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whats going on guys this demo here again in todays video we are going to be talking exactly about how to make a free landing page for affiliate marketing and the best part of this is that everything mentioned inside this video is 100% for free why because i know there are a lot of people actually that Affiliate Marketing Suffers Because Why They Struggle Because They .
Don't do it right in a way so in this video I'll be showing you everything step by step All I want you to do is push closely remove any distraction and make sure watch this video anytime in any way you don't understand you can replay the video and watch it again and watch it for yourself so as You see from the screen now I have this box I call the landing page and this page thanks and .
This is the sales page or the offer page so what it means is the landing page is the first page whenever someone clicks on a link uh the first page they land on the mistake that people actually make in affiliate marketing especially when I just started is that once they click on them they collect the referral link from the network they just send A link to this page .
Here and this is very wrong because you did not heat up the possibility of uh a customer you did not heat up you did not show him anything either to motivate him or to do something like that, this is very wrong so that's why in fact, the big dogs win and every time what you want to do is that create Landing page and like I said I 'm going to show you exactly how you can do it So the landing page is basically a page where you collect the data Remember the data with their name and email address Why because usually in the normal census it shows that people get to buy things when you have to call to eat four to five Try and that's why you have to have an email sequence setup and don't freak out because I will I'm not really going to ask you to buy any, uh, email marketing service out there.

The landing page is basically a text about the offer, uh, the offer, and then .
Collect the name and collect the email address from the customer Attend this link down here Once you give you a name and email address it goes straight to your Email Marketing Autoresponder I mean an autoresponder is a system that actually helps you send an email on your behalf without having to be Always sitting down and writing emails to people also helps you collect their data so once you collect their information it goes straight to your autoresponder from the landing page you take it directly from them to thank you and that's of course another thing .
Again people from here normal people once they collect customer data they send people straight to the sales page and it's not bad it's not bad at all but the best practice is to actually take them straight to the thank you page but it really depends on the offer if you are offered not really you have idea that you don't know anything about it and then you can literally send it straight from the landing page to the source speed where they can buy the product and even if they don't buy you can follow it up via email sequence so what a thank you page literally a page where you get compliments for giving you and their details will show their email address them And I tell them what to expect and I put it in so let me show it here The video could be text but I prefer making a video so I put the idea of the box and it has your link uh here is your referral link so once you click on it it takes them straight to the source page so you can see that you I took it from trip to trip to trip up to the page they can buy from the product that's so cool for you I've already morphed into the product yeah so uh let me show you my landing page you see this Page There is a page I already use for all of my YouTube videos I recommend for my number If you see any of my videos you can check my recommendation number This is the page I'm using clients so uh people land on these as you told me a picture of me not Is it not from Necessary put your picture there already so yeah, name their email address and click on instant access and take them straight to my thanks p .
So a thank you page is a page I get to congratulate them .
And I tell them a little bit about myself and how I actually started on the Internet and once and also show them the link to actually click on it Take the chance that I personally use that once you click on it you take directly on the offer I'm trying to promote which is this offer here from Clickbank as much as you can see uh this is the offer here So this is actually how to get uh permission from there I also follow them with my email marketing uh the answering machine sends an email from time to time for five days the recommendation is .
Used to collect them five emails per one offer if they don't convert then change the offer and send another offer again How long as you give them value it doesn't become services to them So I guess you already understood the overview of what you want to do considering to organize your free landing page for affiliates Marketing So let me now jump to where it gets interesting but right before we get started guys so this is the first time this channel has appeared in this channel post .
Videos about making money online with affiliate marketing and cpa marketing so if that is not something you are interested in you can hit the subscribe button .
button of course i take bell notification so that you can get notifications whenever i drop a great video like this because i do it regularly very busy platform we will use it of course in a previous video i talked about great platform the platform because it helped you not only to create a landing page also to collect emails for automation Email from people so it's called builderall so I'll leave a link in the description of this .
