How To Make Money On TikTok Affiliate Marketing ($1,000+ ON DAY ONE) Step By Step

let me ask you something do you ever find yourself watching stupid videos like that on tick tock every day yes i do but there is a serious side to tick tock and that is you can make money on tick -tock with tick-tock affiliate marketing and on this video today I want to show you these different profiles that people are creating and making tens of thousands of dollars every month and you can do it and make your first dollar online in just one day these people are absolutely crushed they don't show their face and they don't use their own voice and I want to show you exactly what these people do and how they get tens of thousands of views every day with their tick stick profiles to make money with affiliate marketing and I want to show you how to do it with a software that is
absolutely free that you can use on your
phone and you can use this software to use all these different backgrounds with your video you can come here guys and you can promote offers and make as many as 58 or t ot hundreds of dollars from eight hundred and sixty dollars and even a thousand dollars with tick-tock affiliate marketing if you want to see how you can do it even as a complete beginner and even as someone who does n't have a lot of time completely part-time because it only takes a few minutes to create these videos well make sure you check out this whole tiktok affiliate marketing strategy because I 'm
going to walk you through everything and show you what other people are doing absolutely crushing it online let's get into it hey everyone Allen again here from the smart money tactics channel and as i told you in the introduction today guys i want to show you how to make money with tick tock affiliate marketing this is going to be a full tutorial i want to show you some things that i want to show you first of all the different ideas and different niches you can get into without showing your face possibly using your own voice i also want to show you where you can go to get a range of different products i n these niches so you can make your first
sale with affiliate marketing and tick I also want to show you at the end of this video if you don't have tik tok
don't worry I want to show you how you can do it even if you have you not a tik tok I want to show you where you can go to create these videos absolutely for free and also at the end of this video I want to show you a niche that I would enter now if I had to start over what will i start out of doing
now before we start guys don't forget to smash that like button .
out of appreciation it means a lot to me and also let me know in the comments right now what do you use the most is it youtube shorts is it instagram roles or do you go on tick tok go to the bottom and comment let me know so i know where to much more from me to target videos to help you earn money affiliate marketing now for those of you who don't know guys if you don't know what tik tik is tik tok is probably the biggest short format sharing video sharing platform in the world it's only been out for a few years but people come over here and they create a series of different videos it can be with animals it can be with different types of funny clips you know different types of reaction videos games and a whole range of different types of stuff but people are absolutely crushing it tick tock with affiliate marketing i have a few different profiles here guys on tick tok that i've created and i know that when you come here and you post a link on your tick profiles with affiliate marketing products people click on them and people buy what you sell and they also follow you and that's why on this video today i waom to show you several different nature that you can possibly enter without to show your face so if you want to show your
face you absolutely can and the engagement is actually going through the roof one of the first nations guys you can possibly look at get in is the make money online niche complete newbies enter this niche and they promote products that are
already out there ready made for you promote all you have to do is talk about these different types of money making online products if we come here we click on this profile here you can see here let me just interrupt this here and go here profile it's called hustle with sean good so you can see if we click on
this is her profile she has a hundred and six thousand followers if we scroll down you can see she was pl ace these people for a while who have been doing this that has only been doing this for say six or seven months guys and they are already making tens of thousands of dollars you are now going to see with this particular profile over here that she does show her face it is for people who want to show their face but you can actually do that even if you don't want to show your face and when you come here you can see here she has a link tree profile when you click on this link tree profile it's going to take you to this page and you can see here that she's promoting the 15 day business builder challenge it's a legendary marketer product guys and if anybody buys the two and a half thousand dollar package she can make as much as a
thousand dollars there's ten thousand dollar packages that I myself sold promoting this product that made me as much as two and a half thousand dollars with just one sale and that's what she's trying to do here and I can tell you with 563,000 likes there are a lot of people who on this click links and purchase this product and she's not just promoting one product for you can't see she's promoting multiple products and it's absolutely crushing online the next one guys that you can promote and make sure you can go into is affiliate marketing and if you scroll down you can see there are many people doing something very similar again you don't have to show your face with this but I wanted to show you this particular profile over here from this account called twinkie bustle and when you click on her profile over here I'll just pause it and go over to twinkie rest assured she's been doing this for the last seven to eight months and I know this because I scroll down to the bottom and I found one of the first videos she created here if we on click
it I'm going to pause it right here so I'll have to listen to it you can see that it was done on the 7th of
October in 2021 and what does that mean that she's been making videos for about
