How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2023

Do you want to learn more about affiliate 
marketing and start to make money with   it? Well, then you are in for a treat 
because in this video, I will show you:   What affiliate marketing is. How much money you 
can make with affiliate marketing. How you can   become successful with affiliate marketing and 
how you can get started today. Full disclosure:   Affiliate Marketing is hard work. I will give you 
all the information you need in this video but   it's up to you to take action if you don't take 
any action nothing will happen and if you think   I watch a video try a few things don't expect to 
make money with it it's all about putting in the   hard work the other side of the coin if you put 
in a lot of effort you do the things I say you   can become really successful with it and start to 
make a lot of money with affiliate marketing the   key is perseverance and another thing I will not 
show you a course in this video everything I share   about affiliate marketing is completely for free 
I will give you the best I have when it comes to   showing you what affiliate marketing is and then 
it's up to you to put everything into practice so   you can become successful with it well who am 
I to teach you about affiliate marketing I had   my first sale with affiliate marketing in 2007 
after that I made a lot of mistakes and I also   learned how to do affiliate marketing the right 
way and in those years I've sold for already more   than 5 million dollars in affiliate sales for 
other companies and out of those five million   dollars I got my commissions which are also 
really nice amounts of money so I think I've   earned my stripes and throughout this video I will 
show you some numbers not to brag but to inspire   you and show you what is possible with affiliate 
marketing so this was the introduction if you like   it please like the video and now let's answer 
the first question what is affiliate marketing   affiliate marketing is promoting someone else's 
product or service in exchange for a commission   let me say that again affiliate marketing is 
promoting someone else's product or service   in exchange for a commission so with affiliate 
marketing you don't promote your own products   you promote other products and when people buy 
those products to your unique affiliate link   you make money let me give you an example I can 
become an affiliate at so I click on   sign up I create an account fill in my details and 
now I can promote any product on Amazon and when   people buy that through my unique affiliate link 
I make money so I personally like the Canon R5   it's over here when I click on it I can get a 
unique affiliate link from Amazon this one and   when people click over here and they buy this 
product I get a commission so over here you see   that is my unique affiliate link so in that way 
Amazon knows when people buy this it is through   me now I can place my unique affiliate Link in 
blog posts below a YouTube video or I can place   it on Facebook and when people click on that link 
and buy the product Amazon gives me a commission   and in this way Amazon creates a whole Army 
of affiliate marketers that are promoting all   those products for free for them the only thing 
that happens when people buy this brush to their   unique affiliate links Amazon gives a cut of the 
revenue to the Affiliates and in that way when   affiliate marketers sell products Amazon is happy 
because they make profit the affiliate marketer is   happy because they get our commission and the 
buyer is happy because they bought a product   it's a win-win-win situation everybody wins and 
that's what I love about affiliate marketing so   every day millions of people want to buy things 
on the internet and it's up to you to become   their affiliate so people buy those products to 
your unique affiliate link so you can get a cut   of all the profit that's made on the internet and 
how can you do that that's what I'll show you in   this video so affiliate marketing is an amazing 
business model it's not risky to start with you   don't have to buy a lot of things no it's so easy 
to get started you can even start today and start   to make money today and I'll show you in this 
video how so why should you choose affiliate   marketing I think there are eight reasons maybe 
there are more but let me give you eight and the   first one is you don't have to create your own 
product you promote other people's products you   don't have to create something yourself did you 
see something you like you can start promoting it   two you don't have to work with stock you don't 
have to buy a lot of products put them in your   house and hope that you'll sell them no there's no 
stock there's no risk three it does not involve a   lot of risk you can even buy your own domain name 
and web hosting and if you don't like it you can   get your money back within 30 days it doesn't have 
to cost you anything to get started four it runs   on autopilot even when you're asleep even when 
you're sick or on vacation your affiliate business   model still makes money for you I still get sales 
from content I created in 2017.

