How to Build a $1000+/Month Affiliate Marketing Website (Make Passive Income Online)

hey guys it's hogan here and i'm so excited 
for this video because it's taking me literally   months to put this together for you guys so in 
this video i'm gonna be showing you guys step   by step how to build a thousand dollar per month 
affiliate niche website so it's a completely free   course on affiliate marketing and how to start an 
affiliate marketing website so the reason why i   actually want to create this video is because 
there are already so many videos showing you   guys different ideas and concepts on affiliate 
marketing but none of them actually show you guys   how to execute on those ideas and if you really 
want to be successful with affiliate marketing and   creating your own affiliate marketing website it's 
not about the idea of it right it's not about the   concept it's about execution so in this video 
i want to show you guys the behind the scenes   process of creating a affiliate marketing website 
step by step and doing it the right way so what's   different about this video is that we're actually 
gonna be creating a real live case study website   with you guys and we're gonna try and take 
it from zero to a thousand dollars per month   so make sure you subscribe for future updates 
for this website now there's a lot to cover today   as i've actually separated this tutorial into 
seven different parts so part one we're going   to go through understanding and answer 
some common questions that people have   for example what exactly is affiliate marketing 
what is an affiliate marketing website how it all   works and how do you actually make money with it 
then i'll go through things such as why you should   actually start affiliate marketing go through 
some of the pros and the cons so you can decide   whether or not it's for you or not for you then 
part two is we're going to go through finding a   niche and finding the best type of products to 
promote to earn affiliate commissions then part   three we're going to find low competition keywords 
and also profitable keywords that you can actually   target for your website so don't worry if you're 
not really sure what i'm talking about right now   i'll go through it in more detail later on in 
part four we're going to go through website   setup and design so i'm going to show you guys 
how to fully customize your website it doesn't   matter if you want to create like a simple blog 
and monetize it with affiliate links or you want   to create an amazon affiliate website or like 
a product review website or any type of website   it's fully customizable and i'll show you how to 
do that part five i'm going to go through content   creation which is probably the most important 
part of an affiliate marketing business then part   six we're going to go through optimization so i'm 
going to show you guys the step-by-step process of   optimizing your website so that it ranks in google 
right because you want to make sure your website   is actually ranking in google so that you actually 
get people going to your website clicking on your   affiliate links so i'm going to show you guys 
how to optimize it properly on page and off page   search engine optimization and then part seven 
we're going to go through some final tips and   strategies to help you succeed quicker okay and 
i'm going to be showing you things that no one   normally shows you so i'm so excited to begin 
so make sure you grab a pen and a piece of paper   maybe get a coffee or some water or something 
like that we're going to get started right now   so part one understanding and questions i want to 
go through this part because i want everyone to   fully understand exactly what it is and what it's 
not right and also answer your questions because i   remember you know starting affiliate marketing and 
not knowing exactly what it was and you know how   to actually do it properly so what is affiliate 
marketing right so affiliate marketing is the   process of promoting a product or service for 
a commission so think about you as being a real   estate agent and you are helping the owner sell 
a house and if the buyer purchases the house then   the owner is going to give you a commission for 
that sale because you've helped him sell the house   right you've helped him advertise and promote 
the house and then you've sold it right so let's   say for example the house price is let's say a 
million dollars and you get two percent commission   so basically that's around twenty thousand dollars 
so that is your commission right so affiliate   marketing is essentially the same thing but online 
so how it actually works is that you the affiliate   you can actually sign up for a affiliate program 
right so you can actually join the affiliate   program of many products and services that 
you have used already so for example on amazon   they have an affiliate program called the amazon 
associates program where you can actually join and   basically can promote all the products on amazon 
so let's say for example you want to promote a   coffee machine to your friends or your customers 
or your viewers or your readers then what you do   is you sign up they'll give you a special tracking 
link right it's also known as a referral link   or an affiliate link and what that link does it 
basically adds like a cookie or like a little tag   virtual tag on that link so that it basically 
knows you know when the customer actually   purchases that that you actually referred them 
okay so then amazon will pay you the commission   so for example if the coffee machine is 500 
there is a 10 commission that means you earn 50   right so there are many ways to actually promote 
your links right so obviously you can promote your   link on facebook you like you know send it to your 
friends and your families hey this is the best   product ever and then you can send the link there 
or you could do like what a lot of influencers do   on instagram you can do like click the link in my 
bio or use xyz for 10 off and things like that you   can also email people um you can also reply and 
you know comment on different forms and everywhere   around the internet and leave your link right but 
those aren't the best ways to actually promote   your affiliate links the best two ways are your 
website and a youtube channel okay so in this   video we're going to focus mostly on creating an 
affiliate website so we're going to be focusing   on that so the reason why it's best to promote on 
a website or a youtube channel is because these   platforms are search engines so people actually 
typing in google like looking for things they're   researching different products and services and 
trying to figure out you know is this product   good or not right so there are thousands or maybe 
millions of products and people want to know you   know is this product for them you know should they 
be looking at a budget option or a more expensive   option they also want to learn how to solve a 
problem right so people also type in you know   how to on youtube as well just like you found 
this tutorial you might have typed in how to make   a website or how to start affiliate marketing or 
whatever it is you are looking to solve a problem   okay so on these platforms people are looking for 
things when we're talking about these different   other platforms for example you got like facebook 
instagram or an email a lot of times people aren't   really looking for a review right they might just 
be scrolling on facebook or scrolling through the   instagram feed but they're not really in the 
mindset of purchasing something but let's say   when you're creating a website and your website's 
ranking on google then you know people are looking   for that review right and if your review is on the 
first page of google they click into your website   they click your link and then you're able to 
earn a commission so it's a lot more natural   and the conversions are normally higher and so 
you're able to earn more commissions right so   you're also able to earn a passive income because 
if your website is actually ranking on google   then every single month there's a consistent 
amount of people who are actually searching for   specific products and specific product reviews or 
how to do certain things okay so if your website   is there your website never sleeps and people are 
able to access your website from anywhere around   the world and that's how you actually generate a 
passive income okay so what i want to show you now   is just a real example of how it actually works 
and how do you actually make money from it and   how much money can you make okay so we're going 
to open up google okay so what i want to do now   is just show you an example of how it all works 
and how much commission you can expect to earn   with affiliate marketing and with a website so 
we're going to type in nord vpn review so nordvpn   is just a vpn provider and a vpn is a virtual 
private network which basically just allows you to   hide your ip address so that when you're browsing 
the internet then no one can actually track your   actions and you can also use it to unlock netflix 
of different countries because you can connect   to a different sort of server with a different 
ip address for example if i'm in australia   i can connect to united states and i can 
watch the netflix in the united states   okay so i just wanted to explain uh what it was 
okay so generally um that's the type of content   that you need to create when you're creating an 
affiliate marketing website um because people   are just about to purchase right so you can't 
just create any type of content it has to be   content where people are just about to purchase 
or they're in the process of solving a problem   and then you're recommending them a specific 
product okay so on the top over here is the   google adwords results so basically the company 
will actually pay google for every click that   someone makes and clicks into that website right 
so that is how google actually makes money and   if you actually scroll down over here you can 
see the organic results so you can actually see   a ton of different affiliate marketing websites 
and we're gonna click into this one over here so   let's say for example you are reading this review 
and you're reading about it and you like it so if   we actually click on visit website you can see 
on the bottom that is an affiliate tracking link   right so if someone clicks on that that's going 
to basically add like a cookie onto the browser   and if they purchase through that link 
then it's going to track back to this   website over here and the website's owner 
so if someone purchases and grabs the deal what you're going to notice is that you 
can see the two-year plan over here and   you can see the price of 89 for the first 
two years and without the discount is 286   right so how much commission does this website 
owner actually make from a sale so what we can   do is go to the website or whichever 
company that you want to promote and you can   scroll down to the very bottom and generally what 
they have is a section where you got the affiliate   program and you can click into it so it might be 
called like partner program or anything like that   and you can become an affiliate and then you can 
get a tracking link and add it onto your website   so we can scroll down over here now generally 
a lot of websites will actually show how much   commission you actually uh get paid so for 
the two year offer the owner actually gets 40   per new sign up okay so we're going to get the 
calculator out and we're going to calculate it   so 89 times 0.4 so 40 so that's around 35 dollars 
per sale okay and once they renew as well so let's   say for example um whoever purchases this plan 
they like it and they renew it for 286 dollars   then the owner is going to get a renewal fee as 
well so it's going to be 286 times 0.3 and then   they get paid 85 on the renewal okay so that's how 
it all works and how you actually get paid now the   next question is like how much does the website 
actually earn so the website um it really depends   on the type of content um that you actually create 
so let's say for example you create a random piece   of content which is not very very uh sort of 
targeted people aren't looking for the product   then it might be zero percent conversions 
and you might not be making any money at all   but for this type of keyword people are just 
about to purchase right so we actually need   to figure out how many visitors does this website 
actually get so you can actually use a tool called   ahrefs and for this specific uh key phrase it's 
actually searched around 25 000 times in the   united states per month right and then the global 
volume is around 44k right so that doesn't mean   this website and this page over here gets you know 
44 000 people on the website right that's too much   because uh that's the amount of people who are 
actually searching for that key phrase but it   doesn't mean that they click into that okay so 
we can actually scroll down to the very bottom   and we can actually find the website over here the 
vpn mentor and you can see the estimated traffic   um monthly visits over here so it's around 5200 
okay so if we get the calculator out and we do   5200 and let's say one out of every 100 person 
uh purchases right so just one percent so we can   times that by 0.01 that's around 52 purchases per 
month now it might even be a lot higher because   they actually have um the adword position as 
well so as you can see um let's go back over here   they actually have their advertisement up here 
as well right so it can be quite high as well but   the the traffic over here this is the organic 
search results okay so for example 52 times 35   that would be about a thousand 800 per month for 
that specific page only so what is really amazing   is that as you can see on the actual website over 
here they don't just have you know one product   that they're promoting right or one keyword that 
they're targeting per page they got multiple   pages like nordvpn coupons expressvpn and 
they've also got you know different other   key phrases that people actually searching 
for as well so this website over here is   probably earning you know seven figures per year 
because it has a lot of traffic um to the website   okay so you know it's really important to 
understand that you can't really expect to achieve   these results especially if you're just starting 
out this is actually a very very competitive niche   because the commission rates are quite high right 
if we're actually talking about this product over   here this is actually like a digital product 
or a virtual product and the profit margins   for this company is going to be quite high and 
that's how they actually pay such a high sort   of commission rate right so not every affiliate 
program pays such a high commission rate right   so if we look at the amazon associates affiliate 
program and we can click onto here to learn   how much do i earn from the program you'll 
actually find the commission rates over here   as well so let's say for example we're talking 
about the coffee machine that's around 4.5 percent   okay and we look at the most popular coffee 
machines you know it might be like 200 or   something like that so this one over here um let's 
do some calculations so two two nine times zero   point zero four five okay so that's around ten 
dollars per sale so it's not as high and you   don't get the renewal fee so it really depends 
on what type of product that you are promoting   and it depends on the conversions as well and 
also the commission rates on how much you can   actually earn and obviously it depends on whether 
or not you can actually rank your website up there   and how many sort of pages that you are creating 
so let's say for example this is your website   what you'll have is you'll have separate pages 
for different products and different reviews   and different pages for different content on your 
website so each page is sort of like this little   uh rental property that you have right so each 
product that you promote might have a different   commission rate and it might have also a different 
number of people who are searching for it as well   as a different amount of visitors that come to 
your website so it's sort of really just like a   virtual rental property so it's going to take you 
time to actually build up it's not like a get rich   quick thing at all but don't worry i'm going to 
show you guys step by step how to actually do it   so right now you're probably thinking you know is 
this even real is it too late is it a scam and you   know other people making money with affiliate 
marketing so i know how you guys feel because   i felt the exact same when i first started with 
affiliate marketing right i signed up for a lot   of email um email newsletters and a lot of 
webinars watch a lot of videos and a lot of   people showed me screenshots of you know how much 
they're making with affiliate marketing right so   for me when i first started i actually thought 
that a lot of people showed me screenshots of   people who are actually um like their core sales 
and things like that those screenshots for the   course sales but i think a lot of people um 
legitimately make money with affiliate marketing   right they just don't show you so this is one 
of the affiliate programs that i'm a part of   and yesterday we made around 70 right so this 
is very very real now i'm not saying that you   guys can achieve this overnight right it's going 
to take a lot of work and it's going to take you   time especially when you're creating a website 
and ranking it on google right because you have   to create the content and things like that but 
this is very very real so it also depends on the   types of products that you're promoting so this 
one is a digital product so the commission rates   are higher so for example on you know the 28th 
you know we made over a hundred dollars right   and this is another affiliate program where it's 
uh reoccurring commissions so i made 11 sales but   there has been over 39 rebuilds right 
so every time it rebuilds then it pays   me another forty dollars okay so every single 
month so this is another affiliate program over   here so i've earned over seventy eight thousand 
um so yeah it's very very real so it's not just me   and also you know other websites that you have 
not really heard of that is making money so   this website called wirecutter which is recently 
actually four years ago acquired by new york times   for 30 million dollars so if you actually 
search up wirecutter and search up on wikipedia   you'll see that they were acquired by the 
new york times um 2016 for 30 million dollars   right so if you actually go to the website 
you can actually see um it is primarily an   affiliate marketing website so it's a content 
website that does reviews on different products   and they monetize with affiliates so for example 
over here it says wirecutter is reader supported   when you buy through links on our website we may 
earn an affiliate commission so they actually   generated over 150 million in revenue from 
affiliate programs so that doesn't mean that   they made 150 million otherwise they'll be selling 
for like probably over a billion dollars but we do   have to take into consideration the affiliate 
commission rate so let's say for example 150   million so one i think that is is that too many 
okay that's too many zeros let's do that again so yep 150 and then let's just say for example 
they are selling physical products so let's say   five percent that would be around 7.5 million um 
from its launch which is 2011 to 2016.

