How To Get Started with Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step

– Hey everyone, this is
Spencer from Buildapreneur and we're gonna talk
about how to get started in affiliate marketing, okay. For those of you who don't know me, this is what I do all day, every day. I'm a full time affiliate marketer. It's how I make my full time income. I've been completely free from my job just making money with affiliate marketing for the last year now.

I've been doing affiliate marketing for three or four years now. It's an awesome industry,
but it can only work if you do it right and guess what? 95% of affiliate marketers
do not do it right. So please stay tuned and we
will teach you to do it right. (intense music) All right, we're back, thanks
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I've won some cool free cars and things like that. So hey, who doesn't say no to a car. Anyway, let's talk about affiliate market, let's talk about the big picture. I really want you to
understand the big picture because this is why most affiliates fail, they don't understand
the big picture, okay. We're just gonna go
through it piece by piece by piece by piece. There's five or six pieces to a successful affiliate
marketing campaign and once you set it up,
it can run an automation for years which is so cool.

The first thing is niche, okay. So any flea marketers, they
say I'm gonna pick a product and then I'm just you know,
my product applies to anybody, like anybody can benefit my problem, so I'm gonna sell it to everybody. Like I don't care who buys it. I want the whole world to
me my audience that's great, that's like a decent idea you know, that's obviously, we would
all love the whole world to want our products
and to buy our products, but it doesn't work, okay. When it comes to messaging, when it comes to like how
you're presenting the product, you need to have a very specific niche.

A group of people that
are all very, very similar so that you can make your
messaging work with them, right. I'm gonna sell people very differently. If someone's a big health fanatic
and someone else is a big, I'm freezing up here,
someone else is like a big make money online fanatic, those are two totally
different passions, right? I'm gonna approach the
health guide differently than I'm gonna approach
to make money online guy. So we need to choose a niche. The way I'd choose niches. There's basically three big niches of affiliate marketing, okay. There's health, wealth and relationships. Health meaning you're
helping people get healthy, wealth meaning you're
helping people find ways for financial freedom and relationships, meaning you're helping people develop and build relationships.

Between those, that's where
pretty much all the money is in affiliate marketing. So what you're gonna do is
you're gonna pick one of those, one of those passions, okay. Mine is wealth. I like teaching people how
to attain financial freedom. A lot more people like
the health thing you know, like, yoga, working out
and things like that, obviously I don't. So you're gonna choose one of those three and then you're gonna choose a subnet. You're gonna niche down
one more time, okay. So you can't just say I want
anybody that wants to wealthy 'cause a lot of people wanna be wealthy and they're still very, very different, but you can sub-niche
even deeper than that. A lot of people do really well
teaching stay-at-home moms how to you know, obtain financial freedom by making money online. A lot of people focus on dads or on, I know a guy that focuses
on teenagers or a guy that focuses on college
students or you can focus based on like race or something like that.

So some people will focus on
a race that they connect with or a religion you know. I've seen people do it with religion. I see people do with all kinds of things, but you're gonna take your niche and then you're gonna
sub niche one more down and this way you can really
connect to these people that we're gonna start
a fight marketing to because they're all
very very similar, okay. The next thing you need to do is you need to find affiliate offers and so funny how many people struggle with this step because it's really not hard
to find affiliate offers, okay. We've got our niche,
we've got a sub niche. Now we need to go out, we need to see well what can benefit these people.

Like what do I know about already. I'm assuming you chose a niche that you kind of know a little bit about. What do I know can already benefit them and then you just go find
the affiliate programs that you know, can benefit them, okay. And it's funny many
people struggle with this. So look, if I was looking
let's say you know some product like oh I know there's a physical product that can benefit them. Maybe it's something
on, it sells on Amazon like a an exercise band or
a book or something like that they could read they can
help change their mindset. A lot of things like that, right. You go to and you're
literally just gonna type in affiliate and look, become
an affiliate right there.

Pretty much every website
that has an affiliate program has something like that. When people go to my website, kay, I sell courses on how
to make money online. How to make money online
via affiliate marketing. If you go to our website,
I've a button you can click and it takes you to affiliate. Most websites have this, okay. So you just need to start
looking for products and then you need to go find
their affiliate program. It's just really, really programs, it's really really easy to do. So the way you find like
what programs are best. One, you're gonna look at the programs and companies that you already use. I'm assuming you kind of
are somewhat passionate about the niche you chose
and you already know some companies that you use.