Five exponential   growth when you keep on persevering with affiliate 
marketing it's not that you start to make a little   bit more money no as soon as people can find you 
on the internet I can it can grow exponentially   you just need to keep persevering six you can do 
this anonymously that means that nobody needs to   know who you are you don't even have to use 
your own name on the Internet you can do this   and nobody will know that it is you Stefan you can 
do this from anywhere in the world you just need   a laptop and an internet connection I'd highly 
recommend you don't do this on your phone use   a laptop or a computer and you need to have an 
internet connection and I have my phone and I can   also always connect it to my computer so anywhere 
in the world I have my internet connection and   I can be an active affiliate marketer eight one 
of my favorite ones you are not a help desk with   affiliate marketing you can sell for millions of 
dollars in products but you are not a help desk   the product owner the things you promote they have 
their own help desks so I can sell for millions of   dollars in affiliate marketing products and I have 
no obligation whatsoever to the buyer of course I   I stand by the products I promote but when there's 
an issue they can reach out to the customer   support of that product that I promote I am not 
the help desk the owners of the products have   their own help desk and that's what I love I 
have no obligation to anyone and that's what   I love about affiliate marketing when people ask 
me questions of course I do my best to answer them   but I can also say Hey you bought that product 
through me go to their help desk and they can help   you with your problem so I hope that makes you 
excited for me personally affiliate marketing is   the best online business model there is so now let 
me show you how I got started and how much money   you can make with affiliate marketing but before 
we do it let's add some emotions in this video   okay in 2007 I made my first seal with affiliate 
marketing and I was hooked I loved it the feeling   of the first sale was amazing so I started playing 
around with ads and I got burned twice I spent a   lot of money did not make any seals and I was like 
okay affiliate marketing is dangerous I'm losing   a lot of money I don't want to do this anymore 
meanwhile I kept thinking affiliate marketing   is such a great way of making money how how can 
I make this work well in 2015 I was engaged to my   wife I was not making a lot of money and meanwhile 
I needed to save money for the wedding I was so   frustrated that I was like okay I'm gonna give 
affiliate marketing another chance but this time   I will persevere I even made a blog post I still 
have it on this day the title is no way back and I   say over here that is why the title of this block 
is called no way back this is my passion working   with WordPress and sharing knowledge through 
tutorials videos and blogs I want to share my   knowledge with the whole world and I will work 
on it weekly until it becomes a success I was so   frustrated with my my current life situation and 
getting married and not being able to save enough   money for the wedding that I decided I will work 
on this and sometimes your frustration can be your   biggest motivation and then sometimes the best 
thing that can happen when you're so frustrated   with your life situation maybe your financial 
situation you can use it as motivation and say   okay no way back this time I'm gonna persevere 
I'm gonna keep on trying watching videos on how   to how to make this work that's one thing I'm not 
gonna do and that's great and that's what I did   I did not quit so I did two things I started 
creating articles about premium North breast   themes and I said on my website these are the best 
themes you can use why and I gave them reasons I   started creating blog post with information about 
all those themes what are the pros what are the   cons and the second thing I did I created a 
video tutorial on how to make a website with   one of those things and it was not like I made a 
video I made two articles now I'm gonna sit back   and relax and see what happens now I continued 
I made another video and I started writing more   blog posts and I created a whole website with a 
lot of Premium themes and when people clicked on   those things they would use my affiliate links 
when people would buy those themes I would make   money now let me show you the results I started 
on June the 3rd 2015 and I started promoting a   lot of themes that are at theme Force if I go to 
Wordpress popular items I started promoting Avada   newspaper and fault bridge I placed those 
on my website I I placed information with   it like hey this uh what you can do with 
this theme let's take a look at the results so over here 2015 I started so let's go to 2015.   in June I created my first articles in my first 
video and I had one sale that was 22 dollars then   in July one sale 22 dollars look at this in August 
I started creating more articles more videos   13 sales 200 dollars the month after 
that 340 the month after that 440 dollars   460 dollars five hundred ninety dollars and 
a total of more than two thousand dollars in   my first six months as an affiliate for theme 
forest I hope by creating articles and a video   about the premium themes they offer on their 
website later I'm gonna share with you the key   of what has made a big success but right now I 
want to say I was really happy with this on my   honeymoon in December 2015 I was in South Africa 
I got a thousand dollars on my PayPal account   we could definitely use that money I was so amazed 
I was like within six months this this stuff is   working I finally figured out how it works and 
then I kept on going and going and now eight   years later I'm making a good living out of it how 
I I'm I'm here to tell you I'm gonna tell you but   first let me show you another product I promoted 
in the latest years let me zoom in a little bit   this month it's the 11th of January I made eleven 
hundred eighty nine dollars this month so far so   every day 100 how by creating a video per year 
about the Divi theme and a few articles per year   about the Divi thing like hey this is an amazing 
thing what you can do it see it as a theme review   and over the years that made me around 164 000 
dollars how by helping other people okay one more   example this one is crazy I made one video and one 
blog post one article about the product I used in   2018.

Look at this my first payment was in 2019 
so uh two and a half years ago look at this every   month for that one video and one article every 
month I made this amount of money a thousand   dollars seven hundred dollars four hundred dollars 
two thousand dollars a thousand sixteen hundred   this is crazy look at this it's now a few 
years later so it's it's dropping it's it's   becoming less but still 648 Euros two and a half 
years after I created one video on one article   so the point I want to make if you want to 
become successful with affiliate marketing   is really important that you start creating 
content and help other people a total of   20 000 Euros for one video and one article that 
is crazy and that's what's possible with affiliate   marketing when you persevere the bigger your 
website becomes the bigger your YouTube account   becomes the easier your videos and articles will 
be found and the more money you make and that's   what I mean with the exponential growth so in the 
beginning you work a lot and maybe don't make as   much money as you would with your job but when you 
persevere it starts to grow and grow and grow like   crazy how much does it grow depending on how much 
effort you put in let me give you an example I   created a video over here how to create a Facebook 
page and get your first likes and I placed it on   a brand new YouTube channel it got a total of 191 
views in six years and I uploaded it July the 17th   2016.

