Laziest Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Strategy To Make $500+ A Day in 2022 (100% FREE)

how about you guys if you are looking for an affiliate marketing for beginners strategy I am very excited because today I want to show you how you can make hundreds of dollars every single day with this strategy if not thousands of dollars and I am going to guide you through this step-by-step this can be done on digi store 24 it can be done on clickbank it can even be done on warrior plus and the best part about these strategies i will show you where you can go to get high conversion products and all all you have to do is come here copy this link from there, i'm going to show you how you can shorten this link with another free software like this one here where you are going to grab this link you are going to copy it then go I'll show you where to paste this link and you are going to get a lot of free traffic this site gets over 9.5 million visitors every month and look at this majority of the traffic comes from the United States which di t a wonderful affiliate make marketing for beginner strategy but i have more for you i want to show you how you can make even more money with affiliate marketing that their high use
conversion of email swipe after which i will walk you step by step through all and show you one of the easiest and slowest ways you can start making money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner so stay tuned because we are starting now so the first step in this strategy guys is to find a product to promote now happy for you as i said you can use sites like digistore24
warrior plus and even depending on what country you are in and all these affiliate sites guys offer a range of different products from make money online for technology to e-commerce and a whole range of other digital type products depending on what you want to promote or you want to go into
weight loss too so once you get there all you have to do here is sign up for any one v an these different types of networks for the purposes of this video i'm going to use and all you have to do is come here and sign up as soon as you sign up it's going to take you to a page it looks like this and thats what i'm talking from the categories if you scroll down you can see there are so many different types of niches you can enter today we are going to go into e-business and e-marketing as you know I specialize in affiliate marketing and i like to show people how to get free traffic what is it i am going to show you on this video i would like to show people how to find products with high conversion this is what i am going to show you this video then i want to show you how to double and even more money so before we continue with this video i want you to go crush it button in appreciation and let me know at the bottom of the comments in 2022 what type of business are you looking for start it is affiliate marketing do you want to do e-commerce, are you possible lik watch freelance, are you watching the start of a youtube channel go down after you smash it like button in appreciation and let me know what you want to do in 2022 so i know what type of videos to make even more of to help you be successful in 2022 guys so when we scroll down here, you can see there are a number of different types of products in order and there are also different types of price points do not be afraid to try some products that are a bit is more expensive because you just do not do it I know I mean, look at this product here as an example, it's 18 this one here is 51 27 and this one over here as an example is 37 now you have to make about 10 sales to earn 370 or make one sale of this product as an example and earn 357 that's why high ticket affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of money but yes you need a lot of traffic but it's good , because if you make two sales then you make 700 plus in a single day e n I want to show you how you can get a lot of it traffic so let's look at this product here as an example guys so if you come here and click on
this product it's going to show us exactly what it's about and as you can see it is an affiliate marketing product in order and the best thing about it is when you look at their
landing page here, it has a visual sales letter which means it's a visual sales page that you can click here to unmute it in your own time look and then the best part here you can see I like the way they structure it selling because you can see he says no credit cards require people to post their name and email address
and then what is going to happen is they going to be taken over after a free training these are great products to promote and therefore this product is doing really very well the second thing you want to do when you are on On this page you want to click this affiliate page so you want to open it is when you click on it, it's going to take you to this page and as you can see, it's going to show you exactly and give you all the tools you need to be successful to promote this product it will give you even more visual sales letters which I will show you in a second and also email swipe I want to show you how you can use it to make even more money with affiliate marketing especially if you want a beginner to be successful in 2022 and like you can see they have high conversion funnels they have quality training community to help people people will manage to pay it amount of money you can see they talk about their success stories people want to know that other people were successful with this before the mckay scrolls down, they have a lot of information on this page that shows people how they did what they did make people comfortable that this product definitely works and if you scroll down you can see there are a lot of testimonials from many people who bai e made money using this product and the best thing is when they learn how to use it how to get traffic how to find a product they can promote also warrior plus product digital 24 clickbank etc then from here what you need to do guys is you need to enter your email address in your name address and your clickbank ID and click on to participate in the fun it is going to do is to give you all the resources and tools you need once you have filled it in will take you to a page that now looks like this when you complete what you entered into your
