How To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business // Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How to grow your affiliate marketing business are 
you confused frustrated and overwhelmed of how to   connect all these landing pages? Thank you Pages 
delivery pages and how to make sense of it all   I'm going to show you in this video how to 
connect your traffic to your landing page to your   thank you page to your delivery page and 
to your affiliate page that you don't even   control. And I'm going to show you how to do 
it all automatically easily and tracking every   single page. So by the end of this video you 
get to be ahead of 97% of all Affiliates because   the Affiliates are overwhelmed with this task 
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Hello. This is Mark Daniels 
and welcome to this epic training if you want to   succeed in affiliate marketing this is so crucial 
to your success and I'm talking about how to grow   your affiliate marketing business now that could 
be for affiliate marketing for beginners, but not   Verily even if you are an affiliate marketer, 
who is may be struggling a little bit. This is   going to help you tremendously. You need to learn 
how to grow your affiliate marketing business and   we're not going to reinvent the wheel as you know 
me by now.

If you are familiar with my teaching   there is no need to reinvent the wheel just 
copy the top affiliate marketers in the world.   And this is what I've done. This is what I 
have done for years and it worked out very   well. So I'm going to show you the ropes here 
as you know, I'm not selling you anything. So   I'm going to show you a lot of things some of 
them what the top affiliate marketers in the world   grow their affiliate marketing business and 
the type of tools that they use in order to   achieve their success. I have been getting a 
lot of questions. Ins and comments about people   are confused about how to connect their tools 
together and one of the comments I kind of felt   for him because I was in his situation when I 
first got started. The reason I felt for him   is because he's asking well, how do we connect 
all these tools together to become successful   and he's absolutely correct because the top FL is 
the one that they make a million or half a million   dollars.

Month, of course, I am not promising 
you will make any money at all. Just want to   make this as a disclaimer. Some people are making 
it but the people who are making it all of them   have something in common. They have tools I call 
them Success Tools in case you're not a beginner. It   doesn't really matter. But this is for mostly 
affiliate marketing or affiliate marketers   that are confused about how to connect the tools 
because if you don't know how to do it is going   to be nearly impossible. Impossible for you to 
actually become successful. So let's go ahead and   get going here. What is needed to sell like top 
Affiliates and I talked about that before there   is no way in the world. If you don't have the 
tools, you're not gonna make it and I talked about   the success tools and I always always have them 
in my description area. I don't talk about them.   Sometimes I talk about them because sometimes I 
feel like I do.

A push anybody to buy something   they may be they have or they don't have but right 
now I want to probably push it a little bit harder   because it is important to your success and the 
ones that I'm talking about tools are important.   These are very simple tools every single one of 
them is free to start some of them for a whole   month free and some of them for half a month. 
Okay. Let's talk about the stuff that you need   you need as far as an affiliate. I've darkened about 
it. Solid marketing right now.

Okay, but affiliate   or online marketing is very similar. You have 
to have a product obviously for you to sell   and if you don't know how to get a product I show 
you how to get the best product for example from   ClickBank with one click of a button now you 
need traffic without traffic. I don't care   if you have the best product in the world if 
there are no eyeballs on your product or product   you're not going to make Money at all landing 
page now the one in black, of course, they're   independent. The ones that are in green. I'm 
going to show you how to connect them together.   The next one is thank you page obviously landing 

Thank you page delivery page. You can   have an email autoresponder. Now that an email 
autoresponder, you're not going to be able to do   anything all these things have to be connected. 
Theodore automatically and work independently,   they should work as one and each one should work 
independently, but you need to know how to connect   them. The last one that I want to talk about 
is tracking. The reason we track the reason I   tried the reason the top affiliate track and they 
track not later they track as soon as possible   because they can't afford not to track because if 
you're not tracking if things are not working out.   That means you are spending money. If 
you sending people to the landing page,   okay, and that's all you doing landing page. 
Let's say you are connecting all these together   this one this one this one and this one.

Okay, and 
you're not getting sailed. Do you know in which   page is the problem? Is it the landing page? Maybe 
you need to work it out. Maybe is it the thank you   page. Maybe the delivery page. You don't know 
until you have tracking codes in each one that   tells you so many. You'll land on your page. 
But only if you opted into percent maybe opted   in that tells me there's a problem in my landing 
page. Let's keep going the connection process.   Now. I'm going to take it very slow here and make 
sure you take notes or you pay very good attention   because this is important traffic. What are you 
get traffic? I want to say something about traffic   because I did get a bunch of emails and questions 
and what have you not always welcomed them.

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support you or have a research or have some People   do work for us so we can grow now as far as the 
traffic. I had a conversation with somebody that   says well, I've been following somebody's teaching 
and they're telling me and I've been doing it for   a year and a half.

They tell me to go on all 
social media generate traffic from social media   and it's not working. Well, yeah, it's not 
working that used to work 10 years ago.   Now it does not work does not work. So whoever is 
teaching you they don't know what they're doing.   It's like the blind leading. In the blind I want 
to say one time here. There are different levels   of traffic. Okay to dominate traffic, you have 
to go through three different stages in order   to dominate your traffic and have it come in and 
it doesn't matter if somebody opted-in or didn't   obtain.

