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How to make money with youtube shorts without
making videos using amazon affiliate marketing. Step 1: find a viral video. Step 2: signup on amazon associates for free. Step 3: create your youtube short without
recording it and without showing your face. Step 4: upload short on your youtube cash
cow channel. If you want to know, how to monetize youtube
shorts in 2021 the easiest and fastest way, guys, make sure you keep watching. This method is new and still very underground,
so you need to act fast, if you want to make bank with it, before others will fill that
spot for you. So pay attention, leave a like and enjoy. This is Passive Income Revolution with another
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Alright guys, before I guide you through this
ultra easy and super effective make money online method, let me first give you an idea,
what shorts are. Youtube shorts are short, maximum 60 seconds
long, vertical videos, that spring up like mushrooms recently on youtube under the viral
hashtag "shorts". This feature is still very young and it just
have started to become popular, some shorts, though, have already absolutely skyrocketed
reaching millions and millions of viewers on youtube….This one here….1 million views
in 3 days…A simple minecraft short…Or this one here…another minecraft short…maybe
I should start a minecraft channel.. Shorts are gaining more popularity day by
day – and it is only a matter of time, when they will be as much as or even more popular
than videos on tiktok or instagram. This means for you, guys, there is an absolutely
gigantic audience out there waiting for you to provide it with funny, entertaining or
inspiring shorts. And having a huge audience on youtube – we
are talking about millions of people, guys – means having a big pool of potential customers
– customers, you can sell merch or promote products to and earn loads of money from affiliate
commissions for instance….

In easy words: you can make big money with
shorts, if you do it the proper way. And I am going to teach you step by step how
to monetize your youtube shorts easy, fast, for free and from scratch. if you want to know how to make money with
youtube shorts using the power of clickbank or by selling your own merch, check out my
other tutorials I have prepared for you. You will find the links to them in the description
box of this video. Now, to not waste your time, guys, let us
start with step number one of our tutorial. Before we commence, though, don't forget to
smash that little like button and to tell me in the comments down below, what do you
honestly think: will youtube shorts become one of the greatest passive income sources
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Ok, step number one: pick a niche and find
a viral video. First thing you will need to do, is to find
a profitable niche. The choice of the niche is important, because
we will be focusing on making money with your shorts not from Ads, but by using the immense
power of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means, you promote somebody's
product through a referral link you placed, for example, in the description box of your
videos. You can promote different products in your
youtube shorts as well. If you want to know exactly how to do that,
keep watching. Let's say, your audience is interested in
technics and gadgets. The best would be then to upload your shorts
in the tech review niche and promote some cool products and gadgets in your videos. Simply type in in the youtube search bar,
for instance, something like "best amazon gadgets 2021".

Browse through the entries to get some ideas
for your video….now…for the sake of this tutorial let's take this example video here…"10
coolest gadgets that are worth buying…"…let me skip the ad…and what do we see? Some commercial clips compiled together into
one 8 minutes long promotional compilation….Now, let's say, you want to promote one of the
products shown in this video…for example….let me open the description box….here…you
would like to promote a drone like this one here from amazon via your youtube short. Let me show you in the next step how to model
a promotional video like this with a few simple clicks and without actually making that video.

Step number two: signup on amazon associates. Now, you can use many different affiliate
marketplaces for your referral campaigns. For instance: clickbank,,
jvzoo, warriorplus or walmart. For the sake of this tutorial we are going
to use amazon as our affiliate marketplace. You can sign up there for free and with just
a few clicks. Once you're registered on amazon, you can
grab your referral link for the product you want to promote through your short, for instance….this
drone here…You can expect to earn up to 10% of the total revenue of this specific
product, each time somebody buys it through your referral link. Step number three: create your short.

Now, "creating" is not the appropriate expression
for this, because you won't be making your promotional video or recording it. Instead you will be re-uploading and re-using
content you found online and transform that content into a short. This method is called "fair use agreement"
and it is legal to use. Let me show you how to do that with just a
few clicks. So, let's stick to that drone example: if
you want to replicate a cool promotional video like that and make a short out of it, simply
go over to youtube search and look for different videos featuring information about this specific
drone….Copy and paste the name of this product from the amazon sales page….and….Now,
what I don't want you to do, is to simply download some of those videos here, and trim
and reupload them as a short on your channel, because that would be stealing and you would
sooner or later get a copyright strike or lose your youtube channel.