Three months later look at this October 
21 2016 I uploaded the same video on my channel   that was already bigger I had 5 000 subscribers 
at that moment and this video got almost 577   000 views same video uploaded three months 
later but a lot more visitors why because I   already have something going on over here and 
that's the power of continuing to do what you   do create more blog posts create more videos 
and the more you create the better you'll be   found the faster you will grow in views and in 
sales so before we're gonna talk about how to do   affiliate marketing the right way in a way that 
you will become successful with it let's answer   the question should you promote physical products 
or digital products I've shown you the example of   the Canon R6 and if you take a look at the Amazon 
affiliate rates for physical products like cameras   you get a five percent commission over here camera 
cell phones Electronics five percent commission at   Amazon so the camera is 36.99 if people buy this 
to your Nikki affiliate link you make 185 dollars   that's a really nice amount of money but people 
have to spend 3 700 in order for you to get your   commission that's a lot of money now let's take 
a look at the digital products if you promote a   webinar Jam that is software that helps you to do 
a live webinar sell your product and make a lot of   money it says that you get 40 lifetime commissions 
what does it mean let's go to the pricing page   of webinar Jam if I would buy the professional 
package that is 229 dollars per month times 12.   I have to pay 2748 dollars if people buy this 
through my unique affiliate link I get 40 in   commissions that is eleven hundred dollars why is 
the commission rate so high because we're talking   about digital products those products can be 
duplicated unlimited times on autopilot so they   can sell this a million times and the only thing 
they need is space on the web server the server is   already created and that's the difference between 
physical and digital and when you sell a physical   camera that camera needs to be manufactured 
you need to get parts from all over the world   that needs to be combined a lot of effort goes 
into it and then people want to make a profit   so you cannot give too much commissions to the 
affiliate because there's less space for Revenue   but with digital products it's just a matter of 
duplicating it on the internet which costs no   money the same goes with courses with software and 
other stuff that's only been used on the internet   that is why those commissions are 
higher and the crazy thing is they   are talking about lifetime commissions 
recurring commissions if you scroll down   recurring commission so as long as the people 
that buy this through my unique affiliate link   make use of this software every year they pay 
the amount of money they have to pay and every   year I get my 40 so I personally prefer digital 
products but if you have a passion for cameras   and lighting and all that stuff by all means 
go completely well with making content about   physical stuff the more you sell the more you make 
okay party people are you ready to learn how you   can become successful with affiliate marketing 
I'm gonna give it straight to you and afterwards   promise me that you'll not close this video 
because maybe you're disappointed let me give   it to you straight ask yourself two questions the 
first question what do people want to buy or learn   second question how can I solve their problems 
what let me explain to you people want to buy   an electric car so they're going to search on 
the internet what is the best electric car to   buy 2023 I consider that as a problem they have 
a problem they don't know which car they want   to buy you can help them how you can write a 
blog post the five best electric cars to buy in   2023.

You list five cars at beautiful images 
talk about the pros and the cons and then a   lot of cars have affiliate programs you put your 
affiliate links in the blog post and you help to   solve that problem because thanks to your blog 
post people know which card is right for them   they buy it through your ethnic affiliate link 
you get a commission people want to lose weight   they start juicing what is the best juicer in 
2023 you can write a blog post about it you can   make a comparison video you can grab every single 
car and every single juicer and create a separate   blog post about it about the pros and the cons and 
your experience and images and videos and when you   help people when you solve their problems and they 
are convinced how to buy this juicer or this car   you can click on your link you get a commission 
you can do it with blog posts you can do it with   videos you can do it with reels you can do it with 
content if you want to start out you're a little   bit afraid you're super overwhelmed with what 
I'm telling you right now start with blog posts   I have an in-depth tutorial I will show you over 
there on how to create a blog post and make it   rank really well I did it myself and I'm making 
thousands of dollars with that blog post with   a single blog post after that I made a video 
about the same blog post information so I have   a video and I have a blog post and I'm making 
a lot of money with it every month that's the   key in order to become successful find out what 
people want to learn I want to buy make sure you   are the solution to that problem by creating 
a blog post about a question they have Which   choice you have to make or create video content 
about it on YouTube or Instagram or both so that   when people see your content they know what to 
do you solve the problem you help them and then   they want to buy the thing through your unique 
affiliate link and you make money that's what I   do it's working like crazy and the great thing 
is I'm not a great salesman I just help people   I say hey do you want to have these results and 
you need to do this this and buy this and people   buy it because I show them what the solution is 
right now I'm talking about comparison videos   top five but you can also create individual videos 
about every tool you can create a convertkit   review you can create a convertkit tutorial blog 
post you can create a converted tutorial video   help to solve people's problems and when your 
content is good you will rank better people watch   longer reach your blog post longer you will rank 
even better and more people will buy it remember   the exponential growth when I started to upload 
my first video my first articles I made no sales   in the second month no sales and the third month 
my first sale in the fourth month 13 sales that's   10x in one month why because I kept on doing what 
I am doing maybe at this moment you're overwhelmed   like 30 it's too hard man I cannot do this well 
that's also what I thought I I wanted to start   doing this in 2012 and one person told me I don't 
