How To Start ANY Online Business With $0 In 2023

– And check this out. Using this free website, you
can see that in the past year I have made over 367,000 New
Zealand dollars, which is over 237,000 US dollars.
(cash register dings) Hey, everyone, and welcome
back, and welcome to a new year. Yay. So I was inspired to make this video today because I wanted the show
how if you wanted to launch a new business, you could
do so 100% for free. Yes, for free. And I think this is
very important right now because this year entrepreneurs
have a big challenge, and that's inflation. Yep. Stuff has gotten really expensive. And so spending money on
stuff like apps, websites, and advertising, well,
that can add up real fast. Which is why I really wanted to share this video with you, to
show you that if you want to change your life and
start a new business, you can do so, even if you
have a low startup budget. Because using these apps and websites, you can start a business
even if you have no money. Yes, so I'm gonna be breaking this video into different types of sites and apps.

So let's start with the
best current free apps and websites to do traffic and marketing. Yep, I wanted to start with this one because if you think about it, it's kind of the lifeblood of
a business, because after all, what's the point in
creating an awesome T-shirt or promoting an affiliate
offer or starting an agency if no one is there to
click on it or buy it? And so I wanted to share
with you the best three apps and websites right now for driving traffic to any type of business
that you want to start. And these three apps are
the Facebook and Instagram mobile video app, Reels, and
the YouTube mobile video app, YouTube Shorts, and of course, TikTok. Yep, it's true. Mobile
video views are exploding. More and more people are using these apps, which means that these video
platforms need a huge amount of videos just to sustain this demand.

And so they will give everybody's videos a chance to succeed, not
just established creators, but new creators as well. Take this YouTube channel which focuses on YouTube Shorts, Quizley. Well, if we check out their social play, you'll see two things. Number one, they started super recently. And number two, they gained
nearly 100,000 subscribers within their first month despite the fact that they're a nobody. So as you can see, with mobile videos, new creators can have success very fast. And this can be a huge opportunity then for new businesses starting on a budget. For example, if you wanna
sell print-on-demand products this year, you can create
viral TikTok videos that showcase your products,
like this one here did that got over 2 million views. And then you could link
to your store in your bio. Or if you're drop-shipping,
you could create a fun showcase viral video like this one here. And then in the comments section, you can create a pinned comment
with a link to your store. Or you could be like this creator here.

She sells digital courses
which show how to use Excel. So she creates educational
Instagram Reels, videos showing how to use
Excel, and then she links to her digital courses in her bio. Or you could be like this creator here. She creates viral
restocking, organization, home Instagram Reels videos. And then in her bio, she links
to her Amazon storefront. That is an affiliate link. If you head on over to Amazon through it and then purchase anything, she will earn an affiliate commission on the sale.

Or maybe you want to be a
freelancer or start an agency. If so, you can be like
this Fiverr seller here. She films herself doing her
Fiverr drawing commissions and then puts them up on TikTok, and then links to her
Fiverr account in her bio. And of course, if you want to scale this, you can upload your
video to all three apps. For example, do you remember
that Slushy Cup video I showed you earlier that
went viral on YouTube Shorts? Well, that video was actually
uploaded to all three apps, and it went viral on all
three apps, which means that they're getting free
traffic from all three apps.

And making mobile videos
yourself for free is super easy using just your phone and
this free app, CapCut. Or if you'd rather edit your
videos on your computer, I highly recommend this
free app, Clipchamp. And as a bonus, I also
share my tips and tricks for generating free traffic
inside my free ebook, "The 6 Steps that 6-Figure
Online Stores Follow to Make Over $10,000 a Month." If you'd like to learn
how I and others use this to earn passive income every day, I'll have a link to my free ebook in the video description below. And actually, here's
something that can help you create videos, and that's
free pictures, videos, musics, and sound effects that you
can use and even resell.

Yep, knowing where to get
free pictures, videos, music, and sound effects can really help you with your new business. For example, one obvious
way is a part of marketing. You can use stock videos to create videos that advertise your new business. But there are less obvious ways too. For example, finding free pictures online that you then turn into products, that you then resell
for a profit, legally. Nice. And so one of my favorite
websites to find these has to be Pixabay. You could think of Pixabay like a big online digital content library.