eight months now and what I did, I came over and I clicked on her link and as soon as you click on her link it takes you straight to here and it's another legendary marketer product that she was promoting but I also found her on youtube and then i found her on youtube here she created a video of how when she started her tic toc profile she made she went from zero to fifteen thousand dollars in just two months she earned fifteen thousand dollars per
month in just two months guys from creating these videos on tick tock and one of the best things I can tell you what you can do if you want to get in these different types of profiles these different types of niches is to follow people like this, because they are absolutely crushing it well now these are people who show their face but what if you don't want to show you
look how can you do it if you don't want to show your face well here is one account here called maddie side hustle and basically he does exactly that s the same thing and when you come here you can see here that they have this is exactly the same as link tree and if I click on these guys you can see it's going to bring us to our is will it open when you open it you can see your free side print guide affiliate marketing training tick tok grow etc so it's pretty much exactly the same as the link tree it allows you to promote multiple products but if we come to his profile he has 91,000 followers guys and if you click on any one of these videos let's say we click on this one here you can see here that basically he has
music that he plays in the
background and then all he does is with tick tok you can add these different types of wording cover exactly the same as instagram rules etc and then basically if we play it if we move it's over ok you can see it he created this very simple video and then he tells people to follow to learn for more to also on the click
different types links he has in his bio are good and people do it all the time so basically all he does you see he doesn't show his face anywhere all he does is tell people and show people that if they want to make money online to click on that link in his bio and people are doing it so that's one way you can do it without showing your face in the
make money online niche another way people are doing it guys if you scroll to here can you see that people are
doing this with different types of tools tips build tips and you can find a
series of these different types of profiles now what are people doing they also drive traffic back to other social media profiles like instagram for example youtube is another big one now this person is here showing you different DIY tips when it comes to woodworking now with this type of profile you can promote a lot easily different types of woodworking tips or plans from clickbank and crush it now I don't know if all these videos his is he can get a lot of these videos from other social media platforms like instagram roles even youtube shorts and actually reupload and backup on tiktok which is a lot of people when they come here are they add their link to their tick -profile and they're crushing it with tik-tok affiliate marketing so if you want to do something like this you know with DIY tools and all these different types of construction tick tips you absolutely tin one niche that's absolutely blowing up right now are guys like you might know a crypto and this person here is doing the exact same thing they're doing telling people about the next big projects they find online or other social media platforms and they create these very simple 15 second to 30 second videos that they are upload them here to tag as you can see again use their beacons page here and if I click on this it's going to take us over t let's check and see what they are promotion k an you see that they promote different types of crypto and day trading courses well when you come over if we click on
someone I mean it's a reaction video here to someone else so it's not his face but when you scroll down and you click on something like an example guys you can see he's saying when someone tells you crypto is a ponzi scam but you never have to work again because of it and you know how revolutionary it is that's all he here got guys it's seven seconds long it had six and a half thousand views and it's helping him blow up his crypto tick tock profile ok and as you can see he's getting thousands of views guys fourteen thousand four thousand seven thousand i mean you remember these are very very short seven second videos and some of them get as many as fifty thousand now he hides his face you can do the exact same thing by wearing a mask and he gets tens of thousands of views and I can guarantee you that this person sales like make it is a if you want to do with crypto when you come here guys here is someone who is doing it in the health nature this person may have 246,000
followers now but what they are doing is they are promoting the smoothie diet directly from clickbank If I click on this go this to take me straight to the smoothie diet and all this person does is talk about different types of health tips now look at this if you scroll down here guys this product is here directly from clickbank you can see it there and basically all they do is they create these very simple videos that I think they use an overlay here so you can see they have video in the background of say the sky or the sea where I'm going to show you exactly where you can get it and then what they do is they came over to canva and on canva what what they did is they went to this infographic on canva and they are creating this very simple infographic which is what they have on their videos super super makl ik to make guys and absolutely free and then what they did is they went to pixels okay pixels is a free site where you can go get all these different types of videos so all you have to do is go in to type something like sea or sky and when you scroll down you can see this video as a if I click on this it's a video that you can absolutely download for free so you can come here download this video and then what you can do is you can very easily create these videos exactly like this person does and find it health tips you can then create these videos on and that's exactly what this person does without ever showing their face and they make a lot of money online with affiliate marketing using free resources another person doing it guys this is in the relationship niche all they basically do is film i think it's like a corner in their room it's called tick hick11 212,000 followers guys if you click on any one va n this basically says how to make him want you or have all relationship tips how to tell if he's into you had to say if he's the one and then they post things like boy facts girl facts etc stuff so it's in a relationship nation guys you can see that it's simple videos they still get thousands of views and people promote different types of products on the back of it what I want to do now is I want to show you if I would start it again what would I do what niche would i go into and why and the niche i would go into guys will more than likely be in the