So if we   divide that by five okay that should be over 1.5 
million or maybe even more than that uh 2 million   per year in revenue okay so affiliate marketing is 
very very real um there are a ton of websites that   use affiliate marketing as a way to monetize their 
content and youtubers also do the same as well   so sam over here is a travel and aviation youtuber 
right and he's also promoting uh vpns because vpns   are quite popular since you know it's sort of 
like a product that everyone probably needs   and as you can see here it's over four hundred 
thousand views so you can bet that he's generated   you know thousands and thousand dollars from 
promoting you know the vpn so affiliate marketing   is very real and this leads me to the pros and 
cons which i want to talk about so you can fully   understand exactly you know the positives and 
also the negatives of affiliate marketing okay   so let's discuss some of the pros of an affiliate 
marketing website and affiliate marketing business   so number one you're able to earn passive income 
so the reason why i actually got started with   affiliate marketing was because you know my dad 
actually owns a restaurant in melbourne australia   and basically every single day he would be working 
every day you know and i'll just be at home taking   care of my brother and my sister and we barely 
ever went on any holidays and things like that   so i was always you know searching up how to make 
money online and how could i actually make money   while i was on holiday so i didn't have to spend 
you know time just working all the time and i   couldn't you know travel and things like that you 
know so that was one of the biggest reasons why i   actually got started with affiliate marketing 
so you're able to earn passive income because   if your website is actually ranking on google it 
means that it's there like right it's there 24 7.   anyone's able to access that anywhere around the 
world and every single day there is a consistent   amount of people who are actually searching for 
your website and what you have to offer so for   example if you're creating a coffee machine review 
or like nordvpn review or like you know different   product reviews there's a consistent amount of 
people who are searching for that every single   month and if they click it and they purchase 
it and that's how you make passive income   and you've also got unlimited potential so this 
doesn't have any limit to how much you can earn   so i remember working as a waiter at my dad's 
restaurant and i would get paid like 13 to 15   per hour and i would work like 10 hours a day and 
basically like the whole day will be gone because   the rest of the day i'll just like be used to 
showering resting and eating and just sleeping   right but the rest of the day the other 10 hours 
is just gone and i couldn't really earn more   than that so if i earn you know 15 times 10 150 
per day and that was a ceiling that was a limit   but with affiliate marketing there is no limit it 
depends on how hard you actually work right the   more content that you produce the more you're able 
to make and you're also able to work from anywhere   in the world so you know for me i started to make 
you know over ten thousand dollars per month from   affiliate marketing in 2000 and end of 2016 and 
2017 so i was actually able to travel and work   at the same time now i don't really recommend it 
if you're just starting out um because when you're   traveling and working it's not as productive but 
you can do it okay so number four it's also very   low capital and low overheads so if you were to 
start like a brick and mortar business or even   an e-commerce business you know at least you'll 
need five ten thousand dollars to start an online   business where you have your own goods and you're 
selling that right but with affiliate marketing   you can start from as little as 100 and also 
number five it's also very high profit margins   so for example if you're promoting a product you 
don't have to sort of um you know order the goods   like let's say for example if you're starting 
e-commerce you have to order the goods you don't   really have to hire anyone and you're also able to 
earn a us dollar so for example i'm in australia   i'm able to let's say i earn ten thousand 
dollars then it would be like you know times 1.35   the conversion rate to australian dollars so it'd 
be like 13 000 or more okay so that is really   really awesome especially if you're living in a 
country where it's like a lower cost of living   that means you can save a lot of money and yeah 
it's just really really awesome so number six you   get to be really really independent and creative 
uh what i mean by that is that if you are working   at a company and things like that you know it's 
very very uh like you have to follow procedures   and you have to do you know what the boss tells 
you to do but with your own affiliate marketing   business you can create any type of content 
and you can be really creative with it as well   so you can just fully express yourself um 
number seven you don't need any special skills   or certifications you don't need any special 
certificate for affiliate marketing you can   join any affiliate program as long as you have 
a website or like a a following um most likely   they'll actually accept you now if you don't have 
a website and don't have any type of you know sort   of presence online some affiliate programs might 
not let you join so that's why creating a website   is really important so number eight you don't 
have to deal with any shipping or customer support   so i do think you do have to let's say for 
example if you have a website if people uh   you know comment on your website and things like 
that you do have to reply um but there is no like   consistent sort of customer support that you have 
to do right the company will actually do that um   you don't also need to show your face um you know 
you don't have to be a celebrity if you don't want   to you can also use the skills that you learn 
from affiliate marketing and creating a website   to any other business that you want to pursue 
later so i think this is a really big one because   a lot of people sort of want to do different 
things later on and you can always use the   skills that you learn here later on okay so i've 
gone through some of the pros and the benefits of   actually starting an affiliate marketing business 
and an affiliate marketing website now i want to   go through the cons and sort of the negative side 
of affiliate marketing because i think it's really   important to understand and that way you're able 
to succeed a lot faster and also have continued   success as well because then you actually know 
what to do sort of after right so number one with   an affiliate marketing business it's gonna take 
you time to achieve results right so if you're   just starting out fresh then probably you would 
expect you know to get results after the six month   mark because you do have to actually take time 
to actually create the content and you do have   to rank your website and there's quite a lot of 
things that you have to do um in between right   so a lot of people think that okay i can make 
money really quickly i can make money tomorrow   and you know live this fancy lifestyle and things 
like that but to be honest you know because i'm   not selling you any course like there you can't 
really achieve that so quickly it's like if you're   starting like tennis or if you're starting a new 
sport right you can't really win the competition   so quickly there's a lot of different steps that 
you have to take like let's say for example you   have to learn um with tennis you have to learn 
how to serve you have to learn your forehand   your backhand you have to learn strategy you 
have to keep fit it's basically the same thing   when you're starting your own affiliate marketing 
business right so the people who are showing you   how you can actually make money in seven days and 
things like that when they make videos about that   most of the time it's for people to actually click 
into that video and watch that video um those   people actually have experience already right so 
it's different when you have a following already   and when you actually have experience already with 
business and things like that but if you're just   starting fresh like let's say for example you are 
just learning about online business you're only 18   and you're getting started it's going to take you 
time to actually build up your skills and actually   you know make money right so sometimes you 
can actually earn money quicker but sometimes   you won't be able to actually sustain that 
right so what you want to do is you want to   create really great content and that's going to 
take you work and time so you have to understand   that affiliate marketing is sort of like your 
own virtual rental property and obviously it   does take you time to build that up so number 
three commissions and terms can change overnight   so a few months ago amazon actually changed the 
terms so the commission rate was like cut in half   or severely reduced so it's really important to 
understand that when you're joining an affiliate   program the the company can actually change the 
terms overnight right so that's why you want to be   very selective with the types of products and 
types of affiliate programs that you sign up with   and also once you become successful with it you 
should start promoting more products as well to   sort of mitigate that risk okay so number four 
there's quite a lot of competition because there's   a low barrier of entry so to actually start 
affiliate marketing it's free pretty much right so   that's going to create a lot of competition but 
to be honest there's no reason why you can't be   the best okay there's absolutely no reason why 
you can't compete um there's a lot of different   products out there and there are a lot of 
different new products which are coming out   as well okay so it's definitely not too late and 
you can definitely be the best number five you   don't have control of the product or service 
so what i mean by that is let's say if you're   promoting a product maybe this year it might be 
great right but then next year the product might   not be as good anymore so it has changed right 
so you don't have control of how the company uh   like the management of the company and the types 
of different um improvements the company makes   as well so that is a big con i guess so that's why 
you have to choose the right company to promote   um don't just promote any type of company 
and you also have to understand that when   you are promoting something you are not really 
building up a customer base for your business   so over time after you know after when you 
made some money with affiliate marketing   then you're gonna start thinking about other 
revenue streams as well like when you're just   starting out you shouldn't really focus on 
too many different revenue streams because   that's going to overwhelm you and that's going 
to take away from your focus on creating content   and things like that but over time once you have 
more experience you can create your own product   you can do a lot of other things and make money 
online okay so once you have a website and things   like that there's so many opportunities that you 
can you know explore so number six you do have to   maintain your content so it's not like okay i just 
create a piece of content and i leave it up there   and that's it you know you have to update 
your content just like you have to update   or maintain a house okay so number seven it's very 
easy to get distracted so when i first started   with affiliate marketing and online business you 
know i was just very very unself-disciplined and   you know get distracted really really easily um 
because you are your own boss like you controlling   everything you control your own schedule and if 
your friend asks you to go out then you can go out   and you know you're not doing your work anymore so 
you do have to police yourself and you do have to   make sure that you actually do the work and you 
have to set schedules for yourself and you have   to do all those things by yourself right because 
you don't have a boss looking over your shoulder   there's no pressure for you anymore so it's very 
very important to understand that so with that   said i still think affiliate marketing is still 
really really amazing especially if you're just   starting out with online business and you want 
to make a passive income online so what we're   going to do is we'll get straight into this video 
and we're going to talk about how to find a niche   and finding different products that you can 
promote and also looking for lower competition   keywords that you can actually target 
for your website and things like that   so part two we're going to look at finding a 
niche and finding products to promote so how we're   going to approach it is that we need to find the 
general idea of the niche that we want to get into   then we can find the products and then we can 
find the low competition and profitable keywords   to target for our website's content so it's really 
important to understand that you don't need to   pick the perfect niche because a lot of times your 
first one might not be the one right but what we   need is just a starting point and a direction of 
our niche so that we can find the right products   and things like that because when we're actually 
creating an affiliate marketing website right we   just need to change the content if we ever need 
to change something right let's say for example   if you want to start a restaurant as a business 
and then two weeks downline you want to change   it to hairdresser it's completely different i 
mean that one you need to pick the right one from   the get-go but with affiliate marketing website 
it's just about the content and you can delete   the content you can start a new website it doesn't 
really matter okay so basically when we're talking   about finding a niche just think of the person or 
the specific group of people that you want to help   so i know that you guys want to make an affiliate 
marketing website and make affiliate commissions   and and make a passive income but it's not really 
what you should be thinking that you are creating   right so all you're creating is just a helpful 
resource a helpful website to help other people   so you want to help other people make a purchasing 
decision you want to help them save time and   also save money and you also want to help them 
solve a problem so a lot of beginners actually   think that okay you need to become a better 
affiliate marketer to to make more affiliate   commissions right so what we're actually 
doing is we're actually creating content so   then we actually use affiliate marketing as a 
way to monetize and make money from our content   so basically what you need to do is you need to 
get better at creating helpful content so the   better the content the more affiliate commissions 
that you can make so a lot of people think okay   to make more commissions you need to be better at 
marketing better at selling better at promoting   better at creating funnels and email opt-ins and 
learn some kind of secret technique with affiliate   marketing there's no secret technique so what you 
need to do is you need to become a better content   creator so you have to make sure you remember that 
it's really really really important so when you   want to find a niche what you need to do is you 
need to start brainstorming some different ideas   so you can actually use a app called miller 
note so it's free to actually sign up   and then you can use that to organize your 
thoughts or you could just use a piece of   paper and what you want to do is you want to 
