How To Make Money Fast With Affiliate Marketing

How to make money fast with 
affiliate marketing? Alright, now, I want to teach you some of these cool 
strategies. None of which include the following, going to the gym, posting a selfie and putting 
your affiliate link down below, or anything of   the like. I hate that crap, I do want to teach 
you though how I have gone and made more profit   in less time with my affiliate strategies. We've 
been pretty unique on the internet, let's dive in. Now, affiliate marketing is definitely 
a piece of my business. It's actually not the core   of my business though.

I have my own products. 
I have my own services, my own lines, my own. But I use affiliate marketing for a lot of list 
building and a lot of quick cash grabs. If I    need to go dump money into another project and
it's been really awesome. It's worked really well over the last three years pretty organically. 
I've made almost $600,000  without really any my involvement about
$2,000 a week is about where it is.  Which is not bad. It ends up paying for a big 
portion of my business costs during pandemics.   During things that were happening. It was cool it 
was just the steady eddy thing that kind of kept   the doors open and my employees fine. So I'm going 
to teach you these next few principles, not really   in any particular order. But these are some of the 
ways that I do make affiliate marketing profit   rather quickly. This even worked when I was brand 

Now, this has happened several times. I like to   promote a lot of click funnels products, a lot 
of Russell Brunson stuff. I'm very picky about   what I promote, I would take that as a first nugget 
there as well by the way. Be picky about what you   promote. I was going in and I was coming out of an 
event. We run a lot of events and basically click   funnels reached out and said, "Hey man, like you got 
some organic sales here. If you do a little bit of   a push you might be able to place in this big 
competition that we're doing and you might be   able to win a trip.' So I was like okay cool let 
me go try this out here and I went and in three   days ended up placing in a really big affiliate 
competition and while everyone else was promoting   over 30 days.

So it's actually really cool, boom. 
Now, how did I do that? The way I did that,   this is the very first thing I did is I went and I 
grabbed some whiteboard space and I sat down and I looked at the product that we were promoting and 
I started asking a really key question. I want you   to ask the same. What are the problems that what 
you're promoting creates for somebody? That's it. Answer that question, try to fill a whiteboard full 
of problems that your product is giving somebody,   is creating for somebody. Now, if you're like, 
"See, that makes no sense." I totally get it and I've   used this example before. But like take the iPhone 
for example, we got this really cool solution   from Steve Jobs but he also handed us a whole 
bunch of problems. How do we turn it on? How do   we make a phone call? All the things that you first 
thought of the first time you ever held an iPhone.   How do I do this? How to do that? Like, "Oh man Steve,
I gotta buy new headphones." He's like, "Don't worry   about it, I'm gonna give you some headphones in the 
box.' "Man, I gotta go buy a new charger." "Don't worry   about it, I'm gonna go ahead and put the charger 
in the box." "How do I actually do that?".

"Don't worry   about it, we have a genius bar you can ask any 
questions." He was solving follow-up problems   that he actually gave you when you bought the 
phone. Same thing is true for whatever you're   promoting or planning to promote. You're actually 
going to give people problems. Now, it's not   a bad thing but the value of being an affiliate 
marketer, like I'm teaching you now, comes from this.   I list out all these follow-up problems and then 
I just choose 2, 3, 4, 5 that are easy   for me to solve but are also really valuable for 
the end-user and then, all I do is I take those   things and I give them away for free if they if 
they buy through me. Now I have a unique offer.   So this is a big key thing to understand here. 
It means, that I get to be unique in a sea of   everyone being the exact same. Everyone's 
selling the exact same product but I have a   different offer.

They all have a product, I turned 
my product into an offer. Products and offers are   not the exact same thing at all. Actually, they're 
very different. So, everyone's selling a product I   saw follow-up problems and made mine an offer.
Now, that's one of the big key secrets. Now it's   happened multiple times now because I have 
these cool offers built around whatever I'm   promoting. That I've placed in a lot of affiliate 
competitions without knowing it. Because I'll set   it and forget it and leave it and walk away and 
it's so good. People talk about it and then Walter,   "Hey Steve, you want another affiliate competition?",
"Oh, I didn't know you're having one", and that's   not the two to our own horn.

It is to illustrate 
that this principle is very powerful and works.   Alright, for this next principle I was coming 
off of actually it was in between two sessions.   I was doing a three-day event teaching for four 
hours a day, it was a lot man. So there's   a two-hour session, a two-hour break, and another 
two-hour session. I get off of this session and I'm teaching, there's all these people and me 
get off this basically, a stage it was virtual. But   it's off stage. This was a virtual event, this 
one we do a lot of in-person ones though too.   Basically, my team goes, "Hey, do you want to
promote this thing? You got to promote it by I   think midnight tonight?". It's like, "I'm trying to 
get my next sessions together. Are you kidding me?". "Alright, let's go for it baby.' So we did. So I 
went and we created this little tiny offer   around what this big affiliate competition was 
going on. I ended up making like 75 grand from it,   it was nuts and we did it in an hour and a half. 
Super fast and it was because of really this next   principle and I've talked about this before in 
the past.

