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Hi, greetings! Welcome friends to yet another video. I am Vineesh Rohini. A product of a country, through the ecommerse site of that country, by selling it to the customers of that country itself, when I researched about how to make income that way, a US product from a US website to a US based customer from here in my office, which is in Kasargode at Kanhangad as I created a campaign and sent it from here, for a single sale I got ₹12,000. The details of how I got that and how I did it, is what I am going to share with you in today's video. So if you are watching this video for the first time, please do Subscribe to my channel. If you click on the Bell button right next to it, the videos that I update will preferably be received as your mobile notification So the name of this business is Affiliate Marketing. When hearing Affiliate Marketing, many think this is some scam project. Else, it is like some link shared from Amazon, if you are lucky you'll get something.

This won't work out. So everyone's preception about this is completely negative. But this Affiliate Marketing, by this 2025, is going to be world's biggest revenue generating industry, in that there is no dispute. The Indian affiliate marketers are earning crores and crores of revenue. You can search it on Google. Search about it in YouTube. You will get detailed updates . Even I had heard all these. Even I thought just like you initially. Even I thought, all this won't work out. But things started to get serious, income started to come in. Having said so much, don't think I am simply saying. First, let me show you the platform and then we'll go into the details, right. Isn't that the best! On my tab, I have the details here. The name of the company that I used for selling is ClickBank Earlier, I had done video regarding this.

First, let me show you my revenue. Look at this, 25-11-2022 Sorry, 28-05-2022. This is Refund Expiration date. I sold this item. After selling it, customer will keep buying it. Maximum upto this 25th of the 11th month of 2022, I'll keep getting revenue from this. Now, on 28-05-2022, when I created a campaign, I had one sale. A product called Exipure got sold. A single quantity of this product was sold and I got a commission of $160 This is my HOP id. Through this id I got it. For this, I prepared a small landing page. I'll just show you that landing page. This is that landing page. Buy Exipure with Discount. Such a small ad, I prepared with text and picture. Gave it a 'Order Now' button. Related to that, certain information is given here below. And at couple of places, 'Buy Now' buttons are also set. And then a paid campaign is added.

So when a customer clicks on the 'Order Now!' button, it directs to my referral link and the purchase takes place. While the purchase takes place, that commission I received is this $160. Ok, now let's come to its details. What you saw just now is a website called ClickBank. Using ClickBank you can make lakhs, on which I had done a video earlier. I don't know how many saw it. For many, this is a wonder. Saying it won't work, it feels like a fake. But when I saw the reality, I was amazed.

When I went searching about this, for real, from ClickBank, within a year itself, there are Indians who earned above ₹ 1 crore. Outside, there are many nationals. But there are Indians earning more than ₹1 crore. We invest crores of rupees, or lakhs in many places. Do we actually get anything from it? Without investing anything, we can earn in this manner through affiliate marketing. Now, here with ClickBank I marketed a US product in the US itself.

Aren't there products like this in India? In India, like this, there is Amazon Affiliate. Else, there is Vcommission from which you'll get a really good amount as commission. A specialty of Vcommision is the products of many FinTech companies, i.e. Credit Card, Debit Card and Neo Banking Cards. A number of services like this, loans, education loans, instant loans, many fintech companies that provide these. Those FinTech companies' leads, a lead of a customer, its link to generate these leads will be given to us. Hop links. Using these links and prepare a campaign and put it up, the revenue we get per lead per click will be $600, $700 and $1,000. Even in Kerala, most of you who know me, knows about stock market. Speaking about stock market, if I ask where should you open a DEMAT account, you all know it is Upstox Because now everyone has an Upstox account. You may have got into its account using your friend's referral link. Through that Upstox account, do you know how much commission you'll get? The commission is ₹500 to ₹800 Just think , that too, for one account. Suppose we create a campaign called Upstox and put it up on Google, If anyone enters Upstox in Google, our ad will be seen first on top.

When he clicks that and creates an account, what will be the commission? Just think. You will get ₹800 For this ad, even if we pay ₹8, ₹80, ₹100 or ₹200, it is not a loss for us. What is the reason? What is the reward we get? ₹500 to ₹800 Based on time. Sometimes it may ₹500, sometimes it may be ₹1000. That's how it is. Not just this, insurance companies give a lot of money, in terms of thousands. Credit card companies pays in thousands of rupees. From most of the companies, we can make huge amounts of income. But now I'll explain in detail, the requirements. You saw the revenue now, you know it is true now, right. Now, let's get into the details. The first thing we need is a landing page. We need a website. A landing page. We can't call it a website, but a single page site. In this single page site, whatever product we plan to promote, update detailed information about that product.

Before that, there's one more thing to mention. There are many products in the world. Among these, the most revenue yielding for us and the most beneficial for the customer the most useful which has a reasonable price, such a product we should choose. Otherwise, an unreasonably priced and a useless product for the customer, and having an exorbitant rate don't waste your time to sell it. Always, take care of 3 things. Reasonable price, Quality of product, and a real Customer. Get it. Price, its quality are important factors. And a needy customer, the right customer is an important factor too. So you must reach them. For that, you must choose the product. While choosing this product, the problem that most people face is this. 'Whatever industry I am connected to, only those products I'll buy.' Ok, am I correct? That is, when I do IT related business, I always think, 'Is there any trick to make money?' Or is there any software or app? I look for anything related to this.

Instead, I would never look at a health-related product. Or I would not look at a dress related product. Or I would not look at a FinTech related product. I do look at FinTech products. I am just telling for example. So in this way, we'll never bother about other products. We may not look at things beyond our passion.