start off with things that you're interested in   and skills that you currently have and then you 
want to look at you know what current problems you   are having and maybe problems that you've had in 
the past you know write that all down and then you   want to look at okay what videos am i watching you 
know what blogs am i reading things that you're   researching write that all down because it's 
really important to try to figure out which one   to actually go with right so let's say for 
example my personal skills and interest are   in youtube affiliate marketing i'm not really that 
skillful in investing but i'm very very interested   in it i have some skills in recording videos and 
editing videos and also i'm interested and i have   some skills in regarding restaurants because 
my dad owns a restaurant and things like that   and some problems that i had in the past is i had 
trouble finding a point of sale machine for my dad   earlier this year and more recently like another 
problem that i had was trying to find the right   investing platform to use because a lot of people 
on youtube are promoting like weeble and robin   hood but i'm in australia and i think those apps 
aren't available in australia so i went with etoro   right so write down all your problems and things 
that you are researching as well so i know that   sometimes you know you might not find that you 
are passionate or interested about anything   right so the thing is like if you're really 
really young then it's going to develop over time   so don't worry about it just pick something that 
you are a little bit interested in and then that   can develop over time and then once you actually 
try it then you can actually know whether you   like it or not right it's like trying different uh 
food for the first time like if you've never had   like japanese food um then you don't know if it's 
good or not right you have to try different food   and then after a period of time once you've tried 
uh different cuisines then you actually know okay   which one you like and which one you don't like 
so another idea that i have is that you know find   something that you have a little bit of interest 
in and then be passionate about creating the best   solution possible be passionate about creating 
the best website the best helpful resource that   you can be passionate about helping other people 
uh solve a problem better than other people so   choose one and go with it don't overthink it so 
basically from you know my interests and skills   and my current problems then we've developed some 
website ideas right so i want to create a website   uh that is based around helping other people 
start and grow and earn money on youtube   okay second idea is helping uh people especially 
people in australia how to start and learn about   investing right so this is sort of like a quite 
a big niche so i did want to narrow it down to   australia because otherwise there's too many 
different countries to cover and i wouldn't   have too much knowledge about the different apps 
for all countries right so i just wanted to create   a very specific one just for australian people 
so you can create one specific for your country   as well because i know that investing is like a 
very very big niche and also a very profitable   one because it's talking about money you do want 
to sort of narrow your niche down sometimes and   another website idea is you know i will create a 
website based around helping restaurant owners and   small cafe owners simplify their business and 
to become more profitable okay so these ideas   these website ideas are based on sort of my own 
experience and my own interest and my own skills   but i want to discuss some some different ones 
as well so that maybe can spark um some different   ideas for you guys so let's say for example um 
you have maybe back pain or something like that   then maybe you could create a website about back 
pain and then maybe you could give some tips about   how to improve that back pain and then you can 
recommend different products such as different uh   chairs or different uh beds um different massage 
equipment or whatever it is right or maybe you're   interested in pets or dogs then you could create 
a helpful resource to help dog owners find the   right uh dog food or it could be um you know any 
equipment or leashes or anything like that that   helps the dog owner to become more successful 
with taking care of their dog and things like that   another idea is that maybe you could create 
like a website that helps people uh find love or   something like that and then you could help them 
find the right sort of dating website there's so   many different ideas and i've actually created 
a list to help you guys get started as well so   you can just pick one and then what you need 
to do after that you just need to ask yourself   okay what products and services does this person 
need to succeed right so let's say for example um   what products and services does a youtuber need to 
succeed right so number one they'll probably need   courses whether that be like a filming and editing 
course a course about money how to make money on   youtube um maybe different equipment for example 
like different camera different uh microphones   audio equipment editing software youtube 
optimization software or different equipment   such as like desks chairs lamps anything like that 
um if we're talking about like a website about   helping australians start investing then i could 
promote things such as you know trading apps like   platforms like weeble robin hood etoro investing 
courses or any type of investing software   if we're talking about the restaurant owners you 
know what products do they need well they need   maybe point of sale machines different accounting 
software different training and courses or maybe   equipment such as like kitchen equipment and 
things like that okay so you have to ask yourself   what products and services do they need to become 
successful just jot that down and then next what   we're going to do is we're going to get some ideas 
from different affiliate marketing websites so   what you can actually do is open up google and 
let's say for example we're creating a website   for uh youtubers right so then what you can start 
off with is type in like best microphones for   youtubers or you could do like uh best point 
of sale restaurants for small restaurants or   best trading apps for australia because when you 
actually search for these phrases you're going   to see a lot of different affiliate marketing 
websites and from there you can draw inspiration   okay so just open up google and what you can type 
in is for example you can type in best microphone   for youtubers or if we were building a website for 
the point of sale machine website then we'll type   in best point of sale for restaurants or we could 
do best trading apps in australia right so what we   want to do is just research the different websites 
and just get some inspiration and look at how   they're promoting their products and what they're 
promoting and how they're structuring the website   to give us some inspiration for the website 
that we're going to be building later   so for example we just click into it and we just 
open a few in new tabs and look through each one   and see which one sort of we relate to most 
okay because then that way we can just get a   lot of inspiration and see exactly what works and 
what doesn't right so you can look through the   website and you can see what they're promoting 
and how they're promoting you know what type of   content are they creating so you can write that 
down or you can use miller note and add it into   um like a note thing like that okay so for example 
we just copy the url and we can just paste it in   like that okay and we can look over here 
sometimes we can look on the resources so   generally if they have like a resources 
or recommended section on their website   that is probably what is working 
for them right those are the most   highly uh purchased products on their 
website and so you can have a look over here   and see what they're promoting see if there's any 
product that you align with so for example maybe   you have used it before you have seen other 
people use it before um it's something that   you are personally interested in so then you'll 
just write that down on your piece of paper or   a miller note so we're going to look through and 
just copy all these websites and put it into here let's copy this one copy paste that in and then we can look 
through again so the recommendations so over here tubebuddy so because i researched 
this already um this product aligns with me right   because i actually use it for youtube already so 
this might be a product that might interest me   so then i could just make sure i copy down the url 
over here paste it in and maybe i could write down   okay tubebuddy okay so that's one product that i 
can start off with right so if you want to look   through a little bit further into the product 
so you can click into here and then what we   could do is we can go to company and we can look 
for affiliate program and generally sometimes   the affiliate program is going to be on the 
bottom on the footer section it might be like   the partner program and you can look into it 
and see if you can join and also you can see   um what the commission rates are so for this 
specific product the commission rate is up to   50 percent reoccurring all right so we can go to 
look at pricing and see how much their plans are   okay so as you can see we can see that the plans 
are nine dollars a month 19 and 49 a month right   so let's say for example you are able to get let's 
say um maybe 10 okay 10 people and okay 10 people   times let's say the average price would be 
29 okay 290 dollars okay then we do times 0.5   okay so 145 dollars a month reoccurring so if you 
are able to get like 10 people per month then over   time that's gonna really really add up so this 
is basically like an app that you add on to your   youtube and people need to pay a monthly fee onto 
it and also this is sort of like a software as a   service product a digital product um so that the 
commission rates are quite high and you also get a   reoccurring commission so i do want to discuss 
a little bit about digital and also physical   products one time and also reoccurring products so 
you guys can get an idea of what type of products   that you guys want to promote so as i mentioned 
before there are two different types of products   right you've got digital products and you've also 
got physical products so digital products are like   software uh courses even digital servers example 
fiverr which is sort of like an online marketplace   where you sell um like there's a lot of 
freelancers offering different types of services   these generally offer a higher commission rate 
from like 30 to 100 percent and generally um these   ones you don't need to make as many sales right 
if you're promoting these products so on the other   hand we've got physical products which is like 
products on amazon walmart and there's different   individual brands as well generally these 
are lower commission rates one to ten percent   so you have to generate a higher amount of sales 
so basically you'll need more people visiting your   website um to actually make more sales right so 
personally you know i prefer digital products but   i think if you really like you know maybe like 
headphones or if you really like microphones if   you really like certain physical products and you 
feel like okay you want to purchase the product   and try it out and give it like an honest review 
then i think that might be the way to go right   so if you don't really know what to pick i would 
personally go with digital mainly because i   think that you can make a lot more commissions 
quicker and you can actually just test out the   the service online right a lot of them a lot of 
times you can actually get a lot of free trials   or you can actually sign up you know with the 
physical product if you really want to do well   then you would need the product right 
and do an honest and real review for it   okay so unless you really really like it and 
you do a lot of research on it then obviously   you don't really need to purchase the product but 
i do recommend it if you really want to stand out   and with digital products you can get the free 
trial and you get a higher commission rate and you   can just do everything on the computer especially 
if you want to find images to add on your blog   you can just screenshot it and things like that 
i mean that's just my personal preference you   don't really have to choose either one okay but 
you do have to know that there's two types okay   and that's gonna really determine how much money 
you're gonna make per month and things like that   as well you can also do both of them at the same 
time so for my website i'm probably going to be   promoting the majority of it is probably going to 
be digital products and then i'll have a separate   section where i do a few physical products because 
i'm not going to you know have a website talking   about microphones only right like i only will 
review the things that i've used personally   from my own youtube channel and then i'll look 
through you know all the different microphones   and different things that i bought from a youtube 
channel and then i can promote that as well   so you've also got one time versus reoccurring 
commissions so one time you just get paid once   so for example if you promote a coffee machine 
for three hundred dollars you only get paid 15   one time right you don't get paid anymore so with 
recurring commissions you get paid every time the   customer is charged so this is normally on sort 
of software as a service products digital products   uh which have sort of like a monthly fee right 
so let's say for example when we're talking   about the nordvpn so they actually get a renewal 
of i think 286 dollars if i remember correctly   and they get paid 30 of that right so every time 
they need to renew then you get paid as well so   as the amount of people that you sign up your 
sort of reoccurring commissions actually grow   so i think that is really really awesome because 
that's going to give you a more stable income   especially if you're building an affiliate 
marketing business where you don't really   have much reoccurring income coming in so yeah so 
that's something to think about obviously you can   promote two types um and you can promote digital 
and physical it doesn't really matter but i think   you guys should be aware of that now if we 
look at the tubebuddy over here okay so as   we said before um if we actually make you know 
uh 10 sales per per month right 10 sales per   month that is going to be 290 dollars per month 
and then 50 commission rate that's around 145   but that's going to build up and stack over time 
so i actually did some more research and as you   can see this is the tubebuddy affiliate program 
on the tubebuddy uh channel and he's interviewing   roberto blake which is another youtuber he also 
has a blog as well as a youtube channel and   over the last four years he's generated over two 
hundred and eleven thousand dollars from affiliate   commissions and he's earning around six to seven 
k probably even more now probably eight to nine k   per month reoccurring from the tubebuddy affiliate 
program okay so that's what i mean by trying to to   research more about the products so sort of um see 
which one relates to you the best and then also   try to find other people who are successful with 
it as well right because it's important that that   you sort of believe you know that it is possible 
