Make $1000/Month With Affiliate Marketing Automation!

Hello friends today I am going to share with you one of the easiest ways
anyone can make money online when I say easy I don't mean
you will get rich in one month no but why would it be easy just
because we don't need to write articles and blogs we don't need to wait for
acceptance Google on our website like after two or three months we don't need a lot of traffic as you will see that now anyone can do it
whether you are an expert or a beginner anyone from anywhere on the
planet can do it and you may see your earnings maybe next week again I don't I promise you
will be rich next month or make a thousand dollars a day I want to be honest here let me share with you my numbers and what I
achieved with my case study to get an idea of ​​what to expect on a website I made I got
about 3000 visits or users per month in Last 28 days and this is my earnings it's about $160 but honestly I haven't worked more than
15 hours on this strategy so I think $150 for
15 hours for 4000 or 3000 visitors are good numbers especially for beginners what if I can get more than that so here it is starting point and you can work more and make maybe a thousand
dollars a month two thousand dollars a month etc if you work consistently like three
hours a day or four hours a day following this strategy but please do me one favor watch this video till the end where i will mention a lot of tricks And the tips and things
that helped me succeed in this strategy so without wasting any more
time let's start with the first step we need to create a website not a blog we have no content please continue the idea is fairly new and unique and you will learn
a lot of interesting things in this video so we need a web hosting and one of The best services,
honestly, I searched a lot, and one of the best services is Hostinger.

I think it's the best cheap web hosting.
Anyone can pay for it. You get 100 websites, and you get
100 GB of storage. We get free business email. Unlimited package. Free ssl certificate and cloud copy protection. Weekly backups Free site name And don't forget about 24/7 support Almost 100% uptime 30 days money back guarantee All this stuff for
great affordable prices You can see here they're taking a discount of $3 a month All this for $3 a month I'm going for the hosting plan
premium shared let's get started so choose it and also the great thing about Hostinger
is that you can pay anything you want with credit cards or paypal
and google pay alipay and even cryptocurrency so you can pay for any service you want and don't forget to enter the coupon code click on this link here I have a coupon and type HEDUCATE My special code in order for you to
get a special discount click on apply and that's it or you can click on the link below the
video to get this discount directly so create your account
and get a hosting account and then log into your account so this is my premium hosting
from Hostinger let's go ahead and set up the start of the web hosting get started I'm going to skip this wizard and let's build a new site select then I'll choose another because it's not a
wordpress website and we don't have a blog here we'll create something else you'll see now simply click start from scratch now you need to select a site name now we have two options Existing site name or new site name Since the plan allows you to
create a new site name for free please select to a new site name
because we have a trick about the site name I will tell you in a moment Click on this and you need to search for
the name of the site name to add here now in my case I have a name
A site I will choose an existing site name and I will enter the name of my site name as I told you please in your case not to do this select a new site name and please wait until the end of
the video because I will mention an important tip for success in this strategy so continue finishing setup now just wait a few minutes for
hostigner to manage It's all for you it's automatic and that's our hosting panel
or dashboard here you can host and install the website and
add your email accounts and manage your sites and everything
and install wordpress and so on really cool control panel by the way after we get the hosting
and we're done with the first step now We're ready to get the idea what are we going to do with this hosting what are we going to do
anyway with this strategy so the idea is simply about building a website not any website a tool site and now I'm going to show you what
exactly I mean when I say a tool site will be a free tool that
anyone can use but The trick is that this tool will
auto run in some way when users use
this tool you will earn commissions let me show you one typical example open your browser and go to this site I created in
one hour and you will see how now this site is a tools site where people can search
About the availability of domain names here for example you will want to create a
website and you want to search for a domain name so you go here and type
my domain whatever you type in a keyword and search then with one click this tool will tell you
whether this domain is available registered or not and will give you a lot of Suggestions if not available it will be red
if available it will be green and people can click buy to buy this
site directly from my website but when they click
buy look what happens they will go directly to a website called name
silo which is one of the best The web is for selling domain names and they will buy through this site but you can see here it's a commission link and it's all automated (automatic) so people use
a tool that helps them with something and somehow commission links are
automatically inserted and automated in this website in a bit I'm going to show you
a lot of examples The other Of course not everyone here will copy the exact same site
and do the exact same process No I'm going to give you many ideas now on how to apply this technique maybe in another area of ​​your website
Please be patient Lots of values ​​coming soon In this video So how I did This you may tell me now ok I'm not a developer I can't
code or creating such sites it will take a lot of time and so let me show you how exactly I did this and by the way this namesilo just to show