On here you're going to find
lots of free, stunning photos, and you'll find free
illustrations and vector graphics, and you'll find lots of
free stunning stock videos and B-roll that you're allowed to use. And they even have lots of free music that you're allowed to use, plus a bunch of free sound effects too. And the really cool
thing is that everything on Pixabay is free to use,
even for commercial purposes. Some of the content is
in the public domain, which means that it has no
copyright protections at all, which means you can use
it for any legal purpose, including reselling it as is. Whereas some of their
content has their custom Pixabay license, but this
is still very flexible.

The main restriction that
you need to be aware of with the custom Pixabay license is that you can't just
re-upload the content as is. So for example, if I wanted
to make a mobile video to advertise my new business,
instead of just taking a single Pixabay video
and uploading it as is, I could combine multiple
Pixabay videos together to create a montage. And Pexels is another website that's very similar to Pixabay. On here, you're going to
find lots of of stunning free photos and some
incredible stock videos that you're allowed to use
for commercial purposes. And is the biggest website for finding free public
domain pictures online.

You just type in what you
wanna find a picture of and select what type of
picture that you want, and do a search for it. So for example, let's say
that you wanted to download Van Gogh's paintings because they're now in the public domain. Well, you just come
here and you do a search for Van Gogh and select
a search for fine art, and then you'll be able to
download Van Gogh's pictures in high quality, and then you
could resell the paintings onto products like this
Etsy seller has done here by turning them into a T-shirt design. The Etsy research app Alura estimates that this T-shirt has made over $52,000, which is pretty cool. So now let's discuss the
best websites and apps to sell physical and digital
products online for free. So eBay is a free website that
you can use to start a store.

Every month, every user gets at least 250 free item listings. So it's great for those of you out there that want to start up an online
store with no startup money. Because while eBay does have
selling fees, these get removed from the money after the
customer has already paid it, which means that there is no
upfront cost to sell on here. So on eBay, you can sell
two types of products. The first is of course physical products. For example, this store
here sells physical products and print-on-demand products, and it's had over 122,000 sales. And actually, if you wanna
sell print-on-demand products on eBay, the two biggest
print-on-demand apps, Printify and Printful, both
have their own integrations, making it super simple. But something else that a
lot of people don't realize is that you can sell a second
type of product on eBay.

You can sound digital downloads. For example, this is a
successful eBay store with over 59,000 sales, and they sell downloadable clip art files. But eBay isn't the only website. Etsy is another, and you can
earn a lot of money on Etsy. For example, this is a
store that specializes in selling digital downloadable products. Well, the Etsy research
app Alura estimates that in the past year, this store has made over 350,000 US dollars. And this here is another
example of a store. It specializes in selling
physical print-on-demand products. It was started just over two years ago, and in that short time, Alura
estimates that it's made over $1.7 million.
(cash register dings) Wow. There is just one
problem though with Etsy. Etsy isn't free. No, it's not. It costs
20 cents to list an item. Now, admittedly, that's pretty cheap. But let's be honest, 20
cents, that ain't free, y'all. And this video is all about
getting stuff for free. Am I right? It's not about
getting stuff for 20 cents. Luckily though, Etsy runs a promotion where they will give a new
store 40 free item listings if they register by using a referral link.

So here is my step-by-step trick to finding an Etsy referral link. Step one, come to Etsy and do a search for 40 free item listings. Step two, click on one of
the dummy product listings that somebody has created, and then go to the item description. In there you will find
an Etsy referral link. Click it. And then step three. You'll be taken to that
store's referral page where you can create a new Etsy store with 40 free item listings.

Etsy's referral program will
give you 40 free item listings and it will give the
store that referred you 40 free item listings, so it's a win-win. And by the way, if you'd
like to learn how to set up an Etsy store, I have
a step-by-step tutorial inside my e-commerce training
program, the eComm Clubhouse. If you'd like to see
if it's right for you, I'll have a link to it
in the video description. So then let's now discuss how to sell a different type of product
for free, digital courses. Yes, the digital education market is a huge opportunity
for new business owners. It's currently projected that by 2026, the education market will have quadrupled, which is pretty insane. That's why educational content
creators like Miss Excel, who I showed off earlier,
who makes educational TikTok videos and Instagram Reels videos showing how to use Excel are crushing it. So she makes those videos, and then she links to her
digital courses in her bio. Well, she has shared in
interviews that she makes up to and over $100,000 a day from selling her digital courses.