clickbank ID so when I entered it you can see here it is my clickbank ID here it is very important because when you start promoting it you want any sales to be credited your click bank account is good so you can of course then transfer that money to your account you can also transfer in painting it is entirely up to you so it is convert the first visual sales highlight eling of visual sales letter that you can possibly promote you can see it 's a high conversion vsl this is one here is another high conversion vsl and you can look and see which one you would like to promote so if we take a
look at this one here, let's come to a brand new page here and press enter it's going to show you exactly what it is so it's almost a copy of the first one we've just seen so if we close it or you can get over here and copy it and see which one you would like to promote you can come here very easily, paste it and see what this one looks like and I think it's going to be a replica of the one we saw so if they use this one isal highly recommended that you use
this one too and I especially like it no credit card is needed here so if we close it now what we need to do is we need to copy it, well we need to shorten this link so let's come over come we copy it and i'm going to show you how to shorten it so best place to go shorten these guys is now come to a website called you can absolutely sign up at bitly for free so they can track your link links that you can track exactly and see how it works for you how many clicks you get and how many sales do you get if you do not want to sign up and you do not want that information, it's up to you it's also free to all you have to do is come here paste it url in here and click to shorten and it will give you such a nice shortened link so you can copy that link the reason you are copying this link is because people do not like to see a long
link and a lot of the time those links become not allowed so now I'm going to show you where we're going to get it free traffic, but before I do that when you come back to this affiliates page and you browse, they do not just give you these two links they browse can you see they have become high conversion from email swipe i'm going to show you how to double down on this strategy and how you are going to use this email swipe to enable even more money online and i have banners if you are looking for ads etc but us go focus on free traffic ok guys so from here what you want to do is you want to get over to this site here called now I have created videos about this before they have changed some of their terms and conditions so I want to show you how to do it legally in 2022 with a link about answers and make sure you can make money from all the traffic you are going to get as I showed you in the intro guys they get over nine and a half million people clicking or go to this site every single month and if you come here and look at this more than 57 of that traffic is coming from the United States and as you can see what is growing and a lot of traffic is coming over from the UK and Canada India, so ' some very good countries guys click on g to on to looking for different types of answers and I want to answer the search for questions that need to be answered and this is how you are going to turn it into sales so what you want to do when you are on this site is you want to sign up and you want to create an account for yourself once you have logged in, you can do it with your gmail account what you want to do once you have logged in you want to come here and see where he says settings you want to advance on settings click you reply any questions here you need to ask create your own a buyer you need to set up your own account so you come here and you click on settings once you click on settings now I have already done many of these things you want to make sure you know you have verified your email address you have done all the
good you need to do then from there you want to come here and you want to click on to go to your
own profile it is really really important now once you click on to check
your own profile what is going to happen want you come here and you want to click on edit and as soon as you click on to edit what i did is i just poached mine there so you can see what it's going to look like now of course i use smart money you can come here and change this image you
do not need that where you're going to add something here in your bio with that little switch I'm going to do is I'm just going to paste exactly what I would have here you can now only have up to 160
characters here as you can see I have 153 so learn the secret to making money with affiliate marketing this training helped me make over 5 000 a
month and you can also click here and it's the little link here that we shortened when we pasted that url in here is that little link ok so you come by, put it in there then click to save it is now on your prof iel it has been updated if you can see anyone going to your main profile here go to from there can see what you want to do is that you can simply click on answers again here and you can type different types of questions on which you want to post answers and what it looks like is something like this you can type in how to make money with affiliate marketing and you are going to find all these different types of results and as you can see not many people answer these different types of questions the beauty answers are about that you can also come here and you can add your own questions and you can also answer it ask yourself, for example how to make money as an affiliate so all you have to do is click on question there scroll down guys and if you can see you can answer this question so come here and click on it and that's what's going to come up I'm going to show you the type of answer you can put in here that will drive traffic to your bio link right guys so I just quickly typed what we will have to post are h ierdie answer and it's something it's very simple what you want to talk about the question they all asked so I did is I came and I made money online as an affiliate marketer can take a lot of work if you do not know where to do not get the right product and the right traffic because you are going to lead them in this product that is going to solve a lot of these problems for them you write something like this are the exact issues that many affiliate marketers face or that you may have faced yourself and then you have found an amazing
