and i earn a commission so that's number one number two we are calling the bonus affiliate method now i'll be honest with you this is a method that i'm not personally leveraging um very well because i'm lazy okay but uh my laziness means there's potentially opportunity for you and i know a lot of affiliates who do extremely well with this method and essentially what you do is you create a really valuable bonus that's an add-on to a specific course that people are actually searching for so let's jump in i'm going to show you um how this looks in the real world so right here i'm just looking for autoresponder madness bonus okay so auto autoresponder madness is a course by andre chaperone it's a great email marketing course and you could say when people search for this there are unique bonuses bonus uh review and bonus case study review and bonus so what happens is people type in they give out their different bonuses okay so matt has his bonuses auto responder review bonuses and the simple process here when you run a bonus type approach is that they read your content because they're not only looking for the product but they're looking for the product and a bonus they know that affiliates have created bonuses so they're shopping around for which bonus is going to be most valuable so in that scenario autoresponder being an email marketing course i would give away a pack of templates so if i went and made 10 or 20 proven email marketing templates just go by his course here through my link and then email me your receipt and i'll reply and i'll make sure that you get those bonuses that's the process so what do you have to build you have to build a landing page essentially you build a landing page that explains the course why that course is great what your bonus is and what the process is generally the process is clear your browsers cash clear your cookies click on my link below make sure my affiliate id is up there purchase the course and then send me your receipt and then i'll send you your bonuses and you can set up a new email address like bonus at for them to send that to and then you can just go confirm that you did get the commission on that sale and then you send them over their bonus and you just deliver it by email and voila you are up and running and this is done in a lot of niches so you can start with this one by looking at the keyword research you can actually go do keyword research to find like what software tools that you use or what courses that you've bought and loved actually have the word bonus in a keyword like people are actually searching for this thing with a bonus and you know there's demand for this kind of a bonus another example is a really common example would be right here if i type in let me just go do like click funnels bonus so you're gonna see there's tons of bonuses that people are making for click funnels uh obviously they have their ad up top um epic bonus seven tool bonus um bonus for 2021 priceless white label bonus the ultimate deal so people are literally just going after with videos right and uh blog posts they're just giving away their their bonuses so here you can get 275 dollars in in free advertising credits and that's the game right so here you get a 20 000 bonus my goodness people are just literally making up at this point in time unfortunately but that that's the game right so you just go add bonuses and the bonuses need to really complement what you're doing so the process is you lay out your content you lay out your post you obviously want to do a video and also a blog post with that sort of a thing and then really what you're setting yourself up for um from there is ultimately to go market it you want to go make sure it's out you're you're answering questions on quora linking back to it you might even pay to advertise so in one side of your business you're putting out more and more and more of those and then on the other side you're making sure to go back and you're you're like adding more marketing that links to those whether it's twitter tweets whether it's facebook posts whether it's quora answers um whether you're doing press releases whether you're getting on other people's podcasts as a guest to share your story um marketing the content that you publish is a big part of the game right we don't just publish and pray we publish and then we market it from there and then number three is what i call the review affiliate method and this is a really common method that you probably know about and oftentimes people think this is like the amazon affiliate marketing method where you go review all of the the best chef's knife for left-handed cooks and you find all of the keyword phrases around that and then you go create them all i want to show you over here it works for for courses as well so i'm searching not logged in on google authority hacker pro review you can see that i'm sitting right here in the number two spot with a post that i put together um in october of 2020 so that post is um actually quite a you know it's over a year and a half old at this point in time they this product's actually closed right now but they just opened it and closed it recently and guess what happened to this post when they opened it for marketing and they actually emailed their list i got a ton of traffic right people who heard about the buzz of the authority hacker pro is now available whether it was on reddit or whatever a lot of those people went to google and looked for a review and there you go you find my content shout out to my buddy now niall now who i know on twitter we've connected on twitter he's outranking me and boy does his result look good there so i mean this is you can see the power of sitting in the number one spot and then i want to scroll down and show you here's my video on it right this video is from 2017.

