Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website – Trick For Beginners!

In this video I want to share with 
you a small affiliate marketing trick This trick will allow you to promote 
your affiliate links on any website So if you don't have a website, you don't need one You don't need a landing page You just need to follow up with 
me, and learn this awesome trick Stay tuned! Hi everyone I'm Hasan from H-educate And today I'm so excited to publish this new video What will we learn? Let's see So here I am in my web browser and let's see this I will open url, press enter, 
and let's see the magic Now, a website will open "aThemes" it's a company that publishes WordPress 
themes and sells WordPress themes and so on I am using this website to 
promote my affiliate link, how? If you look down here You can see: Get a free e-book – Get now! So here is a link, a promo 
link for me on this website How? How this happened? If you click on this What will happen now It will open my clickbank affiliate offer So I am promoting my 
affiliate link on this website How this happened? Simply using a technique 
called "Overlay pages" or "overlay links" How to apply it? Let's see together But before, please don't forget If you want to watch more videos like this About affiliate marketing, digital marketing, 
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support me and to support my channel So let's start together I will close this now to see how 
we can implement this technique So the first thing I will do 
is to get my affiliate link In my case, in this example I will be using which is an affiliate 
network like ClickBank, CJ, JVzoo, whatever So, you can use any affiliate 
link you want, anything And by the way you can promote also your website Promote anything you want So I will just click on "get code" 
here to get an affiliate link To test things together and show 
you how it works practically So let's get this affiliate 
link, this is my affiliate link I will copy it I will open notepad I will say affiliate link, very simple So in this example I am promoting 
an envato product from ThemeForest So it's a WordPress theme or an html 
template, website template and so on So I got the link I will now go to Google and search as 
an example for top 10 WordPress themes I want to get a link to a website 
where I can promote my offer So let's go down here and this 
is the website I used That simple You can use codemwp, whatever website you want Just get it, open it and you 
will have now this full blog post So I will use this website to promote my links How? I will copy this, just copy it Now this is the target website or article Very simple What we are going to do now 
is to use an overlay link tool Or overlay page tool Now we have several options One of the best is called Sniply or Let's go to the dashboard Just sign up You can start for free by the way Simply here you can create a new snip I will copy this url and paste it 
here and click on create a snip That simple Now it will go to the link creator It will show you the website And you can see this popup 
here where you can edit the URL Here you will put the affiliate link Copy, paste here and click on snip Let's wait a little bit Copy it then go here Open this and you will see now this is me 
and this is my link here on this website That's really awesome Now if you go to here Let's go back, back, to the pricing If you go here to the pricing, upgrade plan You will see that the cheapest price 
is for $29/month for 5,000 clicks So it's not maybe somehow costly for 
beginners to start with this service So I want to show you now two other options Option number one is using If you go to pricing you will notice 
$8.99 only for unlimited clicks Unlimited everything will be unlimited So it's a lot cheaper And by the way, if you are following me You know that this service is for me And to be honest with you I didn't develop this service If you go now to and 
search for premium URL shortener You will find this script here which costs $33 I simply bought it from here I host it and now I run my own 
business providing this service You can do also the same If you go now to my YouTube channel Please focus well This information is very important Please follow up with me If you go to videos here And if we go down, down 
let's go down on my channel You will find here this video "Start Online Business 
Today in Hours – SAAS model" In this video I explain exactly how 
to build a business like this one And start a SAAS business from 
your home in a couple of hours So it's up to you You can go with You can go and buy this service from CodeCanyon I will keep all the links in the description below It's up to you You can buy and host it and have your own service Or you can simply buy from this plan, golden plan And get unlimited overlay pages Unlimited links, unlimited click, 
everything unlimited, it's up to you And to help you more In the description below you will find a 
coupon with 50% off discount for For a limited time for only 7 days I will keep this coupon to help you more 
to get this service and try it if you want Anyway it's up to you and I 
shared everything with you You can buy it from CodeCanyon Subscribe to or Or you can search for any alternative 
that provides this overlay technique So let's login to my account 
and show you how l-ink works I will login, let's see it's so simply by the way You will see now in just one click you can do it You go here to overlay pages This is my dashboard And then create a new overlay I will say it's a popup for a link or product You can also create a poll or a contact form It's really an awesome service Anyway So this is the live preview of the popup I will say here "Special Offer" anything you want And let's say "Get special 
discounts on themes" or whatever And here in the promo let's 
say it's "special offer" And here you need to enter the affiliate link so I   will get the affiliate link here 
my affiliate and paste it here And here simply say "click here" or 
whatever to change the button text That simple Now click on save overlay And very nice! this is my special offer here This is the overlay page Now go back to my dashboard and what you will do 
is to copy this main website link and paste here And simply select the special 
offer in the custom overlay And here you can change the alias 
as an example wp-themes anyhthing Click on shorten And now I will copy this I will go here, paste it Let's see the magic now Open it and now this website will open and 
you can see here my link "special offer" If I click on this link My affiliate link will open So in this way you can promote 
your affiliate links on any website So you don't need to create a blog You don't need to do anything You can just start directly promoting 
your links on any website you want Just a small important point here Whether you are using or or using any overlay service Not all websites allow this technique So as an example if you go here to this website This one isitwp Copy it and go here and you try to do this Click on shorten it will tell you that this URL cannot use this 
redirect method because it doesn't allow this So just find a website that allows this method We have a lot of websites Shorten the link and start promoting You may ask me how to get traffic Simply go now to my channel 
and you will find this video Affiliate traffic? How to get 
free traffic to affiliate links I explain in detail like 5 or 6 methods Just go watch this video and start 
promoting your affiliate links I hope you enjoyed this video If you have any questions, anything you want I will be more than happy to answer your 
questions in the comments section below Please don't forget that 
you can build your service   and build your business using 
CodeCanyon like me like this business Just go and watch the videos on my channel Everything is explained, whatever you want I will be here to help you anytime See you later!

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