How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing [1.3]

Hey, it's Sam Oh and welcome to the third
lesson in our affiliate marketing course. In this lesson, I'll give you a high-level overview
of how to make money with affiliate marketing. Now, as we discussed in the beginning of this
module, when you join an affiliate program, you're able to generate unique affiliate links. And when someone clicks on one of your links
and makes a purchase within a set period of time, you're paid a commission. So very generally speaking, the more relevant
traffic you get, the more clicks you'll get on your affiliate links. And the more clicks you get, the more conversions,
which equals more money in your pocket. And as long as your revenue exceeds
your costs, you'll be profitable. Now, you might be wondering how much
money you can make as an affiliate marketer? The simple answer to that is that there is no limit. For example, Pat Flynn used to share his
income reports and reported over $100,000 in affiliate commissions in December 2017.

Ryan Robinson also shares his income reports. And in October, 2019, he reported
over $19,000 in affiliate revenue. Both of these gentlemen have done
an excellent job building their brand and I'm sure it's taken a lot of hard
work and time to get to where they are. But the reality is that your checks might
look more like this – at least when you're first starting out. Now, if you want to make a sustainable income
with affiliate marketing, you need to think of your affiliate site as a business.

It will be a grind and there will
be some disappointing times. But that's totally fine because when you
adopt this business mindset instead of seeing it as a way to "hopefully" make
a few bucks here and there, you'll be setting yourself up for success. So with the fundamentals in the books, let's
move on to the next lesson where I'll give you a high level overview of what it looks like
to start and grow your first affiliate site.

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