Part 1 – Zero to 1 Crore – Product/Service/Affiliate/Newbie!!

Hi there, Welcome to this series in which I am gonna show you How you can go from zero to
one crore rupees in a very step by step format Like how you can establish your
online business And if you have an online business then on
how you can scale it From zero to one crore okay One thing you will have to see is this Zero to one crore in After that I have written
1 year/ 1 Month/ 1 Day Because For some people it is going to
take one year For some people it is going to
take one month For some people it is going to take one day For some people it may take 2years,
3 yrs, 4 yrs maybe 5 years because it depends on which level you are depends upon……

Your understanding about the things for online business for metrics and fundamentals of
online business Depending on that, these things matter One very simple example that I
always give about this is If two people are going to gym One weighs 90kg other one weighs 70kg but both want to reduce to 60kg Have same goal Then obviously the one with 70kg will reach earlier and the one with 90kg will reach later So I don't know about your level
before this training But based on that My job is to give you all the fundamentals all the strategies and all the action plan with the help of which you can reach
this particular figure and not just this particular figure
you can even go beyond Alright because once you have the
fundamentals in the right place then there's no number that
cannot be achieved in any given amount of time This number can be achieved In this much amount of time when fundamentals are getting in place
understanding about this thing right now but just understand that by the
end of this training by the end of this particular series You will know all the fundamentals,
all things that are required for online business to get established and for it to scale and by the end of it you'll understand what I'm just saying
right now By the way those who don't know
My name is Saurabh Bhatnagar This is how you know This was changing point of my journey My journey changed from 0 to $1.5 million
in 14 For months this, this thing was covered over here And I am somebody who has given josh talks
2 times Now it's 3 right! Yes 3 now, We copied older from ppt And I have been featured on
yourstory a couple of times This was Changing point of my life Startup bharat After making $200 in a night This was changing point of my life I have given TeDxTalks I have been invited on TV channels
as online business expert At the same time I'm somebody who does the work
of his choice we work by our choice and
we do what we love And I work with people who I
want to work with So that's the kind of all these kind of things
I'm going to share with you And I'm going to empower you with with this particular training right..

One more thing that I want to
share with you is that my journey didn't start like this 't know me It started like this When in my hometown Dehradun So there we started a coupons
related business In that business I used to carry these canopies on my shoulders on
daily basis from road to road, street to street
one to another part of city All houses you can see behind I have knocked every single door I used to sell these 200rs coupon booklets My earning for first four years from this
was 500rs/ month This is my picture standing in front
of the colleges
the events inside the events I mean to say I used to stop people with my hands
like this and there I used to sell these
200rs coupon booklets That's how my jury started I'm somebody who comes from a
very humble background And you know nothing different Just that when the strategies
were in the right place Things happened when the strategies were not in the right place Things didn't happen In this particular training I'm going to
give you those strategies that's the simple end goal right One more big event that happened in my life turning point..It was about that I told you the business that
we used to do We organized an event..
In that I..not I..We infact had 10 lakh rupees loss And at that particular point of time I shifted from offline business to
online business And once I shifted to online business Things changed drastically And the same things I am going
to be sharing with you As I said after this I shifted to online learned what I am going to share
in this particular training And my life was changed forever and with this training your life is
going to change forever A quick track record I have been a part of You know part of multiple products Have been part of multiple things,
multiple setups as a service guy or as product owner I have a lot of different things as a mentor as an affiliate and a lot of different things but these are four of my latest products AdsCrisp This one I scaled from 0 to $400,000 in 9 months Marketpresso- 0 to $1 million in 10 months Timeline Domination- Consistently
adds $1500-$2000 per day For the last two years The most important thing is that all
are on evergreen mode How this is on evergreen mode, maybe many
of you won't understand now but by the end you'll understand
all these things A lot of things I'm working in place…Simultaneously So you have to understand the concepts And the product…which is like dream product on which we're working from last 3 years That is flexi funnels which is
all in one funnel builder After that I am going to tell you extensively in this particular training and this we scaled from 0 to 1 Crore
within 2 hours As I said that any number is doable we did 0 to 1 cr in 2 hours..Think about it Things take time when I started 500rs/month was my earning
for first 4 years Now we know how to scale things We are able to scale things and same things I'm going to
be sharing with you Alright In last two years since
I have been coaching we have generated over 1000+
success stories of our mentees Some of them are right over here For ex- This is one student A very very good guy, humble guy Like I said, here any no.