Instead take only small parts of other promotional
videos you found on youtube, for example, and re-use them under the terms of fair use. Shorts are not allowed to be longer than 60
seconds anyway, so….Let's take for example this video here….and this one here as well….next,
download your drone videos by using a free youtube to mp4 converter of your choice….I
like to use this one here….copy and paste the URL of the video you want to use for you
short…and click on "download" or "convert to mp4" here to download the clip on your

Once downloaded, you will need a free video
editor to convert your clips into youtube shorts. I would recommend you to use a website called You can sign up there for free and with just
a few clicks….Once you're logged in, click on "video" here and choose a video format,
you want to use. It doesn't matter which one you choose, as
long as it has got a resolution of 1080 by 1920 px…So choose either "mobile video"
or "tiktok video" here…now you are being directed to the editing module of canva.

What I want you to do next, is to upload your
downloaded drone clips by clicking on "uploads" here,… "upload media" …and "device" …there
and choosing the mp4 files you downloaded in the last step onto your computer. Once it's uploaded, drag and drop the first
clip onto the editing space to the right….like this…mute the sound…and now choose a small
part of the clip you wanna use for your short. …for example this here….and now trim the
clip, so that only a short part of it remains – by clicking on the scissors here…let me
trim it….from the left and also from the right….now, remember, that if you wanna
stick to fair use guidelines, you are allowed to use only small parts of other content,
that are not longer than 10 up 13 seconds in maximum….Shorts are not supposed to be
longer than 60 seconds anyway….so if we take, let's say 10 seconds of that clip and
another 10 seconds of the second clip we downloaded, we're are good to go….now to finish trimming,
click on "done" here….Now, adjust the size and the alignment a bit….leave some space
open above and below the clip, though….

Edit the clip as much as you can, so that
you follow fair use guidelines. For example…add emojis, elements or…let's
say a text to your video….You can, for example, take some information from the product description
on amazon….and…for example…"mini drone quadrocopter"…"for beginners"….choose
a nice font from the text tool box to the left….drag and drop the text on your clip,
double click and enter the text from the product description…change the size, the color and
the alignment….and you're good to go….flip your video…. add different effects or animations
to your clip, just do everything you can to make your clip look unique and not like a
useless copy. Now, add another text to your clip and place
it above and below your video…. This will be your call to action, you will
need to attract potential customers to your referral link, you got from amazon associates. Write something like "check link … in description"….and
that's it. Repeat the entire process with your second
clip by adding another page here…Now, since I don't want this video to be too long, let
me just replicate the process for video clip number two and …

Yea…see you in the next
step….once you have finished editing, click on "download" here. Step number four: upload your short on your
cash cow channel. Now, just login into your youtube account,
upload your short, you downloaded from canva, add a nice title containing the viral hashtag
#shorts, a nice description and also some tags. Don't forget to add your amazon referral link
to your description, though. And, don't forget as well to shorten it via
a free link shortening service such as for example, before you publish your video. Unshortened affiliate links look awful and
by shortening it, you massively increase the chances of getting more leads on your affiliate

If you have followed my channel, you probably
know how to write proper titles and descriptions and how to customize referral links. If not, feel free to check out my in-depth
step-by-step tutorial about "how to make money with youtube shorts using clickbank"….I
explain the entire upload process in detail there. You will find the link to it in the description
box of this video. To be 100% safe and to be protected by fair
use agreement, I would recommend you to also give credits to the original uploader of the
clips, you re-used for your shorts. In addition you can also record a very short
voiceover of a few seconds and provide your audience with some information in your commentary
about the product you want to promote.

That way your video will apply to terms of
fair use and you are good to go. Now, guys, I have shown you how you can easily
replicate high quality promotion videos for free and from scratch. Of course, you won't make thousands and thousands
of bucks with only one, two or three of those shorts uploaded. If you want to make decent money from affiliate
commissions using youtube shorts, you will need to upload many of them. And you will need to upload consistently to
trigger youtube's algorithm to promote your videos to more people. The method I have shown you in this tutorial,
is so easy, though, you can upload and publish 10,20 or even 50 of them every day. So, I guess, now it's up to you, guys. So, that was my step by step tutorial "how
to make money with youtube shorts without making videos using amazon affiliate marketing". If you want to learn more strategies how to
make money on youtube without showing your face or making videos, check out my other
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Leave a like and tell me in the comments down
below, what other methods of making money with shorts you would like me to teach you
in my upcoming videos. Stay tuned and have a good day..

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