The Only Affiliate Marketing Tutorial You Will Ever Need (Beginner To Advanced)

if you are looking to be successful in affiliate 
marketing you have just landed on the exact right   video today i will share with you real experience 
more than four years of experience working online   affiliate marketing i will simply compress and 
give it to you totally for free in the next couple   of minutes so prepare yourself prepare your brain 
get a pen a paper because you have to take notes   this video is really the ultimate guide to be 
successful in affiliate marketing stay tuned hi friends i'm hassan from h-educate and 
today i'm so happy really so excited to publish   this new ultimate course that i think it's 
the only video the only course you need to be   successful in affiliate marketing without wasting 
any second let's start directly what is affiliate   marketing just for beginners here in like 30 
seconds affiliate marketing is simply to promote   a product any product or service will discuss 
this later then whenever someone buys the product   or takes action towards the product you will 
earn money super simple let's give an example   you pick a product from amazon let's say this 
microphone i picked up this microphone link   i send this link to someone on my website 
wherever and when that person buys the microphone   through my link i get paid i get a commission 
that's simply affiliate marketing now what are   the main affiliate marketing steps simply we have 
four main steps number one is to pick a product   obvious you want to promote a product so you want 
to select a product or a service to promote step   number two is to set up your affiliate marketing 
system for example maybe building some web pages   landing pages some content depending on 
the product we'll talk about this later   step number three is to run the campaign promote 
the product and step number four is to track your   performance analyze and optimize super easy 
now in affiliate marketing you have to know   something really very important we have mainly 
two methods or two models to earn commissions or   to earn money let's use simple terms in the first 
model we promote a product and whenever someone   buys please focus whenever someone buys the 
product you will earn a commission this is   clear in the second model we promote something 
but this person the target customer doesn't   need to buy the product maybe you just need to 
take a simple action like submitting his email   or submitting his zip code or submitting his phone 
number so if he do this you will earn money so   it's somehow easier so here you are earning as an 
example per sign up or per action we call it cpa   per action in the first model we are earning 
commission per sale so please focus we have two   different models the cpa model and the commission 
model i hope it's somehow clear this will help   you identify what you want to promote maybe as 
a beginner it will be easier for you to promote   something and get only sign ups as we explained if 
you are following in one of my case studies where   you can make like seven dollars per sign up if 
you promote a certain service if you want to check   this video you can check it description below or 
somewhere here on the screen so these are the two   main models now let's move on to types of products 
please focus very well write notes what i'm saying   here is condensed information based on more than 
four years of experience i'm giving to you just   to learn this and understand and apply and don't 
forget anytime you can ask me any question in the   comment section below or join our telegram group 
so we can chat live after publishing the video   so i'm here to help you just you have to learn 
watch the video learn it and take action try to do   something anyway so let's now move on to types of 
products that you can promote also to make things   simple we have mainly four types of products or 
things you can promote in affiliate marketing   number one is digital products like online courses 
like ebooks designs and so on any digital product   you can promote and sell online number two 
is physical products example promoting amazon   products like electronics whatever you want any 
physical product number three are online services   online services somehow different than a digital 
product example of an online service is canva   do you remember if you are following me i create a 
full case study based on canva how to promote the   canva affiliate program so canva is an online tool 
online service that helps people create designs   and so on so you as an affiliate marketer you 
can promote this service other type of services   is like some rush some rush is a tool that 
helps you rank better on search engines for seo   and so on also it's a tool it has an affiliate 
program you can see affiliate program and   whenever you promote this and you get a sale you 
will earn a commission from these services so   we have also online services number four which 
is somehow related to cpa models if you remember   this course per action is we call form submits 
like submitting an email submitting a zip code   submitting a phone number filling a form 
these types of products are not real products   they are forms that people will fill and you will 
earn when whenever someone completes the form so   it's not a real product okay so we have four types 
digital products physical products online services   and form submits very nice now the concepts 
are all clear let's start with the first step   how to pick a product where to find a product now 
really you have to focus very well from now on   we start the real work so how to pick 
a product mainly we have two strategies   content research based or ad spy based please 
focus very well number one it's based on content   research it's simply to find the products related 
to your niche related to your topics so if you   have a website about digital marketing you go 
and find products ready to jitter marketing if   your website is about health and fitness you go 
and find products related to health and fitness   and so on let's go here to my screen you can see 
i am in what is cj it's commission junction   it's simply an affiliate marketing network 
what is an affiliate marketing network   it's a place where you can find advertisers so you 
can find the products here is my account you can   see this is my earnings for this month last month 