think you should do this this you cannot do this   and I said okay you're right I don't lose but 
I started doing it in 2015 and now I consider   myself to be really successful with it why because 
I just kept going it's Joy's time do you want to   become successful with it well then go this route 
it's a hard route but if you persevere if you keep   on doing what you're doing creating content it 
can be blog posts it can be videos it can be both   in the long run you can become so successful 
with it makes so much money with it and help   so many people at the same time even when you're 
while you're asleep and you're not a help desk   I think this is the best online model 
to start in 2023 affiliate marketing   it's going to be hard but it's also going to be 
so much fun when you have your first sale that's   one of the best moments of the year every time 
I create a new video or a new blog post I have   my first sale I'm excited like yes it's working 
oh man and it's getting faster and faster because   in my first video on articles it took three 
months before I had my first sale now at the   same day when I publish my blog post or my video 
I have my first sale and every time it's amazing   so I hope that's really informative for you now 
let me show you some real life examples so what   do people want to learn people want to learn how 
to start a YouTube channel I see a lot of people   that want to learn it so what I can do I can go 
to YouTube I can say start a YouTube channel 2023.   I see three weeks ago 205 thousand 
views so people are interested in this   400 fuels per hour for this video so right now 
people are watching this video so right now there   are people on the internet that want to start 
creating the first YouTube video so now I can   think what can I solve what problems can I solve 
for people that want to start a YouTube channel   and I'll start thinking out loud I can talk about 
the right gear which camera should you use so I   can talk about five cameras get my affiliate 
links from Amazon link it to them and then I   compare those five cameras I can talk about screen 
recording because some people want to do lectures   on the internet and then you can record your 
screen there's a free version and there are two   pro versions one for the PC and one for the mac 
and both pro versions have affiliate programs so   I can walk people through the free version which 
is very limited and then I can say hey there's the   pro version and you can do this and this and this 
with it if you buy it you can click on the link   below and when people buy it I get a commission 
so I have two videos and two articles already   the third one how to optimize your videos for 
the search results well there's a tool called   tube putty and it's an amazing tool one of the 
one of the features is has it has split testing   so you can choose two different thumbnails and 
every day another thumbnail will be shown on   YouTube and then tubebuddy will show you which 
is performing better which is amazing because   in that way you can optimize all your videos try a 
different color try different text try a different   title see what's working working better that is 
super valuable so what I can do I can create a   tutorial about tubebuddy and I can create a blog 
post about your body so let's go to   to pricing I scroll down and if I go 
for the legend one people pay 24 per   month which is 288 dollars per year look 
at this if I search for tube body affiliate earn up to 30 recurring so as long as those 
people stay active and keep their subscription   at tubebuddy you get 30 percent so 288 times 0.33 
you can make 95 dollars per year per person that   you're referring to them so if I go over here to 
tubebuddy tutorial 47 000 views so let's do some   math over here maybe out of every 200 people one 
person buys it so what I can do is our commission   47 000 divided by 200 people that means that out 
of those fewers 235 would have bought it let's   say they bought the legend plan that's times 
95 equals twenty two thousand dollars and this   is recurring every year this comebacks as long 
as those people keep their subscription so if I   take a look at the video I see that every hour 
four people watch this so let's say 100 people   per day watch this that means that every other 
day he makes a new seal so that's 15 times 95 is a really nice amount of money for promoting 
one product in one video that's only if one in   the 200 people buy this if it's one in 100 it 
totally changes everything and if it's one in   the 500 then it also decreases the amount of 
money he makes with it but the great thing   is only one video we uploaded the video is 56 
minutes I think you did a great job if it's so   long and talking about all the things you can 
do so it's helping other people with solving   problems and now he's making money with it there 
are also blog posts so tube buddy review Google is   the most popular search engine in the world 
and the second one is YouTube so if you get   those combined it becomes really powerful 
if I scroll down tubebuddy reviews 2023 you can tell this guy did an amazing job or a 
woman the pros the cons the video you see a lot   of people are embedding videos in their blog post 
so it's a great combination what other people are   saying about it so people will experience 
oh not that good so that's what you can do shout me loud tube body review it's a six minute reads you can share it five 
stars ease of use and then he's just writing   about it I will show you exactly how to create 
a blog post like this is helping people images   showing how to do things text multitude is images he can be 
found in in the search results and   now when people click over here [Music] 
he has his own personal landing page and when people buy this this guy makes   money talking about losing weight people 
want to lose weight best ways to lose weight click over here three simple steps so they 
help people by the way you can also Place uh   advertisements over here and here it's also a 
great way to make money so not only affiliate   marketing but if you have a website or you have a 
YouTube channel you can place ads and for me ads   or it changed the latest latest time but it 
was like um sometimes it was a third of what   I was making in a month so uh 66 was affiliate 
marketing and 34 was revenue from AdSense so   also Google ads if you do not even sell anything 
you only create content about free stuff but you   have ads you still can make a lot of money a 
lot of ads over here man a little bit spammy   semrush uh it's advertisement but also 
a samurai size and affiliate program   so you can have a complete website about how 
to live a healthier lifestyle but I suggest you   you grab something that you're compassionate 
about and that you like don't promote things   that you do not fully stand by that you do not 
fully support I promoted click funnels and they   have an amazing uh affiliate program and I was 