So if people searched on youtube for this they also found me what contents in the video what contents in the blog post it's the same ideas right repackaged and repurposed in different ways and obviously during their launch phase if i really wanted to be aggressive with this what i could do during that launch phase is run pay-per-click traffic for authority hacker review and other phrases um you obviously you always want to make sure that that it's within the terms of your relationship as an affiliate that you can bid on branded phrases so you know just look through your terms of agreements email your affiliate manager i would email mark and be like hey mark am i am i okay to run ads to this phrase or not this is the landing page i'm gonna be sending them to he'd probably look at it and say yes or no and i would just uh get the approval first there are a few affiliate products that allow you to bid on branded phrases as well so let's go to the key one number one key to all and then i'm gonna some of after i share the number one key to making all three of these strategies work how you can actually like tie them all in together and honestly you're probably already seeing how these could interlink together but i want you to really think that you know so many gurus sell one of these methods as the one be all end-all method it's the hero method and they're charging a thousand dollars for the hero method and it's just one of those three things and it's just really super simple whereas you can really adapt and build all three of them so the number one key to all of them is massive action for years on end it's really important to remember that building an affiliate marketing business is a business it's a real business and you know the statistics that most businesses fail within the first couple of years and ultimately a failure in a business is when someone just says this stuff doesn't work and then they stop they got convinced that it was somehow easy by the fake gurus and the greedy gurus who are selling them lies they're selling them lies of passive income when the gurus are working their asses off right if you look at all the passive income wankers out there who are promoting passive income they're all working very actively they're selling a lie so as long as you don't get caught up in the lie and you realize that you're building a lifelong business i've been publishing videos on this channel for about five years now i've been publishing online professionally full time for about 10 years now this is my vocation this is my career and i'm going to continue to do this because it affords me the lifestyle i desire this business lifestyle that i'm earning and living right now is so far superior to when i was a customer support representative and i had to go to an office that i didn't want to go to to be stuck in a cubicle i didn't want to be in under fluorescent lights i didn't want to be in for a specific set of hours that they deemed that i couldn't control i hated that lifestyle this lifestyle is far superior and i'm still working to make sure this lifestyle keeps going so that's one of the keys is really to realize that you're going to learn more from just building from creating from committing to an audience and then really going all in on answering their questions solving their problems and i'm going to show you where you can learn how to choose a niche if you haven't chosen a niche here at the end but let's run through a single example okay so from top to bottom so let's say i was going into a niche where i was going to teach trading and it could be specifically focused on how to trade cryptocurrencies or it could be specifically focused on like how to trade candlesticks right or how to trade candlestick momentum breakouts and if you don't know what any of that means it's irrelevant someone in the trading space would know exactly what that is so the useful affiliate method is to make video tutorials and blog post tutorials that teach how to do certain types of charting on trading view now trading view is a platform it's a software tool that essentially allows you to draw lines on charts and to see where resistance is and to really track what's going on so they need that tool in order to follow your method so you teach the method freely on youtube you teach the method freely on your blog and then in order to accomplish the goal they have to click on your link and go sign up for trading view and you earn a 30 commission for life on that commission then number two you can do the bonus approach okay and you can give a free course or a free ebook or even a free phone consultation to anyone who buys the number one trading course that you personally have gone through that you personally recommend and if it's a fifteen hundred dollar course a thousand dollar course or a two thousand dollar course that means you potentially would earn fifty percent commissions which could be 500 bucks or 250 or a thousand dollars commission is it worth it for you to get on the phone with someone to call them and to help them really understand and dial in their their trading platform uh in order to make that thousand dollar commission or what if you made a facebook group and they just got access to your private facebook group as a bonus for that thing they already wanted to purchase the thing that you purchased that you've used the number one course in the space right so you can confidently get behind it and again we're talking about the same brand here right the useful affiliate is also able to do the bonus game and then for the review approach you could go create content that reviews all of the different automated trading tools you could create content that reviews all of the different trading platforms all of the different charting platforms and you can even review all of the different courses now as a review affiliate you don't necessarily give the green light and promote