How to Make $4k-$5k per month CONSISTENTLY with the Amazon Affiliate program in 2021

hey guys and welcome to blog tip tuesday where 
i share helpful blog tips every single tuesday   in today's video we are going to talk about how 
to make money with the amazon affiliate program   like four to five thousand dollars per month 
stay tuned so i can tell you guys all about   it and everything not to do so you don't get 
kicked out of their program which is pretty   easy to do and just so you guys know i make the 
most money on my blog with affiliate marketing   and it is my absolute favorite way to make money 
online amazon associates was the very first   program where i made money with my blog and i made 
a whopping 59 cents and honestly that was all the   motivation i needed to say okay this blog thing 
can really work just to know that someone trusted   what i said clicked on my referral link and made 
a purchase was everything after that i was hooked   and a year later i made six figures with 
affiliate marketing now for those of you who are   not familiar with affiliate marketing it is when 
you refer a product or service to someone using   a unique referral link if they make a purchase 
using your link you earn a commission let me give   you an example of how the amazon affiliate program 
works so say for example someone reads one of my   articles they click on a product i recommend from 
amazon now it's going to be my referral link which   i'm going to show you how to do it in a second but 
it takes them to the amazon website if they make   a purchase within 24 hours i get a commission 
because i caused that reader to visit amazon's   website and they made a purchase and do you know 
what i love most about amazon's affiliate program   so say that reader said oh yeah let me buy some 
pots for sally's open house coming up or whatever   i will also get a commission on those pots and 
anything else she buys and if that reader doesn't   even purchase the product i recommend it but still 
buy something else during their visit when they   click on my link within 24 hours i still earn a 
commission and as many of you know you can buy   practically anything on amazon so the higher the 
price or the more things they buy the more money i   earn this is amazon's way of saying thank you 
partner here's a little kickback for bringing   people to my website and encouraging them to make 
a purchase but they are not that generous because   they offer one of the lowest commission rates out 
there when the pandemic hit they slashed their   commission rates to almost nothing here is a chart 
of their current commission rates now they put   products in categories so think about some of the 
things that you recommend to get a general idea   about what your commission rate will be now i 
know the chart is pretty small so i will put a   copy in the description below so you can check 
it out after this video now when amazon slashed   their commission rates many bloggers gave 
up on them but i can't and i won't because   each month more than 197 million people visit 
amazon and of those 112 million people are amazon   prime subscribers which means that they can get 
most products in a day or two with free shipping   and it also means if they need to purchase 
something they are most likely going to try   and purchase it from amazon because they can get 
it so quickly i know because that's what i do   and even if you don't use amazon it doesn't 
matter to make money you need to think about what   platform most people are going to buy from because 
you're not writing for yourself you're writing for   other people so even though they have crazy low 
commission rates you still can make a living off   of this affiliate program alone because my good 
friend debbie gardner she makes a consistent four   to five thousand dollars per month with amazon 
commission now i'm going to discuss how to do that   shortly but let's first talk about how to actually 
apply for the amazon affiliate program and a   tip that most people don't know so to first apply 
to amazon's affiliate program go to this link and   i'll put it in the description below so you can 
just easily click on it now you want to go through   the process of signing up the one requirement 
that you need to have in order to apply to the   amazon associates program is that you need to 
have a functional website now if you don't have   a website i'll link my step-by-step guide in the 
description below so you can check it out follow   it create your website and it is pretty easy to do 
i really do have to tell you guys now when you are   putting in your information you want to make sure 
that you link both your website and all the social   media accounts you're going to use when you're 
promoting your amazon links this is very important   once you're signed up you are in the program for 
a trial period until you have three qualified   sales so qualified sales mean that you need to 
have at least three people purchase from one of   your affiliate links within the first 180 days so 
once you apply the clock starts ticking the race   is on to get people to purchase from your links 
now if you don't get enough sales by 180 days   you will get rejected but you can always apply 
again and try again but let me tell you something   trying to get your friends and family to 
click on your links and purchase from amazon   it doesn't work trust me i tried it i have no 
idea how they know who your friends and family are   but they know so don't even waste your time trying 
to go that route and trying to get those three   qualified sales from people you actually know they 
have to be from strangers so once you officially   get in the program amazon's going to ask you for 
your social security number for tax purposes but i   don't like giving my social security number out to 
anyone and you shouldn't either so to avoid this   if you live in the united states you can apply for 
an ein number which is an employee identification   number with the irs completely free very easy 
to do all you have to do is go to the   and click on i'm going to show you guys right here 
it's going to say apply for an employee id number   just click on that and go through the process 
and they will auto populate you your own   unique employee identification number now once 
you have that number you want to use that for   any and all affiliate programs that you start 