The youtube video is completely free of course you don't actually pay anything to get started with this in order to start the first thing we do of course is to go in reverse order you guys have to create an email list for click that that says mailing .
automation so once you click on this it will take exactly you where you can create your email list to create an email list all you have to do is click on this one click menu so it will take you exactly to the list you just created so you can see I have some list this one has two Subscribers this one has 2 subscribers so click here on create new click on it up here the first name or let me say just contribution tutorial so let me just copy and paste this one to my description list make money on a double line what is a double subscription means you have to confirm it they want to subscribe to your email list when they put their email address they click the follow button will send them a video email to them an email do you want uh subscribe to maybe for me the list of contributors if they say they click confirm yes they will actually enter your email but that's in Actually they do this after that conversion especially if you are running a paid ad you are likely to get about 30 percent of people choosing to subscribe to your list because they are already on the market Aya collects potential clients and they don't want people to be .
bomb them .
So it's always a good idea to go single Get that Click on the flag option If you 're just starting out you have to provide on the landing page all the breakpoints they need in to actually allow you to use the opt-in sheet You can watch the tutorial I have a lot of tutorials on how to do it No I want to go that far so you don't waste too much time so check this out guys once you do that guys next thing do tap on next once you click next menu will be created so click save changes for that once you click on that it will auto create your list for you until you see this is an overview of the list so you want to make sure you come here again and click on a field so once you click fill in this way some other things that are very important to that for email as you can see there is email Shown is required yes this one is for the first build as you see it says first name says this is required don't make sure to change it it's very important because you need visual order so their name should be number one then .
Click Save Changes from top to bottom right side so once you do you are good to go Now your list is already created Now it's time for you to really come back again Now you have already created a list where you can collect people email addresses Let's go again Now that we have We created our list next thing to do is actually go back and start building our landing page and thank you page let's go back so click uh our new builder cheetah pull and drop website builder clicky website builder
I have some posts I'm using this I'm using to promote one product of this like so check this out guys the next thing to do is to click on create new site name your site let me name it like name uh the list sure tutorial so copy let me put it in the description so i choose this form and i usually use a blank form because i always They wanted to go with me but they also have a lot of model jargon if you don't want to actually do what I recommend you create your own so I will create so this is the right landing page here click edit page open it once so the next thing you have to do of course is click on the panels as soon as you click on the panel is click empty uh panel so click on an empty panel once you click on it and it will give you an option like this that way you get it to start to interest you
uh check out this guys come back now again click add on panel uh click on uh item you have a text title so let me go back you can see text edit a lot of stuff so click on the text press on the title then drag it and put it here inside now you have h2 tag let's delete this let's delete the other we want use our h2 tag as title so click on this click on this one until this w yeah you have to start editing all sorts of things for so this is what I wanted to show you guys if I check my landing page right it's here Actually pretty clean don't distract anything that will take the viewer away from me from giving me his title as if you can see I have two colors I have three colors black red and green and so on on the thank you page same thing black and green like this and my clothes .
Of course it's red and if you look at the offer page they have red and they have the green button and that's why I make the special button green you always want to make sure the pages are not compatible with the offer you're trying to promote let's go do that now you want to make sure this is for example when I use this demo from warrior plus call complete yeah so you can see this progress here the background has several wallpaper so I guess I'll go with this but what I usually do is I actually have a tool that brings up the background image for me so and of course if you don't want to go with the background image that You want it just use a plane you can do that but to assemble this wallpaper .
Image all you have to do is right click and click on view background image so I have a chrome extension right here it is called view chrome background image extension just search for it in google and add it to my chrome extension once you right click on any page it will appear be Among the options so click on show background image so once you do that it will give you the url as much as you can see is the url of that .
Offer I can copy this image or download it and upload it to my
landing page so let's go back now and of course the show we're trying to promote is this so it says Deliver this down for you system So let's go copy this copy go to cheater for that and then paste it here as see we can of course put it in the middle let 's go for 30 and look good so if you look at this uh connect it to my old case it usually reflects me no I just copied the address of the space source so I'll say find out so I'll say find out the only plugin done system plug dome for your system I'll remove 99 uh I'm going to remove the 99 and then I'm going to say something like that so let me bring this post up the system so figure that out if I go back to the view page as you see some of uh this thing actually uh I kind of have a color so let me just go back so let me pull it off so let me just Put it in the center Find out if they just cover I'll make it bold and then I'll change the color of course .
