How To Get Into Affiliate Marketing For Free / Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

in this video, I'm gonna show you how to get into 
affiliate marketing for free and generate five   hundred dollars per day in passive income with 
ClickBank but before we do that go-ahead hit   the subscription button and hit that notification 
button because I'm going to be making more videos   of how to make money online and you don't want 
to miss any here's a quick overview of what I'm   going to be showing you today all right let's 
get going on how to get into affiliate marketing   for free obviously, this is something for someone 
who wants to make money on Clickbank or on any   other affiliate marketing network but they want 
to do it very quickly so I'm going to show you all   the tricks number one the best type of affiliate 
products to promote on ClickBank with two clicks   of a button number two what free app to use to 
create Affiliate Marketing Funnel that includes   free landing pages free affiliate marketing email 
provider free affiliate marketing high quality   stock images number three how to create money make 
it marketing video for your product without you   recording anything number four how to increase 
your affiliate marketing commissions with emails   you don't have to write and number five how to 
drive targeted traffic to your offer I'm going to   give you the entire affiliate marketing business 
completely free but if you want this bonus you   have to watch to the end to find out how to use 
it okay the first thing that we talked about is   how to find the best product on Clickbank 
so I want you to go to google and type in   ClickBank simply click bank and then let's go 
there okay now we are uh inside Clickbank I'm not   going to show you exactly how to start a Clickbank 
you are on my channel so I assume that you're   you're smart that you can do it on your own all 
you have to do is click on marketplace okay now   we are on Clickbank we are under the marketplace 
I just want to make sure you understand this point   if you want to be successful in selling anything 
as far as affiliate marketing or anything online   you have to pick something that is going to be 
sellable there are three of them which are health   wealth and relationships and that's what we're 
gonna do there are sub-niches uh so to speak now   in this one what are we gonna do one of them is 
like I mentioned health wealth and relationships   so what are we gonna do is we're gonna do 
things we already clicked on health right now   let's go ahead and just uh pick a product from here 
there's nothing I don't want you to touch any of   these things here just leave them alone for 
right now what are we going to be concentrating   on you see here it says must have affiliate tools 
page these are just resources for you so you can   use them because if you have resources so they 
already made you don't have to do it yourself so   what I did here is I created something to sell 
myself and I picked something that is going to be   uh interesting before we go into this i just 
want to let you know that the way Clickbank   works is that they put the best product on 
the top the second best and so forth if you   sold 10 of these the average is 51.13 that's 
going to be around 500 a little bit above that   so a lot of things that met the criteria for this 
one so what are we gonna do is we're gonna go into   step number two okay now we are in step 
number two which is free app to use to create   affiliate marketing funnel that includes all these 
free things so I'm gonna show you some tricks you   probably don't know that they exist but I'm doing 
this just because when I first got started nobody   helped me out so I was just trying to find things 
on my own so I'm going to show you how to do all   that free of charge now what are we going to do 
we're going to take if we can take advantage of   existing app which is called ConvertKit and we're 
going to do all the other stuff I'm going to show   you step by step of how to how to do it I'm gonna 
give you all that here so I would not worry about   where I got it from so I would not worry too 
much about it number one is we're gonna find   a landing page because why the landing page is 
so important because you want to send all your   leads to that landing page so you can give them 
something so they can give you their email address   the one that I like to pick is something that 
is simple and at the same time there's not a   whole lot in it and it does not have lots 
of colors and this one here looks very good   you click on it you choose it and then it 
comes up now remember at this point so far we did not give any logins click on this 
picture here when you click on this picture   it's gonna have this pop-up which is image 
setting I promised you that there are some   high-quality images that I'm gonna give that to 
you and here they are when you click on replace   what are we gonna do we're gonna replace that 
picture now you can upload your picture yourself   if you want to if you have a really good picture 
but you don't have to you click on Unsplash   click on it once then you can put what is it that 
you're selling now we talked about what diabetes   the best thing to do is to show humans in it 
okay now we found one under old couple this   one right here you just click on it and what's 
going to happen is going to replace this one   okay after that you would change 
this right here which I did   change for you so you don't have to do that 