and then from that you're able to actually take   action and then from action you're able to succeed 
so i also did a little bit more research so if   you actually look at uh we did a i think vid iq 
versus tubebuddy okay so these are actually two   different products right two different products 
and here if we actually look at this one over here   this website over here so it's like a very very 
simple website and from his blog i mean it's very   very simple blog he's earned over i think yeah 
he's making around probably four hundred dollars   five hundred dollars per month from tubebuddy 
commissions and things like that as well so for   me i think that's pretty good right so then that 
might be a product that i might consider promoting   right so try to do more more research and if you 
do more research like if you type in like true   body review and i'll also check the website on the 
top over here so food ranger he's actually like   a youtube uh food youtube channel that i watch 
quite often and what i notice is that he has a   review over here about the the tubebuddy so as you 
can see like you know he's only promoting a few   different things right he's promoting tubebuddy 
and you know vpns for china both of these are very   very good affiliate programs where you get paid a 
high commission rate so i guarantee you know he's   making thousands of dollars from this blog post 
alone okay so that's how you know youtubers how uh   people who create websites support their channels 
and things like that so then the next step is   once you actually have you know different products 
different website ideas then what we need to do is   we need to have a look at it a little bit more in 
depth so we need to figure out you know how much   visitors are these websites getting and also 
um you know find out different keyword ideas   that we can actually target and different products 
okay so before we get into the practical side of   keyword research i do want to help you guys 
understand you know why we need to do keyword   research and why we need to use a tool such as 
ahrefs to help us with it okay so imagine the   ocean as google right and then imagine you as 
the fisherman on the top of here your website   okay and imagine uh the fish as your visitors to 
your website okay so if you don't do any keyword   research like a lot of people actually um you 
know built the website and then they realized   okay i need to get traffic to my website and then 
they realize okay you need to do seo and then they   create content and you randomly create content 
so what's going to happen is that you're not   going to be able to catch anything right you're 
going to be catching the wrong type of things   okay so that is why we need to do keyword research 
and we also need to find out where we can actually   fish because not every area is good for us right 
for example if we go over here where all the big   boys are fishing then there is fish there but then 
again there's a lot of fishermen there already and   they have the latest tools latest equipment the 
latest uh resources to catch the fish right so   you're not going to be able to compete you're not 
going to be able to catch anything so what we're   going to do is we want to use the tools such as 
ahrefs to scan the entire ocean because there   are literally millions of fish but we just need to 
find the right area okay so that's why we need to   find the right keywords to target and basically 
i'm going to help you guys do that right now   so for ahrefs you can just go to and 
that's going to take you to this page over here   and what i recommend is just starting the seven 
day trial for seven dollars now there are some   other free alternatives such as ubersuggest and 
i think semrush also has a free trial but i found   ahrefs to be sort of the most accurate and it 
provides a lot of different information which   is going to help you to find the right keywords 
so that's what i highly recommend and i'm just   going to sign into my accounts over here okay and 
sign in so when we're actually looking at keyword   research we have to uh really look at the type of 
website that we want to create right because every   single website has a different way to monetize 
a different way to make money so for example if   you're creating like a local business website like 
a local carpet cleaning business then you want to   target keywords that a customer would actually 
search for for example carpet cleaning services   in melbourne or in your specific location now 
for affiliate marketing websites specifically our   main monetization strategy is through affiliate 
commissions right so you get paid a commission   if someone clicks a link and purchases so what 
we want to do is we want to look for key phrases   and keywords that people type in into google and 
search for where they're just about to purchase   the product right so some of the top keywords that 
i recommend is things such as best or like top   comparisons reviews alternatives and also helpful 
guides and also helpful answers as well right so   for example it could be like best cameras right 
or it could be like best cameras for youtubers   and we could even add like a modifier for example 
best cameras for youtubers in 2021 or 2022   right so those keywords people are looking for 
sort of like a list of the top cameras that   they can purchase and if they like what they see 
they're going to click the link and purchase then   you're going to make the commission right or you 
could even do comparisons right comparisons are   also really good because people have narrowed 
down to two different products right they've   researched you know product a and also researched 
product b and now they want to compare okay which   one is better which one should they get for 
their specific needs and purposes okay so   for comparisons it's normally like product versus 
product like that so vs like that so those are the   things that we can actually search for in the 
keywords explorer um in a second now you can   also do like product plus reviews like which 
is really really common um as well as product   plus alternatives uh which is also really good 
as well because sometimes people might want to   look for different alternatives because that 
product or that uh the product features or the   price might not be you know something they're 
looking for right helpful answers is also going   to be really good mainly because not because sort 
of uh they are high converting but also because   they often help us build backlinks to our website 
and that's going to increase our ranking for   the other keywords that we want to rank for right 
because when we're actually building a website uh   we need to do keyword research and we need to 
do like on page search engine optimization then   we also need to do off-page optimization which is 
basically building uh backlinks to our website so   for those of you who are not really sure what that 
means is sort of like a backlink is when people   are linking to you okay so for example this is 
a blog post right so over here this is a link to   the logo crisp website right so basically the 
more backlinks that you get from a website to your   website then google is sort of going to rank your 
website higher so when you're creating let's say   review content and comparison content not as many 
people are going to link to your website right   it's just not as easy to link to right because 
when you're actually creating sort of helpful   guides such as like how to do certain things then 
it's more likely a website is going to link to you   as a resource and that's going to help you sort of 
build authority on your website and trust for your   website and that's going to help you increase 
your rankings for your review or affiliate   keyword terms okay so there are a few ways to 
actually do our keyword research and i'm just   going to focus on two uh two ways to actually get 
you guys started so you can click on site explorer   and this is going to be the first way where we 
just use our competitors url right just copy our   competitors url which we have done research before 
and we can just paste it into here okay and this   tool is basically going to scan the entire website 
and look at all the pages and the different   keywords that the website is actually ranking for 
okay so if we actually go over here scroll down to   organic search click on organic keywords and here 
we can see all the keywords the website is ranking   for and which page uh is ranking for that keyword 
and the amount of traffic so how many visitors   the the website is getting okay so for example 
this is going to be for the united states only   um we're going to focus on that okay and 
then over here it's going to be keyword   the keyword difficulty so how difficult is it to 
rank uh your website for the term right so this   is going to give you a good sort of indicator of 
how difficult it is so you can look through the   difficulty and you can also sort the difficulty 
as well so what you're going to notice is um   basically going to have like two urls which 
are the same right but they're going to have   different keywords which are also ranking 
as well so what we do want to do is sort of   group them together right so what we can do 
is actually just go to top pages over here   and what it's going to do is basically 
going to group the page urls together   and also show the rankings for that specific 
page right because sometimes when you create   content let's say for example you're creating 
content for q a questions for youtube vlogging   other keywords might start ranking as well because 
sometimes people type in different things but they   actually mean the same thing so for example 
someone types in you know q a questions and   someone types in q and a questions right but they 
both mean the same thing so that's why this url is   ranking for these keywords okay so what you can do 
is you can look through the different pages okay   uh we can also set the difficulty so when we first 
start out creating a website i generally recommend   you know people targeting pages which are lower in 
difficulty because the most important thing when   you're starting is to actually get your first sale 
to get some results first and once you actually do   get results then you guys can make your first sale 
you have confidence you guys can take more action   and then you guys get more and more results right 
just like if you were to play tennis you want to   start out first of all playing you know with with 
your partner and then play you know with your   team and then play locally and then play state 
level and then national level then international   right you don't want to jump straight into a 
national international level because you're just   going to get dominated and you're going to not 
have fun right so it's really important to look   for something which is sort of achievable 
for what you currently have at the moment   so for example um you know this is not too bad 
like q a questions so sometimes sometimes you're   going to find keywords which are not sort of the 
keywords which i discussed earlier on which is   like review keywords the comparison keywords and 
things like that but still these keywords might be   beneficial to your website as well because 
if someone is looking for uh q a questions   um to ask for youtube videos then that type of 
person is probably going to be interested in   camera equipment as well so you can still create 
content around that area and direct them to your   different camera reviews or different tools that 
a youtuber needs right so this keyword might be   a great opportunity for us to actually explore as 
well so what we can do is just copy it i mean we   can actually export it as well but let's just say 
for example we don't want to export it we can just   copy that keyword and we can just create like a 
simple keyword list or different keyword groups   where we can actually create content around so 
for example q a questions what i'll do is probably   click over here and copy these keywords over here 
copy them onto here as well okay and then when   i'm actually creating the content for for this 
website then i can include some of these keywords   in in the content because what google does is 
google is going to scan your entire website   and how they determine your ranking is that they 
they sort of scan your content right they scan the   words uh within your content and then they rank 
you accordingly okay so that is just one of the   factors obviously there's quite a lot of different 
factors but i don't really want to you know   go too in depth otherwise it's going to be 
confusing for you guys um but generally we can   copy the keywords and we can include the keywords 
within our content okay so copy that and copy all   the keywords into miller note so for example 
we've got that and then maybe we could have   um this one over here so best cheap vlogging 
camera we could copy that and then we can look   over here and then we can look at these keywords 
and copy these keywords and this could be like a   separate page that we can create as well okay 
so yeah so you want to look through everything   and they've got the search volume over here so 
in terms of the search volume i think sometimes   it really depends on the products that you're 
promoting right so let's say for example um if   you get like a search volume of like a hundred i 
mean if you're promoting something and the product   cost you know a hundred dollars and you only get 
two percent commission right that means you only   get two dollars per sale so if it's getting um you 
know 100 visits per month for that keyword then   you make maybe like one sale per month two dollars 
is not really worth your time too much right but   if you are promoting something that is a little 
bit more um let's say expensive and there's only   100 in search volume per month then it still might 
be worth it like for example if you're promoting   like a course and it's only getting 100 searches 
per month but if you make one sale i mean you make   um you know 500 in commissions that that should be 
enough right so it really depends and you have to   use your your own judgment here depending on uh 
like the products and things like that as well   so here you can look through all the different 
types of keywords that this website is ranking for   um and you know make sure you put in all 
your keywords that you want to create content   for and write down any notes like that so i 
don't want to go through too in depth here   um what is important is that you guys get started 
okay so another way to actually um look at it is   go to keyword explorer and remember when we looked 
at the sort of different uh products that we could   promote so you should have some ideas of what 
products that you can promote right so let's say   for example uh i'm gonna promote tubebuddy okay so 
tubebuddy and i'm gonna do tubebuddy review okay   and click on search and this is going to give 
you the keyword difficulty and the overview   of the keyword this is the volume for united 
states the 300 this is the global volume okay   and we can scroll down over here okay and these 
are some of the keyword ideas so you would copy   the keywords right into your own um notes section 
over here so for example let's say tubebuddy review and then we can go over here uh let's 
see okay so we're gonna try and include some   of these keywords uh for example tubebuddy 
pro maybe okay so these are some other things   that people are searching for as well so 
it might be like stuff that you want to   include within your content as well okay so 
we can go over here okay so tubebuddy chrome   copy that paste that into here we're going 
to scroll down and we're going to look at   the websites that are ranking in the top 10.