manifestation niche why because for some reason this niche is just absolutely blowing up and people are making a lot of money and i'm going to show you where you can get products to promote on the back of it let me show you some of these guys profiles look at this one above it's called manifest secrets i just spelled it with m n f s double t seventy thousand followers guys and you can see seven thousand views fourteen thirty nine thousand end six thousand and fifty eight thousand that this person uses a little link so that you can get a link from one of the two digital 24 clickbank or any other platform that is available to you and now just shorten it by billion if we click on this and anyway we're going to open it we're going to get product right here and then you'll be able to see exactly what this product is about and then people can come here and sign up now what is this person promoting which is a little weird, it's a product of clickbank and it's a product of digistore and it's the one where it teaches you how to make money with facebook and youtube and social media stuff so they use manifestation but they manage this product and it's work probably for them because as you can see they still promote this product here but they create videos about manifestation stuff and as you can see they started not too long ago because they don't have many videos but they still have 70,000 followers and it says get paid to use social media so you can promote other things and create videos about manifestation as an example guys another profile I wanted to show you here is this one called manifestation86 check these guys out one million followers and this person if we click on this create videos this video was created two hours ago let me this video if you were created pause it just six hours ago so they post videos very very often 15 hours ago and what they do is because on one day here they have 23 24000 views if you post three to
four videos a day then it works well guys I want you to understand because they have 16.6 million likes with a 21 average engagement without their face show if their own usage matches and if we come here you can see that they are promoting some different products if we click on
these beacons link here it's going to bring us over to this page and if you can the promoting soul mate sketch see they have become irresistible tarot read one and discover the fastest way to manifest can i tell you that at least three of these products are here guys on clickbank okay if i click on this one here you can see here that when i open it up his secret obsession is one of them and it 's a clickbank product ok guys now what you can do is you can also come over to or you can go over to linktree and you can create one of these very very simple landing pages absolutely free as you can see it's free forever or you can go here guys and you can subscribe to their pro version which is ten dollars a month but I can tell you that you can very easily
do it absolutely free and start promoting these different pro types of products so how do you create one of these videos guys where do you get all this information of stuff first of all you have to get the product and to get this product like this one here what are its secrets o bsession what you what you need to do is sign up to clickbank to make money with ticktock affiliate marketing guys you first need an affiliate marketing product ok and clickbank is of course available in hundreds of countries around the world and you can also digistore24 if you use can now see over 190 countries as soon as you sign up with clickbank guys it's going to bring you to their market and then from here you can see you have all these different categories now if you wanted to get into the manifestation what will you do , is that you scroll down you can see you have self help as a you can for example click on self help you can click on the drop down box and when you scroll down guys you can see here you have all these different options here like this if you want to choose any
one of these you can you or you can scroll straight up to the top guys and you can see here his secret obsession is here and look at the gravity store score is 142 which 142 means
affiliates made a sale with this product which means that h that product does convert and you can see here with an average of 58 so every time someone buys it person makes 58 dollars and they are get millions of views every time month the other one we saw guys if you remember was crypto like you type in crypto here to find a crypto product that you can possibly see you can see that you can make as much as
860 dollars on average per sale if you wanted to get into the crypto space and also promote it now if you want to its secret obsession to promote guys you would come here you would click to promote and then all you have to do is click on generate hop links and then this is the link here you want to promote now you can promote a lot it's easy to short that link or you can go to link tree and show and promote a number of products that you can promote this product for example scroll down guys and find a whole bunch of different types of products that you can promote just like these people do but how do you create these videos e n where do you get these different types of meanings here if you would do his you know if you would do manifestation as an example good very easy guys there is a farm this one here called you can come here guys and you can type manifestation for example press enter and when you come here guys you're going to see it there's all these different quotes under manifestation so you can scroll down there's all these different quotes the other thing you can do is just come straight over to google type in manifestation quotes scroll down guys and you can see that there are so many there are 90 manifestation quotes over here that you can come and get very easily and you can use very very simply well that's exactly what this person is doing here guys and the other thing you can do to create this video all you have to do is come over to when you're on camera guys what you want to do is just put mobile video in t e tap or click on mobile video here it's going to bring you to a page that looks as good as you can see mobile video and then you can very very easily scroll down like let's say this one here as an example you want use it you click on this once you click on these guys you can see here that it's going to give you