i have already done this for you okay and i   changed this for you as well but in case you want 
to know how to do it so we can do that under here okay so if you notice it put in the picture 
in for you, the image looks very good   now what we want to do is to get 
some inspiration to make sure that we   is congruent with whatever we are selling so the 
best way to do it is to go back to the Clickbank   and then if you see right here says affiliate page 
which which is affiliate resources this is the one   that I asked you to click on to make sure that 
you have something like this so you click on it   then you end up with something like 
this now the first thing that really   grabbed my attention, by the way, this is an 
affiliate a resource for the diabetes freedom   so there's a lot of information in it the 
first thing that grabbed my attention was   this one right here says diabetes freedom video 
course so guess what this is exactly what I am   going to do okay I made some changes here and 
I want to show you how to make this change here   now when you click when you see the color of 
this is not a really good color so you want   to go ahead and change it and the best way to 
change that is to use something like this   maybe a little bit darker there you go and 
then what you want to do is round it up that should look good so I made this for you 
right here now what are we gonna do is we're   gonna continue we click on click to edit number 
two and then we're gonna do the same thing right   here as well okay so this is already done right 
now so what happens I'm going to show you before   and after it was something like this now it became 
something like this is much more appealing   and right here I put some information you don't 
want to put too much information when it when it   comes down here and then I change this send me the 
course it's in green so when they click on that   what happens is that I'm going to show 
you here in just a little bit what happens   when they do that now before it was this right it 
says my landing page so you want to click on this   and then change it to whatever you want to in our 
case it was the diabetes we put diabetes freedom   so that's what you're going to have so 
what happens after that it's very simple   now we were going by uh the list that we 
have let's go ahead and take a look at it   to make sure we're not missing anything so 
we we got this free landing page and then we   got the stock we got the image stock and then 
we're gonna get the free affiliate marketing email   and I'm gonna show you exactly what we need to 
do now as you know by now it is the name of the   company is ConvertKit but we're doing everything 
we're doing the funnel through the con convert kit   obviously, we're not doing a complete funnel 
this is just for beginners so they'll have   something in in order for them to keep going 
so we got this now what happens after that   all right so we want to go back to our 
list here we've done this we've done this   we've done the landing page and we have a change 
the image and then we know exactly what is the   provider for the emails is going to be we'll talk 
a little bit more about that in just a little bit   let's go to number three it says how to create 
money-making marketing video for your product   without you recording anything this is great now 
how do I do that I'm going to show you exactly   how to do that we're going to go back right here 
and we're going to click uh on the resource page   that I showed you a little while ago so we click 
on the resource page and then we'll go there   now when you go to the resource page you're 
going to end up right here let me move myself   right here you want to scroll down because this 
is what we're looking for we're looking for the   video now what you see vsl stands for video 
sales letter this is the main one that they have   which is this so we grab this right here and 
then we're gonna put it in a good place which   I'm gonna show you here in just a little bit we 
go back to convert kit then what's going to happen   is okay then we go back to ConverKit to this we 
need to go back up here or say setting click on   it and what I did is I put I put it right here 
this is mine by the way now if you go back and   you take a look it shows you some axes but if you 
take a look at the axis this is where you put your   id if you look right under how to get started it 
says replace your the axis with your own Clickbank   affiliate id or nickname so that's all you have to 
do just follow the instructions and you'll be fine   just make sure to do that so you can get credit 
for it when somebody clicks on your landing page okay let's go back here and make sure we're not 
missing anything it says right here how to create   money-making marketing video for your product 
without recording a video I did show you the link   so the link is very important what happens with 
the link so even if you go and you click on the   link let's go ahead and click on it right now 
it just plays the video so you're going to have   this video when somebody goes in here and if you 
watch it a little bit a little bit later on it   gives you a little bit more options so I already 
put it inside the landing page so when they click   on that when they click on continue send me that 
course this is what happens they would see that   video all right now let's go ahead and continue 
we are on number four which is emails how to get   the emails we need emails as well so you get in 
