Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing 2020 | 6 Hacks

(light music) – More often than not,
affiliate marketers, especially those who
are just starting out, are looking for ways to increase traffic instead of focusing on
what they already have and getting more out of it. Did you know that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer? If you will increase retention just by 5%, you will increase your
profit by at least 25%. In some cases, even up to 95%. The success rate of selling
to an existing customer is much higher than selling to a new one. My name is Vitaliy and welcome to the Affiliate
Marketing Hacks series here on NicheHacks YouTube channel, where we teach people like you to become financially independent by building a sustainable income online.

Today I wanna talk to you about six hacks on how to sell more through your website, or how to convert more clients and how to retain more of them. Hacks that you can implement
today to start making way more. I have been in affiliate
marketing since 2009 and made my share of
mistakes along the way. In the beginning, I focused
on generating more traffic instead of working with
my existing traffic. Here is one example. I was generating leads
through Google AdWords and I was spending hundreds
of thousands a month. I was profitable by
selling my leads directly to buyers through affiliate networks. I made around 15 to 20% in profit and was looking for options
to grow my incoming traffic instead of focusing on hundreds
of thousands of customers that I already had in
the form of an email.

Eventually, networks cut revenue share and started to pay less
by around 25% on average, and I started losing money. This made me look into options and with the help of my future partner, I quickly realized that we could make way more money through email marketing. We lowered our incoming
volume by about 10 times and grew our profits by
more than five times. This was crazy and mind-blowing
for us at that time. If you're making money
through affiliate marketing, and doing nothing to build an audience and not working on retention, you're leaving tons of money on the table. If you're going to implement
at least some of the hacks that I will share with you today, you're going to start making way more. Are you ready? Let's get started then. And hack number one, don't send traffic directly
to affiliate offers. Never, listen, never send traffic directly to affiliate offers, even if you will make
more money by doing so.

Let me explain why. When you send traffic
straight to the offer, you lose that client. You may have profitable campaigns, but you're losing the opportunity to work with that client in the future. Remember what I said in the
beginning of this video? It cost up to five times
more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing client. It means that if you, for
example, is spending 10 bucks on each sale or lead
to acquire that client, you would spend two bucks just
to convert the same client over and over in the future. And if you're making, for
example, 12 bucks on average and keeping just two bucks from each sale, that's your profit, by
converting existing client, you would keep 10 bucks
from all future sales.

Do you see the difference? Of course, not all of
the clients will convert in the future but if you
will build your audience and you will carefully work
with them by providing value and converting them at the right time by recommending great offers, you will be able to make a fortune. Hack number two, send
traffic to a landing page and use A/B tests. There are many tactics that you can use for converting traffic, and only one of them is a landing page.

Many still don't understand
what a landing page is, thinking it's just a website. Technically it is a website, but the landing page is
something much more narrow than just a website. A landing page is a single-page website. A landing page has just one goal, which is to convert your
visitors into sales or leads. The entire content on the page
should have just one goal, to convert that visitor. Some say long landing pages
work better than short, and some say the opposite. From my experience, it
depends on the niche. I would always test long versus short and see which one converts better for you. I would also test picture versus video. I would test many different
headlines, descriptions, and call to actions. The best A/B testing tool,
in my opinion, is Easy to use, simple to create
tests, and track results.

Test one element at a time. If you run multiple,
you may ruin your tests because you won't know for sure what exactly affected the result. I would start with a
headline, then test CTA, maybe then image or video,
then everything else. If you're doing lead generation,
I would also test the form. Option one would be to have
one field on the landing page and test that with the page
where you have no field, just the button. In my experience, the best way is to start with one field, which is, email.

Then go to the next step, and
even if you lose that visitor, you have their email
and can bring them back. This is where you can use my next hack. Hack number three, use email automation. Email automation is one of the best ways to work with your potential clients. Any kind of automation is great, right? You're sleeping, and
email marketing software is working nonstop to
convert clients for you, meaning you're making
money while sleeping. It sounds like a dream, but
this is a simple reality. Not even close to rocket science. So, as I said in my first hack, never send traffic directly
to someone's affiliate offer.

Always put it through your landing page or something that will help
you to collect their emails. Use that email to engage
with your potential clients through email automation. First, you should build automation for your marketing campaigns, to warm up the audience for the first time and to convert them to your
offer on the later stage. I would do five to seven emails that will go out within seven days. In the first three or four emails, I would focus on real value.