training that is going to help them start that is going to help them learn everything they need to make money online with this product and then you tell them that you have placed a
link in your bio so they can click on and then from there you just have to hit serve in as soon as you press, send in guys that answer is now going to be pasted on
this platform and as you can see if we browse above guys this is the answer there will now be many people over here and they sal al go crazy to your buyer what they have to do is come here and click on it guys as soon as i click on it it will bring them here and if they copy it as you can see, go to call or go here as soon as i click on
that guys it's going to bring them straight over to this product now i have promised you that there are other ways to make even more money using this if you come here the high link email swipe now to use this high-conversion email post swipe instead of using a bit to shorten these links you want to start doing is using an email marketing software as an for example something like there are many different types this is the one I use and the reason why i used it or why I started using it was when i first started online, i needed something that would be absolutely free if you come here and click on prices will take you over to a page that looks like so and for the first 300 emails cartoons it is absolutely for free and the best part of this is you can create as you browse here you can create unlimited landing pages and forms and the landing pages is a simple landing page where you can tell people to click on it, enter their e- postal address in and they are going to get access to this product that we are promoting today and if you see guys here you can also send email from ok it is an awesome tool guys where you can then come here and use all this high conversion of e- post swipe so what does what looks like once you have logged in so as soon as you log in and you register as I said it is absolutely free i will have a link in my description for once you have logged in you can come here as you can see, you have these landing pages now as soon as you click on
these landing pages it takes you to a page that looks like guys and it's so easy to customize everything you need to do as an example, let's say we wanted this landing page bo select here you will click on to choose what it is going to do it will take you straight here where you can easily customize it so instead of saying get my free e-book now all you are writing is click to the free training to get to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing guys and then over here you can type what you want to get inspiration from the product you are promoting as you would easily get inspiration from this product or you can come here and check out everything they have here on their landing page and get inspired to create your own simple landing page
and then you just have to come over here and change all this writing here and type your own very simple landing page, then here is everything you need to to do is just something like typing
click to access or enter in
email address to access and then overview where it says sign up today as we click on it and scroll up to the top when you get to settings here and you scroll down here, you would pl bait redirect to an external page when you click on it this is where you would enter that url for that product and when someone enters their email address you are going to click that email address then it is going to provide them to that redirect and then as soon as you come and you start collecting all these emails address guys this is where you can start sending out email from
different products like this product let me see below what they give you all the subjects you need plus them gives you the whole body of email and then you will import the link for that product email marketing is super powerful and when you get a
lot of clicks on your products you want to make sure you are collecting these clues this is exactly what i am doing when I come to my broadcast over here you can see that I send broadcasts all the time because I am collecting clues with all the different affiliate marketing products that I am promoting I am constantly collecting in leads and I am retrieving and many of these people with different types of offers this is one of the best ways to double down on making money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner and you can do the same in 2022 so this was my affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial that is going to help you to set everything up to make a
lot of money online in 2022 but if you guys want to do something even more and start your own website you can set up in less than 10 minutes click on this video here guys right now this is going to help you promote various
products to make more than 500 a day high recommend to click on this video here at the moment if you have not seen it yet get that setup today so you can absolutely crush it in 2022 until next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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