Ich habe TikTok Affiliate Marketing getestet und ___€ verdient | Selbstexperiment

I've been trying to make money with Tic Tac effiliate marketing for several weeks
to see what happens Marketing is one of the most established online
businesses that has existed for ages and not without reason whether via Youtube
Instagram or websites it is one of the best sources of income for creators worldwide A
few months ago I found the Smart Product page on tiktok and noticed that he
gets millions of views on his videos, so I was amazed at how much money he makes with it
and is it even worth doing it myself, so I can think of the idea
Try it out for yourself and you won't believe what came of it but right from the start when
we take a closer look at the Smart Product page we see that he uploads short videos about gadgets and
other practical products and shows us the product in a very short time and at the end of the
video Does he then know that the link to the product is in his bio if I now click on the link in
his profile I will be forwarded to an electronic page which shows me all the products
that he has already presented to me when I click on one of these links now via
his many links on Amazon, which means that if I buy a product now, he will receive a commission
from Amazon, through which he will then earn money, but what is actually my plan now is
that on tiktok you can still get a lot of views and relatively simple things like going viral to create the
practical and cool products that I find on Amazon to upload them to my tiktok
page and ask me for mine or say that the link to it is in my profile
if the viol now clicks on my link I get between 1 and 20% from Amazon per
product sold and if someone buys something else from Amazon in the next 24 hours,
even if it's not the same product as me, I still get a one percent commission for it,
I first have to create my tiktok page with a matching logo and a short description in
the bio I thought that was done, I'm looking for a product that would fit my target group,
in my case I'm mainly trying to address men and women between the ages of 15 and 30
because that's simply the largest target group on tiktok and the larger the target group
the more people we reach and the more money I can earn with it after
I looked around a bit on Amazon I decided on this alarm clock with mirror functions
because this one function looks cool and at the same time is not really expensive
and therefore money at all To be able to earn I have created an Amazon effield
account which takes about 5 to 10 minutes, it then takes up to 24 hours until
you are activated but it is actually relatively quick so that I can
put a link in my profile at all Before I have a thousand followers, I can maybe turn my
tiktok profile into a knowledge profile so that I can now add a link to my profile
because I also want to create several product videos and that's why my bio can't just
have one link the whole time because older videos are too I still get views
I go to a site like linked that you may already know and create an account there
I just do it so that the users only have to click on a link in my profile and
then be forwarded directly to a product on the left This is what the left looks like Account now in my
case now I've actually done everything so I can upload my first video
now I just have to record a suitable video which I think
turned out really well before I show you the results for the content I would like to briefly show you Please
note that the data that I am about to show you are all from the end of 2021 or beginning of
2022, that's simply because I tested everything at the time and now just
made a video for it, which doesn't really matter anyway has no effect
on the results and we just have a little more data where he can see exactly
whether it's really worth it I hope you can understand that after I uploaded the video
the first views and link clicks came in a very short time on my profile
after a few hours I even had the first sale through my fingertling well in the
first few weeks you can already get 40,000 views and new orders through my many
links now I've gotten ambitious and I 've uploaded more videos on a variety of products
to such a world map here where you can scratch so freely with places where you have already
been which is a cool gift for your partner e.g.

Then I had a video here for
a floating lamp which is also a wireless charging station for your cell phone
and mine at the same time Sterilize your cell phone or object too these videos unexpectedly got a lot of views
found the video with the beautiful lamp  reached 80,000 views within a very short time
and I also had over 500 followers on tiktok but what have I
earned with this little experiment my four videos I got a total of over 4,600
clicks on my presentation links, 49 products were sold through my links
and I even earned €35 ​​and then I thought how is it just so few
because there are really a few clicks and they videos were actually very successful after
a relatively short analysis I noticed one thing above all a big problem was
that the violin came to Amazon via the internal tiktok browser and I think that I
simply didn't register many of them and just went to the website switched or simply
ordered the products via the app because otherwise I can't really imagine how many
clicks there were but only so few people who bought the products of course the lamp was relatively
expensive but with over 80,000 views not a single purchase of the lamp occurred I was then
a bit surprised.

In addition, I actually also received
over one percent of the products sold in the next 24 hours, but I almost didn't receive that at all, so
it was very few, which is why I just think that the biggest problem was that she was simply in the
internal tiktok browser and did not register there, i.e. I would
only have received the shares if she had registered in the tiktok browser and then you can
track Amazon that you came to Amazon through me and then also in the app or
give me my percentages on the website but if they haven't registered there
unfortunately it doesn't help me who is but there is a solution and you can forward the viewer directly
to the Amazon app or to an external website then I could I can already
imagine much higher returns that many more would then also buy the products via my
link so it is worth having this time or in my opinion it is best if you
pull through the knowledge and have a few viral videos which get a few million views or a
few hundred thousand additional brandies will maybe also be found out, which the user
can forward directly to the app, then it is actually worthwhile to
do it over a longer period of time where then some money can jump out of it, I
hope that you will have insight into the small experiment you like it and I would be very
happy if you subscribed to this channel but if you don't dare to record such videos
because you don't want people to see your hands in the video or hear you speak then
just watch this video when I show you how you can earn up to 100 € a day with a tiktok green page
and without showing your face or having to speak that's it
with the video thanks for watching ciao

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