generally you want to look at the domain rating   so besides the keyword difficulty score over here 
we also want to look at the domain rating right so   the domain rating is the strength of the website's 
backlink profile compared to others um on a point   of 100 out of a hundred okay so if you look at 
the top 10 results we're going to notice is that   a domain rating of 30 i mean that's pretty decent 
so this website is actually ranking number one   okay and you've also noticed that this one over 
here it's a website ranking and the domain rating   is 25 so that is quite low and that means that we 
still have a chance to rank in the top 10 which is   important okay so we can also click on show more 
so we can scroll down further look at the top 20   you know is there any other sort of websites which 
are still have a low domain rating so that's going   to give us a chance to to rate uh to rank on 
the search engines now if everyone is like you   know ranking like a domain rating of like 70 
for example if you do like let's say nordvpn   so nordvpn review and type that in 
and we can scroll down and look at the   the results over here what you're going to notice 
is the domain rating is going to be um very very   high so as you can see the average is probably 
i'd say you know 80 you know 80 or 85 um domain   rating and you also want to look at the backlinks 
to the website so as you can see a lot of them   have like thousands of backlinks or hundreds of 
backlinks and the difficulty is quite hard over   here as well so that is probably not a good one to 
actually start off with so let's just do tubebuddy   oops review and we can scroll down okay so then 
what you want to do is you also want to look at   the backlink profile how many backlinks are 
pointing to the website the if you actually notice   that okay some of these websites don't really have 
many backlinks then that's also an opportunity   as well okay which is good so as you can see 
like not too many backlinks uh which is good   so this one over here the food rangers website so 
it has a lot of backlinks so what i notice is that   um they have a lot of backlinks from i think 
uh youtube videos their own youtube videos   so then what we could do is we can actually click 
into it okay and then you want to also look at the   content like the content on on the website like 
can you realistically beat the content because   um if you want to rank on google the the real way 
to rank on google is to have better content than   other people because the the point of google is to 
actually provide sort of the best search results   and the best uh information for people who are 
actually using the search engines so what they   want to provide is the best information for the 
user so what you want to do is you want to create   better content than your competitors right so 
i've actually read you know this stuff i mean it's   decent but it still can be beaten um especially 
maybe not this one but like a lot of the other   ones which are ranking over here i've researched 
them and you know they're not that in-depth and   they don't go into that many details so i still 
think that there's still a massive opportunity   here especially if you look at this one like 
some of the you know some of the content there   is not that um in depth and not that great if you 
actually really really read it right yes you know   it is quite long but if you actually read it 
like the content is not you know the best like   if you actually look at um if you do like nord 
vpn review if you look at the content of nordvpn   review like the content is very very in-depth and 
very very thorough right it goes into very very   uh detail and it shows a lot of different 
images a lot of screenshots and stuff like that   um so if you compare that to tubebuddy i mean 
there's still a lot of opportunity there to take   advantage of that okay so summing up the things 
that we have to consider is the number one is   searches intent so people who are just about 
to purchase or in the process of purchasing   because we're an affiliate marketing website those 
are the keywords that we sort of want to focus in   on right then number two is the keyword difficulty 
so you can explore the keyword difficulty score   um try and keep it low okay so don't try and 
target something that's medium or hard yet   um you can but obviously expect that it's going 
to take you longer a lot more resources and a   lot more time so i think that's what you can 
actually focus on once you actually build some   momentum with your website and things like that 
then number two you can look at the sort of low   domain rating so you want to make sure that you 
check you know all the websites who are ranking   in top 10 so if you actually see websites with 
the lower sort of domain rating within the top 10   top 20 which is around like 30 or maybe below that 
then that's gonna mean that there's a good chance   that you can you know create a new website and 
rank there with a lot better content and maybe   a lot more backlinks to your website right then 
you'll also want to look at the backlinks the   number of backlinks to the website as well and 
see if there's any opportunity there right so if   you see that okay all these websites over here 
have you know a ton of backlinks like over 100   you know thousands of backlink then it's going to 
be quite hard for you to to get into that keyword   right because the competitors are quite strong 
so you also want to look at um the content so you   click into the the actual top 10 results and look 
at the content and actually read the content don't   be scared you know of the content and how long it 
looks sometimes a lot of the content is very very   generic right it's not based on like real 
world experience and it doesn't provide any   you know original unique insight because a lot 
of content is actually like that okay so if you   actually explore it look at it properly and see 
if you guys can actually create better content   if you if you really believe that you can then i 
still think that's a good chance that uh you can   actually target that keyword and create content 
around that so for example we were talking about   the helpful guides and answers right so you can 
also target the keywords such as not just reviews   and comparisons but you can also do like let's say 
for example you want to create a website around   helping youtubers get more views and how to get 
them you know make more money from youtube then   you can also target keywords such as like how 
to rank on youtube or how to get more views on   youtube and then within those uh articles you 
can actually recommend them products as well   right you can recommend them the tubebuddy or you 
can recommend them like this specific mic because   in the content you could be like hey you need 
good audio or you need good video uh you got to   use this they go to use you've got to use that 
right you can still do it that way as well so   you're not just limited to you know this type 
of content like review and comparisons and best   type of content as well okay so you can also try 
different things as well for example you're gonna   provide answers for questions that people ask 
for example you know what microphone is joe rogan   using or what microphone is you know xyz celebrity 
using for their youtube channel and then you could   create content around that to show them proof that 
you know joe rogan is using this microphone and   uh this is how you set it up what you need and the 
cost and things like that as well right there's so   many um different keyword ideas you have to 
sort of use your own you know intuition and   after a while of creating content and things like 
that you'll sort of get an idea of how to rank   on google and different keywords and things like 
that okay so i don't want to go through too much   keyword research because that's going to make 
this video super super long i'll try and cover   that maybe in like future videos but the most 
important thing is to find maybe like three   to five different keywords that you can start 
working on right away you can also export the   the data as well you can add it to your list and 
things like that um yeah so what we're gonna do   now is we're gonna start creating our website okay 
so i'm super excited to actually show you guys how   to create your website step by step we've covered 
sort of like the theory and the keyword research   and everything like that now we're gonna do some 
of the practical steps of setting up your website   so to create a website we're going to be doing 
in just four simple steps so the first step is   to get your domain name which is basically your 
website address for example your and hosting is basically 
like a server where your website is stored   so for example it stores your content your images 
so that people can access your website all around   the world 24 7 365 days a year then we're 
going to be installing wordpress so wordpress   is a free content management system and that 
basically allows you to create your website   without any coding or any technical knowledge 
right so you don't have to learn coding don't   worry about that we're going to be using a drag 
and drop builder to fully customize your website   then i'll show you guys how to build your website 
so if you're wondering why we're using wordpress   instead of other website platforms for example wix 
and also squarespace is if you actually search up   wix review and we can click into some of the top 
results over here so if we click into this result   over here what you're going to notice it's an 
affiliate marketing website as well reviewing   the wix builder and platform and things like that 
so they're actually using wordpress and what we   could do is right click and view page source 
and we notice that they have wp content over   here which means it's wordpress so for their own 
affiliate website where they're recommending wix   um they're using wordpress as well so generally 
wordpress is best for an affiliate marketing   website this is not to say that wix is 
you know bad or anything like that but   for this specific purpose and this specific 
tutorial that's what i highly recommend it's   what i personally use as well so same thing with 
squarespace if you look at this website over here   okay so it might seem like okay that's really 
good and you can use squarespace they have a   website builder as well you can also build an 
affiliate marketing website with squarespace   but wordpress is just a lot more customizable and 
has a lot more features for building an affiliate   website so you can actually see by viewing page 
source over here and if you scroll down you're   going to notice they use wordpress as well so you 
can see wp-content and they're using plugins and   things like that okay so what we're going to do 
is we're going to get our domain hosting and store   wordpress and we can do that all at the same place 
so you can either click on the link down below or   you can open up your browser and type in h o s t 
i n g dot com forward slash h o g a n hogan chua   and click on enter now that is my affiliate link 
so basically if you do purchase through that   then i'll get a referral commission for that and 
that just basically helps support my channel so   you don't get charged any extra and in some cases 
you're going to be able to get a discount as well   so sometimes the discount might change over here 
and the page might change what we want to look   for here is we want to look for hosting so click 
on hosting up here okay that's going to click on   the drop down and we want to get shared website 
hosting okay so in the past i've also recommended   siteground as well which is a really great web 
host and platform to create your wordpress website   as well so if you do want to use siteground then 
i'll leave a link down in the description below   and also a video to show you guys how to install 
wordpress there but siteground has recently   changed their terms so it might not be available 
for all countries now so i want everyone to be   able to follow my tutorials and hosting has some 
really really great affordable plans um to get   everyone started as well so as you can see here 99 
cents um us dollar if you get the four year plan   so it's super super affordable and i've also done 
a review on hosting as well on my channel and they   performed really really well in terms of speed 
and also uptime and also customer support so over   here i've got three different plans that you can 
choose from so i do want to go through each one   and which one you should actually pick for your 
affiliate marketing website so the first thing   is that if you pick either of these three then 
it's going to be completely fine to create any   type of website including your affiliate marketing 
website because all three plans you can install   wordpress just fine so the main difference between 
the single shared and these two plans is going to   be the number of websites it can host so basically 
with a single shared hosting it can only host one   website for example your affiliate and 
then that's it okay with the premium shared and   business shared you can host up to 100 websites 
on the plan so you can have like your website your   clients website your friend's website hosted under 
sort of one account and that way you can actually   save some money but this doesn't mean that you 
can create a hundred websites for free right   you still have to purchase the domain name which 
is like the website address and normally that's   around 10 per year okay but it can host up to 100 
different websites now if you choose this one it   doesn't mean that you're stuck with it forever you 
can always upgrade to the premium shed and also   business shared as you grow your business and 
things like that so besides the number of websites   you can host generally with the premium shared 
and business shared accounts your website will   load a little bit faster than the single shared 
hosting plan because hosting actually allocates   a little bit more resources to these plans over 
here with the premium shared you do get the   free domain included and some extra resources 
over here which you can actually check out so   personally i actually recommend the business plan 
mainly because it has everything that you need   already including the daily backups the free cdn 
the free domain and everything like that so you   don't really have to worry anymore and if you 
actually compare it to other web hosting plans   on the internet it's going to be quite affordable 
if you actually compare it as well okay so over   here what we're going to do is just going to 
click on add to cart now obviously you can get   these ones if you want to that's completely up to 
you we're going to click on add to cart over here and over here you can select the plan so i 
generally recommend 12 months or more that   way you're able to lock in the discount because 
as you can see here once the initial discount is   over then the plan renews at a higher rate right 
so if you choose this one then it's going to renew   at a cheaper rate as well so that's something to 
consider so i'm going to just select 12 months   for this tutorial now over here you just need to 
put in your email address so for example if you're   logged in already you can just connect it with 
google okay so we're just going to connect that okay so i'm going to log into my google account   and then we're going to scroll back down so you 
can pay by credit card or paypal or even bitcoin   so i'm just going to select paypal 
and we're going to scroll down   here you can also enter in a coupon code so 
generally that is the amount that you're going to   pay then you can enter the coupon code hogan chua 
so hey ogan chua and that's going to save you some   money as well so it's probably going to save you 
a little bit more if you get the 48 month plan as   well so once you've actually checked everything 
then we can click on submit secure payments   and then click on paypal checkout i'm going to log 
in and just pay that okay so once the payment has   gone through then you should reach this page 
over here so we can just click on start now   and over here if you have selected the plan where 
you can get the free domain then we can claim the   free domain if you don't have um that then you 
can click on buyer domain and you can purchase the   domain now if you have registered in like godaddy 
or namecheap then you need to select this option   where you need to connect the domain with the 
hosting and hosting account all right so i'm just   going to select this one over here and we're going 
to select our domain name so this is your website   address so i'm creating a case study website so 
i'll probably reveal my you know domain later   but for now i'm just going to create and use sort 
of like a demo uh website so affiliate tutorial   and 91 and then we're going to select probably a 
com domain okay and we're going to click on search   so when you're choosing a domain name um normally 
it's good to actually get a com extension because   normally that's a little bit more trustworthy um 
if you don't know what to pick for your domain   name generally don't pick a domain name which is 
like product specific or like a year specific like   2021 reviews or whatever it is don't pick that 
one because then you know when it's 2022 then you   have to change your domain name and you don't 
want to do that right so try to pick a domain   name where it's a little bit more generic and 
maybe it doesn't you know include a product name   you can also go with your name as well which is 
also a good idea once you actually done that then   you can click continue so we're going to click 
on build a new website okay and we're going to   install wordpress so click on select and over 
here we want to create a wordpress account so   we're going to put in our password so this is our 