the whole package here uh with the email so where   do we get the emails we go back to the resource 
page that they gave us and if we take a look here   we take a look at email swipes and when you click 
on that you will have the emails there are email   number one number two four and all that when you 
go and this is now this is now we're right here   when you click on this or when you click on this 
to continue they're going to ask you now for   your information in other word your email address 
and uh how you're going to log in login so they're   going to create one for you and the one that 
they're going to create for you is absolutely   free now after you log in and so they're going 
to give you access to a free account but to   know what's inside your free account you don't 
pay anything and it's unlimited landing pages   just like we did before unlimited traffic you 
can send as much traffic as you want customize   domain which is something that I want you to 
get because you don't want somebody looking   at a page with a bunch of numbers as a 
URL and I'll show you where to get it   in the description below email broadcast sending 
you can do that 1000 subscribers for free   sell digital product free build and launch courses 
all that for free so make sure you you understand   this is really free okay so let's say I gave 
you right now an example of what's inside the   free account now you know what it is now after 
you give them the information they're gonna   send you to a sequence uh name so you have to 
give them the information then what you want to do   is click where you can just build in your 
sequence what sequence means is your emails   okay you click on generate you give it a name and 
then it'll ask you questions, day one for example   uh and then you click on this it's gonna generate 
day two and so forth so you don't have to do much   it's going to send this the first day second 
day third day and so forth until you finish   with that so what you want to do is basically 
take the emails from here copy email number   one and then make sure you put it in uh email 
number one right here so all that is right here   let's go ahead and grab back this and see how 
we're gonna do that now the most important thing   is that you know how to drive traffic to 
your offer and I'm gonna show you that in just   a little bit because if there is no traffic there 
is nothing and i'm talking about targeted traffic   a lot of people what they do is they get free 
traffic it's very difficult to get some really   decent free traffic especially if you want to 
get going very quickly but I'm gonna show you   exactly where we're gonna where we actually do 
get our traffic targeted traffic in other words   people look in for what you are selling they send 
them to you automatically and of course there's   a price for that but the price is a lot a lot 
better than spending a lot of time trying to wait   for somebody or somebody who is serious that 
wants to buy so as far as the price i would not   worry too much about the price because it's very 
very low and then you get to pick and choose the   person that you want to work with I'll leave that 
in the description area below where you can take   a look at it and decide if you want to do it or 
not now I talked about this before I talked about   I'm going to give you the entire affiliate 
marketing uh a business completely free if you   waited now it looks like you waited so what I'm 
gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and tell you where to   get that from another word what you will have is 
everything let me go ahead and give you an example   okay so when you go in the description below 
you're gonna see a link that says my affiliate   business is going to say my affiliate business 
funnel when you click on that this is exactly what   you're going to see because I have built this for 
you right here I built the diabetes uh uh free uh   freedom form which is the landing page and 
when somebody land on a landing page they go   through the process that we set them up uh that i 
set them up in front of you and then they would go   we gonna tag them so we'll know you know what is 
this? this is you know where your customers are   going it's like a bucket for all 
these people that are coming from a particular   uh for example for particular a product which is 
the diabetes freedom so the emails are taken care   of and then what I did in the bottom upward 
100 this is a delay time I put 100 days so   you can make a decision in another word if you have 
another person who did not buy maybe after five   days or ten days or so then you can send them to 
another uh funnel that you can create and there's   a lot of people here that will help you so that 
would not be an issue so what's going to happen   is you want to click on this one here it says 
use the automation when you click on use the   automation this is this that you see right here 
is going to get imported free to your ConverKit   funnel account so you don't have to do anything 
everything is taken care of you already imported   exactly what I have just make sure that you put 
all your information or if you want to make some   changes to it make sure you do that as 
well so everything is there for you to use if you want to know everything about affiliate 
marketing click here if you want to know about   the top affiliate marketers in the world click 
here and as usual I'll see you at the top

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