everything as an affiliate right you promote your one core affiliate program your one core product that you think is the best product that you have a bonus for to make it even more compelling so maybe they're searching about product a and you recommend product c you go make a review on product a that will meet them on the search engine they read your review and you're like look it's a good course but it's overpriced and it's got these problems and it doesn't have a community if you want to know what my number one recommendation is it's course c and let me tell you about it and let me tell you about this special bonus so you meet people where they are looking for what they're looking for and then you share your bonus affiliate program that's how you market your bonus through content that can do double time double duty for you and then you do the blogs and then you do the youtube videos for it and then you go out onto quoras and all of the different question answer sites and social media and you find all the opportunities in the pinterests of the world and you find the opportunities on to building little marketing assets that link people and bring people back to your content and ultimately your free offer could even be your useful affiliate right the opt-in offer could be your useful affiliate guide it could also be living on youtube but you could get them to opt into it and then you could deliver it through an autoresponder and right there it's all kind of neat and tidy inside of one kind of complete area now if you haven't started if you're not in motion yet it's probably because you either a don't know what niche who to be of service to or b you don't have a blog started yet so let me show you last thing before i let you go where to go so on that just go to and just at the top navigation you're gonna see there's the find a niche link here now this in this niche i've got my five-minute niche finder method okay if you've been struggling with finding choosing a niche or finding a niche for a long time literally within five minutes of going through this post you can have a niche that you've chosen that you're ready to jump into if you can't choose yourself the ultimate truth is it's almost irrelevant what niche you go into as long as you're committed to showing up day in and day out to start creating to build great stuff for your audience for years on end because all that's true in any niche out there online in any online business that you're getting into the truth is that there's simply people who have a head start on you they're not better than you are their content may be better today because they've just been doing it if someone's published 130 posts in a niche that you're interested in going in they're probably gonna have better pros than you will so you go make post number one and then you make post number two then you make post number three and on and on this is why i started my youtube channel with a 90 day challenge where i published 90 videos in 90 consecutive days to just build the habit of publishing and to just become a better publisher right to really get good at the craft of communicating i did that through hard work and now that i've got nearly 700 videos on this channel it's a lot easier for me to create value it takes less time during my day and i'm having more fun doing it i think the end result the end product is even far superior and then the other thing once you have your niche that you've chosen just go click on the start your blog and this post is it's a long post i'm going to be perfectly honest with you but it's long because it walks you through step by step literally i'm showing you where to go where to click how to get your hosting set up how to get your theme set up how to get your website built and tied into google so you get picked up by google this is probably the most important part and this is where other tutorials really drop the ball they don't understand how to get you tied in with the different platforms like google analytics and google webmasters which i show you there so again both of those resources are right on the top of my blog find a niche start your blog if you're ready to grow your email list that shows you exactly how to set up free landing pages to grow your email list ultimately i just want you to get into motion because the truth that you're going to find and the truth that you'll see is those who are creating more content than they're consuming are those who are winning and those who create the most helpful content more frequently today tomorrow for the next year or two to come those are the folks who are going to be winning in 2024 2025 2027 and beyond which is why i'm still publishing each and every week to this very day on this channel i ain't done i ain't floating in no hammocks drinking my ties thinking passive income is real i got people coming after me i have competitors trying to step into space and i got to keep them chumps in their place and i gotta make sure you remember that i am the most helpful marketer in the world and i do that by showing up for you day in day out week in week out i email my list seven several times per week if you're not on my list oh my gosh you are missing the most valuable emails in the world simply sign up for my free course on the free course that will get you access to my email list i have rambled on too long today but i do appreciate you i hope this has been helpful if you like this if it's been helpful let me know in the comments or if you have questions the comments are a great place i am actually in the comments myself i don't have a va doing comments i'm there for you i'm here to help you i'm going to keep showing up for you to remind you that you got to keep showing up for your audience you can do this and i look forward to connecting with you on the next video until we meet again be well my friend

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