The Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs – Earn Thousands $$$

(bright music) – An affiliate program
is a performance based marketing strategy where you share another company's product links on your real estate website or blog and earn a commission
when you send traffic to that business or organization. Real estate affiliate programs can give you the opportunity to partner with real estate
schools, tech companies, marketing services, and other companies in the real estate niche. Here are our top recommendations. Real Estate Express. Since 1996, Real Estate
Express has served as a pioneer in online real estate education, staying true to their
mission of helping customers achieve more in their career. Real Estate Express offers
online real estate pre-licensed and post-license courses across a nationally accredited platform.

They provide unparalleled free guidance through their career hubs
to help clients launch and sustain a successful
real estate career. Once you're approved for
the affiliate program, Real Estate Express will send you a link where you can access banners and logos to place on your website, as well as view your
individual stats and tools. At the end of each month you'll
receive a commission check if your website generated sales. You can also see real time
sales and earnings 24/7 in their secure partner portal. Showcase IDX. Showcase IDX is the leading
WordPress IDX plugin for real estate, with agents
seeing 83% more traffic on their website after using
Showcase IDX home search and consumer tools.

Founded in 2003, Showcase IDX
lives and breathes real estate creating innovative
products that empower agents to grow and allows buyer to easily find the home of their dreams. Showcase IDX's affiliate
program empowers agents and coaches to earn easy recurring income by recommending the
leading IDX for WordPress to their network. As a showcase IDX affiliate partner, you'll have two earning
levels and get commission on the first 12 months of each referral being an active Showcase IDX customer.

You will also receive
completely transparent financial reporting and
dashboards available 24/7 along with a completely
transparent referral agreement. Real Estate Affiliates. This is one of the
biggest affiliate networks specially designed for
the real estate business. Real Estate Affiliates is a
great choice for marketers, real estate agents and brokers
who are looking to profit from the growth in real
estate crowd funding. Simply sign up for their affiliate program at the link below to start
generating commission for each sale that's made
through your referral link. Real Estate Affiliates offers
three ways to earn income from their website. Cost Per Action, CPA
method lets you get money when your referral become a lead. Cost Per Lead, CPL method
pays you every time you send your referrals registration. Revenue Share Method, you receive a commission
for the transactions your referral enter into with any of the websites
partner advertisers. Payouts are made twice a month through PayPal or wire transfer. So you get paid every 15 days. All Things Real Estate, founded in 2014, All Things Real Estate carries everything for agents real estate marketing needs, from open house products
to yard signs, to apparel, to stickers and so on.

Instead of your visitors having to shop across multiple stores
to find what they need, All Things Real Estate can
provide it in one place. All Things Real Estate's affiliate program is run by refersion, which makes for an easy sign up process. Once you join the program,
you'll have access to their beautiful logos,
ad banners, and brand books, along with a dashboard to
track every click and referral. Although the 7% commission
rate can seem low at first glance, All
Things Real Estate products are typically purchased
in large quantities which ultimately results in
a higher overall commission.

Check out some of these top
real estate affiliate programs and start earning some extra income by promoting them through
your website and socials. Visit our site for more info. And if you enjoy this video, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe..

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