login credentials for wordpress so make sure you   remember that your password click on continue and 
i'm just going to save that to my browser so over   here you've got a bunch of different templates 
but we're not going to be using a template so   i'll be showing you guys how to set it up step by 
step so click on skip so over here you can select   your website location so this is your website 
server location so generally this is important   if you're building a local website you want to 
choose a server location closest to your audience   so i'm just going to go with north america for 
this one and click on select and then finish   setup okay so i'm just going to enter in just some 
basic information over here and click on next step   and yeah i'm just going to fill in my contact 
details and then we are going to finish the   registration so over here we can click on manage 
wordpress and that's going to take us to our login   sort of area for wordpress and if we click over 
here it's going to take us to the hostinger panel   area so this is where you actually control 
your domains and hosting and whatever you   need for your website over here is where uh 
you've logged into wordpress okay so generally   um if you want to log in again so i'm just gonna 
log out so i want to show you guys how to log in   so this is your wordpress login page now to arrive 
at this page again what we need to do is let's say   for example if we go to our homepage this is what 
it currently looks like so we do need to edit it   but if you want to log in to wordpress you need 
to type in forward slash wp admin and then enter   so it's always going to be your website name dot 
com forward slash wp admin and that's going to   take you to the wordpress login page and what 
i recommend is just bookmarking it so once you   bookmark it then just enter in your email 
address and the password is set in before   and then click on login okay so this is going 
to be logged in to your wordpress dashboard area   so we're going to click over here okay to the 
dashboard area over here and what we want to do   is we want to install the ssl certificate so as 
you can see it says not secure now you want to   have and make sure that your website has a lock 
icon like that so that means it's secure okay so   i'm just going to click on home over here and then 
i'm going to try and click on setup okay for the   ssl certificate and we're going to install on our 
new domain over here install ssl now if you have   any trouble you can contact the live chat support 
and they'll get back to you okay if you have any   trouble installing ssl certificate and then we 
can just click on close and if we go over here   let's refresh the page we're going to take like 
a few seconds and that might actually log you   out when you try to refresh the page because now 
it is uh https enabled all right so you're going   to log in again and now you have the lock icon um 
all set up so before i actually get started with   setting up wordpress you do have to also verify 
your email address that's hosting is going to send   you you have to verify your domain um so you need 
to click on the link in the email they sent you   so just verify that and verify that then once 
that is done should be good to go so if you go   back over here and click on domains on the top 
something that you might want to do is that you   can click on the domain over here right and we 
can scroll down now this is something that you   might want to get so who is privacy this is going 
to add an extra layer of sort of privacy with your   information so for example if you actually sign up 
with their domain so sometimes people can actually   look up your domain informations which is going 
to show your email address and also name now if   you want to protect that information you can 
pay an extra five dollars a year to actually   protect that okay so i might personally get 
that as well it's just basically there to   stop people from emailing you because a lot of 
people will actually email you like different   uh marketing offers because i know that you're 
starting a new business um and things like that okay so we're going to set that up and i 
think that should be pretty much good to go   let's go back over here okay so that should be 
good to go your whois privacy is added and also   your domain has been verified so let's go back to 
our dashboard and show you guys how to set it up   so what i want to do now is i want to show 
you guys around the wordpress dashboard   uh sort of clean everything up a little bit 
because when you're actually building a website   with wordpress sometimes it can get a little bit 
complicated uh once you start adding some plugins   once you start doing some things so what i want to 
do is show you guys how to use it and how to clear   some stuff so that everything is nice and simple 
so that you guys can focus on what matters most   alright so here is the dashboard area so once you 
actually log in then this is what you'll see right   so on the front end this is what you're going to 
see on the front end now this is the 2021 theme   so this is the default theme so we'll 
change it later on so don't worry about that   and over here we can actually clear 
these things we can dismiss it over here   we can minimize it like that or we can click on 
screen options and we can remove everything okay   so once you add a few plugins it's going to start 
sort of getting quite complicated so that's why   i want to clear everything up because we don't 
really need it okay then the next step is we need   to go to settings and go to permalinks so this is 
really important for search engine optimization   we want to change the permalink settings to 
post name okay so set it to this one over   here so that the title of your post or the title 
of your page is going to be included in the url   right so you don't want it to be like a random 
number or you don't want it to be something like   that okay you want a clear and clean url structure 
for your website so we're going to click on save   the next thing is we can go to post so 
we can delete this one and just trash it   let's go to trash and we can delete that 
permanently and then go to pages and we can   also delete the sample page just delete that and 
i'm also gonna just trash that one as well okay   okay so that is done so next we're gonna click 
on plugins so with plugins plugins add extra   functionality to your wordpress website just like 
if you have apps on your phone for example like   social media apps or you know any productivity 
apps and things like that plugins are the same   but for wordpress websites so what i generally 
like to do is i like to deactivate everything   first because sometimes plugins can cause 
conflicts with your wordpress website   um especially with older plugins and plugins 
that you haven't updated and things like that so   if you are using plugins and you're not really 
actually actively using it for your wordpress   website what i do recommend is deactivating and 
deleting them because sometimes it can cause   issues especially security issues and then cause 
your website to be hacked and things like that   so right now i'm just gonna deactivate it um 
all the plugins okay so you can you guys can   actually delete the ones that you know don't 
use and things like that now if you have like a   caching plugin for example lightspeed cache or wp 
fastest case or sg optimizer and things like that   um you know when you're building 
a website sometimes you might be   making changes right now if the changes don't 
reflect on your website then what you probably   need to do is try to clear the cache right once 
you clear the cache a cache is sort of like   temporary storage right once you clear it then 
it should actually update so generally when you   have a caching plug-in they'll have a a sort of 
thing on the top over here okay so when you click   over here you can purge the cache and delete 
everything okay so i'm just going to delete it   deactivate it for now because when i'm building 
my website i generally like to deactivate it   so if you guys want to start you know wordpress 
from scratch and you want to reset everything   especially if you have an existing wordpress 
website and you know everything is just not   working properly and things like that then you 
can actually download a plugin called wp reset   so you can click on add new and search for this 
plugin and once you activate it it will actually   allow you to reset wordpress back to the you 
know default settings that you had when in the   very very beginning so we can open the tools 
over here and you can see what it deletes so   it actually deletes like your comments your pages 
and your post so if you do want to reset it then   what you want to do is copy your content onto 
like a word document and things like that and   you can type in reset here and reset the website 
okay you can also create a snapshot as well   so that is the basics now what we want to do is we 
want to go and install a theme okay so to install   a theme we can hover over appearance and click 
on themes so the current theme that we're using   is the 2021 theme so this is the default sort 
of wordpress theme right so it sort of adds the   appearance for your website so if we click on add 
new over here then what you're going to notice   is thousands of different themes so a lot of 
these themes are free themes and you do have to   upgrade later on to sort of enjoy a lot of these 
different features so what i've done is actually   partnered up with themify to share with you guys 
their most popular theme the themify ultra theme   so this is a really really awesome theme because 
it allows you to control every aspect of your   wordpress website so a lot of people might be 
using other themes i think that is fine as well   so really depends on your personal preference but 
personally this is what i use for my website and   i like it because it has everything that you need 
right you can literally take control of the header   the footer section you can change a lot of the 
things without learning how to code so what i've   done is i've included the download link in the 
description below in the youtube description so   you can download that onto your computer and it's 
going to look something like this over here okay   demofi ultra dot zip and then you can go back 
over here go back over here and upload theme   choose file and look for and open 
and install now so sometimes it might actually   come in like a folder because i think if you're 
using like safari or something like that it might   automatically unzip into a folder like that and 
you don't want to upload the folder so you want to   right click and you want to compress it back 
into the zip file okay before you upload it   so let's go back over here and once that is 
uploaded then we can actually activate it   so you want to make sure you upload it as 
themes so a lot of people actually upload   it as a plugin and that's not going to work 
all right because the sort of theme and the   drag and drop builder is included in the theme 
itself right so everything in a whole package   so if in the future you need to update your theme 
you can go to forward slash update   and you can watch this video to show 
you guys how to update your theme   um in your wordpress dashboard area okay so i'll 
include the download links over here um and you   can download it and you can update your themes as 
well as the plugins that you might need as well   okay so once that is done we're going to click 
on activate now if you do have any issues then   you can email me at support or you 
can drop a comment in the youtube comments area so   here are the skins and demos so generally i just 
stick with the default one so i'm going to click   on close on the top okay and let's just close that 
so if we actually refresh our page now it's going   to change the look of our website okay if you 
hover over here and turn on the builder it's going   to show builder is not available on this page so 
a lot of people don't actually follow my videos   and a lot of people have this problem where 
they say the builder is not available now   this is because we haven't created our pages yet 
so this is actually not a page right so we have   to go and create our pages right now so if you 
hover on the top over here we can click on page   right or you can click on post so let's click on 
page first and what we need to do is create our   home page right so we're going to add in a page 
now if we actually click on the three dots over   here it might actually look like this okay so i 
don't like this layout i like to have it like this   okay so you can click on the three dots and 
you can deselect the full screen mode okay   so title it's going to be home and click on 
publish and publish again okay that's going   to take us to this url over here we can click at 
click that to view the page so this is going to   display as your website dot com forward slash 
home so what we want to do is we want to make   sure that this home page is just going to be our 
sort of default uh url okay so if we click over   here we want it to be just like that okay so 
to do that we have to go back to the dashboard   and settings i believe and then go to reading and 
then set your homepage display to a static page   and select home okay once you've selected that 
then we can click on save and that's done okay   so settings reading and then go to a static page 
set it to home and then save changes so if we   go back over here and if we click on the home 
page then it's just gonna be our okay   so the next thing what we're going to do is add in 
some more pages so we can go back to our dashboard   you can also add in pages like that or you can go 
back to dashboard and navigate to pages over here   and you can control everything from here as well 
so let's click and add new so let's just add in a   few more pages so you can add as many pages as 
you want so i'm going to add an about page and   let's publish that let's add a new one so let's 
add maybe a blog page okay and publish publish   that and then we're going to add maybe like an 
affiliate disclaimer page so click on page again   okay and publish and publish that again so that 
should be done so let's go back to our home page   all right so we've got our pages listed over 
here so what we want to do is we want to change   the menu okay so i'm going to show you guys 
how to arrange the menu the top navigation menu   and also how to add in pages on the 
bottom if you do want to do that as well   so let's go and arrange our menu and we can do 
that by going to customize and then we can click   on back and then let's click on menus let's click 
on create new menu so this one's going to be top   nav for top navigation and for the menu location 
we want to set it to the main nav which is the   top over here okay if you want to add a menu 
for the footer we need to click on footer   navigation so let's click that there click on 
next now what you're going to notice is that it   has three dots over here and that is actually 
the mobile menu so what you can do is actually   go and click on the top over here and try to 
zoom out if you browse a little bit and that   should display okay so we need to add in the items 
first so let's add an item let's add in our blog   page and maybe our about page like that and then 
we can just rearrange it by dragging and dropping   okay so let's click on publish and then that's 
going to display so what if you want to create   like a drop down menu so a drop down menu is like 
if you hover over here it's going to drop down   so we can do that by just indenting it so click 
it and drag it and sort of put it below the about   okay so that's gonna be like a let's publish 
that and if we actually refresh that let's   just open that in a new tab to show you what that 
looks like okay so when you hover over that it's   gonna drop down like that okay so you don't have 
to do that now but i just wanted to show you guys   how to actually do that so let's go over there 
and then we want to select automatically add new   pages to the menu so when you create a new 
page it's going to automatically add it   to the menu so you can rearrange it and it you 
can delete it anytime that you guys want okay   let's publish that and let's go back over here 
and we can create a new menu so it could be like   a footer menu and then we can select footer 
navigation and click on next and then we can add   item and then we can add affiliate disclaimer or 
whichever page that you want to put on the bottom   click on publish and then that's going to add 
your page like that okay so let's click on close   once that is finished okay so the next step is i 
want to show you guys how to change this and how   to delete this home title and also this section 
over here so if we click on turn on builder then   it should turn on the builder and we can start 
editing our page but this title over here is in   our way as well as this sidebar so i'll show you 
guys how to customize that let's click on close   okay so let's go back over to dashboard and 
then let's go to themify ultra themify settings   okay so this is where you can actually control 
your layout of your themify website okay so   let's go to the default layouts and let's go to 
default page layout all right so for the default   page layout what we want to do is we want to 
remove the title and remove the sidebar on here   so let's go there let's go and hide it and let's 
change the sidebar to no sidebar and then save it   and then if we refresh it then that's going to 
delete okay so that's also going to change the   layouts of the header and footer so what we want 
to do is let's go to theme settings over here   let's go to theme appearance so let's make sure 
we have this one selected and let's click on save   and then let's refresh that okay so that 