it was around two thousand three hundred dollars   not bad here you can go to advertisers section 
ncj and you can start searching for products by   categories by niche let's see this so here is the 
full list of advertisers or products that we can   promote you can see here you can filter 
by category you can search by keywords   because you have a lot of things here games 
family financial services education entertainment   beauty marketing online services whatever 
you want a lot of categories you can pick   up from okay so this is number one we have cj 
affiliate network you can sign up to search for   products now i know some of you will tell 
me cj didn't accept my application i have   problems with cj please focus stay tuned some 
patience everything will be explained i will   give you all the alternatives don't worry 
there's only one example the second example   is this is also my dashboard here in 
impact you can go here to brands and go to find   brands and also you can search for any product 
you want again you have a lot of categories here   payout model you can filter whatever you want 
search for services for companies and then you   can apply you can see here my brands these are the 
services i am promoting inside impact okay so the   second marketplace is now again you 
will tell me maybe impact denied my application   i can go into impact and so on in a couple of 
minutes i will tell you how to get approval   what are the factors that helps you get approval 
but let's go with other alternative   is an alternative it doesn't require any approvals 
you can just sign up and start working and picking   products i know again clickbank in some countries 
is banned what is the solution i will not tell you   now go with tricky methods vpns contact someone or 
whatever no if you don't have clickbank it's okay   you can go with another affiliate 
marketing marketplace go to marketplace you will   find a lot a lot of products that you can promote 
digital and physical products just select whatever   you want education example here and you'll 
find a lot of products that we can promote now   you may tell me i don't want clickbank i don't 
want digital digi store i want online services   but i don't know where to search and find them 
i will help you again go to my   free seo and digital marketing tools platform 
totally free go here to affiliate section   programs and i created a free tool for you 
we have a lot of programs here all these are   online services that you can join we have a lot 
of services you can see also i sum up things like   how much you can earn the cookie duration what is 
the cookie duration it's very important by the way   the cookie duration is let's say you are promoting 
this service bluehost i can study about the   bluehost like one month ago you can check it in 
the description below so bluehost is a web hosting   company you want to promote if you promote for one 
person one person signs up and bought the servers   you will earn 65 dollars per sale very good they 
have 90 days cookie duration so let's say someone   opened your link went to blue host let's 
say bluehost opened bluehost someone you are   promoting and opened your link went to bluehost 
and then closed the browser he didn't buy anything   even if after 70 days 80 days 90 days after 
three months you open his browser again and   bought the service you'll earn a commission again 
because the cookie will be saved in his browser   you can still get a commission and get paid and 
earn affiliate marketing after 90 days of his   first visit this is very important so this table 
you can search and filter here whatever you want   as an example search for something you can find 
services just click on the website and check the   service and see the earnings whatever you want and 
join the affiliate program also i will help you   more if you go here to notion this is my account 
in notion you will see i have this affiliate   marketing table i have more than 84 services that 
i join and i promote as an affiliate marketer   i will give you this table also for free i 
will keep the link in the description below   just check it you see the service the category 
the network i am joined in whatever you want just   take this table check it and join the networks 
that you want join the products that you want   i think in this way i'm giving you everything i 
have so you can start now you may tell me i don't   want all these i want something that doesn't 
require approvals i just want to start working   i just want any product to start we have a 
lot of products online that doesn't require   approvals let's give you two examples here i have 
this application d e bounce an email validation   tool if you go here to my affiliate dashboard 
you will see i have my balance around 465 dollars   from my promotion this month so d e bounds doesn't 
require any approval just sign up get this link   here and start promoting please don't give 
any excuse we have a lot of services like this   that requires only signs up signs up other 
tool is gmass and email marketing system for   gmail if you go here down you will see we have 
the affiliate program how to join you just need to   install the application it's an extension and send 
this email just read this guide a free program if   you go here to my paypal account to show you that 
this month i got a payment from this service also   maybe this will motivate you i know a lot of 
you like to see numbers so i'm showing you my   dashboards let's login to paypal so here is my 
dashboard let's open this payment from word zen   and you will see it's the gmass affiliate payout 
82 dollars not that big deal but it's okay so   today you don't have any excuse we have a lot of 
affiliate networks programs applications services   you just need to search for it pick one and 
start okay i will leave all the links by the   way everything i mentioned in description 
below to make things easier for you so   this is the first method which is how to pick a 
product based on content or research the second   method is what we call ad spy products let's open 
this website and you will see here a lot of ads   that people are running so that you get 
the point here you can spy and see what   campaigns are running what people are promoting 
so you can get an idea of successful products and   you just need to copy and declare the campaigns 