But it's so key to understand this. One of the easy, the reason why I pushed so hard 
in between sessions teaching for that long which   is very exhausting. It's because I didn't want 
to miss the wave. What's the wave? Often we   talk about markets being oceans. It's a 
red ocean, it's a blue ocean. You probably have   heard that phrase before, red ocean blue 
ocean. Well, think about an ocean there's waves,   oceans are not stagnant and a marketplace is 
either growing or it's shrinking, and whenever   there's this big push from a lot of influencers 
in a marketplace, it creates somewhat of a wave.  You ever been on the internet and people will not 
shut up about the same thing and there's so many   people talking about it? That's you experiencing 
the wave.

When people are all collaborating   together to talk about the same thing. Now, not 
all waves are created equal. So you have to   understand the easiest way to make a lot of money 
with affiliate marketing is to make sure that you   time what you're promoting, when everyone else is 
also promoting it. You in essence catch the   wave and the wave pulls you faster than you could 
probably push yourself. It pulls you further than   you probably have power to. Think about this, like 
when when I promote something from Russell Brunson,   he's got 400 employees. 400 employees that's great, 
I have four alright. We've got 400 that's nuts,   that's super crazy. He's got 400 employees, 
they're all talking about it. He's got professional   copywriting teams man. I have like me 
and like one other person. So, his firepower is so   much larger than mine and the same is true for 
you most likely if you're watching this.

So what   I do is when he the best wave to catch is when 
the product creator does the push and then all   these other affiliates get on and now this thing 
has gone from a wave to a freaking tsunami. I don't want to miss the wave. I'm going to get a 
list faster. I'm going to sell harder. I'm going to   get way more money much quicker. I told you in the 
beginning of this, I'd teach you how to collapse time. This is one of the ways to do that. Catch 
the wave, that's why I was like we got an hour   and a half for me to do. Let's do an affiliate 
promotion and I hauled and I did it and because   of that, I made 75 grand. I've done the same 
type of thing without the wave and we'll make like   7 grand.

It's significantly less. 
This is one of the best and biggest hacks. If you're like, "I don't have money to pay for ads."
I didn't use ads to do that, I just caught the wave.   If you like that, you'll like this third principle here.
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We typically put videos   out almost every day. I would love to know in the 
comments though below, what is the most legendary   internet launch you've ever experienced or heard of? 
The most legendary internet launch you've ever  been a part of ever seen or now that you have 
eyes for what I'm talking about. You're like, "Oh,   that was a huge campaign." Super fun especially 
when you start learning of catching these waves.   But the biggest one you've ever seen down below. 
Alright, for this final principle it actually,   you need to understand something about the 
nature of affiliate marketing. If I go sell $100   product and I'm a 10% affiliate. I made 10 bucks, 
it's not that much money. The real money   comes from what you do after you promote something 
and so, some have called this second money.   Some have called, there's a lot of names for it. 
Ascend, alright, you have gone out and you've   done a push, you timed with the noise, you've timed 
time with the wave that was created by all these   other influencers, people larger than yourself and 
you caught the wave, you got people coming on in.   So you made money fast for sure.

But I actually 
don't really take that money as profit usually.   I actually just usually take that money and 
I'll dump it into ads for my main product. "So Steve, you're not for VC funding?". Like, No, I'm 
actually usually, for the most part totally against   VC funding and things like shark tank. But I still 
do the same type of effect. I just don't give away   parts of my company for doing it. I have all the 
equity in my company and the reason is because  I treat affiliate marketing like VC funding. I go 
and I do a big push. I do it organically, I ride   the wave, I pull money in and I use that to fund 
my projects and products. Does that make sense? So the second money aspect is actually where 
you make the most of it. It's when I use, it's been   my experience anyway. When you use affiliate 
marketing as a list building and seed money   collecting engine. Not the end, it's a means to 
the end and I go and I ascend people to the   real product that's mine 100 commission this time. 
Does that makes sense? It's so much better and when you do it that way and by combining my products 
with strategic affiliate marketing promotions.   That's been the fastest money for me in affiliate 

It's been very fast list building and   then you dump that attention into your own 
product. Some of these principles have been   very theoretical, they might feel that way. If you 
want some actual tactics, I have a free mini-course   for you. Go to super 
funny, lost some people on the following for that   that domain. Go to 
and it will teach you some of the actual tactics   of pulling off what I'm teaching and 
it's totally free. I'll see you there..

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