You know, maybe you bought a course that helped you lose 50 pounds
or maybe you bought a course that helped you learn affiliate
marketing or whatever it is. Stuff that you like, start
by just promoting that stuff 'cause you can give really easy, down-to-earth testimonials, right? Like hey, I took this course
and I made this much money or I took this course and
I lost this much weight. I took this course and me and my wife have a great relationship
now or whatever it is, right. It's much much easier to
sell once you've used it. The next thing you can do is
you can head over to Facebook, yaay, it's my Facebook page
and you can seriously type in, you can go to any group. You can go find groups online
where affiliate marketing is predominant, kay. Just type in affiliate marketing. These are all good groups,
these are all groups as you can see that I'm part of the except for that one down there
you join the groups and then you'll post a question. Hey I chose this niche
you know, I chose dads that want to lose weight
is the niche I chose and I'm looking for some
really good affiliate programs.

Does anybody know any
and you'll get you know, if it's a good group which
these are all good groups, you'll get dozens of comments, okay. You'll get people saying hey
yeah, check out this one, this is the one I promote. I love this one it's really that easy. If you don't use Facebook, use Facebook. I promise as an affiliate marketer, you're gonna wanna learn Facebook. The connections you build
in the stuff you can learn from other people on
Facebook is incredible. So get a Facebook account, but anyway, you're gonna hop into these groups and you're gonna go find products, okay.

You're gonna go ask around and people are gonna tell
you about all these products. You're gonna go and you're gonna find right at the bottom
there where you can sign up to be an affiliate or sometimes
you'll have to reach out and say hey, I'm getting
started in affiliate marketing. I hear your product is amazing. I'm planning I'm promoting
it this way, can I promote it and 90% of them will say yes. So a few that are kind of
picky and they'll say no and that's fine, you can move
on, it's not a big problem, but that's really all it takes, okay. You're gonna find a bunch of programs and then you're gonna go to the websites and you're gonna find
where it says affiliates and for those that don't,
you're gonna reach out to them via their contact form and say
hey, I want to promote you, do you have any kind of affiliate program, most companies do.

The next thing is you've got to figure out how you're gonna drive traffic, okay. You're gonna figure out traffic
is like the people, right. The people that are actually gonna buy your affiliate offers, how are you gonna get them
to see your affiliate offers. Is it gonna be Facebook. Are you gonna use Facebook
pages and Facebook ads and Facebook groups and you're
gonna get all these people to see your offers that way
you're gonna use Instagram? Are you gonna use Google, you
can use YouTube, Pinterest. There's just tons of different
places that you can choose to drive traffic from. The only thing you want
to be careful with is where is your traffic, right. Where are the people in your niche, okay. So pretty much everyone's on Facebook, but each niche is a
little different, right. If your niche is like
some kind of home decor, you're tryna like make
your home more beautiful, things like that then Pinterest is an incredible place, right. If your niche is more like
kind of these young people in their 20s or whatever and
it's a lot of the way you sell will be beautiful imagery then Instagram might be a great place.

If your niche just is like older people, you'll find that a lot of older
people are on Facebook now and so you're able to
reach out on Facebook. Google is kind of a good
option for everybody right, but anyway, you're gonna
choose a few traffic sources, maybe even just one and
try to focus on that and you're gonna say this is
where I'm gonna find the people that I want to buy my offers, okay. This this is where they hang
out and this is where they go. Like this is where they go with problems.

Like Google, do they Google things? Do they YouTube things? And I'm going to go here
and I'm gonna market and I'm gonna bring people to my offers from that place, okay. So for me, one of my
biggest ones is YouTube. You're watching this
video probably on YouTube and if you go to my youtube channel, you'll see I often link
to affiliate offers in my youtube videos. That's one of the big
ways that I drive traffic to my affiliate offers, okay.

That I get people to
click and see my links. I don't really do it in a spammy way. Maybe you find this video
spammy, I don't know, but I just basically take
people that could benefit from the offer and I give it to them. The next thing, sorry I'm making sure I'm not skipping anything
off my notes here. The next thing is lead magnets, okay. So one of the hugest, the biggest mistakes
new affiliates make is they take someone and
they send them straight to an affiliate offer. They say hey, I've got this
affiliate link, boom, go grab it and people go and maybe they
buy, most of them don't. That's life right, but
then they're done right.