if that doesn't change then it might be   the cache so what i want to do is actually go over 
here to the let's go to themifybuilder okay go to   tools and i'm going to regenerate the css files 
okay so hopefully that is going to all right so   that's pretty much good to go so summarizing how i 
fixed it is i went back to themify settings uh the   themify builder and then you can go to tools okay 
and then regenerate the css files sometimes you   might need to delete the cache as well and things 
like that and i also deleted the browser caching   as well and then it should be pretty much good to 
go so sometimes you might you know encounter these   issues whenever you're building like a wordpress 
website or um you know any type of website you're   gonna encounter issues so this is one of the 
most common issues so i did want to include   it in the video so that you guys can sort of 
solve it for yourself so let's go back over here   um let's go to theme settings okay and what i want 
to do is i want to exclude the tagline okay and   let's just exclude that over there and you can 
play around with the different settings um the   basic display settings for your footer as well 
uh you can update that so let's go and save it   and then let's go over here let's 
refresh it and that's gonna disappear   okay so i might just hide the search bar as well 
as this one over here okay so let's go over here   let's hide the footer logo and i'm also 
going to go down to where is it okay for   the text okay and i'm gonna hide for the text 
too and then click on save and then refresh it   and then that is pretty much good to go right so 
you can also change the footer design the layout   as well this is the default one so i want to 
change it to the footer block let's click on save   now hopefully this one's going to save okay so 
that is pretty much good to go so what we can do   now is click on customize on the top over here now 
if you don't see the bar then what i do recommend   is refreshing the page then you should be able to 
see it and then what you want to do is navigate   to theme of our options it should automatically 
redirect you here and then click on site logo   and tagline site logo and then here you can change 
the site title so i'm just going to name it logo   so i just want to keep everything as simple as 
possible now if you do want to add in a logo image   you can select this tab over here and i've also 
got a video where i show you guys how to make a   free logo and fab icon using canva so canva is a 
really awesome tool um i'll show you exactly how   to use it and create a logo as well as your fab 
icon which is the little icon on the top over here   so let's go over here and you can also just 
you know choose a font and just use that as   your logo because you don't really need to 
worry too much about your logo at this time   what you do want to focus on is your content so 
just keep it nice and simple for now you can also   change the site tagline so we can change it to 
like for example ultimate resource for youtube creators so this should be like basically you 
know telling people what your site is about   and you know who it is for who is it helping 
and things like that so for me i'm creating a   website that's going to help youtube creators you 
know make money online and also you know get more   subscribers and views so i'm just calling an 
ultimate resource for youtube creators for now   so i probably will change it later on but i 
think that is pretty good for now so we're   going to minimize it and click on publish so 
to add your fab icon you can click on back   and then we can click on site identity click 
on that and select site icon select files and   then we're going to upload the picture okay so 
this one over here a png so so once that is done   click on select and then that should be publish 
and that should be done right so it should be five   one twelve by five one twelve and you can follow 
this video too and i'll show you guys how to   make the fav icon and things like that okay 
so once that is done then we can close it   and then you should have your fav icon on the top 
and you can see the title as well as the site tag   line has changed so let's go ahead and show you 
guys how to use the builder so you can turn on   the builder now if you don't see this builder icon 
like it might say it's not available on this page   now that's because you haven't followed the video 
uh make sure you skip back a little bit and i'll   leave the timestamp in the description where i 
show you guys how to add in pages and set your   home page and things like that so over here is 
your panel area where you have all the different   modules which you can add and drop in so we can 
also click it and we can move it like that or   you can drag it on the left as well so i prefer 
on the left so what we want to do is we want   to create like a hero image hero image section 
um for your website so what we can do is hover   over here okay so this is the row okay so let's 
add the styling and add in a background so then   we're going to add an image right so for your 
background image we're going to click on plus   upload files select files and then here i'm going 
to upload a hero image so i'm going to try and   upload maybe this one okay and click on open and 
this is the size of our image so it's around 1900   by 1200 pixels approximately and it's less than 
500 kilobytes so you generally want to keep it you   know around 500 kilobytes or less um otherwise 
your website is going to load slowly because   that's gonna uh the image size is really big all 
right so generally keep it around 500 and insert   file image like that and then here for your 
background image we can set it to full cover   okay and then what we want to do is we want to 
make sure that goes all the way across so hover   over the row again and then hover over the gear 
icon and let's do that again and for the row width   select full width right that's going to adjust 
it so the row is going to go all the way across   right so the next thing that we can do is 
we can click on done all right now if you   want to hover over here you can actually see 
some purple and what we can do is actually add   spacing or padding to that okay so we're going 
to drag it and let's just try and do maybe   150 for now okay so we can adjust it later 
on okay hover over here and you can see that   purple highlight again so drag it and drop 
it down to around 150 so try and keep it even   like that okay that should be good all right 
now let's add in a text module so over here   drag in a text so i'm just going to call it maybe 
ultimate creators resource so you sort of want to   just tell you know people what this website 
is about let's change it to heading one okay   so when you're actually using heading ones and 
heading twos and things like that try to keep it   only uh one heading one per page right so this 
is for search engine purposes you don't want to   have multiple heading ones for your page because 
google is going to use that as a sort of on-page   seo ranking factor okay so only use one heading 
one and the rest can be like heading two or three   or four or anything that you guys want okay so 
once you have that then we can also align the   text into the middle so to do that we can click on 
styling tab over here and then for the font we can   just click on text align to the middle and then 
we can also change the color like that's all right   and then we could also go to the tab over here 
general and then click on heading heading 1 and   then we can set the font size here specifically 
for heading one okay so i'll show you guys how   to set it universally later on we can change 
it to any size so i'm going to change it to 5   em maybe that's a little bit too big so let's just 
change to maybe four yeah four is okay for now   okay and then click on done so the next thing that 
i want to do is make sure that text sort of pops a   little bit and for that we can actually click on 
it again let's click over here let's go to font   and let's try and add some text shadow okay so i'm 
going to add one one and maybe blur set it to five and then take shadow let's set that to 
black i might drop the opacity down to 0.5   okay so that's going to make sure that text pops 
out a little bit by adding a text shadow you can   also hover over here styling and then go to row 
overlay and then we can change this to black   right and then drop the opacity down to like 10 
okay so it's gonna make the image a little bit   darker and that just uh sort of enhances the text 
in the middle a little bit right so once you're   done click on done and then that is done so i 
forgot to actually mention uh where to get your   images from now if you don't have images of your 
own you can go to your website called   and you can find really nice images here for 
your website so you can search for like creator   or creating or something like that um 
they've got a ton of really nice images   like this one over here uh this one over here you 
want to try and look for an image which is like uh   horizontal rather than a vertical right because we 
need the we need it for our hero image and we want   to make sure that when we put text over it then 
the text still looks good okay so you want to make   sure you pick the right image that's really really 
important because otherwise it won't be visible   okay so you can find images over here you can also 
use adobe stock dot com i think and you can search   for images over here now this is paid but i think 
the quality of images is really good and probably   a lot more unique as well okay so you can use that 
and when you actually download the image you can   click into the image and we can download it for 
free generally you want to click on the drop down   and you can download it as a medium size okay 
otherwise if you download it as the original   it's going to be too too large and the file size 
is going to be too big okay let's go over here and   what we could do is we can also drag in another 
text module okay so this is like a sub headline   um i'm not sure what i want to put in here 
yet so i might just do like sub headline   subheading okay and let's just click on save 
and what we could do is hover over here again   click on styling and we can go to font and 
we can align everything into the middle   like that and we can also change the color so 
basically when we do that it's going to adjust   everything within the row okay so if we change 
the font size over here to maybe i think 20 i think that should be okay let's click on save 
and we can click on this um text module over here   styling and click on margin and we're gonna minus 
the margin so minus 10 okay that's going to move   it up so what margin does is it's basically 
i'm going to adjust the spacing outside the   blue box right let's say do let's say we do minus 
20 it's going to do that right so the padding   is if we click on that it's going to adjust 
the spacing within that blue box right so if   we do let's say we do a hundred okay so that's 
going to adjust the spacing within that blue box   right like that that's the padding so let's just 
delete that the margin over here okay let's do 100   so it's going to adjust the spacing outside that 
blue box so we just want it a little bit so like a   little bit closer like that and save and then the 
next thing that i want to do is add in a button   okay so drag it below there and then we can change 
the button text so we could do like start here   so i don't have anything to link at the moment 
so generally what i do is i link it to maybe   like a start now page or maybe my blog page i 
might do that so we can right click over here   copy link address okay okay so just paste in 
your url into that just like that and you can   link them to any page later on i just want to 
show you guys how to use it you can also change   the shape of the button to this one okay so 
that one might look good or maybe this one   let's just change it a little bit um the button 
is quite large we can also change the color   black one we can change it to red you know it 
really depends on your color scheme so i'll   show you guys how i choose the color scheme in 
a second so let's just click on transparent for   now and let's go to styling button link background 
okay so this is where you can actually change the   color like that and you can change it to any color 
that you want right so for me when i pick my color   scheme i generally just do it on miller note right 
so i choose the colors beforehand before i sort of   build my website i sort of take inspiration from 
other websites and what you can do is you can   download a chrome extension it's called i think 
full screen capture and you can capture um like   entire pages and you can get a lot of inspiration 
when you're building your website later   okay and if you don't know which color to choose 
you can go to adobe adobe color just google it   and then we can go over here and then we can 
go to extract theme so you can find an image   on unsplash right so search for an image that 
you like and for example let's go landscape   and let's say you like this image over 
here we can download it onto our computer   or you like maybe this one over here 
or this one we can go back over here   to adobe and we can drop that image in 
over here and that's going to create a nice   sort of color scheme right you can also change the 
different moods as well like that which i think is   really really nice and then what you could do is 
just copy the color code and you can put it into   miller note and then that way when you actually 
build your website you can use the same colors   throughout your entire website and that just 
ensures everything is professional so that's   how professionals actually design and you know 
edit the colors uh for their website that's why   it looks so good um so yeah so that's what i 
highly recommend and then also choosing some   neutral colors as well which you can use for 
your website so generally use these colors when   you don't know which color to actually use so 
let's go back over here so let's just say for   example i like i've picked this color scheme over 
here okay so this orange i really like this orange   and this is going to be like my accent color 
so i picked like a green sort of color scheme   and then i'm going to use this orange um sparingly 
on my website so maybe i can use it on my button   so let's click over here styling and just paste 
that in like that's and then we can click on hover   and then i go to over here let's just paste this 
one in as well copy come back and paste that in   and that's looking great right so i might change 
the size of that button a little bit so let's just   it's too big i think um 16 i think that looks okay 
okay so i might edit it later but let's just keep   it nice and simple for now save it and close it 
all right so that is a very very simple uh layout   so what you're going to notice is a gap over 
here and it's not going to stretch across   so what we need to do is go to edit page and 
then what we're going to do is make sure that   stretches all the way across uh to the left 
and that space on the top is actually gone   so let's scroll down to the themify custom panel 
okay click on the drop down and that's going to   appear and then for the content width you want to 
select full width so it goes all the way across   okay and update so let's click on view 
page you can click on view page over here   or click on permalink and that's 
going to take you to that page as well all right so that is looking great so before we 
get started to add content onto our website and   also display that content i do want to show you 
guys some essential things which is for example   your affiliate disclaimer which i recommend 
adding in so you can just simply turn on the   builder and add in your text module and drop 
in your affiliate disclosure so for example it   could be like some of these links on this website 
are affiliate links this means if you purchase   through those links we may receive a commission so 
this doesn't incur any cost to you in some cases   you may receive a discount so these commissions 
help support the content for our website   so you could have something like that for your 
affiliate disclosure so this is like a ftc   requirement and you can also add it onto your blog 
post as well which i recommend and i'll show you   guys how to do that later so you can simply just 
add that in and then you should be good to go   then you can create like a simple about page right 
so about page is going to build some trust with   your audience so you can tell them you know what 
this website is about who does it intend to help   why do you create it and where to actually find 
you okay so then next you might want to display   some social media icons down here so we're going 
to go back to our dashboard section and i'll show   you how to quickly add that in so themify ultra 
themify settings and then we can go to social   links and here is where you can just paste your 
profile urls right so for example twitter so i'm   just going to paste that in to show you quickly 
how that works you can also change the color but   i just like to keep it as default facebook we're 
going to copy that and let's paste that in here   and then youtube as well so you can copy your 
your youtube channel over here and let's say if   you have instagram okay i'm just gonna paste 
that in let's just change this to instagram   like that's and then insert icon 
and then i'm gonna click on font   awesome and then i'm gonna try and type 
in insta grab okay so this one over here   and then that should be added in okay so 
you can also add in additional ones as well   then we can click on save and now before we 
actually exit out of here we need to actually   display it so we need to go to appearance and 
widgets so let's go to appearance and widgets   and then what we need to do is look for theme 