making a lot of money with them but it does not   did not feel Phil did not feel right because a 
hundred dollars per month for a tool it can also   be used uh with tools that they that goes like um 
five dollars per month that did not fail good feel   good towards my audience so I do not promote them 
anymore because I want to come across as an honest   person and that can harm my my reputation on the 
internet so I only choose things that I love right   now I'm filming with a Canon R6 I also love the 
Canon R5 I would love to make a review about it   make a video about it what you can do compare them 
and show image quality go into the field and and   do a lot of things with it so people can see what 
it is and they can buy it and I get my commission   but only because I love the camera if I would not 
like camera I wouldn't do it sometimes I try a new   WordPress theme I don't like it then I'm not gonna 
create a store about it I only want to promote   things that I fully support so I suggest you do 
the same thing and of course the market seems   to be saturated because there are already a lot of 
tutorials about how to start a YouTube channel how   to work with tubebuddy how to lose weight but keep 
in mind or be the first one in the market or I'm   not or become the best one so what I can do if I 
want to start a YouTube channel about how to start   a YouTube channel or I want to create a blog post 
a website about how to start a YouTube channel   how to start a YouTube channel 
I can watch those videos   and see if I can do things better I consider to 
start an affiliate marketing channel because this   YouTube channel is actually about WordPress but 
since I'm gonna show you how to create a website   with affiliate marketing it still falls on the 
WordPress but sometimes I wonder should I start   an affiliate marketing channel because 
I know a lot about affiliate marketing   and then I search for affiliate 
marketing 2023 and I see people [Music]   and I watch the videos and it's a lot of bloody 
bloody blah not telling a lot of stuff just   I think I can do a better job so you don't have to 
be the first one maybe you think okay everybody's   doing affiliate marketing already or become better 
at it make sure your videos are better than other   videos make sure your blog posts are more in depth 
than others so that's what I suggest you do create   content in the form of blog posts about it that's 
the the the easiest way the video is a little bit   harder but it's worth it because then you have 
search engine number one and search engine number   two Google and YouTube that you can be found on 
and that will increase your Revenue but if you   want to start out start out with blogging and when 
you make your first money you can maybe invested   money in video gear and then you can start YouTube 
that's what I see a lot of people doing so that's   how you can become successful with affiliate 
marketing take a look at what people want to   learn or buy and then solve all the problems they 
can have let me give you another example there's   a tool called blender which is really popular 
right now so if I search for um blender tutorial   look at this blender Guru 2.5 million subscribers 
beginner tutorial 600 views per hour and again   you can place advertisements on this so you can 
make money with that and I think he makes a lot   of money with that but what you call also can 
do blender is a free tool so you're like okay   how can you use affiliate links no you cannot but 
what you can do there are extensions in blender   with affiliate marketing so you can 
search for the best blender extensions or add-ons and some are paid and some have 
affiliate programs so what you can do you   can create a lot of free content Place 
advertisements on it for instance if   you try to change uh change start a YouTube 
channel then you can use a lot of free stuff   and then sometimes talk about an add-on 
and say hey if you want to buy it at home   click over here and then you can use 
affiliate link so even with free stuff   you can use uh affiliate links and you can 
make use of the advertisements so over here   you see a blog post maybe also a video oh 
there's a blog post explains what you can do there's so much possible you can also create 
things in 3D and sell them oh man look at this   theme for us but I I want to look at this 
3D fails you can upload your files here   when people buy this those you make 
money I can buy this for nine dollars   what is it I don't know but I can buy 
it and I have it how cool is that so um I'm getting ahead of myself because I want 
to focus on affiliate marketing and if you want   to find out what kind of affiliate programs 
there are for products you want to promote   or for a sort of subject you want to cover on 
the Internet or on YouTube you can search for   best affiliate programs for and then type in what 
you want to type YouTube channels click on it   here you see them twitch Amazon Associates 
Airbnb so you can even make videos about all   the airbnbs you entered and then place a link 
so you can become a vlogger and go all over   the world to the best airbnbs leave your reviews 
create videos create blog posts make images or   pictures and then use Airbnb as an affiliate 
program more digging best affiliate programs for Fitness Fitbit affiliate so it's a watch body gym so 
you can go completely well into the gym become   stronger show before and after images and then 
write about your your journey and say hey if   you want to do the same mention everything you've 
done in order to become so successful if there's   a program that fits or that's a little bit the 
same as what you have done in the in the gym   then you can link to it place your affiliate link 
and there are affiliate links almost everything   that's a great thing these days because it's 
a win-win situation when we use affiliate   programs so what I do if I I'm searching for a 
certain product for instance linked in learning   that you can learn anything you can learn words 
WordPress PowerPoint Excel blender 3D Cinema   4D you can learn so much things at LinkedIn 
learning so what I can do I can teach anything   through YouTube and then say hey if you want to 
know more about the subject follow this course   then when people go to LinkedIn learning to my 
affiliate link I can get a commission that's   forty dollars if five people do that per day 
it's 200 per day six thousand dollars per month   nice way of making money so make sure you find 
one or more products or services that you can   promote and then start building content around 
it that is solving problems of people that are   interested in that product or service and then 
go the XML give them everything you've got is   what I've done in my blog post that's what I've 
done in my videos and that way you can become a   successful affiliate marketer I hope this helps 
you maybe you're overwhelmed maybe you should   watch the video again I can tell you I make a lot 