I'm catching them. Anyway, that's the way 
I do it but forget about that for you guys right   now you need to do it as soon as possible. This 
is called 24-hour traffic. You can get it for   example from Udimi. I do have Udimi. I
Have it in the description area under 6s tools   or the tools that I use go ahead and click it. 
You have a $5 coupon make sure you use it. So   you don't lose the five dollars. So traffic you 
can buy it. I'm not going to go through how to   actually, go you to me because how to actually buy 
the traffic from you to me because that's not the   subject of this video. The subject is to connect 
things together. Okay, but you go there is not a   very hard process. That's basically the put it in 
few words. They already have your target market   audience. You look for somebody for example, if 
you are Fitness you put Fitness in there as far   as you know, when you filtering they tell you and 
they have grades basically because people grade   them you take the best one is self-explanatory. 
Okay, we get the traffic now.

What are we gonna do   after we get the traffic because when you get 
the traffic that person who's gonna that you buy   the traffic from you ask them how many Leads do 
you want okay you by the leads you pay per lead   but it's the cheapest way the fastest way and the 
best way for anybody who's starting as a beginner   you get in the traffic from that person.

going to tell you. Okay, where do I send them?   Give me a link give me something I can send your 
leads to while you can do what from the solo   ads called solo ads by the way solo ads. 
You need the landing page or opt-in page   now, don't worry about this, I do have a video I'm 
going to tell you about it in just a little bit   at the end. I'm going to tell you about it where 
you can see me doing this live.

Okay, connecting   all these pages, but I want you because a lot of 
people asking what is it that I need to connect?   Here's the process you get the traffic. They have 
to go into an opt-in page. I call it up then plus   Bridge page because I want to entice people to 
give me what this is just like think about it   exchange right here. This one here is The Exchange 
Market. I'm exchanging a value for your email   address that you're interested in. Let's say you 
want to lose or you want to exercise or you want   to make money? It doesn't matter whatever your 
target market is. You put it in here. Obviously   you already have like I mentioned number one. 
You should have a product in mind obviously.   So this is exchanged landing page. You gotta 
give this address whatever the landing page to   the Sole Add provider. Then after that automated 
this is going to go into the thank you page and   then it's going to go into the affiliate page. 
Now I already have this done.

So don't freak   out and go like, how do I do this? I do have 
it in in there. Now. This is how you actually   grow your affiliate marketing business, which 
is very important. What I'm talking about is   connecting things together. We're things done 
automatically now, like I mentioned you don't   have to actually worry about this because I do 
have all this in the description area where you   can actually They downloaded it's ready for you. 
I did a sample here and you can change things and   what have you depend on what you want to do and I 
did one for Organifi. I got this from ClickBank,   but you can have the same thing.

What I'm talking 
about is that it's going to transition from   one step to the other and at the end, you will just 
put in your own affiliate link another word. Maybe   you want to send it different than what I'm sending 
it here. But anyway this is actually in the   description area. You can download all this for 

I'm talking about the landing page the thank   you page and it's connected to the and it will be 
connected to the affiliate marketing offer of your   choosing. So we're going to click on Test email. 
We're going to go ahead and click on submit. It's   going to take us into the trash. Thank you page 
and then it's going to take us into the affiliate   page.

Automatically without you doing anything 
at all about the problem that most people have   is that they don't have tools. How can I tell 
you how to connect what with what if you don't  have or I don't know what kind of tools you have 
you should have tools and the tools that I have   obviously, everybody should have a Sales 
Funnel software. This is the brain of your   operation. This is the most important thing 
because you can do all that automatically   in probably 10 15 minutes building all these pages 
and connected them together without you doing   much of the coding nothing and also you can 
build a whole brand new website with one   click because the one that I use is called a 
click funnels and Clickfunnels there also have   Websites are full websites with one click.

can have that website on your own domain. Okay,   I'm not going to go over that but I just want to 
show you the capabilities of that now after that   we connected this so every page as you know, by 
now online on the website and the World Wide Web   have an address, right? You need to give this one 
the address to this person and you need to have   this one. Somebody click on yes, here's my email 
address click and then it should take him to   to thank you page or delivery page. I want to make 
that clear some people like to deliver book or   what have you or some kind of video 
whatever so that could be thank you.   And here, here is your product or check 
your email, which I don't really like   it especially in cold traffic because a lot 
of times they don't go stop the hole. Process   I don't want them to stop anything.

So the 
way I have this, I have this automatically so   you'll see it when you watch the video the person 
click one click right here. Everything happens   automatically. They don't have to do anything 
at all. Everything is happening. They go to the   thank you page automatically two seconds after 
the I take him to the affiliate sales page.   Obviously the SL. The affiliate sales page 
is not your page, but you still can track   it. Doesn't matter you still can't track if 
somebody bought or not. I do it every day. Okay,   but you have to have tracking software. Anyway 
when you have this right here, so your job is   done at this point as far as selling because they 
might have an upsell down-sell whatever you might   have. Of course, you don't want to…you know sell 
a very expensive product to somebody that they   don't know you obviously you want to start with 
something small as far as the price low on price.   Low price point and then after that led this cells 
or the affiliate provider do the selling for you   now after that, this is very important and I think 
that's what a lot of the confusion is emails.   Now I want to talk a little bit in the next 
one about email.