so here i am showing you a tool called asterix   native ad spy tool we have a lot of ads by tools 
i'm not here to promote this tool or whatever   or sponsor it just showing you an example 
so here in the category section i selected   business let's say computers so it's something 
related to my niche okay and then i will go here   and select an ad network let's say i will go 
with rev content native ad network i will select   language as english so these are my filters 
and you can now notice that we have a lot of   ads that are clones that are copies to each other 
why because as i told you affiliate marketers   work like this they copy successful campaigns 
so you can see this ad is like this one   this ad is like this is like this one and so on 
you can see all these are clones to each other   clones to each other they maybe change the image 
or something or the image title or the ad title   and they run the campaign again you can see a lot 
of ads so it can spy on successful products and   pick up these products to promote so this is the 
second method which is picking a product based on   ad spy tools i hope the idea is somehow clear now 
we reach the core part of affiliate marketing it   is marketing it's promoting the product i think 
the first part which is picking a product somehow   easier we select a product now we have the link to 
promote but how to promote where to promote what   to do now how to get conversions we have two main 
strategies number one is content-based strategy   number two is direct marketing let's give an 
example i will go here to my website to my blog   and let's go here and see the nine best keyword 
research tools for seo an article about the best   keyword tools if you open this i am creating 
content here adding value to people sharing   information but if you go through my article 
so this is the first tool then we have semrush   stop here i am showing people that semrush is 
a good keyword tool you see those green links   to semrush these are affiliate links so whenever 
someone clicks to use or to test semrush they will   open my affiliate link and whenever someone 
buys that product buys a service i will get   a commission again we have ah a refs we have 
hsp tools answer the public and so on so i can   promote products through my content other 
example about content as tutorials like   this one how to remove background from image if 
you remember i created a full case study about   promoting canva using this article please 
refer to it it's really an awesome case study   you can see a guide a tutorial how to remove 
background from image and i showed you how to do   this using canva and you can see these green links 
all these are affiliate links so this the first   strategy is a promoting with content it may be a 
video content on youtube like maybe webcam reviews   camera reviews microphone reviews whatever 
you want on youtube or explaining a tool   in a video as i do on my channel or maybe on 
your instagram account and tick tock creating   content on social media about a product to promote 
it so we are promoting through content the second   type is direct promotion if you go here to astrix 
again to the add spy tool you can see here like   we have this ad this ad let's open it and let's 
visit the page so when someone clicks on the ad   he will open this page you can see this page 
here so it's directly promoting a product   so you can see it's a direct promotion for the 
landing page for this product so whenever one   someone clicks on get started and signs up you 
can earn a commission now maybe this product is   promoting itself here i don't know really but this 
is how direct promotion works you run a campaign   and you promote the landing page directly 
without content or tutorials or videos or   real content to explain and give value and so on 
okay so this is the main two strategies to promote   now in this guide here i'm sorry i can't go in 
detail how to start a campaign and how to launch a   campaign and so on because simply i explained this 
in detail in my affiliate marketing case studies   i explained this in detail on how i promote 
affiliate links and so on but to sum up things   i will show you now three or four examples again 
i showed you in my blog i use these links in my   articles to promote affiliate and i use a tool 
called pretty links to automate affiliate links   you can see whenever there is a canva keyword it 
will be automatically linked to my affiliate link   also you can use banner ads you can see this 
banner ad here i am promoting web services   as a banner ad on my website so there's 
another way to promote on your website   you can see also my h-supertools platform i 
also have ads here i promote affiliate ads also   so banner ads or content also if you go to 
the deal section you will see i have the   recommendations page and some services page where 
i recommend some service on my website you can   see all these links are affiliate links all these 
services and links are affiliate links and so on   now to know more how i promote affiliate products 
how i run campaigns and much more please check my   case studies i will keep all the links in 
description below to learn more how i run   campaigns how i promote certain products and so 
on so we picked the products we promoted them   but we missed something setting up the affiliate 
marketing system which is step two why i skipped   this simply because this depends on the product 
and how things work as an example in my case here   the system is about writing an article about canva 
so i prepared this and i need to get traffic to   this article maybe organic traffic free traffic or 
simply by running a paid ad like i did in my case   study like three weeks ago so if you are promoting 
if you picked a product from ad spy tools you need   to build a landing page like this one this is a 
landing page a one web page to promote the product   and let the user take an action so maybe you need 
to create the funnel maybe the email marketing   campaign like in my case here i am using a 
tool called convert kit an email marketing   service one of the best in my opinion you can see 
here is my subscribers list and here you can go   to landing page and forms or automations and 
create an automation funnel and so on like in   my case here so it depends on what is the 