of money now with affiliate marketing why because   I focused on helping people with blog posts with 
videos and I kept thinking what can I do to make   my content better sometimes my videos finish 
and I'm like let's go through it one more time   see if I can make it a little bit better because 
that can make the difference people can think oh   that's nice content or wow this is great content 
so go to XML and if you watch my tutorial on   how to create a blog post you will learn how 
to do that I want to end with the following   I use three things to make money I use blog posts 
I use YouTube videos and I use an email list   and if I go to passive income with 30 
I created a blog post about convertkit   let's get rid of all the ads and what I did a 
few years ago 2018 I was making tutorials about   Elementor and if you go to my website I 
say to people if you want to get free stuff about   Elementor free pre-made templates you can go to 
templates then you need to fill your name and   your email address and when you do that you get 
all those free templates so people did it and in   2018 I had around 5000 people on my list that all 
made use of Elementor templates so I knew they all   had Elementor all those people in my list and then 
there was a birthday sale from Elementor look at   this I made five thousand dollars in three days 
with an email list so let me show you the results study case study five thousand dollars in three 
days I sent an email the June the 4th 2018 I was   in Italy on vacation and I wrote that email saying 
hey guys 25 off for Elementor Pro so if you want   to get it this is the best moment thirty percent 
open it from the 5 000 people 5.6 clicked on the   affiliate link and look at this the first 
day I made around two thousand dollars with   this simple email the second day around sixteen 
fifteen hundred dollars fifteen hundred dollars   twelve hundred dollars in three days I made 
five thousand dollars how by giving something   for free that's valuable and it needs 
to be really valuable so people don't   think that you you miss miss let them needs to be 
really valuable and then when you offer something   that people can buy you can make a lot of money 
through the years I made a lot of money using my   email list sometimes there's a Black Friday every 
year man then my seals go through the roof because   I just sent an email I gave them some value I 
create uh some information about the tool or   a video I say hey if you want to buy it right now 
it's the best moment you can buy through this link   people bite like crazy I make a lot of money in a 
short amount of time why because I have an email   list right now with around 50 000 people that are 
all interested in making websites so when there   are tools premium tools that have a discount 
I can send an email make a lot of money in a   short amount of time so those are the three things 
one blog posts two videos and three an email list   and if you want to create an email list I also 
have a tutorial about it so again I have my blog   post over here about convertkit I review and then 
if I go to YouTube and I search for convertkit   that's my tutorial two and a half hours I put 
a lot of effort in it but again it's making me   a lot of money every single month as long as 
people are a member of convertkit through me   I get a recurring commission every single month 
from everybody that is a member and that's growing   and what I did it's a year ago that I created 
this video it's a year ago that I created this   blog post and I'm still benefiting from it today 
that's what I love about affiliate marketing even   when I was sick the latest days I still made a 
lot of money so I hope it makes you excited before   we're gonna answer the fourth question how to get 
started I want to summarize it what we've covered   so far the first question was what is affiliate 
marketing affiliate marketing is promoting other   people's products in exchange for a commission the 
second question how much money can you make with   affiliate marketing well the sky is the limit you 
can make 300 per month a thousand dollars thirty   thousand dollars per month or a hundred thousand 
dollars per month it's all about how much effort   you put into it and then when you're willing to 
put a lot of effort in it then the question is   how should you do it in a way that you will 
become successful and then you need to find   out what people want to learn or buy and then you 
need to solve their problems you need to answer   their questions people want to buy something but 
they don't know which product or which service   and then you come in we which are awesome blog 
posts or your awesome video or both you answer the   questions and then they're ready to buy and they 
will use your affiliate link you make a commission   and the better the quality of your content the 
better your rank the more people will visit   your website and the more people will buy I hope 
that makes you excited this can be the day that   will change the course of your life and now you 
can do two things you can think wow I'm excited   okay let's do something else or you're gonna take 
action and that brings me to the fourth question   how to get started well I mainly talked about 
creating content through blog posts and videos so   I want to show you two things what you can do you 
can create a website that's the first thing I will   show you and the second thing I will show you is 
how to create a YouTube channel or maybe you think   but I don't know which domain name I should choose 
I will think about it and I'll come back later you   can do that but what I suggest you do make sure 
you get your domain name with your first and your   last name look at this I go to 
what does the offer he can offer anything because   he uses name as his brand nice website by the way 
I show people how to make websites that's what I   teach on this YouTube channel so you can learn how 
to do that look at this the second one   he uses his name as his brand so I want to start 
a new channel and my first name is Ferdinand and   my second name is David and my third name is 
Orbison Corpus is not that appealing so I want   to make a mix of my first and second name and 
it was already taken so make sure you get your   domain name with your first and last 
and then you can start your business using   your own first a last name you don't have to do 
that but I highly suggest at least get your own   domain name with your first and your last name 
so are you ready to get started with affiliate   marketing and become successful with it if 
so let's go to web hosting hit enter   and you will be redirected to hostinger hostingers 
in my opinion the best web hosting provider there   is and I'm not the only one if you take a look 
at all the reviews at trustpilot you see that   people are really excited about hostinger and if 
you take a look at the Google Trends you see the   word is spreading more and more people are getting 