is doable and
any number is possible This he shared his success story of
one lac rupee in a day After some days he posted 1 lakh
40k in a day Thats why I have both screenshots on screen strong Your earning level increases Firstly it was on 0 rupees per day then it came to 1 lakh then to 1 lakh 40k also And gradually his income is scaling similarly vaishali $1200 deal close siddharth made 25 lakhs in april and may of two months If its 25 lakh in 2 months then
1 crore in 8 months maybe He shared his screenshot Infact we did interview with him also He did probably close to 2 cr in a year In last few days whatever Crossed one crore rupees in last 1.5 years Like I said When your fundamentals are getting strong Your earning level also increases Its as simple as that 0 to half million in just 90 days Abhishek taneja ..have a look at it Look at the yellow part For one of my clients I generated
20 lakh rupees in 44 days Again its all about the fundamentals 8 lakh rupees in a month He's a 15y.o guy 2.7 crore rupees in a month $700 upsell done Some real estate person generated
8 lakh rupees, invested 35k rupees Again, you have to invest in business also That thing in also there And I just don't want to only share
success stories again n' again It was just to help you believe That what I'm going to share with
you is something that's gonna work And something that is working for a lot
of people and will work for you too If you want to check more success stories,
you can go to my webiste There you'll get more than
1000 testimonials So you can have a look at that So….

My goal with this particular training is to turn you into a success story Alright So one question must be coming in your mind
that What's in it for me? You know what am I gonna get? by sharing all these things with you Its very simple Our product "Flexi Funnels" is
Super advanved & Secured funnel builder Right The thing is that I am going to give
you all the info that you need to scale your online business If you want to do online business For that whatever education you need I'm going to give you in this
particular training And I'm also going to show you how Flexifunnels
is the best solution that will help you achieve all your online
business ambitions Right So, whatever education you require
I will give you in this training Plus I'm going to show you how our
product Flexi Funnels will help you to reach your goal So at the end of the day If you get the understanding if you get the idea of ​​how you can
scale your stuff online Number one And at the end of the day If I'm
able to prove that felxi funnels is the best solution to
help you achieve all things So automatically I'm assuming Automatically you would like to
become a part of flexi funnels So this education is going to
be completely free for you The tool ofcourse its paid At same time I'm also going to show you how
its much better far better than any other
tool in the market Alright, Sounds fair Give me your one in the chat box I say this in my webinar also Since it is on youtube
So give me your one in chat box Alright this training will help you No.

1, It will help you if you're a
product owner if you're a service or agency owner If you're doing affiliate marketing Or Just a newbie who's figuring out a way How to step into online world How to scale into the online world This particular training is
going to help you Alright Let me know by the way So I get an understanding..On which stage
you're right now So put in the comment box
1, 2, 3 or 4 that on which position you are ..okay Let's begin So the first thing that you
need to understand is Its very important to open your brain first and that is that the scale of
online business is huge It is maximum It's like if you have an offline shop In that offline shop, Only A
limited number of people can come Only that circle plus only
in a limited timing Right Every shop has its own timing but when you're doing business online When your products are setup online whatever kind of business you're doing product, service, affiliate marketing
Whatever it is when your things are setup online So any one from world can come at any time at any time..any number of people can come
and purchase you will have everything setup on backend They will get delivery of their product And you ;re going to get paid And that is how scale becomes huge Any number can be achieved That is one thing that you
need to keep in mind Do one thing…Pause the video Bring a diary and pen Make notes…That will help you a lot Okay Over there, At top write that
any number can be achieved Write your name and write your
dream number where you want to scale it And I bet you that in coming days you will
realie that this number is also less In this series I am going to show you
How to go from Zero to 1 crore One to two crores Two to ten crores And then how to go beyond And honestly Any number like I said earlier is doable provided that you have the
fundamentals ready and you have the education about
how to do that I will show the plan with numbers I am not just going to give you theory I am also going to give you the numbers with which you're going to achieve that What does not matter is that currently on which stage you are It doesn't matter You're earning one lakh rupees right now You're earning ten lakhs or you have made 20 lakhs in
last three months or you made zero in last three months or you don't know how to earn Doesn 't matter we have made this training for everybody No matter on what stage you're right now you'll get to'll get to
know… will get to learn How to scale Lets go to the screen So right now the important thing for you some of you who are just starting
their online journey For you its very important to
understand this concept That you are…..

