How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money In 2022 [For Beginners]

what is affiliate marketing and how does
it work affiliate marketing for beginners by the end of this video
you're gonna know how to start an affiliate marketing what to avoid and
how to succeed there are steps that you need to take in order for you to succeed
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before we get going into the steps about affiliate marketing it's very important
to understand what is affiliate marketing now what i like you to think
about right now is just real estate agents real estate agents they don't own
their properties what they do is they market the property they show the
property features benefits and then they sell the property when they sell the
property they get paid a commission and that's it affiliate marketing is the
same thing but it happens online so people look at your product that you are
promoting just like the real estate it doesn't matter if it's a physical or
non-physical they click on it if they buy it you get paid so let's go-ahead
and talk about why is it a good idea why people attracted to it because it's a
low startup cost you don't need to create a product you don't have to
provide customer support you don't need a merchant account you can work from
home or anywhere in the world you can create a residual income and here number
seven is the most important thing eighty-six percent of all millionaires
have at least three multiple sources of income before they
made their first million and also you can automate the process a hundred
percent step number one mentor imagine yourself you drive in your car at night
without a headlight and you don't know what you're going to hit your mentor is
your headlights so it's very important to have a mentor step number two you
gotta pick the right athlete network let's go ahead and talk about amazon
associates let's go ahead and take a look at it here's what they say and they
say you can earn up to 10 up to 10 that doesn't mean you're going
to make 10 and here it is earn eight percent on
furniture for example earn five percent why in the world you wanna sit there
send your wheels trying to sell somebody and most of the stuff what is it a boot
a camera how much you gonna be you're going to be making pennies you don't
want to be making penny if you want to make pennies a penny will always be a
penny that's something i will never do but if you like to do it it's up to you
i do not recommend it at all the other one which is a jvzoo if you've never
heard about jvzoo we'll go ahead and talk about it right now most of jvzoo is
basically specialized in software some of the software are really good some of
the software are not really good what happens is that you will go in that you
join for free and then there are a lot of vendors inside and then you can
choose the vendor that you want to sell their product they have to approve you
some of them it's easy to get approved some of is a little bit hard but
nonetheless, in jvzoo there is an approval process but it's not that hard number
three is ShareASale they sell a lot of things i'm not gonna say that they
specialize in one thing or another there are few that actually sell tangible
products you can sell clothes instead of you having to open shopify store but i
don't recommend it for beginners now network marketing companies network
marketing is not affiliate marketing 40 percent of all the joint ventures that i
have done happen with people that they used to do network marketing but then
they lost their shirt because the ftc federal trade commission caught up with
them and then they closed these companies down let's talk about
commission junction commission junction i would say is one of the best we are
part of all of them except amazon but again they do have a lot of companies
products that you can sell but you have to get approved by the way i forgot to
tell you about especially for new affiliates is that you have to have
a website they don't tell you that up front now the last one that we're gonna
talk about is a clickbank a clickbank is a truly a public network it is a very
good website there's a lot of things that you can actually sell from this now
on clickbank you can sell your own product and you can also be an affiliate
if you're a beginner obviously you don't want to sit there and create a product
you want to start selling someone else's product and making a commission when you
get in you can pick anything and you can sell it and this is the only one that i
actually recommend if you are new they don't really have approval process and
then let's say you want to sell this product right here some of them what
they do is they call it whitelist but this is something very simple clickbank
is the only one that i would recommend step number three set up your business
right or failed so i'm gonna go ahead and tell you the pillars that you have
to have in order for you to succeed what's good about them is they're all
free to get started so there is no excuse not to have them but it's up to
you whether you want to use them or not i'm going to show you the one that i use
and my team use the number one is that you have to have a funnel system funnel
takes a visitor step by step through the entire sales process now the one that we
use is click funnels now you can use whatever you want to while we use it is
very simple they are the pioneer of the funnel selling system let me go ahead
and give you some tips in case you want to join them so when you go in here what
happens is this is a default and you want to make sure to pay attention this
is also you get 14 days free i believe but when you get here you get this make
sure you're not on that because that's the default you want to click on that
because this is 297 dollars you don't have to get this unless you feel like
you really need to and then it's a very simple process okay the second one that
we want to talk about is you must have a website and if you advertise on facebook
or google for example more than likely they're going to go ahead and shut down
your account so you must have a website clearly we use Bluehost used to use
other websites before it's a headache you have the basic plus choice plus and
then pro you can start with this and you can just select it you click on it you
don't have to worry about creating a domain or anything you just click on
this right here saying that you will do it later and what happened is that you
will go in here and then they'll ask you some questions and here for example
you can decide of how many months and here's the things that you do not need
you don't need this one you click it off and then you click this one off just
remember to click the stuff that you don't need let's go ahead and go to the
other pillar autoresponder and this is where the a lot of confusion happen i
would say about between 85 to 95 percent and they're not friendly toward athlete
marketers they will close your account right away now we use convertkit because
you can use it for multiple websites some autoresponders they charge you per
website when you have more than one website for example or one domain they
will charge you double a convertkit is affiliate friendly and they are easy to
use the best thing to do they're straightforward and what i would
encourage you is to watch the demo now the tracking system a lot of people
overlook that if you not can't track it you can't scale it and if you can't
scale it you can't grow you need to track what's working for you and what's
not working for you the one that we use is click magic it's easy to use they do
have an extensive video training i'm gonna be making more videos about how to
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