Deliver that value, help them. Then, if you do sequences of seven emails, I would make soft pitch around
maybe fourth or fifth email. Then provide another piece of value and make a hard sale on the seventh. If they didn't convert, I will do another one or
two emails with promotions, this works if you can get some sort of promotional offer from
your affiliate partner. If not, I would find something
that has the best match and try to convert them to a
similar product or service. If they don't convert, I would add them to a separate segment. And this is when my next
hack comes in handy. Hack number four, build segments, and provide value, and gain trust. If your client didn't convert, it doesn't mean that he
won't convert in the future. I can tell you if your
client gave you his email in the first place, of course, if you did a good job with your messaging, this means that he is
interested in the solution for his problem, right? I would invest in this segment,
in those potential clients, by providing more value to them.

You can provide value by sending them good text
content inside the email. You can create videos and send those visitors
outside of the email. To your YouTube channel,
maybe Facebook group, or Instagram page and provide more value through
your social media channels. And you can make them
subscribe to your blog or to your channels if you have them, and if you don't, you should start one. This way, you're going to
start building a relationship with your clients around your
name or around your brand.

Build trust, provide value to build guilt. Then, as Gary Vaynerchuk says,
hook them or convert them. If you didn't read Gary's
book "Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook" I really recommend you to read it. By building a long term
relationship with their client, you should create a lot
of opportunity to sell, and you should use those
opportunities, but be careful. It takes a lot of time to gain trust. But you can make one simple
mistake to lose that client and kill the relationship. People trust people more
than they trust brands. This is why it's a good idea to build personal relationships.

YouTube is one of the
best tools to do that, it's a great way to engage
with your potential clients and with your current
clients and to convert them. Why? Because on YouTube, you can build a very, very tight relationship,
like personal relationships with your audience. They trust you and will
follow your advice. Hack number five, use quizzes
to build an email list. Another great hack is to
use quizzes on your website. Usually, quizzes work
best on a landing page that was built just for quiz. A marketing campaign should
also be focused on the quiz. Quizzes are best when
they provide real value, for example, you are
offering people to find out if they are capable of something, or if they can figure something out, or if they are smarter
than a fifth grader. I'm sure you've seen many quizzes and went through some of them. I've heard some of the
quizzes have conversion rates as high as 80%. This is very high. I've never done these. But 20 to 50% conversion rate would be a realistic target to hit.

Start with thinking about
what kind of quiz could work for your potential customer. If, for example, you want to promote a
product around weight loss, focus on something they
struggle with, a common issue. Everyone knows how to lose weight, there is no lack of information. But they don't have the discipline to follow that information. So one of the ideas
for your quiz could be, Do you know weight loss dos and don'ts? Create your own crazy ideas. Force yourself to make
10 ideas in 10 minutes. Then pick two or maybe three, do research, and create quizzes using
a tool like or another quiz software.

Make sure, that at the end,
you don't reveal the results and instead ask them for an email so you can email them their quiz results. Connect your email marketing
software to Typeform and automate the whole process. If you don't know how to do that, Google and YouTube are
great sources to help you. And hack number six, sell
through your blog posts. This is my last hack for today's video. There are many more hacks that
I will share in the future so make sure you subscribe to this channel and press that bell button
if you're interested in affiliate marketing and
want to learn hacks and tricks. I'm going to share one affiliate
marketing hack every week. Now, let's talk about our last hack. Here is how it works. You write a good blog post
with a good amount of value. If you're selling
something for weight loss, for example, write a good blog post about maybe probably a step-by-step
instruction on how to lose weight in six months. Give them real value. But then, at the end of the blog, you should speak about your offer, make CTA, call to action.

Let's say it's a course. Speak about this course in
a way that's not salesy. For example, you can say,
not everyone has discipline to take action for six months straight, but this course will help you to solve your discipline
issues by doing this and that. You get the idea. Then you create an ad on Facebook
that says something like, learn how to lose weight in 10 easy steps and send that traffic to your blog post. Then, this is a bonus hack. You add a retargeting
pixel to your blog post and show them ads of your
offer if they didn't convert. This is not hard to set up but it will take time to figure out.

Okay, that's all for today. I hope you learned something useful. If you did, smash that like button. And implement that hack today,
don't wait 'til tomorrow. Take action now! That's the best thing you can do. Take action and improve
what you have today. That's it. See you in my next video. (light music).

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