How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Following

Hey everyone, welcome
back to another video. In this video, I'm going to
be giving you a full tutorial on how to start affiliate
marketing with no audience. So for those of you who do
not already have a following built up on any social media platforms, this is going to be the video for you. Now, what's going to make
this video super helpful is I'm going to explain
things on camera here, but then also on screen
recording on my computer so you can follow along step by step. So without further ado, let's get straight into this video.

If you are a beginner getting
into affiliate marketing, sit back, relax, this is going to be a very helpful video. Okay, so now that we are in the computer, let's first talk about the first concept of an audience versus
not having an audience. So when most people talk about how to do affiliate marketing, which if you don't know
what affiliate marketing is, the very simplified version of it is you as a creator of creating some kind of content on the internet, you partner with different companies that sell different products
that you know and you use. It's totally free to partner
with those companies. You simply go to their websites and you join their what's
called affiliate program, and they give you a unique referral link.

It's basically a clickable
link that you can go share with anyone and basically
put it into your content that you're posting online. And when anyone comes
and sees your content, they click on your referral link, it takes 'em directly
to the company's website where they can make a purchase
of any of the products you were talking about. And if they do make a purchase, you get paid a commission
for sending that buyer to the company. Now, traditionally, the way that affiliate marketing is done and the way that most people teach it, is by you already having
an audience or a following.

However, for 99% of people out there who are getting into affiliate marketing, they don't already have an
audience or a following built up. So what are you supposed to do? What I'm about to show
you is what I refer to as the search strategy for
affiliate marketing. And before I get into this, let me first just preface this by saying, this is the strategy
for affiliate marketing that I personally do. I have multiple other YouTube
channels that are specific to different niches that I
create affiliate content on. This is something that most people do not know about my business, but this is where I'm
spending a lot of time creating content and posting it online to do affiliate marketing. Now, I'll show you what
all of that looks like, but first I wanna walk you through the whole sequence here just so all this comes
together nicely for you. So for the example of this video, I'm going to pick kind of a random niche, and that's what we're going to use to show how all of this works.

Now, the niche that I'll use
for this video is fishing, and that'll allow us to
show all of the steps. So first things first, to show what this typically looks like. If you went over to Instagram, just a popular social media platform and you typed in fishing, you're going to see all of these posts that have a great opportunity
to do affiliate marketing.

So if you click on any of these posts, you're going to see that these creators have a following already. That's just how they're
ranking on Instagram, and that's why they have an
audience waiting for them. That's how they can easily
do affiliate marketing. So looking at this creator, they have 126,000 followers on Instagram and they also have a YouTube channel. We'll open that up just so we can see how many subscribers they have over here, and that's just about a hundred thousand. So this is typically how affiliate marketing
is going to be done. You have a full audience, you can create any kind
of content that you want, and then you can plug in
the different products that you use throughout that video with a link in the description. Now, if you don't
already have a following, how are you supposed to show up in all of these search results of fishing? Just because there are so
many other big creators that are just going to
overpower your content.

Well, that's where this
search strategy comes in. So let me show you what that looks like. So over on Google, what so
many people don't realize is that there's something
like 100,000 searches going through Google every single second. So just in the few seconds
it took me to explain that, there's been almost a
million searches on Google To put that into context, that is so much more organic traffic than is flowing on
Instagram or on Facebook.

Now, the reason that this is so helpful for affiliate marketing is that
you do not need a following to create content that ranks on Google. Now, a very important side note that we will get into in a second here is that Google and YouTube are both owned by the same company. And again, what a lot
of people don't realize is that what you post on YouTube will also show up on Google. So you're kind of getting
double the traffic just by posting in one place. So to show how all of this
starts to come together for this fishing example, there are people coming in
here every day searching for fishing products. So just a baseline search here, best fishing poll for beginners. We'll give that a search
and just see what comes up. Now up top here, you're going to have your
sponsored kind of products. This is what we are going to disregard. However, what shows up
in these results here is what we wanna pay attention to.

So this very first result
here is an article. So if we click this, it's by a website called Outdoor Life. This is going to be an article explaining what the top fishing
pole recommendations are for beginners based on
this website's opinion. And I can nearly guarantee
you that all of these are going to be affiliate links going to these specific products that they are talking about. Now, this article will
continue through here and it will explain each one of these different fishing poles, why it's good for beginners who it's a best fit for, where you can buy it.