that there you can delete it and then you can delete it as an example if you play it you can see it's 11 seconds okay of just sky and then what you would simply do you can see that this person is just
add text stuff so you can just copy very very similar text so we're going to break it so what you'll do is you come over to these different types of smart quotes let's just use this one here is this motivational one so just click on this as an example okay guys so you can copy it so press copy come straight over to canva here and then you can come here to elements click on elements or you can scroll down and click on to say sorry as soon as you click on text can you just use plain text here double click everything guys press ctrl v and if you can see as soon as you press ctrl v you are will be able to see that text there so you can double click on it guys you can change you know press bare you can change the
color of this text stuff you can go to effects and you can change it you can move it easily across the bottom you can expand it and then move it in to cover it more
you know this section here other thing like I said you have effects you can know give them a neon effect you can do whatever you want you can animate it with animate you can make it pan in you can make it climb like this just to make it a
bit more interesting so people read etc from there what you can do guys as you can see if you scroll down you have got all these other options and one of those options is to scroll down about click here on more and then come over here and click on audio guys and with sound you can see where you can add different types of music, e n.s.

and if you scroll down you can see there's all these different so if you type something like inspirational for example inspirational music stuff so let's just press enter you'll be able to find it all now a lot of these guys are under the pro so you will have to find different types of
music that was free but you should not even mark any music guys tock has its own music that you can use and I recommend that you can possibly use it so when you grab this video guys and you download it down so you guys come here and you press share what's going to happen do you want to download it video so you come here you click on download do you want to download it as an mp4 video so simply press download it's going to download now on our computer and then from there you want to upload it on tick tock
use your cell phone well and it's going to allow you to select a track just like this person here use the other thing that's really really important guys when you're going to upload this video on tiktok is what you want to make sure you use these
hashtags the hashtag manifestation they have hashtag for your page use spirituality and hashtag happiness and the other thing you want to do is take a look at what these people are typing in here so find out what your sound partner it looks like you might want to type something that you know very very similar or go through and look at what people in your niche are doing which i got a lot of followers just like this person is doing and you want to try to replicate them as much as possible but the main thing guys once you get your 1000 followers on tick tok is to make sure you come here and you add that link so that's what i would do guys if i started again now i told you if you don't have a checkmark what can you do which is very very simple guys the simple answer to this is you will do the
exact same thing except you will do it with instagram why because instagram rules at the moment are absolutely blown up and you can exactly s do the same thing if you come here and you type in manifestation it's going to bring you over and you can see all these different
types of profiles let's just click on the first one it's going to bring us to this one it's called manifestation law 174,000 followers over here guys and you can see they also have a click um link here but if you come here to the right where you're going to see that their rules are going to be get a lot of views stuff and you can do the exact same thing you on tick tock here do with instagram also guys you can publish exactly the same videos do exactly what I told you but end on instagram but if you have tik tok then you can definitely double up and create these videos and put them on Instagram guys that's one of the best ways to make money with tick tok affiliate marketing the first thing you need to do is go to brand create yourself a profile and then go and follow many people who are in
the niche you want to enter see exactly what they do, familiarize yourself guys with the app and then start creating these videos and then go to clickbank find the product go to have you found another affiliate marketing product you are happy with promote continue to either link tree or go on this site here called just google it guys and then create for you a series of products that you are ready to promote tiktok it get many of you you can literally make your first sale in one day with affiliate marketing and tik tik if as long as you the steps on this follow video you'll be well on your way make a lot of money online now if you want a more in depth tutorial on how to make these videos guys click here video of you right now that's going to show you exactly how to to do it with youtube shorts instagram rules and tag tok so you can absolutely crush it with tick tok affiliate marketing highly recommend you watch this video guys see you on the video until next time that you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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