Okay lets tell you first Lets say this is you this is you This is you..Handsome guy
Ma ybe something like this so who you are You when you'' earn You need to understand this one thing I receive so many emails and messages That's how to go from zero to
million dollars in just one month in just two days in just one year or xyz First lets focus on the fundamentals First lets focus on the concepts When you'll earn You need to understand this thing You'll earn when you are going to be the person because
of whom something is getting sold See you need to understand one thing Thre is going to be one buyer There is going to be one seller Okay When transaction will happen
between these two That is how you're going to get paid That's the only way for you to get paid And this point of sale Maybe this seller is you So this direct money is coming to you Thats number one And no-2 is maybe you're working as a service guy Service guy as in that this seller here you're doing marketing for them you're providing service to them You have agency or you're freelancer or
you're service provider Whatever you want to call it But you are the person who is doing marketing for them So you're the person because of
which the sale is happening Alright so you're the person for
whom this sale is actually happening seller is
going to pay you no.

2 no. 3 If you are doing affiliate marketing Again… You are going to get paid
on per transaction In service business Lets say you work on fixed amout basis That I need this much per month Doesn't matter…How much results it has Its results are in lakhs, crores or xyz You will get this amount always In affiliate marketing The amount of results you're
bringing for them You're going to get a set
percentage commission for that In service business also you can do that Maybe you fixed a particular amount Plus at the same time
you fixed a percentage also that I'm helping you to grow your business
& I'll take this much percentage But one thing that you need to
understand very simply is that you need to be the person
because of whom sale is happening I am not liking this color You need to be the person because of whom
sale is happening So when you are the person because
of whom sale is happening automatically you'll get paid so either you're the seller Or you're the guy because of whom the sale
is happening as service guy or affiliate Once you understand this thing Then you know how that
money is going to come to you that is the only way for you to get paid Okay you need to understand this Second thing is Now the whole series that I will show you In this series I'll teach you that That how you're going to make this
sale happen that
how you make this happen You can either be this person Or you can either be this person
doesn't matter You can be a seller or a service guy or affiliate marketer The day you understand that how
this sale happens is the day you can make anything happen So in this training I am going to show you
this particular bridge that how do you cross this To understand and to cross this bridge Its very important for you to
have a product because its very important
for you to practice This is not a movie of 3-4 hours This training will be in depth and big but its not a movie that you watch it
and its over And something magical is gonna happen
just like that…No You have to practice all the things And for you to practice all the thigns Its very important for you to
have a product Now one question can come to your mind That I dont have a product Alright, Doesn't matter If you have product Great You'll practice from your product If you don't have product The simple idea is You assume that you have a product Let me give you a few ideas You assume that you have a product so product can be lets say..Smartphone Whichever smartphone you use product can be…I have written here A camera whichever you like
Assume that you're its owner Product can be let's say a vehicle Assume that you're its owner These are easy products Lets talk about…lets say Assume you are owner of a
big real estate company in your city So you have to plan marketing
according to that You need to understand
that you understand marketing You should know how to get that sale done The moment you understand that Things are going to happen for you Lets Lets suppose you are owner of a
real estate company Lets suppose you're owner of flexi funnels Lets suppose there's a
weight loss program You are its owner Lets suppose there's a photography course You're its owner Lets suppose there's a mindset coaching You're its owner Whatever it is assume any product but its very important at this
particular point of time That you assume that you have a product Only then we're going ahead
only then it'll make sense to you So at this particular point of time I am assuming that have selected
your product If not then stop right now Think of it Choose any one product Doesn't matter Just pick any product Don't choose these easy products I will recommended smart phone,
camera, vehicle Take any bigger kind of product real estate, flexi funnels the other coaching products also because its funnel will be a
bit complicated The more complicated kind of funnel you're
going to create the better it is for you to practice things that is The more you sweat in practice
The less you bleed in war The more you sweat in practice The less you will bleed in war So your practice has to be difficult
all the time So that you're better as a marketer than a business guy as service guy Whatever it is Assume any product I hope you have assumed that Let's come back to the screen As I said assuming you have a product ready
in hand that you can sell It can be any product Don't complicate things It can
be any product Now A few things that you need
to understand is That a product Needs to be a good product No.

1 of course you know Any product that is not a good
product is not going to sell You need to understand this thing Even if it sells It will generate sales just for
some time only Refunds will be there and sale will
naturally decrease So at the end of the day we have to make a
good product That is not just good Business ethics…That is also
good work ethics Thats something that we need to remember And I'm somebody who is way too high in
terms of doing business with ethics and we have to make our product …
Please remember this thing no.

