Is Affiliate Marketing Dying? What Creators Need to Do Today!!!

– Is affiliate marketing dying? Well, in 2021, this
channel made over $279,000, just from the Amazon Affiliate Program. Now, YouTubers and content creators have been using affiliate marketing to make money for a long time now. But over the years,
Amazon has been giving us less and less percentages to recommend products on Amazon. Luckily, there's three things that you can start doing today to start making more money with affiliate marketing. – [Man] You gotta just press record. – Hey guys, my name is Nolan Molt with Think Media. Now, I do wanna share a couple more numbers with you guys
so you can get an idea on how much you can actually make with affiliate marketing. Now, just so you know, we're a part of over a hundred different affiliate programs, and I'm not gonna share
all of those with you. I am gonna share top three programs with you guys though.

Now, most likely, our top three are gonna be different
than your top three, depending on the niche that you're in. Now, at number one, I already mentioned Amazon that came in at $279,096. The reason why this is the biggest for us is because we review cameras and lights and audio equipment, and that stuff can get pretty expensive. And a lot of people right now like to use Amazon to buy their cameras, to buy their lenses.

Now, there are different
affiliate programs that we are a part of that sell cameras and camera gear, but we've noticed that most people like to use Amazon to actually get their camera gear. Coming in at number two, we have vidIQ, which made us $43,601. Now, this is actually a software that you can install, and we use it all the time at Think Media and we talk about it a lot in our videos because we just use it all the time. Now, we actually work with them a lot and they gave us a code for you to get your first month off for free. So if you use that link, that's actually how we
get compensation back. When you sign up for vidIQ, we get a little bit of a kickback at no extra cost for you, you actually just get a month for free. Coming in at third is Epidemic Sound with $24,926. And that is the company that we use for all of our music and sound effects. And you can actually get
a month for free as well by using the link in the description. And again, we recommend this a lot because we just use it all the time, we really love their products, so as people sign up, we get a kickback for that as well.

Now, just for this top three companies, that's $347,623. Now, that is a lot of money, just for one stream of income off of one YouTube channel. Now, remember though, at Think Media, we have an entire team of people working on this YouTube channel. And I know for you, it might just be you right now. Now, personally, on my own channel, I've been able to use some of these tips that I'm gonna share with you guys, and there's been some months where I've made over $2,000 and I didn't even post any videos. I mean, that's just over
$2,000 passive income coming through my YouTube channel using affiliate marketing. And I don't have a big channel, I have less than 8,000 subscribers. So I just wanna encourage you that even if you just made a couple thousand dollars more a month, that could be a lot for
some you guys out there who are trying to fund
your YouTube channel, maybe make this a full-time thing, turn it from your hobby into your job. Now, of course, to put affiliate links in your video description, you need a YouTube video.

And one of the easiest ways to start getting content on YouTube is by going live. We use StreamYard at Think Media to go live and we love it. Whether we're going live on Think Media or going live on the Think Media podcast, maybe even on a Facebook group, a cool thing about StreamYard is you can actually go
live on multiple accounts. So using StreamYard, you can actually go live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

And it really is such a simple way to make your live streams look really good and really professional. They make it super easy to add in different camera angles,
you can bring on guests, you can add different screen elements and transitions, all
built into the software so that all you have to
do is press a button. And that way, you don't need to worry about the live stream, you can really focus
solely on the content. Not only does StreamYard make your live streams look super cool, but I just love how easy it is to use. You get in there, and
literally after five minutes, you can figure out StreamYard, exactly how to bring on guests.

And really, everything is so easy to pick up and learn. It gives you so much more confidence once you're ready to hit that live button. And if you wanna try out StreamYard, you can get $10 off your very first month or go to So here are my top three tips. And number one is to
make a strategic video. If you're really trying to make money with affiliate marketing, you can't just throw
links in your description and expect people to go in there and start buying stuff off of the links in your description. It will happen, but what
is much more efficient is making a specific video
on a specific product. At Think Media, some of
our best performing videos were reviewing a specific product. That could be a light, that could be a camera, a microphone. And this has the possibility of one video to literally they bring you thousands of dollars per month. Or what has been really effective for us at Think Media as well is doing a versus video.

That's where you compare one product versus another product. Now, kind of a power tip here, is you wanna have a call to action. So if you're gonna be
comparing two products, let them know in the
video which one is better, which one should they buy? And once you tell them that, let them know that there's
links in the description, because a lot of people on YouTube, when they're looking up review videos, they're actually looking
to buy the product. And not everyone knows
that there's typically links in the description. So you wanna let them know either with text on the screen or just straight to the camera. Tip number two is to sign up for more affiliate programs. A lot of people know about the Amazon Associates Program, but there are so many
other programs out there.

And so I want you to
think about your niche. What are things that you use a lot? What are things that you recommend a lot, and see if there are programs from that. So if you're in the fitness niche and maybe you're using a Peloton, you can see if they have
an affiliate program. I don't know if they actually do, but you wanna look at
the products you're using and then go online and see what kind of programs they offer. I did this for my personal channel, it was a product that I
just used all the time and I absolutely love
and I recommend anyways, and once I got on the affiliate program and people started
using my affiliate link, I made over a thousand dollars just in that first month.

And the third tip is actually to use genius links. Now, just doing this, helped us make 19% more income, just from using genius links. Now, there's a lot of stuff
that genius links can do, but one of the cool things that actually help you make more money is it'll a person to
the right Amazon store. So the cool thing is,
you only have one link, and no matter who clicks on it, it's gonna take them to the right website so that we can earn affiliate money. Another amazing feature
is that on their website, it will show you what links you have that are out of stock. So all you have to do is replace the link in the back end, and then all of the genius links in your descriptions are going to update, you don't have to go in and edit all of your YouTube videos.

So it's gonna help you make money but it's also gonna help you save time. Now, if you wanna see
all 21 streams of income that we make here at Think Media, then click on the screen and I'll see you guys in the next video..

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