A lot of people make that   mistake because not all email provider email 
Autoresponders. They're not all the same   if you are doing affiliate marketing and I've 
said it before many of the autoresponders are not   again are not friendly to affiliate marketers. 
You might not know it they might not know it   and after a week or two and sometimes less than 
that. What happens is that they shut down your   account and you found out what oh, I can't even 
access my account. I have people in there. I know   somebody that he was doing it for six months 
before they shut down his operation and he could   not get anything that he had a big lace and they 
couldn't even get it.

He could not even get it and   they will not give it to him. It because they 
said you violated the policy and it's written   somewhere in the policy. But hardly anybody 
reads that stuff. Okay. Now inside your email   you have the ability to create lists. Okay. 
If I am selling this product from an affiliate   more than likely they already have what's called a 
swipe email. Okay, which is you can go and you can   create whatever the product is. I put healthy 
food right here as an example. You can create   product less for healthy food and you can have 
that pre-written emails inside that list. So what   happens here's what happened when somebody puts 
in their email address because in Clickfunnels,   for example, it tells you where do you want me 
to send this because they have they can actually   see everybody while they can, you know connect 
with everybody as far as email Autoresponder   companies.

You'll see it in a video what happens 
after that that email address go to that list.  Now, you can have that list the first 
email goes out automatically just like this   first email that could be thank you or page 
delivery. You are delivering some kind of product   or some kind of E-Book. Something like 
that, then the day after that you'll send them   another email, another email, another email, and I 
also have a video on that if you want to go ahead   and learn more about what is it that you should 
send to people you need to watch that because you   do not want to bombard your prospect with a lot of 
email saying bye. Bye. Bye. Okay, you want to give   them value so What people get here the either what 
by or don't buy but either way you already have   their email address, then you can communicate with 
them if they already bought you should know that   they already bought most people you can do it 
automatically I do it automatically but I don't   want to do it here because it's because I don't 
know if you have that program or don't it's not   that expensive.

But anyway, you can do it and you 
can if somebody bought. Last thing you want is to   bombard them to buy buy the same product that they 
already bought so you can move them to a by list.   Okay that they already bought he can call this 
bought product a b u so you move them from this   list this list. So you don't keep selling them 
the same thing you can have you can start selling   something different, but that's not what I'm going 
to talk about. Okay, so we already have that.   I think this is clear so far now as far as the 
email autoresponder, like I mentioned before not   all of them are the same and then you have the 
ability inside the email autoresponder to go-ahead   and create list.

You can create as many lists 
as you want and you can create a list for every   product that you sell or you can predict some 
generic type of emails. And this is how it works.   Let's say healthy food right now. You have a 
pre-written. Emails right here already pre-written   email sequence right here. I do not recommend more 
than seven depending on a product always. Okay,   and let's call it. This is healthy food. Maybe you 
are doing healthy food. Maybe you do in the four   different product. I call this product list a 
these are the emails for them. They're already   pre-written. They're already there. Now what 
happens when somebody I'm going to go ahead and   take you to the other one. So when Someone already 
boom send they put in their email address. They   click this button and they send their email to the 
A-list. What happens? What happens is this is that   like I said, these are pre-written you already 
have them pre-written it goes in here and then it   triggers the first one to go out and they're going 
to start going out just like that depending on the   You see the going out by themselves it depends on 
how many days you can decide how many days you   want them to be apart one day two days or so on 
but it's okay to send somebody something every day   do not do it for more than one day because they 
forget about you.

Okay, so just want to let you   know you already have them and see if they go out 
by themselves. I didn't do anything even here. I   just one button and they start to go out again if 
you want to grow or if you want to learn how to   grow your affiliate marketing business objectives 
are very important if you have to understand,   what is your objective? Okay, again, 
the objective should be very simple to   the objective is to get leads. Let's 
say solo ads you want to you want leads   prospects customers, not everybody is going to I 
so did they buy if they bought and you said yes   that you would take him to the customer. 
Like I said before to a different lace   that says yeah, these people already 
bought and I have them in a different list.   If they didn't then you will just 
have them in the original list.   Hey, I have an original list and you just send 
them and you retarget them because they didn't   buy now the one on the top you can still 
send emails to them because you want to sell   different product.

You don't want to just sell 
one product or two products. You want to have   a portfolio of products and I created a portfolio 
of products. Look at the sales. What? Sales funnel.   This is the name of that video. I'll put it in the 
description area because it tells you exactly how   to create your portfolio of products exactly.

the top affiliate in the world how they do it.   Okay, and if you know how to do that, it's 
very difficult very very difficult to fail   to learn everything about affiliate marketing. 
Click here if you like to know about the top   Elliott marketers in the world click here. 
And as usual, I'll see you at the top..

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