into hostinger and they are really excited just as   I am so if you want to get started we click on 
start now and you see there are four plans and I   can tell you all the plans are really fast it's 
maybe a little bit overwhelming four different   plans but I will show you which plan is right for 
you you can get started with one website and then   you pay less than two dollars per month the only 
thing is you don't get a free domain name with   this plan if you take a look at the most popular 
plan the WordPress starter plan you can create up   to 100 websites in this plan you have 100 gigabyte 
of SSD storage which is more than enough and you   can have up to 25 000 visits per month and over 
here you see you get your free domain the big   difference between the WordPress starter plan and 
the business WordPress plan is that you can have   more gigabyte stores but I don't think you need 
those extra 100 gigabytes I think this is enough   for one on the websites but you can have more 
monthly visits but you can always operate later so   I reach 25 000 visits per month you can upgrade to 
the business workers plan and if you know already   you want to start an agency you want to create 
50 websites in the first year then I suggest the   cloud startup the crazy thing is this is really 
affordable for cloud hosting as I said you can   always upgrade later and two more important things 
to say all plans are blazing fast the only thing   is the higher the plan the more websites you can 
have up and running at the same time and still   maintain the super fast speed of your websites so 
if you know you want to create 50 websites in the   first year then I definitely suggest you go for 
the cloud startup but if you want to create one   website or two or maybe five or ten I suggest 
you go with the WordPress startup plan and then   when you reach 25 000 visits per month and I hope 
that will be the case for you then you can always   upgrade later and the second thing I want to tell 
you there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so if   you somehow I don't know why but if you somehow 
would not like the service you can get your   money back no questions asked so it's still only 
risk free and I will show you step by step how   you can create your first website so I select 
the WordPress startup plan I click on select   and now we can take a look at the amount of 
discount we get and the great thing with hosting   is if you are really sure you want to go for a 
few years with your first website you can get   the discount of 2.99 for four years for 48 months 
and that will save you 432 dollars and then after   those four years you start to pay 6.99 which is 
still super affordable for a web hosting plan that   can hold 100 websites if you just want to start 
with two years or one year you can click over here   and then in your first year you just pay 2.99 per 
month and then you're still going to create 100   websites and after that first year you start to 
pay 8.99 per month so the longer the first period   the more discount you will get when you renew your 
plan so if you have the budget and you want to get   the most discount possible you can go for the 48 
months and after those 48 months you start to pay   around seven dollars per month instead of nine 
dollars but wait there is more if you scroll down   over here you see have a coupon code and if you 
fill in 30 and you click on apply you get even   more discounts so I scroll up again now you see 
dollar 69 for the first 48 months or 24 months   or 12 months I go for 12 months I scroll down 
and I need to create an account so I will fill   in my email address over here and of course you 
need to have access to this account then I scroll   down a bit further and the great thing is with 
hostinger you have local payment methods so if   I'm from the Netherlands and I go to hostinger 
I can pay with idea which is in the Netherlands   the main payment method if you're from India you 
also have local payment methods and that's the   great thing about hostinger depending on where 
you come from there are more payment methods I   want to pay with credit cards and let's see what 
we have over here we have the WordPress starter   plan for 12 months we can have up to 100 websites 
our first domain is completely free instead of   ten dollars we get a lot of discount and the 
total amount I have to pay is just 32.29 it   can be that's a little bit more because of 
the taxes depending on where you come from   but this is so affordable so what I'll do 
I'll scroll down I will fill in my credit   card details and as you see a 30 day money back 
guarantee and I click on submit secure payments it's redirecting us to the control panel now 
we need to create a password for our hostinger   account we need to confirm our password and 
then I click on confirm now they are going   to ask a few questions I click on start now and 
then I want to skip those questions so I click   on skip I want to create my first WordPress 
account so I can use my administrator email   and then I need to create a password and then 
I click on continue I don't want to have those   plugins on my WordPress website I want to start 
from scratch so I click on skip I will manage   plugins later but I don't need to have a certain 
look I'll start from scratch so I scroll down I   click on skip I don't need a template now I can 
claim my free domain name so I click over here   and then I select my domain name I want to go 
for you see all those extensions they have   I go and if it's already taken be creative 
with another domain because you definitely want to   have domain name especially when you're 
into international business if you're from a   local business check out if your country 
extension is over here but I want to go and then I can enter my desired domain 
name I go for affiliate marketing course let's   see if it's still available I click on search 
and it is available so I click on continue   and now WordPress will be installed on this 
brand new domain name which is completely   free I click on finish setup and then I need 
to fill in some details for my domain name   the question is where do you come from I'm from 
the Netherlands and did you buy this web hosting   personally or because you're a company I 
choose personal so I click on next step   and then I need to fill in my details over here 
so there I go my first name my last name my email   in the Netherlands I'm from 
South Holland my city my address space and my phone number and then I click 
on finish registration now our domain will be   registered and the great thing is this is crazy 
with hostinger automatically your information   your email on your phone or what you just filled 
in is secure it's it's hidden it cannot be seen   by companies that want to advertise to you 
that want to call you that's called domain   privacy and with hostinger that is free with 
other web hosting companies this can cost 20   dollars per year here it's free so now we can 