So click on this or click on the orange because the width is the orange let's go back so it's the only fall that makes us .
This makes you can change this one to a complete beginner one thousand four thousand four hundred dollars per game so that $1400 you set again the text color changes to orange so you want to make sure something pops up when someone lands on the page so check this out guys Now let's beat
this one as well as you can see it actually looks more like a show so even though we've already tried uh to improve the content let's copy this one too copy it let's copy it so I'm trying to go step by step so you don't you really understand all this stuff so click on this arrow again click in in this that says uh h2 tag s ninth then this one two put it in the center very good now as you can see you have everything set up then you can bring the discovery of the plug and play it with the system get a complete newbie $1400 per day of bots not from You order shows and you hit a traffic button so that it actually stirs up feelings .
Our potential customers now you don't actually need anything all you have to do you can put a video maybe a video view of the show or you can just put your phone and collect the phone and upload your page like this for the background you can come back here as you can see that you have Background settings, uh, now you can change the image as you see it, change the image or the color.

You can change the color since now the width of this is black .
You can make this black but it's not actually uh you have to change the text back to uh white so what is this let me try and do it now so you can see so for the image all you have to do is to change the image so click on change image so they can actually not i have a url option i would like i just copied the url so let me come back i have to actually select this and that gmp format jpeg download so let me just go back again i just right click on this which i have downloaded to download this all you have to do is save The image is like once the image is saved so let's just save it and then let me go back to my builder I can upload the image so come back now uh upload the image select file back to my download this is the page here loading so once the pitch is loaded let's activate I'm trying To show you the professional way you need to do it although you can go with only the
black color so you don't need to do that now click on Save boom now as you can see we have the page as you can see the landing page of our stuff so now let's change the color of this change color L white and now we have this to change to white good [music] as you can see it literally conflicts with our landing page now as you can see this is uh plug and play this and that now you have something similar to your landing page you can increase the size of this one but for this I showed you how You can increase the volume but let me just go ahead so you don't waste too much time so once you do you can collect their email address which is what we talked about here from the landing page and then send them directly to the offer page ok but you can create a thank you that you paid in these Case if you're just doing an upgrade you don't necessarily do this but for some types of shows like high ticket shows you really need set it up because they need to see someone talk to them before .
They are already buying this kind of high- ticket product that's why you need a good landing page if you only have $12 and $20 30 offers that you can literally send from the landing page to the offer page or sales page so that you 're actually that's about this we've created this thing Next do guys is press create panel uh add item click back then back again and scroll down scroll down you can see the contact email a form so click on the email form you see you have a bunch of forms here so let me just clicking on this so you can literally see as soon as you put the look it will actually show all of your list the list you have check this out guys select the list this list shows the tutorial we're creating so click save so it automatically pops up we have populate the list that we created so let's let's actually [music] very good so you can see this plug and play and yet you have your first name email address and instant access so click on that you've already integrated with the list because you already chose the list now it's time for you to get the links so this is the option to get the links so you try as you can see it says set links so this is where you put the link view so click on this one time click on it that means that You subscribe is pending so once you sign up we talked about double sign up and single sign up where they actually have to go to the email and confirm they want to be part of your email list so you need to put there is no action so click if one of the subscriptions is pending what are they going to do click on it so i usually go with just
view link let me just say uh let me say hakht dtps so this is click on save and then once when you confirm where they will be subscribed they are taken with a tool so click on the option also https so click select until you set your link so make sure you do that click save uh remember the bottom should be asynchronous with the bottom display so check this out for doing that .
You could literally say column year background let's change color What color is under this ?
view is red so go back and change your color to red so let me scroll up so you can see so click on this as you can see it has changed special to red so this is a lot when you hover over this scroll to mouse click image so click this and click this one so once you do that click save as soon as you click save do you want to publish this site yes that's fine because we already created it will be finished let's talk about this site here let me just copy it copy it go to the website so what will actually happen is previewed Uh builds so far let's and boom boom guys our future Look how you can create a free copy Affiliate landing page Marketing Promotion that simple Guys all you need to do is discover a plug and play system that makes it a complete beginner it won't work $400 they put a title email they put my first name and email address if you take them straight to the offer page which looks incompatible you also see the landing page if you check this guys you see this one is literally ok this is the landing page and this is the offer page As you can see, everything contrasts with the colors of the background images .