product and how you wanna promote then you   can build the system okay so i will show you this 
practically how to build the landing page how to   pick a certain product we will go in like a live 
case study to run a product but not now in this   video maybe next week i will do this let me know 
what exactly you are interested in in the comments   section below so these are the first three steps 
now the last step is tracking and optimizing your   campaigns as an example you can see here in my 
website i have this banner ad how to know who   clicked and bought from this banner ad how can 
i track this now in my case i am using mainly   cj and impact to pick up products as an example 
in impact let's go to the home page and you want   to create a link to promote let's say i picked up 
let's say canva again here you can pick a certain   landing page but in the advanced section here 
you can select a sub id let's say banner one   home page if you click now on a create 
you will see it will give you this link   i will open it i will copy this link i will go 
here to firefox other browser open this link   now this is my affiliate link so if someone buys 
through this link i can go here to reports go with all reports and let's go here performance by sub 
id and here in this section you can track which   sub id got the most conversions so 
you can track this banner ad exactly   how much converges how many clicks and so on this 
is very important to track which link which ad is   performing better so you can optimize analyze your 
results and so on if you are working with impact   or cj you can do this tracking analysis inside 
cg and impact if you are using a custom service   maybe like the debounce here we have limited 
options we just have the affiliate link to promote   so we don't have a lot of options if 
you are using like maybe let's say   let's go here to this website video dashboard 
this is that there's an affiliate dashboard for   a service called nvidia i am promoting also if 
you go here to sources you can add source like a   website a url and so on then in the assets section 
you'll see we have the referral link in the   advanced section here we can add metadata a sub id 
so you can also track which sub id is performing   better so it depends on the affiliate network you 
are using the affiliate products you are promoting   the affiliate system that this product is using 
and so on so you can track your ads analyze them   or usually if you are promoting like clickbank 
products or whatever we have services like   click magic if you're going to click magic 
this is a service that will help you track   and improve your campaigns we can try it for free 
if you want we have also a tool called   this used also by expert affiliate marketers 
i may also create a full course or full guide   about tracking links because tracking is really 
very important it can boost your conversions   really a lot if you track very well optimize 
your campaigns and see what's happening exactly   so this is also another tool we have several tours 
of track campaigns track affiliate conversions and   so on we'll talk about them later on so these are 
the four main steps of affiliate marketing i hope   you got the idea i hope you got real value from 
this course and you have the full road map now   everything must be now inside your brain please go 
next and watch my affiliate marketing case studies   real case studies how i promoted how i picked 
products download my resources here the affiliate   marketing list and use it super tools to find some 
products and the most important factor is you you   have to take action not just sit now sit down and 
watch and say wow it's a nice video and hit like   yes hit like please you can improve the 
performance of my videos and my channel   please go and like the video if you feel you got 
value but this is not enough for you you have to   take action you have to pick a product set up the 
system ask me ask in the groups ask in the forum   engage get more help and take action and 
start your work start working now the last   topic for today is i want to mention simple things 
that will help you get approvals in websites like   impact and cj let's start with cj here inside 
the account section or when you sign up if you   go to the network profile you are required to 
add some information about yourself about your   website your social media whatever you have so 
if you want to get acceptance on these websites   number one i advise you to go and create a 
website a blog anything instagram profile   tic tac profile youtube channel any presence 
online will help you to get acceptance you can   see here i told them i have a youtube channel 
i have two websites i have a newsletter email   subscribers i have an experience so add these 
whenever you sign up it's very important also   you can manage your promotional methods go here to 
promotional properties inside cj and you can add   your social profiles your website your 
blog whatever you want you can see   i have my website my blog my youtube channel my 
newsletter you add the type and so on the same for   impact whenever you sign up try to mention your 
website your blog any presence anything you have   online try to mention it to get approval it's very 
important this is the main factor to get approval   how you are going to promote a service if you 
have nothing online if you have just started   especially for online services especially for 
digital products you need something to promote   so having a website a blog social media presence 
is very important to get approval but again   don't give any excuse we have services like 
clickbank digi store we have a lot of servers here   check them in the affiliate table like the ebounds 
like gms we have a lot of servers a simple google   search can do the job for you search for affiliate 
programs doesn't require approval you will get   many programs you can join and start promoting 
again the main factor is to take action if you   have any questions comment them below don't 
forget to join telegram channel or group   to chat together if you have any questions or 
problems i will be there in the group in the   comment section to help you and answer your 
questions if you like the video smash the   like button subscribe turn notifications 
to get every new update see you later you

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