edit our website it's live already or we can go   to the control panel while I first want to go 
to the control panel so I click on manage site   then I want to go to the WordPress dashboard and 
maybe this looks overwhelming but you're gonna   be fine we don't have to spend a lot of time over 
here and the more you do the easier it becomes I   really like this layout so you click on WordPress 
dashboard what I want to do I want to force the   https so our website will be secure like this so 
I turn that on and it's for this domain name so I   click on install SSL and it says your SSL as being 
installed for your domain name in the background   HPS will be automatically forced on your domain 
then we click here on edit a website and ladies   and gentlemen look at this we will be redirected 
to our own brand new domain name with web hosting   with WordPress installed on it great so now 
we are logged in you just need to close this   click on the WordPress logo okay then we need 
to go to our dashboard look at this this is   the back end of our website this is what we will 
see when we are logged in and when you're logged   in you can adjust things in your website if you 
click over here on the house you go to the front   end of your website and you see you are live 
already your website is secure so everybody   that goes to your domain at this moment will see 
this over here and that means you are live I want   to congratulate you with that right now you have 
your own website and your journey can begin well   I want to give you all the value there is I want 
to show you exactly how to get started so I've   made a YouTube tutorial tutorial on YouTube about 
affiliate marketing so if you search for affiliate   marketing 30 since we're creating a website I 
highly suggest you go to this one how to create   an affiliate marketing website six hour tutorial 
I will show you step by step how you get started   and this is real money I made with it more than 
20 right now more than twenty thousand dollars   already I need to update the thumbnail and then 
you can get started and I'm excited for you and I   want to thank you for your trust that you watch 
my video and that you decided to take action   and I can't wait for you to become successful with 
this so what's death tutorial and now it's time to   create a YouTube channel I want to show you every 
step there is so what I will do I will open this   in an incognito window because I already have 
a lot of um YouTube channel so right now I open   this website as if I open it for the first time 
what I need to do now I need to go to before I continue I need to agree 
with the terms and I accept them   all and I want to click on sign in and I want to 
create a new account so I click on create accounts   for my work or my business or my personal use I 
use personal use you can always upgrade it later   it doesn't cost any money but personal use my 
first name is ferdinance my last name is David   my username that will be the 
email address and I will choose   affiliate marketing course and it says already 
taken so I say the affiliate marketing course   and I create a password and I click on next 
I need to verify my phone number so I fill   my phone number in click on next so I get 
a code not a code like a jacket but a code   message 2 5 6 0 6 0 30 you shouldn't share that go 
because then people can hack you now I can share   this code verify it and then I have a recovery 
email address which is optional I go for this one and then the month that I born in June 28 
this is definitely something I will hide   I consider myself to be a male next right 
now I skipped this so I click on skip   choose the first option next okay 
okay okay confirm scroll down I agree great now I search for YouTube except all I want to sign in there I am already look at 
this I can create a channel and my name is affiliate excuse 
me affiliate marketing course and I create my channel I would 
definitely get rid of this if are you great Channel this one is already taken okay now I can upload my video so I can select the file now I can select 
my first video if you want to learn more   about channel art all that stuff man there 
are so many tutorials about it on YouTube   this is what I wanted to show you and 
again if you took action congratulations oh   oh man I hope you can feel the the 
my sincere and enthusiasm excitement   for you to take action I did it in 2015 I 
was totally done with how my life was going   especially in in the area or mainly in the area 
of finances and I I went for it and right now   seven years later almost eight years later 
I'm so thankful for for where I am right now   and it took me eight years but there are also 
different stories of people that uh took only   six months in order to get to 500 000 subscribers 
and make six hundred thousand dollars and I'm like   what am I doing wrong because they make so much 
money in short amount of time that everybody has   their own Journey and uh the most important thing 
is to persevere give value to all the content you   create to the blog post through videos through 
reviews on Instagram or Tick Tock or whatever   and then make sure you direct people to the 
right place so they can buy things through   your affiliate link as I said I think affiliate 
marketing is the best online business model   in 2013 2024 unless something changes in 
a year there's a better one but I love it   good luck with it and if you took action 
on both things you have your own website   and you have your own YouTube channel 
and now it's a matter of learning things   diving deep and then create content about it it 
will help people and always think about people   that you want to help and then go the extra 
mile if you think this blog post is finished   take a look at what you can do to make it 
even better that's also what I've done with   this video I hope you can see that I went through 
this video over and over again and I was thinking   is there something I can do to make this better 
so um that's it thank you for watching this video   please like it normally ask you to subscribe 
in this case I would say subscribe if you want   to learn more about the WordPress related stuff 
because it's a WordPress related YouTube channel I   consider to create an affiliate marketing channel 
because I have so much passion about it and I   think there's a lot of trash on the internet about 
this subject and I want to shine some light on it   from an honest View but but I will also do 
more affiliate stuff on my YouTube channel   my current YouTube channel on the the goal of 
my YouTube channel is helping people to make   websites that make them money so if you want to 
make money with your website you can subscribe   if you have any question feel free to leave 
a comment and I do my best to answer them yes   okay good luck with your journey and I hope 
you will be really successful with it bye-bye

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