you again my earnings in this account this is my referral program manager and this is it My earnings here are total commissions and pending commissions so let me show you how I simply created this site in Code canyon php script if you search here for "site name" you will find this domainkit script let's open it and go to live preview you will see now this is the script and it is ready this is the script And this is my website I changed the logo and some colors etc to make it my own branding and I
added some links and so it's easy by the way so what I did is I
bought this script you can see I bought the
license $35 I just bought it and hosted it online I got some traffic As you saw let's go back here to google analytics this is my site and in the last
28 days 3000 users not a lot and I got some revenue and that's the way again not everyone who watches this video
here will go and buy this exact script and host it and start you can do it maybe but in a
little bit I'll show you Other examples Ideas I think are really interesting
you can apply and earn much more than this because we will use different strategy and
different technology and different commission programs so when you download a script or
you create a script or whatever you do if you click on download now you will see that this is the folder if I opened it and extracted it you will see that we have this upload file this is the file that we are going to upload in Hostinger in the control panel so that we can run our website but before we do that and host the website let me share with you the first trick for today if you pay attention here the name of a site
is "site name "Quick" it has this
keyword "domainer" if you go to google now
and you search for this keyword you'll see it has about
300 or 400 searches a month and my website is
on the first page on google for that keyword so if you can find On a site name with a
targeted keyword for your site that would be a great idea Another example is As you can see this is a website that
does your seo analysis It's a free tool I made It also has this
keyword "seo analyzer" if you go here and search for this " Seo Analyst "Seoanalzer" You will see that
my website is on top of Google To be honest with you I'm not sure if you choose a keyword this
way it will help you rank right on top of Google but I think from my experience
or in my experiences it works in
this website And in fastdomainer and now I got
another keyword which is also I bought a script for this site if you go here and search
for large file sender you will see it gets
about 5400 searches per month by the way I installed this site today so I expect to get a
higher ranking of the month Next with this keyword I will always keep you updated
so don't forget to turn on notifications and check out my community section
for all results and updates so how do we do that? Simply we can
use tools like H-supertools here go to keyword research if it's a free tool you can use it to research
keywords and check search volume or you can use ubersuggest you can also use it for free you can go here to
keywords and keyword ideas and then write a few keywords for
example in my case domainer again largefilesender and you 'll get the monthly search volume data and you
'll get the difficulty and then when you find a particular keyword just copy it and go to services
like fastdomainer for example and search and see if this is available or not or you can Simply use another service
called instant domain search and search for this site I took it so it's not available and you can start searching here for a
site name that has a target keyword so you can get it higher in Google I hope you get the idea so this is all about site name if you find a name with a keyword get it
and buy it inside Hostinger for free you have a free site name in the account now let's view and install the
script inside Hostinger we will host it and run the site simply inside your hosting account
go here to the file manager and inside the public html folder I will
upload the program file The script I bought from Code canyon this script by the way whenever you download a script
from codecanyon we usually have an explanation and you can see the installation is fairly simple you just need to upload this
zip file extract it and create a simple database I'll go here and click upload file here It is a download, just wait a bit, then I will press decompress to extract it, and here we have extracted the files, let's see what next, it will tell you to go to the installation page, so open a web browser, then type /install, and here we click on the following Requirements, then the license, and
you need to enter the purchase code, simply go here to Code canyon and on the downloads page next to any
file you can see here the license code just open it and copy the license process code then use it here and continue setup so we need to create a database go here in hostigenr again then click
your sql databases and let's create some database data db1 or whatever one user and password and create and now you can use
this database inside your installation I don't want to waste a lot of time installing
because many of you may be using something else simply any script you download
from here it will have documentation you can follow and if If you need
help I will be here to help you also you can join us
in discored with membership so now I want to focus on the
second important idea of ​​the day that will help you
succeed with this strategy which is to give you other ideas
beyond the site name search idea I want to help you with ideas and what
you can build into Different niches by the way we still have two things for today which are ideas and how to get more
visitors to get your first commissions so we are almost done but these are the top topics for today so let's discuss other ideas let's start with something called cryptocurrency exchange open a new tab and go to the
website It's called if you go here to
changelly to all products click on the commission program you will see that you can earn up to 50%
of the revenue from cryptocurrency transactions and the great thing is that changelly will give you the
built tool or a tool that you can directly integrate into your website and I found this script Here on codecanyon
also if you click on the live preview go to widgets then changelly you can create a website
like this like this widget so someone wants to exchange
cryptocurrency let's say bitcoin with ethereum then clicks on exchange then what happens this button
will use the referral link your widget you can see here in changelly get various widgets directly you can also use the api
if you want to create widget then when someone exchange