Now me is the affiliate, I
need to go find more people and more people and more people and if Facebook shuts
down my account one day, I have nothing left then I
gotta start all over right. It's really, really tough
and so a lead magnet is a way that we basically capture email addresses as an affiliate marketer and that way, once we capture someone's email, then we can sell them stuff, but we already have their email address and so if they don't buy, we can sell them something
else a week from now or a month from now, we can sell them
different affiliate offers that might you know, that
might connect with them a little better or whatever
it is and we can only do that if we can capture their email. So we captured emails
with lead magnet, okay. What a lead magnet looks like. I have five of them. This is on my site. Looks something like this. Okay, I give them a free video training on how to become an affiliate marketer.

It's a pretty good training
and it's totally free and you can see, I require
them to put in an email address to get it, okay. So what have I done, I've
created a lead magnet. My lead magnet is this
free video training. It's something that I can
offer people in exchange for an email address, okay. That's all the magnet
is it's kind of like, it's the same thing as buying something, but you're saying hey instead of, I'm gonna give you something for free just for giving me your email address. That's the cost right. The cost of me giving you
this free video training is you giving me your email address and that's giving me permission to market to you in the future.

If you hate getting emails and you hate email marketing, get over it. That's how a vast majority of affiliate marketing works, okay. In fact all affiliate marketing works. So a lead magnet, we get
a quality lead magnet that can benefit them, okay. So if my audience was dad's
that wanna lose weight, my lead magnet might be
like 10 ways for busy dads to lose weight in three minutes or less or like or 10 minutes a day
or something like that right.

Something that appeals to them
and it can be like an e-book, a little free training, it can your video, can be a case study, okay. All those things work really well. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, you're gonna create it and then you're gonna
start offering it to it. Okay so now when I'm sending traffic, whether it's from Facebook
or Instagram or Pinterest or whatever it is, I'm
not sending them straight to an affiliate offer, I'm sending them to my lead magnet, okay. So in fact if you click
the link down below, it'll take you to Buildapreneur/free
and or to my webinar and it'll be a lead magnet. It I'll capture your
email address in exchange for giving you something and that way I can now market
you in the future right. So the next thing we
need is an opt-in page and that's this page
right here you can see where we offer the lead magnet, okay.

You need something where people can go to put in their email
address and to do all that. Now at, I teach you about Click Funnels which is my favorite software
and the software that I use. This is all built in
software, in Click Funnels that I'm doing right now. So you can go to and put in your email and
you'll get a free course on Click Funnels and how to do all this stuff on Click Funnels. how to easily make this
page and stuff like that to capture their email and then to send them the free lead
magnet we'll offer them and to go from there. So that's my lead magnet page. The next thing you need
is a bridge page, okay. This is just step by
step the customer journey that I'm showing. I hope this doesn't feel
too complicated right. Let's just pretend it's Instagram. I'm posting an Instagram post. In the post, I'm offering
them something for free like a free video training.

They come, it sends them to this page, they put in their email
and then the next step we're gonna talk about
right now is bridge pages. Now bridge page is where we
make our first affiliate offer to them, okay. We've given them something for free. We've captured their email address. So now we know we can market
to them in the future. Awesome, now we can feel comfortable promoting an affiliate offer
to them and the way we do that is through a bridge page. So when someone puts in their
email address right here, they get sent to another
page and this page is, actually this is a bridge page
for another product, sorry. This is a different sales funnel where I send them in a
bridge page, but basically, I send them to a page that
sells them an affiliate offer. So I'm an affiliate for dot-com secrets. It's an amazing book, you
should read it, but anyway, and this right here is
an affiliate link, okay. So someone gives you their
email and then Click Funnels will automatically send them to this page after they put in their
email and that page will sell them some affiliate offer, okay.

And it's just an upsell right. We already know they're
interested in, well in this case, they're interested in
affiliate marketing, right. In the previous example, they're a dad who's interested in losing weight. So we could send them to an
affiliate offer that's like hey, while you're here, you
should check out this free, I'm really not familiar with
the losing weight niche, but I don't know like
an exercise ball, right. Like hey I lost 10 pounds
just using this exercise ball over here or hey, I took this
guy's training or p90x right.

P90x is the number one way
to lose weight for men. I've heard of p90x before
and you can send them there and they click it and
that's your affiliate link and now you're done right. You've captured their email, you sent them to an affiliate
link in a bridge page where you're bridging them
over to an affiliate link and then there's one more step and that's email sequences, okay. We've captured their email, but we haven't really
done anything with it. So someone came in, we
captured their email, we sent them to our affiliate
offer, ding, ding, ding. Guess what, 90% of people
by the affiliate offer. 95% of people don't buy
the affiliate offer. That's fine, they didn't connect to it, they didn't like the way was selling. Maybe whether it was
that product didn't like or was just they didn't
understand how a benefit them. There's there's various reasons. Maybe they don't have
any money in the world. There's different reasons
they couldn't buy that, but does it mean they're
not interested in buying anything ever right.

