How To Earn $1000+ Per Day With Affiliate Marketing

So, you want to make $1,000 per day
online in affiliate marketing or just on an online business. I'm going to be showing
you 2 ways to make that sort of money online in this video. And I'll be showing
you affiliate programs that you can do this with on my computer and how to sign
up for them and how to promote them. It's going to be fun. Let's make some money. So,
the 2 ways to make $1,000 per day online is very simple. 1 is you can
sell a thousand a product where you make a $1 commission on.

So, you can
sell a lot of a small thing or you can sell one of a product that will make you
$1,000 commission for one sale. So, I'm going to be going over both of
these methods on my computer real quick. Let's check it out. So, the first thing is
you can promote little products that'll pay you a dollar. Now, a good example of
this is actually getting people to simply install apps on their phone. You
can get paid a dollar. Every time you get somebody to install an app on their
phone and one place that you can go to find out. You can join an affiliate
program to sell these things is Above All Offers.

So, above all offers is an
affiliate network and you can sign up right here. Just by clicking this button
"Affiliates" and you can go in there program, you sign up and you can sell
products, get people to install apps on their phone. Now, an example of one of
these apps you can get people to install is Roblox. Roblox is a kind of a
competitor to a Minecraft. And as you see here, they just enter in an account on
their phone.Tthis would show up you know, I'm on a computer it would show up
differently on a phone. But roblox is just a little game that people install.
And you know Roblox however they make money, they make money.

But you know, I
think they have like virtual goods you can buy inside the game and whatnot.
But you get people to install this app and you will get a dollar every time
somebody installs of this game on their mobile device. Very easy. You can do
advertising a lot of different ways to get people to do that. Now, the next way
to make a thousand dollars a day online it's actually my favorite. This is how I
got started in affiliate marketing and I believe this is a lot easier than
getting people to install a thousand apps. And that is getting $1,000
commission per day. Now, the affiliate program that I use to get thousand
dollar commissions from is called regal assets. And it's in the investment niche.
Now, what's great about the investment niche is there's trillions of dollars
every year literally. I cannot physically show you what trillions of dollars looks

But I can show you what a thousand dollars looks like. And the investment
niche is just where it's at in my opinion. Now, regal assets also known as
regal assets wealth partners is a great way to get high referral commissions. And
this program has paid out over… There should be a link below this video… And
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subscribe hit that notification bell to get more videos from me. If you're getting
value already and learning about how to make money online, right? So, regal assets
has paid out, let's look at this. There are lots of affiliates earning $100,000 in a single month. 50 thousand dollars in a single month. $47,000 in a single month. I worked with this program since 2012.
And this is what allowed me to quit my job. I was working at a marketing agency
and I moved on to being an affiliate marketer and I was making 25 to
50 thousand dollars per month with this affiliate program.

So, that thousand
dollar a day number is very easy to hit with this. Now, I didn't have any
mentorship in this. You know, a lot of it I had to figure out myself. But the average
sale is $65,000 right here. The way their program works is you get 3% of any
invested amount. The average amount of people that people invest is $65,000 and
you earn on average $2,000 every time somebody makes an investment. Now, as you
see, over $305,000,000 worth of business has been
referred by other affiliate marketers like me and like you can.

And over $10,000,000 in commissions has been paid out. That's some serious money.
Here's an example of a sale that got an affiliate. a 90,000-dollar
commission check. $90,000 from one click. One lead, one sale. Huge
commissions. Okay? So, you can sign up below and sign up as an affiliate
somewhere around here. Join as an affiliate. This is where you would click
to join as an affiliate. The type of page that you would be promoting is this page
right here. If you can see this, regal assets specializes in alternative
investments and they help people move their money from their retirement
portfolio or from their investment accounts into alternative assets. Such as
metals, you know gold, silver, platinum, palladium. And crypto currencies. You know?
There's a whole suite of crypto currencies. Now, crypto currencies, I won't
go on about that. Some people say it's the future.

I believe it's the future of
the monetary system. The government doesn't necessarily like it but it is
the future. And you would promote this page. And all you would be responsible
for as an affiliate is to have somebody request a free crypto and metals kit
about investing. And to enter in their name, email and phone number. And that's
all you have to do as an affiliate. You don't even have to actually make a sale.
Now, there are sales people. The sales people over at regal assets do all the selling
for you, okay? After the people enter in their information, explain the process of
investing and of why alternative assets are a good place to invest. There's many
ways to get traffic. But this is not about traffic. You can get traffic on
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google.

And target specific keywords such as gold
invest.ment or crypto investment. Investing in crypto. You can put up blog
posts. You can put up an Instagram account. Focused on investment and
investing strategies. You could create a Facebook group about alternative
investing strategies. There's a million-in-one ways that you can get
traffic to people interested in investment. But the most important thing
is that you just get started.

Again, the most important thing is that while I
love having you watch me is that you just get started. You put up that
Instagram account, you put up that Facebook group, you put up that Facebook
page. You put up those blog posts, you put up those YouTube videos explaining to
people how they can invest or how they can you know, fun games they can install
on their mobile device. The point is you just get started. The money is out there.
These are 2 beautiful ways of making money from affiliate marketing without
having people to buy anything. Once again, the beauty of the 2
affiliate programs that I just showed you is that when you get somebody to
install a mobile app, they don't have to buy anything for you to earn a

The beauty of it is to get that sale, you don't actually have to get
people to buy anything. You're just getting their name, phone number and
email address and the sales team does all the work for you. Affiliate marketing
has never been easier. And I hope you guys enjoy this video of these 2
methods to make money. To make a thousand dollars a day with affiliate marketing.
Now again, if you want to get started with either of these programs, I
recommend you either sign up for RA wealth partners which there should be a
link in the description or you sign up with Above All Offers which is an
affiliate network which has plenty of mobile app install offers on them.

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what you found the most interesting? I'd really like to know. Do you find doing
app installs is the more interesting? Doing lots of little app installs or
doing really big high ticket commissions, thousand-dollar sales? What do you find
most interesting? Lots of small-time commissions or a
small amount of big-time commissions? Let me know in the comments below.
Talk to you soon. Let's have fun. Let's make some money online and let's learn

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