But it may be from that product, beyond our passion, we get commission. Just think. This health field is not at all my field. Now in health, to reduce a lot of fat and weight is this product, Exipure. Exipure is the most trending product now. So when I created a campaign using Exipure, I got that revenue. So just imagine, what a huge industry is this Affiliate Marketing. It can be done in India. So which are the best affiliate marketing sites? Sorry, I forgot the subject. I was talking about the requirements. Thus, we need a small landing page. So, after looking at the niche content, create a small but proper landing page There is a free tool for that. There are many free tools for that. Free landing page can be created in and Blogger. Like that there are many tools for everything. So you can create a landing page. After creating a landing page, give the link in it. Add 'Buy Now' in huge letters in it and connect it to the Hop link or ClickBank link.

Now next is which are the best platforms for affiliate marketing. ClickBank is not highly possible one. There's a high competition in ClickBank. ClickBank is a huge platform, but product limitations are present. Many such issues are there. Instead, the most suitable one for Indians that has various types of quality products at reasonable price is CJ Network. I'll be putting up a video on CJ Network real soon. I do have an account in CJ Network, but I did not start.

I'll update when I do start. Similarly, the second one is Vcommission, which I have already mentioned. If you want you can approach Amazon, where you'll get minimal commissions. It's no big deal. That's why many don't go for it. Nevertheless, still there are those who make lakhs on Amazon. That's natural. So CJ Networks is a best option. Similarly, JVZoo is another good option. So is Warrior Plus. But you can start with CJ. Maximum, CJ Network is the best option for you.

If you enter CJ affiliate in Google, you'll get the complete detail. I'll be doing a video on that anyways. If needed, just do comment. If any one needs it, I'll do the video. Minimum 100 persons must comment. Else to create a whole video for just 1 or 2 people is time consuming. So those interested, please comment. And the Likes that I expect for this video is 500. So if you complete this target of 500 likes, I'll definitely do the video on CJ Network. So I'll take it as your support through that. Next, to be successful in this affiliate marketing, we'll need to create Google ads. There are two types of methods. One is organic method. If this website has a share of good keywords, tags, descriptions and thus gets optimized nicely it can be brought organically at speed in Google's search engine That's No.1. No. 2 for people who do not know any of these, can create a paid campaign and give the direct referral links.

That reminds me of another thing. The other day, a friend called me from Koothattukulam And he said, 'Sir, I work in a SBI credit card company. I need to get some customers. There's a lot of pressure from bank. How can I find customers? What idea is there for this? Anywhere from Kerala will do. So he said. So I told him, 'You create a good paid campaign. Both on Facebook and Google. Create an ad about SBI's credit card Many ads are available on Google. Many videos are available on YouTube. Shoot a good video, add a non-copyright music in it and then upload it to YouTube. Do paid promotion and give a Google Form link. Give a google form link having Customer Name, Phone Number, Age, Then when you Add Target, pay attention, make sure it goes to salaried people. Take note of their age. From 18 years onwards; not necessary, an 18 year will get salary from a government job. Set it from 25 to 45 or 55 years as the age.

We can completely optimize and target it properly by setting the salary range, the age limits etc. We can target Kerala itself. We can target Kerala employees itself. We can target their salary. After setting in-depth targets, create a campaign and then we'll start getting leads smoothly. Using these leads, we can call them and create a lot of customers and shine in business.

All these are a method in Digital Marketing, which I told him to learn and thus wound up the call. So that's all in it. This is an industry in which anyone can make money There are many success stories. And there are no success stories in Kerala. Do you know the reason? Generally, these types of companies are by North Indians.

North Indians are the ones who are rolling in cash. Blogging, vlogging, affiliate marketing, or drop shipping If you take any of these areas, all are money making areas. Even e-commerce. To work under them is the fate of highly educated people like us. Because, when we hear of this, normally there 2 to 3 things that we say. Do I have to say what it is? I'll say it, right. " Fraud.

Cutoff. Scam. Get lost." "Don't you have anything else to do. Go get a job. " These are the normal dialogues. These are the reason, no matter what comes, with a negative response, how will we ever be saved? First and foremost, see everything with a positive vibe. Study about the matter properly. Learn. First, learn. Learn. Then remove the 'L' When you remove the L from Learn, you get earn. First Learn, remove the L and then earn. That's it. Simple! Without even trying to learn or understand about it, as soon as seeing it, 'Here, let's make cash.

₹12,000 for one click.' That will be the next scam. [laughing] What to do then? So this is our condition. I hope you have understood the details. Related to this, I have arranged many Live classes. Not just that, in YouTube, every night at 9pm, I do come Live, daily. You can ask all your doubts in that Live. I'll be answering them, if you need to know more. Not just that, every Sundays, on Affiliate Marketing, Vlogging, Blogging, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Drop shipping and many such topics, we plan to conduct classes. In Kerala, in many districts, we do conduct classes at different places. If there are about 10 members at least, we'll come and set it. So those who require can contact us. I'll be scrolling the number on the screen. You can contact me on that number. Temporarily, for a few days there is no WhatsApp. It is a 7 day planning. In that, after 6 days, there is a 5-day plan too. So this video, you may be watching on the 4th day.

So these many days will be blocked. In order that we do not become addicted, to get that confidence that we can do this, we decided to temporarily close WhatsApp. So no need to worry about it. No need for panic. You can call me directly. Else, we have our offices here in Kasargode, Kanhangad, Big Mall, 1st Floor, Aspirebee Software Lab. You can visit directly. We can discuss. Anyway, I am really happy that you watched this video thus far. I am really really happy. Leave your opinions, suggestions in the comment box below. If you liked this video, press Like. Share this video with all your friends, Make them also aware about these ideas of earning. So let's meet tomorrow with another better video. It's me, Vineesh Rohini, signing off. Bye, bye!.

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