However, this is the first
example of how to show up in these search results without
having a built up audience on social media platforms. Now I have been in affiliate marketing for several years now, so I can actually give you some
kind of insider information on this from my own data. I have several of these affiliate
marketing niche websites, not in fishing, but I
have them in other niches. And overall I can say that the competition has kind of skyrocketed over the last year as artificial intelligence tools have kind of come to the forefront and allow you to write
these massive articles for affiliate marketing
in just a couple seconds by telling an AI tool to write it for you. So to show you what that looks like, one of the free AI
tools is called ChatGPT. And basically anyone can
use this totally for free. Just say, "Write me a blog post about the best fishing
poll for beginners." You hit enter and literally
you just wait and watch this, write the entire blog post for you, and then all you have to do is sub in affiliate links or different products.

You can even tell this to mention three different fishing poles and have links to those poles. This tool just makes it way too easy to create these blog style articles. So the competition on this specific way of doing the search strategy
has just grown exponentially and my personal websites
have taken a decline. They are getting overwhelmed
with people coming in and just creating these
AI written articles and basically flooding Google with them. So that brings us into the other way that you can use these search strategy.

This is the strategy that I
am personally doing myself. I have been doing this one
for just about five years now, kind of tinkering with
it in the beginning, getting more into it, and in the last three years I've made about a million dollars in profit total. So with that being said, the strategy that I'm about to show you is hands down the right
place at the right time. When you talk to people
who have made a lot of money in a short amount of time, they will tell you that they were at the right place at the right time. So with that being said, I'm excited to show you
what this strategy is. So as I was mentioning before, both Google and YouTube are
owned by the same company. So whatever is posted on YouTube will also show up on Google. So for those people who came in here and they were searching for
something related to fishing, you're going to have the
articles that show up here.

But then as you keep
scrolling, you're going to have videos show up. These are videos that are
pulled directly from YouTube. So for all the people
that are coming to Google and they would rather
watch a video instead of reading an article which
is becoming more and more, you click in on any of these videos and it automatically redirects
you directly to YouTube. Now, all this video is is a video version of what that article would've said. It's just taking the extra
step to record it on video. And then when you scroll down here, you're going to find all
of the affiliate links for the products that are
mentioned in that video.

This is such a simple business model, and all you're basically doing is instead of writing text articles, you're creating a video
and posting it on YouTube and you're putting your affiliate links to whatever products you talked about down in the description of the video. Now, a couple really
important things to note here is that this YouTuber
specifically does have a large audience, almost
600,000 subscribers. However, if you are getting
into affiliate marketing, when you are creating these videos for whatever niche you are going into, you do not need to have
any existing following.

Since you are using the search strategy, showing up in search results on Google and showing up in search
results on YouTube, your traffic is simply
going to come from people searching for those topics that
your videos are created on. They're not coming from your
actual built up audience, like the traditional way of
doing affiliate marketing. That is the key thing to understand here is that your traffic flow is organically going to come from people
regularly coming in every day and searching for things
on Google and on YouTube. Now, speaking of that, that's actually the really
cool part to this as well. So I just showed you how people are going to organically find
this video from Google, but the same thing happens on YouTube.

So if you search that same best
fishing poll for beginners, you're going to find the videos in these search results on YouTube. And again, your videos will show up here even if you don't have a following. And what I love about YouTube is that your videos stay
in the search results for years to come. It's not like Instagram or
Facebook where you post something and then after a couple
hours or a couple days, it's pretty much irrelevant because it's all the way down in the feed. People aren't finding it organically. This is totally different. So this number one search
result for best fishing pole for beginners was four years
ago is when that was posted.

The next video was posted one year ago, two years ago. YouTube and Google don't
mind how old the content is as long as it is good content. So this is where this entire
strategy comes full circle, and what I'm about to explain hopefully makes this
whole thing click for you. And then you're going to see in your mind why this is the right
place at the right time. So what I just showed you on ChatGPT on how people are using
artificial intelligence to just create text-based articles and flooding that onto Google
is really hurting Google. Google has made this known publicly and you can see it with all
the updates they're rolling out on their search results that
they are trying to get rid of all of the artificial
intelligence created content.

They do not want this
fluff kind of content that anyone can come in and create and just copy paste onto their website. They don't want that on their platform because it's not considered high value or value added content. However, when you come
over and look at a video like the one we were just watching, that is high value, value added content. A real person is creating a real video, sharing their real
experience with something. This is the type of user
generated content that Google and YouTube is looking for. They want that on their platform instead of the artificial
intelligence generated content. Now, this goes for
faceless videos as well. So you don't actually have to
be on camera like this guy is. You can have your camera facing forward and showing different products how you use different products and just have your voice explaining what's going on in that video.

That is still considered
user generated content, and that is what both Google and YouTube are craving right now. Again, I am putting my
money where my mouth is. This is where I'm
spending my personal time and effort growing these
other niche affiliate YouTube channels. With all that being said, I hope this video gives
you a really good idea that you can start putting
time and effort into as well. And as always, if you have any questions, just let me know down in the comments.

Otherwise, I will see you
guys all in the next video..

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