It just means at that time,
that product didn't connect with them and they didn't buy it. So we build out email automations. I'm gonna show you on the screen here one of my email automations, okay. This is all that an active campaign. Once again, I have a free
course at that can teach you how to do all this, but basically that email
address goes into Click Funnels and then Click Funnels
automatically puts it in this email sequence.

All this email sequence
does is send them emails once a day or once every other day and it does lots of
things, but essentially it builds relationships with them and then it sells them additional
affiliate products, okay. So you can see here I wait a
day and then I send an email. The blue ones are emails
and then I wait two days and then I send them an
email and this email's to an affiliate offer where I sell them some affiliate offers. This email and then it waits two days then it sends them an email and this is called email automation, okay and it's so freakin
awesome, it's incredible. This is where passive
income comes in right. Where people like you
make money in your sleep. This is where the money
in your sleep is happening because people are coming
in and for weeks and weeks and weeks, my email,
don't get too confused.

I'm sorry I made that complicated. Just think an email every other day. It sends him an email every other day and it sells them additional
affiliate offers, okay. We talked about earlier how
we chose a bunch of products and so we've got four
or five, six, you know, seven or eight products
that we can sell them that are all related to the niche. We know because they
download that lead magnet, we know they're interested. You know, they're a dad
interested in losing weight or whatever it is they're interested in. So we can feel comfortable marketing them different things like this and you'll find that this makes a lot of your money. This email marketing
because people come in and they're interested in
different things, right. Like the first product you sold them just didn't interest them, but luckily, you captured their email so now you can sell them other products that might have a more
interest to them, okay.

So that's affiliate marketing, okay. so you choose a niche,
you choose a sub niche and now you've got your group of people that you wanna market. You're gonna go find the right
affiliate offers for them. Things that can actually benefit them, that's a huge part of affiliate marketing, actually benefiting people. You're gonna choose your
traffic sources you know, do I wanna drive people
from Pinterest or YouTube or Facebook ads or Facebook
groups or my Facebook page, whatever it is that you're
most comfortable with or actually no, whatever it is that your audience is mostly
on, I said that wrong, then you're gonna create a lead magnet. Something that you can offer that audience in exchange for an email
address then you create an opt-in page which is where you offer that lead magnet to them
and where they come.

So someone goes on my
Facebook page and I say, hey check out this link and
it sends them to my page, my opt-in page where I capture their email and give them the free
thing that I promised them, then you're gonna set them
to a bridge page, okay. So they put in their email and then it automatically
sends them to a page where we sell them an
affiliate offer, okay. That's the next step and
then that's all done, but then every one of them
goes into this email automation as long as they don't unsubscribe. We built this long automation
that sends them offers to other affiliate products.

Now this is a little more complicated than just spouting out
crap to them and hoping that they'll buy right? There's a lot more to this
email than meets the eye and I talked a lot about
that in that free webinar that I talked about for where you can go and learn my business. I talk a ton about that, but anyway, that's the big picture right
and there's money to be made. One, when we bridge them over
to the first affiliate product and two, there's money to be made as they go through this email sequence and they purchase different
things that can benefit them and help them accomplish
the goals they have and that's affiliate marketing, okay.

That really is, this is the big picture about pretty much everyone
is doing affiliate marketing. Now remember, I'm gonna
talk a lot more about this in my webinar. I'm gonna show you my
business and how this works in my business. I focus very, very much on passive income when I do a affiliate marketing, okay. So you can do for marketing in two ways. You can do it in a way that
like you make some good money, but you constantly have
to be feeding the beast and building it, but I build mine, my affiliate marketing
company all around passive. On how to build things that
last for a long time, okay. Like this email automation
where I can kind of pull out for a month or two and money will continue to come in as people go
through this email automation as it sends out emails
every couple days to them.

So if you're interested
in the passive income side of the marketing which who's
not interested in that, please sign up for that
webinar down below. Thanks so much, I'd love a subscribe. Tell me what you thought,
give me a thumbs up, ask questions in the comments. If you look at my videos, I
answer every single question I ever come across. You can ask me anything. You can ask me how I won the cars, you can ask me how I you
know, different questions about these email automations. Whatever it is, I love
to answer questions. I'd love to help people. Thanks so much guys. This is how to get started
with affiliate marketing. (upbeat electronic music).

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