Everything is moving along so this is very very important guys as you can see what we just did here we created the landing page and we will send them .
I'll collect their email address send them to the sales page ok I've already collected the email address we'll start sending their email now that's really nice great and important now uh let's get started let's get started and see uh these things we just created let me just say Osman let me just put a mail random email Show the number seven so you get instant access to I'll tell them it's really going to take them boom boom boom you guys literally take them to google and remember it is google we are already set as part of our link whenever they click they put in their email address they gave us their name So you take them directly to our view page, so for our particular case I use google as an example as you can see it takes me directly to google so in order to actually check that we've collected this email address let's go back to our mailbox and check if this email is really good come back again other until you see this uh uh the email list uh here is the teacher show so let me just update it until you see we have a subscriber guys check this out before it's zero let me Now click on subscriber subscriber let's click on it and see who the heck is this subscriber so this is here as you can see we have subscriber here unconfirmed because we have double opted so if i actually go to the first email it is confirmed once my name is confirmed it will be displayed here so i can see this is the ip of Where does the person actually come from among them guys are very cool so check this out guys the statue is unconfirmed the first name is Usman and the email we are using is sherwood 7 from our landing page this is exactly how you can create a free london affiliate page offers because it is full funnel What you have already taken is correct so now in order to really start all you have to do is go back to the campaigns uh click on the email sequence so you can send an email so I will I suppose the person may have uh already already chosen and confirmed the email address even create a sequence as considers to order the list so for the new list we will create a new list the email sequence so choose a list you choose as neat tutorial presentation here so it says zero subscribed because I'm telling you it doesn't have bri d email has been confirmed to be part of our email list so choose the section user clicks on i no really send to future subscribers only yes just people subscribe to the list you will start receiving these email addresses eg maybe you are running uh uh traffic to That particular drop .
The page that is this is here even before you start sending traffic Do you want to make sure you set up an email addressing your email campaigns properly Away so that whenever traffic gets to your page start getting your email basically daily let me call it a contributor tutorial for that This is the name of the click sequence when you save the email sequence and edit it now it will take you exactly where you can create an email so once you do that you guys can see it is the first name this is welcome message and this is uh for example .
This is where you write your text .
So let me say make money online the reason I want to actually show you this is because there are some very, very important things so let me say a real contributor So I'm using this as an example but most of the offers you're trying to promote already have email sequences and email swipes can be used To promote the show though its very good to write private emails for example let's say we're okay with this or maybe you want to start the message with their name you can say hi just click on uh space so go down as you can see here it says available tags available custom tags so click on the available tags so you can see you can literally scroll down and you can see it first say the name or if you want to tag his email then you can use that click on the first name as you see then what it does this is this for example the email address the name you We introduced him earlier is Othman .
He will say hello to the postman and then he will stare reading to pick up their names .
here so you don't need to go there you see you can't go every time people write email for example you have hundreds of thousands of email addresses in your mail then this is how you can go to tag all of them because you already collected their name for that The system will help you put their names inside so once you are ok with your email address you see you have a block of text you have the image you have a button you have a link you have whatever one time do you actually want to activate this sequence the next thing to do is click this and make sure to activate because we We did not activate it.

This message will not reach them even if they confirm the subscription, so click Activate and press uh to activate the campaign now as .
You can see the campaign has already achieved Activation successfully also you can see now it says Pause campaign so you can literally pause it if you want to make some changes we have subscribed here we have this one here right to subscribe they subscribe then they start receiving messages from our show ie actually How You Can Create For Free Affiliate
Marketing Landing Page And I Believe You Learn A Lot Already In This Affiliate My Landing Page Affiliate Marketing Tutorial How You Can Create Yourself Of Course Landing Page So I guess if you get some value from it uh all I ask you to give this a video Like, leave excellent, of course, and subscribe to the channel because I will be sending more of these wonderful things to help you start your affiliate marketing journey. In fact, I see you in the next video, Bye Bye ..

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