cryptocurrency inside your website inside your widget you will make commission using changelly which is one of Easiest way also to implement a
tool and make commissions using this tool let's say you are in the health field please listen carefully in the health field and you are promoting a
digistore product or a clickbank product if you go to a digistore and
let's say go here to the market let's say this is a medicine or something you want to promote For some diets you can build a tool that will ask
people personalized questions and based on their answers you can predict the
best product for them to buy so they'll go through a therapist and then you'll show
them the right product for them to buy and I'll give you an example of this if you go to Hostadvice and go here to tools web hosting advisor they've done something Similar if you want to choose a
hosting for example select the type of hosting like a blog then you choose what cms you want , wordpress a small site etc and at the end they will suggest you the best
web hosting based on your answers so it is a small advisor tool and at
the end they will suggest a product with a link Referral all these are ideas try to think of and how
you can apply in your own field use your brain shake it up in some way and get an idea and don't forget I can help you with this if
you want join us on discord with membership and we can chat together to find an
idea that fits your field so that's it The first is about different ideas search in codecanyon maybe
here are php script tools or something and you can find a lot
of tools here on this site try to find something that
works for you and maybe tweak it a bit maybe you hire
someone to build your own idea and so on maybe you are a programmer and you can build your idea Private as I did on h-supertools
and other websites So this is the first topic Now let's
move on to the most important topic today which is getting visitors How can we promote this site? ok i built this but how when you build a site tools like this we
don't have content we don't have a blog how do you promote it how do you get 3000
visitors per month which is not a lot before this the first thing you need to do is add
your website to google analytics and google search console so go here and search for google search console open the first link get started
now sign in if you don't have an account simply click here to add a site and add your website
within your google search account for example this
is my website you will go Here then continue then simply needs to check this so you have different ways to check html file is easiest just download this file then go back to
your Hostinger dashboard then go to file manager again here we are file manager and simply upload this
file given to you by Google and here we are then you can click on verify and we are done verification done now google will start indexing
your website to show it on google search results again go to google analytics and add your website to track your analytics i also have a gift for you You can go here to and you can create a
completely free account to track your analytics in a simple way you can watch
this demo here for the site in the last 30 days I got
1,500,000 views we can do the same for you
if you want with this free tool So we are monitoring and tracking our site now we can start getting visitors the first method is quora let me show you tricks especially in quora if you go to the first thing you have to
do is create a website and optimize your profile make sure you make it clean choose a picture and so on now How to get visitors from Quora by targeting the right questions The first way is to search for your field let's say in my case digital marketing then click on the digital marketing topic then go here to the most viewed book and here you will see the best writers in this field and follow them and know the questions they answer so you can Choosing the best answers
by following the best writers on Quora in your field The second way is when
you search for questions in Quora manually Go here to the questions Let's say you open this question What metrics should
you check on Quora The number of follow-ups and the number of answers for this question If there are a lot of Followers
go and answer this question also you can click on these
three dots and click question history to see more stats like
how many followers how many views has it been updated like
3 hours ago we have following so find questions with
lots of followers and few answers and follow Top writers on Quora and duplicate their work and know what
questions they choose to answer to get the best out of Quora The second way to get
visitors is by participating in forums like reddit and other forums you can go to
websites like I think and click here in the forum domains
and check From a forum in your field and start interacting in this
place to get visitors The third method I think you know if not Post on social media Create a Twitter account
Facebook account Pinterest All these social media accounts Create them and
always share content to let people know about your tool You can also use some
paid ads if you have a budget like google display ads to do some brand awareness and drive
some traffic to your website let me share with you now what i am trying to do
to get more visitors on this site what i did is simply i did a little blog just three articles I chose specific target keywords like how do you buy site name this keyword and I'm trying to rank on top of google
using this keyword in this blog so I can also rank for
these 3 blog posts and get some traffic so SEO is also a good way to rank your site
and get traffic Free google membership and don't forget if you create something like this you can also add ads like this these ads are also commission links you can monetize and you can
get more commission clicks and increase your commission and what will help you to
rank higher on google and get more of traffic is to
increase your site rank using backlinks if you are a beginner and want to know
how to get backlinks your first backlinks
to your website what are the best ways it helped me
get more than 200000 backlinks on my websites you can Check out this video here I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions I'll be
there in the comments section below and don't forget to use my coupon in the description
to get a special discount on Hostinger see you later

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