to apply to okay so once you get in the program   even for your trial period you're going to need to 
know how to get amazon links to use on your posts   so let me go ahead and show you right now from my 
computer okay so when you first join the amazon   associates affiliate program you want to go to 
tools and then go to download site stripe once you   have it on your computer and every time that you 
go to amazon you will now see something that looks   like this and this is what site stripe is now this 
is one of the products that i want to recommend on   my website so i'm simply going to go if i want to 
just get the text where someone would just click   on the text i'm going to show you if i click 
on text copy this link put in my blog article   here's an example right here where i did that i 
just click on it and then it will automatically   take me to amazon now cookies are going to start 
tracking this so if that user makes a purchase   or puts anything else in their shopping cart i'm 
going to get a commission for that because they   are using my unique referral link same thing if 
they i want to get an image i can go right here   to image again a small version medium or large 
i can copy that information right here and put   it in my blog article and it will appear there 
same thing if i want to get a text and image   i could do that as well so these are your options 
and this is how you can easily implement this into   your blog articles okay now that you know how to 
apply and insert links into your articles you need   to make sure you don't make these mistakes so you 
won't get kicked out of the program now the first   thing you need to do is make sure that you're 
using proper disclosures so whenever you use   your amazon affiliate links you need to properly 
disclose that these are amazon affiliate links   so i have a very helpful article i'll put in the 
description below so you can easily just copy and   paste the verbage and put it in your blog post so 
you will be remaining in compliance with amazon   you can also get kicked out of the program if you 
use amazon links in places other than your blog or   social media accounts so like your emails ebooks 
courses closed facebook groups you have to have   your links in a place that amazon can actually 
crawl those links and they can't do it in those   places that i just mentioned now you also can't 
share prices in your blog post about the amazon   prize that you're recommending so the way that 
i get around this is by saying and this product   is so great it's under 20 or something like that 
i'm not saying what the price is i'm just saying   you know the range and that is acceptable okay 
so now that you know how to apply get your links   and what not to do now here's the part where you 
can learn how to make money with amazon and it's   all about having a strategy so like i mentioned 
before how my friend debbie gardner is making a   consistent four to five thousand dollars per month 
in amazon commissions and it's all because of the   types of articles she writes the way she writes 
her articles using her amazon links and just   her overall strategy to getting traffic to those 
articles now for those of you who don't know who   debbie gardner is she is the one who taught me all 
about seo through her ebooks and that is how i now   get over 200 000 pages per month and was able to 
make six figures the second year i started my blog   so now whenever she comes out with a new product 
i purchase it she created this ebook on revamping   your old articles and how to revive them i 
purchased that and do you know what happened my   articles that were losing rankings in the search 
results they went back up so when she came out   with another product about how she makes four to 
five thousand dollars per month with amazon i just   got that and that is why i'm doing this video you 
know how you learn something new and you just want   to share with somebody who cares well for me 
that's you guys and this new e-course she just   created is gonna be another game changer for me 
and i know it could be the same thing for you guys   so in the e-book she covers the types of articles 
that you should write if you want to drive sales   to amazon better ways to get that click which is 
everything they need to click on to get to amazon   buyer intent user intent has to use links in email 
and pdf legally which for me is gonna be a game   changer because i'm focusing on email a lot more 
this year tips on holiday posts how to get better   conversions how to use and analyze tracking ids 
for more growth now i had no idea how to do any   of this stuff but now i do and that is why i'm 
sharing this with you guys she gives a ton of her   top tips in this book and i know if you implement 
her strategies you can have the same success that   she is and it's only 67 that's one of the things 
that i love about her is that she doesn't charge   an arm and a leg for stuff like this because 
she knows that most people can't afford it and   my whole mindset has changed just about purchasing 
products and courses when someone told me how are   you going to expect someone to invest in a product 
that you're recommending if you can't even invest   in yourself so by continuing to invest in myself 
i'm going to make more money and if you guys have   been following me for a while you know that i 
don't recommend a lot of courses or anything like   that because you can find a lot of information 
on the internet for free and i'm only going to   recommend things to you guys that is worth the 
money and also remember this is a tax write-off   so remember to keep all your receipts for anything 
you spend money on in regards to your blog so i'm   gonna put her e-course in the description below 
so you guys can check it out and i hope this video   gave you something to think about and if you use 
the amazon affiliate program today i'd love to   know how it's working for you are you doing pretty 
well or is this something that you want to make   more money in and if you don't are you interested 
in using the amazon affiliate program let me   know in the comment section below if you like 
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alright thanks for watching guys have a great day

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