[Music] hello over one the suspense her from build-up renewer and we're gonna talk about blogs and affiliate marketing today okay I'm I'm blogging in a fluent marketing is actually the way I was introduced to flip marketing and I spent my entire first year just doing affiliate marketing with blogs so from there with it and we're gonna use one of my first sites ever as the example as we go through this and at the very end I'm actually gonna make an offer I'm gonna offer you a completely free affiliate marketing course that goes over a lot more than just this and just stay till the end and you can get the course for free so the first thing that's really important is when you choose your blog you need to typically choose a niche okay so so Google likes a blog to be about something specific if you choose a blog and you make it all vague and you know yeah I want to be affiliate for this and this and this and that and this and nothing related your site isn't cohesive and it's gonna struggle the rank for things okay it's not impossible it's just harder so that's the first thing just pick a niche you know and go from there and you can make multiple blogs or however you want to do that but per blog pick a niche so the first thing and we're gonna use my niche yeah which is stock market okay that's the the first vlog I made okay so once you've done that it's time to start doing some keyword research like I need to write a blog post what's my first step well let's figure out what I want to write it on okay I'm using a tool called keyword tool I oh okay and so you can use that you can also use something called Google or Google AdWords has a free tool called Google Keyword planner that you can use if you sign up for an AdWords account but this one should be just fine as you can see I typed in stock market and got six hundred and fifty two unique keywords okay so what you're doing is you're looking for what you're really looking for is by a related keywords okay typically you know someone looking for stock market hours or stock market crash or stock market game it's gonna be hard to get them to just go buy something right there–all and I'm looking to buy something there's no ninten there to buy something you might be able to snag a few but for the most part you're gonna struggle to get them to buy okay so we're gonna keep scrolling there's 600 right so and I'm not sure where in here are the ones that I chose but I'll show you them if I if I see him anyway stock market course okay stock market course right there okay that's a good one someone's looking to buy a course in the stock market right they're looking for you to sell them something okay stock market education maybe a little less buy related but similar someone that wants to learn on the stock market and if you can you know introduce them to the right product they're very likely to buy stock market for beginners that's somebody looking that could probably buy so a lot of things like that okay so you're gonna pick one of those and you're gonna choose one phrase okay don't use something really really short like don't choose like stock market because you're probably not gonna rank for stock market ever but she's something long like the best stock market course or something like that okay something very very specific that you can focus that whole article on and rank for just that small minut you know phrase or keyword so the two that I chose I'm gonna do is an apple here is the best technical analysis books okay and technical analysis books is basically books about the stock market okay so I when I was doing this somewhere in these 652 I found the best technical analysis book sounds like I'm gonna write an article net these people are looking to buy a book okay so I you know I proceeded to step two and step two is you need to connect with the proper affiliate programs okay so now I know okay I need to be doing books where's a place that I can refer them to stock market books and the place kind of obvious is Amazon sells tons of books and it's really easy to sign up for Amazon's affiliate program just google it and you can sign up for it anyway so that's what it was for this one a couple other places you can go if you have a legitimate site and kind of legitimate brand already set up you can you can sign up for an affiliate with CGA comm click Commission Junction but they're a little more picky so you do need to have kind of a legitimate looking brand for them to sign up if they don't feel like you're either gonna deliver or that you're gonna kind of spam their links they won't let you sign up so Commission junctions one another one that you put which anyone can sign up for is jvzoo okay and then there's tons of different affiliate products in there you can log in and you'll see all kinds of categories and things and I have videos that kind of explain jvzoo better and then there's come bank and so you got a Clickbank quick sign up and you can sign for same thing tons of categories on Clickbank and you can find products and sales funnels that other people have a cool thing about these last two is a lot of them will pay you like fifty percent of the money they make off people you send so a much more than Amazon which pays like six eight ten percent depending on how many people you're sending okay so now we've got our programs and we've got our our keyword and then we're gonna write the article okay so we're gonna show you this technical analysis books article I hired this out you can go to like a site like that's and you can hire it out for like twenty thirty bucks but what you want to do is you can write an article one that's kind of focused on your keyword okay so you're gonna want that phrase you chose to kind of like be sprinkled throughout it and variations of that phrase sprinkle throughout it so Google gets a very very clear picture this is what it's about okay so you want to use it in the title best technical analysis books and you want to really just give Google this good idea of what your site's about what that page is about okay because Google will never rank you if they don't know that okay so there it is and you can see I signed up to be an affiliate of ten different books and I wrote a really long article Google likes long articles okay especially when people are searching for something like this Google knows that and they won't make this they want a long very useful article not just kind of some weak put together you know you didn't really do any work a research article hey so you're right this this beautiful long article and then each one of these is an affiliate link okay so I say this book technical mouse is for dummies they click it sends an Amazon same thing with every single one of these links and I have pricing links as well right here they all send them to Amazon okay okay yeah the next thing is I'm not gonna teach you on this because it's so vast but it's called off page SEO okay once you've written an article and you've included your affiliate links and it's a good article and you've got everything set up and Google you know it's very clear to Google what your article is about you're still probably not gonna rank in the beginning you're gonna need to do off page SEO which is kind of a vast world that's a tons of things you can do you need to get links from other sites you need to get social things going on you get all kinds of things going on on the Internet so Google likes your website basically and likes that page okay and thinks that people will also like that page so that's off page we're gonna talk about it but that's the last step in kind of what you do here and then you get to the point where people Google best technical analysis books and you can see right there at not spot number two that's the article beginning stock trader that's technical analysis books okay there's my article and this you know I get about I get about four or five hundred people a month that come to this article and a very large number of them go buy a book because there's tons of different options for them and they can click through and even if they don't buy my book once they click to Amazon and buy anything for 24 hours I get the Commission for it so even if they go buy a mop or something like that okay so you can look at another article I do the exact same thing on one of the other keywords I found was people were looking for the best stock broker so the best online stock brokers and you can see that I built it out into a bigger phrase best online stock brokers for beginners okay so I knew that it's a really hard niche stock market so I owned in on the best online stock brokers for beginners a very very specific thing and that's how I was able to rank for this one I think I just hit the first page a while back and kind of moving up right now it's very hard keyword to go for it anyway I Jing another build out this huge page I have this huge thing when I talk about stock brokers I talk about what you need to look for and then I review all these different brokers okay what I'm trying to do is I'm trying like a long page that Google sees as like tons of relevant content and then also just a very useful page that people can come and there's a table and they can do quick comparisons and as you can see I signed up for multiple affiliate programs so it's sort of pretty much my page can offer anyone a link right you want you want somebody not to go there see one thing and back out you want to go there and say oh this page has everything I need I've seen to figure out which one I need to use I can click this affiliate link or this affiliate link this link and you know they'll click one of your affiliate links so that's kind of how you want to do that and that's that's how you affiliate market with a blog you just pump out posts like this okay and you're gonna have to do your own research on how to do off page SEO because like I said it just fit in this video but conceptually that's exactly what we're doing here so thanks for watching this is build-up renewer and I mentioned there was gonna be a free course at the end let me talk about it real quick so I've been doing a fluid marketing for many years it's how I make my full-time income I work and I have created a fairly comprehensive free course that shows you how to do affiliate marketing not only with a blog with all kinds of different things okay really how to become an affiliate marketer full-time and really really succeed in the long run as an affiliate marketer so there's a link down below all you gonna do is click that it'll actually send you to a free page you put in an email address and yes I do require an email address and that you can get access to that completely free course and I'll give you all kinds of cool affiliate programs you can connect with and all kinds of fun things so go ahead and head down to there click Subscribe if you learn something and we'll go from there

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