How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Instagram In 2023 ( ZERO FOLLOWERS REQUIRED )

Best way to start affiliate marketing with instagram you gonna learn 3 ways With which you can start affiliate marketing in organic or paid way. Generate fast sale if you will execute it rightly I am going to teach in very simple way both paid and organic strategy so let's begin many people confused while starting affiliate marketing with instagram so today I will clear all your doubt all the Top method I teach you today and then choose according to your comfort so then learn ,execute it and take action so let's go to first method affiliate marketing with instagram best 3 strategy for fast growth And strategy one is paid method and watch till the end because at the end I will teach you the organic method if you want to start from the beginning m then organic method is also important so I will teach at the end my best strategy to start this business if I start today so watch till the end so strategy 1 paid method so what we have to follow in paid strategy very important if you want to generate fast sale if you have budget to invest it your goal must be like if you invest Rs 1 then earn Rs 2 from it at least you should earn Rs 1 in profit it require money because it's a paid method find influencer in this method go to your instagram I am not going to talk about how to choose product ? because I already make lots of video about it so check playlist how to select niche or product so better go and check playlist but if you are complete beginner then must watch this full affiliate marketing course I will recommend 2 videos in this stage both link are in description …

Sorry paid method so what can you follow in this method ? in this method contact influencer and page owner lots of big page outhere first you have to select niche and product suppose my product is related to health & fitness related or keto diet related this type product come under health niche so we take any product now how to find good influencer lots of influencer out there like in health & fitness niche if you want to do in wealth so it's also available let's say we can search any influencer or page owner for shoutout like my target audience is from america , canada just search it randomly american fitness american fitness search results let see what happen you can see lots of influencer shown but I open one of them see it's a small page 9 followers means it may be your target audience you can find lots of other influencer as well so keep searching you only have to do business with them you can give money for shoutout or share your landing page with them obviously you have to create your landing page and connect domain as well because its a legit method then they can share with there audience as an post and you can pay for their service or you may deal with them how to deal with them ? let's say you earn 50% commission in per product it's a example deal is like this if anyone buy through you then I will pay you 10 to 50 % profit whenever sale came so it's a great way to deal with them you also grow your audience for both party its a win win kind of situation so you may deal with them like this or pay for shoutout directly

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