Wow. So then, if you also wanna get
involved in this opportunity, you can set up a free digital
course over on Thinkific. Their free plan lets you set up one course 100% for free and sell it. And if you wanna set up
a second course for free, you can create another
one over on Teachable. Their free plan also lets you create one digital course for
free and sell it, nice. All right then, now it's time to showcase the best free websites and
apps for affiliate marketing. So I'm gonna share with you
my favorite free website for finding high-converting, high-profit affiliate products such as Canva.

Yes, on this channel,
I have tutorial videos which showcase how to use my
favorite graphics app, Canva. Well, in the video description
for that YouTube Short, I included an affiliate link to Canva. And the way that I got my affiliate link was through my favorite website, Impact. Yes, I absolutely love Impact. It's the biggest website for
finding affiliate programs for established products. You just create a free account, and then you can go through
their big directory, and then choose a product
that you want to promote, and then submit an application to become an affiliate for it. The reason why I love
Impact is because it has so many products and websites
and apps inside of it that are already really popular, such as Crocs or Namecheap or
Walmart, or of course, Canva.

I personally find it much
easier as an affiliate to earn commissions from brands
that are already well-known and popular, because it's
very easy to recommend something to someone if
they already like it. And check this out,
using this free website, you can see that in the past year, I have made over 367,000 New
Zealand dollars, which is over 237,000 US dollars.
(cash register dings) So you can see why I like it a lot. And Amazon Associates is
another great free website for affiliate marketers. For example, take this
TikTok creator here. She creates Amazon Favorites
videos where she showcases her favorite products from Amazon. Well, in her bio, she has
a link to her Linktree page which has different links
to different Amazon products that she showcases in her videos. If you click on one of the affiliate links and then go buy a product from Amazon, she will earn a commission on that sale. Physical products definitely
have smaller commissions than digital products, but
you can make very viral videos on them, which means that
you can get a lot of clicks and purchases, which can add
up fast, which is pretty cool.

So now let's go and take a
look at the best free websites and apps if you wanna start
a freelance agency this year. So Fiverr is easily
the biggest marketplace to list your services
that you want to sell. Every four seconds, somebody is buying a freelance gig on here. They charge a 5.5% service
fee on each gig that you sell, but that money is only
removed from the money after the customer has paid,
so there are no upfront costs or fees to start selling on here. And another really great
idea is to go ahead and list your services
on another free website, Upwork's Project Catalog. It works just like Fiverr.

You just come here and offer the services that you're selling as either
a freelancer or an agency, and then people can come and
purchase them as one-off gigs. And this website, in my opinion, is a huge opportunity this year for new freelancers and agencies. And that's for two reasons. Number one, Upwork is already
a very popular website, so there's lots of
customers on here already.

But their Project Catalog is very new, which means then that
there's a lot of gigs that are not on the
project catalog website that are already on Fiverr. For example, on Fiverr
there's a popular gig style where you create a music track for someone in a form of a particular
genre, such as neo soul. Well, if we come to the Project Catalog and do a search for a
custom neo soul music track, we will find that there is
nobody offering this currently, and the only result that
we get is for somebody offering to do R&B vocals.

And so if you were to swoop
in and be the first person to list a gig for this,
then it would be very easy for you to rank and take advantage of all the traffic
that's already on Upwork because you'd be the only
person offering this gig. All right, so now let's
talk about something that all businesses need to do, and that is how to create
and design graphics for free. So there are lots of reasons
why you will need apps and websites to create graphics regardless of whatever type of business
that you're starting. For example, you might need
these to create a business logo, or you might need them to
create thumbnails for a video, or you might need them to
create graphics for a product that you're selling, such as a T-shirt.

Well, for advanced graphic design, Photopea is a great free
app that I absolutely love. It is very similar actually to Photoshop. I'm not an advanced graphic designer, but I have used some awesome
free YouTube tutorial videos to teach me how to use Photopea. And so even if you aren't an
advanced graphic designer, I highly recommend checking these out and checking out Photopea. But of course, as I've already mentioned, I genuinely love Canva, and it's still my absolute favorite graphic design app.

I love it because it's really simple. It has hundreds of thousands
of fonts, shapes, pictures, graphics, and photos pre-installed,
and it's free account. You just drag and drop
them onto the blank canvas to create any graphic that you like. They have two account
types, a free and pro plan. The free plan for many people is great, but if you do decide to get a pro account, you can still get it for free by getting their free 30-day trial, yay. So then, did my video inspire you? If it did, please
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