1 no. 2 The product has to be a good market fit Basically the product is something
which is required in market Which is required by people The products we discussed are
all required by people So we are good with that In terms of practice If you have some product of your own So that is the kind of research that you
have to do yourself Just very quick understanding of this is Just see the kind of product you're making Is being sold in market or not If other people are selling it in market It simply means that there is a
market validation And people are looking to buy
something like that If there's a case in ehich others are
not selling that product Then I will recommended that just test that
product a little take it into people and test it without creating the product And see if people are purchasing
that kind of product or not And if they are buying Then maybe you know you can
commit yourself to making that product If people are not buying it, Then don't
make that product At the same time if someone bought it Refund it doesn't matter but if your product is not ready yet but its very important for you to
have the market validation whether it will sell in market or not For example it took us 3 years to
build FlexiFunnels Think about it …3 years development cost and everything Then what if that product doesn't sell Do you understand To make a good product Depending upon the kind of product
you're making It takes time So, I just want to save your time and money So if the product is not ready yet
then better test it first The product has to be no brainer People should get the understanding
of product's price We'll talk about this later At this particular point of time I'm
assuming that your product is a no brainer No brainer means Just a simple logic..If I don't want to
complicate things Simple logic that your product should look nice to the other person The pricing that I'm giving in comparison to the value
I'm getting is huge That's the only simplest of logic
that you need to understand That's the price which I paid vs
the value I'm getting The moments the customers get this feeling You're going to get paid Number 1 So that is how we set the pricing It's simple logic Once you have the product ready Once your product is a good market fit Once your product is a no brainer offer Once all these things are in place You need to become a M shaped marketer You need to become a M shaped marketer How do you define 'M' shaped marketer no.

1 The backend structure has to be in place what comes in backend structure your landing pages your automations your email marketing your lead generation funnel your sales funnel your sales system Second thing is Traffic Facebook ads, facebook posts Instagram, blogging, social media posts google ads or whatever way from which you'll be sending customers In online business traffic basically means that how you'll send customers to your shop on your site and then The third thing that comes is Conversions optimizations That how you will optimize your conversions In this I have only written two things
Growth hacks and copywriting But its way too big The thing is if I write here then
you'll get confused but in this particular training I am going to cover all these
particular topics In this particular series I am going to
cover all these topics particulars So slowly we'll cover all these things In this M shaped marketer…
M from last is looking a bit weird but assume it as M shaped marketer So the first thing is to give you a
quick idea a quick context If you'll buy some offline shop Or you're going to start offline business The first thing you'll do is build the shop then customers will start coming Right Firstly shop is build then people come Similarly in the online world Firstly you make a website Firstly we add funnels into it Firstly all the backend automation is done Firstly sales system are made sales processes are made So when all those things are in place When this first thing is in place Then the scope of second thing
comes into picture and that is now traffic will start to come similarly if you have an offline shop Like if you have cafe or coffee shop Then you'll do its marketing maybe by distributing pamphlets maybe by ad in newspaper or
whatever it is If you have online business Then how you' ll do its marketing you'll run traffic through facebook
ads, google ads, seo tons of things we'll talk about this So first thing is to make Backend Structure second is sending traffic Third is optimizing your conversions And throughout this particular training We are going to focus on this one by one Firstly I will show you the first part How to finish backend structure Then I will take you to traffic Then I will take you to
optimizing conversions By the end of this entire thing You will know how you can
scale any business from zero to one crore in any given point of time In any given point of time period
in which you can scale it And not just go to one crore but to
even beyond So this is the first video of this
particular training In next session I'll show you something
that will totally blow your mind That is going to give you understanding
where most online businesses make mistake and where they don't get results That's the number one thing that I am
going to be sharing with you So when you start your online business at any given point of time you don't make that particular mistake so that I'll be sharing with you This training will not work for you if you are somebody who thinks online world has big secrets that only some people know and when I'll have that secret in hand Then I'm going to become millionaire or
things like that nothing like that thing is that Anyone who has ever achieved
anything in their life In any given space of this world They have worked really hard in their life And similarly in the online business we work really hard The results that we generate are some
that we generate with a lot of hard work And that is the single most
simplest possible way with which you'll get the results Any field like sports, acting etc or
online business Any person who is ready to work
harder than the other person is going to get results And the same thing is going to happen So if you are somebody who is willing
to find a secret This thing is not going to work for you If you're somebody who is ready to
invest time and energy need to switch to
second training Only then you should be
watching the second training Let me things that you liked
in this session And I'll see you in next lesson See you..Bye bye

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