of five social links over here so can drop this   widget onto any widget over here so we're going to 
drop it on the footer social widget section okay   and then we're going to open link in a new window 
okay so generally i like to open links in a new   window if it's an external link a link that is 
not on your website okay because you want people   to stick on your website you don't want them to 
you know leave so we're going to click on save   and you can add it to your sidebar 
section later as well for your blog   but i'm just going to leave it as is 
okay so let's go back to our homepage   and then you should have your social links 
like that and that's looking pretty good   okay so another thing i want to show you is if 
you click on about if we turn on the builder   okay so if we go to the widgets over here we 
can drop it below so we can select themify   social widgets as well like that and that should 
display as well okay so i'm going to open link   in a new tab and for the color i'm going to 
click on styling and then we're going to see   i think that should be a link so we're going to 
change the link color to maybe like a dark gray   something like yeah i think that should be fine 
maybe the same color so yeah same color as a text   sort of thing okay that looks pretty good let's 
click on done okay so you can do that as well   you can also go to blocks so these are sort of 
pre-created blocks which you can drag and drop in   um to help you with the layout design of your 
website as well so i do have a full tutorial on   showing you guys step by step of how to actually 
create the website and how to use the builder   and all the different functions on 
it because for this video i just   wanted to focus mostly on actually 
getting you guys results let's go to   the uh let's go layouts over here load layout and 
you can also load different layouts as well which   have been designed so for example if you want to 
load this about a layout then you can do that as   well okay and then all you need to do is click 
into the modules and edit the text and change   images as well as the colors then you should be 
good to go so let's click on close let's say that   let's close this over here next thing that is 
really important and really crucial to understand   is that we want to make sure that our website 
is always mobile responsive so if we resize the   screen just by dragging it in you're going to see 
that image is not looking that great right and the   text is not looking that great it should be a 
lot more responsive than that okay so to make   it more responsive we can turn on the builder 
and what we can do is we can set the styling for   the mobile devices only or tablet devices or 
tablet landscape so right now we're on the desktop   version so we can click on mobile alright and 
what we can do is we can either display that image   on the top or on the bottom so to do that we can 
hover over the row and we can set it to this one   over here okay so to change it like that or we 
could try and put it below that so we can do   something like this okay right to left and that's 
going to display like that so i think that is   perfect right now um obviously your image is not 
going to be that big on mobile because right now   it's displaying quite large but that is fine then 
what we could do is make sure that on tablet it's   looking great as well so we could do the same 
thing or we could also change it to something   different as well so for example what we could do 
is let's say for example we for tablet landscape   okay maybe we don't want to have this 
image display at all so you can hover   over here and click on visibility and then 
we can hide it for specific devices as well   okay so you can also do something like for 
example we can also duplicate it like this   and then what we could do is click visibility 
for this one and we can hide it from mobile   and what we could do for this one is we can 
click on visibility display it for mobile   only and then go to image and we can ultimately 
sort of change that image if we want to so for   example we could do like let's go ahead and upload 
another image so maybe this one over here open   so let's go and insert file url okay so what it's 
going to do is click on done let's click on mobile and then okay so that should click on that one 
let's go to visibility so on mobile it should   hide okay let's click on done save it and close it 
okay so now if we uh resize the screen like that   then that's going to edit and change the image 
for mobile devices only okay so that's really   important to know because sometimes you might need 
to use that so what you want to do is whenever you   build a new layout for a page or anything like 
that you always want to make sure that you have   a mobile responsive website so you always want 
to check it like that and if it doesn't look   good then you can always edit it okay so we can 
also click on turn on builder and we can also   set a specific size for the text or the buttons 
for mobile devices only so for example okay we'll   click on the mobile device over here click on text 
and then we can click on styling we can go to the   heading one font heading one and we can change 
it so we can change it to like let's say three   okay so make it a little bit smaller so this 
is going to only change for mobile devices only   if we click back onto the desktop version then 
what you're going to notice is that it goes back   to that specific size so you can go back over 
here and that changes right so you can even change   the color and you can edit it however you like 
specific for mobile devices only okay click on   done save and let's close that okay so we've got 
the basics for our website done so right now what   we need to do is we need to focus in on creating 
content for our website okay so this is going to   be the most important part for your affiliate 
marketing business and your affiliate marketing   website so think of content sort of like food for 
a restaurant so with a restaurant like everything   could be bad but if the food is amazing then it 
still could be super busy so that's how important   content is for your website so right now we do 
want to just have a very very simple layout now   a lot of people you know focus in on you know try 
to create the perfect website before they actually   create content so the most important thing is to 
have content so that people come to our website   first we make some sales then we can always 
adjust it as we go because we don't have much   stuff on our website then we can't really create 
much of a layout anyway so what we want to do is   for our content creation you want to make sure 
that you've done your keyword research from   before okay so what we've done is i've determined 
that i want to target tubebuddy review for my page   so if we actually go to tubebuddy review over here 
what you're going to notice is if you actually do   like a quotation search basically we're competing 
against 7000 other websites right so we want to   make sure that our website is ranking on page 
number one because generally if it's not ranking   on page number one then people aren't really going 
to you know click on page number two and three   and four and things like that now ideally we do 
want to have a website ranking number one two or   three right so there are thousands of different 
ranking factors for your website but the main   two factors is going to be like the relevance 
and the quality of content and also the number   of backlinks for your website so what i mean by 
backlinks is let's say for example on this forbes   article and if you read the article you'll 
notice that they have different links to   other pages as well so if we click on a link okay 
and that's going to redirect to   and this article over here so this is a backlink 
from forbes to entrepreneur so generally the more   links that you have to your website the higher 
you're gonna rank on google right provided that   your content is good right so each link to your 
website is sort of like a vote of popularity   so the more votes then the higher that you can 
rank so not all votes are sort of um equal so   if you're getting a link from which 
is a you know highly trusted website that gets   millions of visitors each month then it's going 
to be different if you get a link from a a newer   website so to actually get links to your website 
we need to have the best content possible because   if we don't have the best content then there's no 
reason why people are going to actually link to us   in the first place right so what we need to focus 
in now is creating great content so i'm going   to walk you through exactly step by step how to 
actually do that so there are a few key elements   of great content so number one which is probably 
going to be the most important one is that your   content should match the searches intent okay so 
what i mean by that is what is the user what is   the searcher trying to find like the information 
right you want to provide the information that   they're looking for so for example if we are 
creating content about tubebuddy review for that   keyword then your content should be a review about 
tubebuddy right it should talk about exactly what   it is you know who uses the product is it good 
or not the different plans and pricing do you   actually recommend it so i know that it sounds 
like very very straightforward and sounds kind   of stupid that you you wouldn't do that in in the 
first place but when i first created uh my website   like eight years ago i was creating a website for 
maxi dresses right so what i found was that okay   maxi dresses was very very low competition and 
it had like over 100 000 um searches per month   right so what i thought i would do is that 
maybe i could actually target this keyword   because it's low competition and no one else is 
actually doing it so the thing is i created a   website and i wanted to link them to amazon right 
so that could make an amazon affiliate commission   right but the thing is if you actually type in 
max addresses what you're going to notice is that   all of these websites over here are sort 
of product uh pages or product categories   so people are actually looking for you know a real 
e-commerce website and they want to browse all the   dresses and they want to you know purchase the 
dresses okay so they don't really want to read   a sort of blog post about maxi dresses and 
then click an affiliate link to direct them to   another website to purchase the product right they 
want a real e-commerce website that they trust and   then they can browse the product and purchase 
the product right so that's the search's intent   okay so you'll always want to make sure that you 
create content that matches the searches intent so   for example if for example you might you might 
want to create a review about tubebuddy okay but   then you might think okay this doesn't actually 
get too many searches and you know it's easy but   yeah it's not going to get too many searches so 
what you want to try and do is maybe you wanted   to try and just target tubebuddy okay so this one 
might be medium difficulty but as you can see the   global volume is quite high so a lot of people 
are searching for it but if you actually go and   type in tubebuddy over here then if you actually 
scroll and look at the top 10 results there's no   sort of um you know blog content about tubebuddy 
right it's all like for example uh the actual   website the actual chrome extension um tubebuddy's 
youtube channel the app store and things like that   so people aren't really looking for a article 
about tubebuddy right if you know what i mean   so if you actually target this keyword then you're 
probably not going to rank for it on page number   one okay because people are looking for the 
exact product so before you actually create   content for a specific keyword or key phrase 
always do a google search for that keyword and   look at the top 10 results and see you know what 
type of content they've actually created okay so   many times you don't have to try and reinvent the 
wheel uh you do want to provide you know better   content but you don't want to have it like too far 
off what is currently ranking okay because that's   generally what people are actually looking for in 
the first place right so don't try to change it up   too much you just want to create something that's 
a lot better a lot more unique and then you want   to get back links to your website and that's just 
the basics of it okay so the next thing is also   equally important is that you want to create 
unique content so you never want to copy other   people's content especially if you're copying like 
the whole entire article you don't want to copy   and paste right that's not going to work you're 
going to make sure that content is unique and not   a duplicate because the thing is like there's no 
reason why google is going to rank your website if   it's the same content as another website right 
that will just be spammy okay so that's very   very important that you don't want to copy um huge 
chunks of other people's websites now yes you can   copy like maybe like a small quote and things like 
that um but you definitely don't want to copy like   the entire article okay so number three uh you 
want to provide real insight and real experience   so a lot of people when they're creating a 
affiliate marketing website they are just   you know copying the the features and talking 
about the features but they're not sharing their   real experience and real insight okay so i think 
you know 2021 and moving forward a lot of websites   that actually just copy the features and just talk 
about that without actually trying the product   is gonna fail right because most people when 
they're starting an affiliate marketing business   they wanna do the least amount of possible 
so if you actually have real insight and real   experience it's going to help protect your 
content from from other competitors as well   okay and number four you want to have good 
understanding of the topic or the product   so you want to make sure you do your research 
um you know really thoroughly now if you don't   have the product you want to make sure you do as 
much research as possible if you don't understand   the topic then you want to find out and fully 
understand it before you write about it so if you   look at all the top websites all the top youtubers 
you know they have a good understanding of what   they're talking about okay so that's really really 
important if you don't understand you have to   learn that's just the truth you know there's no 
way around it so if you do understand the topic   then that's awesome okay you're gonna have a head 
start but if you don't then you have to learn more   about it number five you want to try and include 
keywords from your keyword research naturally   within your content so for example if we are doing 
the tubebuddy review okay so what you can do is   you can look at the top result or the top three 
results and you can click into the keywords right   um that they're actually ranking for for that 
page and what you're going to notice is that um   it's also ranking for other keywords as well so 
like what is tubebuddy um is truebody safe how to   use tubebuddy so these are some of the things that 
people are searching for and some of the questions   that people want to want answered okay so if 
you actually include that content within your   review content then it's going to be amazing right 
because that's exactly what people are looking for   so that's why it's really important to look at 
the keyword research and look at all the keywords   and try to create maybe different subheadings 
from it as well so for example you could have   tubebuddy pricing and then you could 
have like content about is tubebuddy free   how to use it and things like that within 
your content and that's really going to help   your your content stand out okay because you're 
covering everything uh that people are looking   for right so number six you want to provide 
answers to what people are actually searching   for on google or youtube or on the forum so this 
is similar to number five um if you actually do   a a search for the keyword so generally there 
is a section like this like people also ask   so you can include this within your content and 
what you can also do is scroll down to the bottom   part and you can see other you know searches 
that people do as well and what you can also   do is you can actually search up different forums 
i think like reddit forums and things like that   you can see what people are asking and also 
go to youtube and watch the uh videos on the   actual review on the product and then you can 
discuss the concerns that people actually have   so number seven you want to make sure that your 
content is thorough and complete try to cover   the entire uh topic really thoroughly okay try to 
create the best thing possible that you can okay   your content is your product number eight 
you want to make sure it's well formatted   so for example you don't want like a huge chunk of 
text you want to make sure you break it down into   different subheadings and make sure it's very 
very easy to digest okay so people don't like   reading like huge chunks of text and you know 
if people see that then they're going to click   off your website and then that's going to give 
google a negative signal for your website because   people are clicking off your website right so 
google is going to take that into consideration in   ranking your content as well number nine you want 
to include supporting images and also screenshots   videos and maybe quotes and references to 
sort of enhance your content a little bit   right because people don't want to read just a 
bunch of text they want to look at some images and   you know make it more interesting for them 
and make it easier for them to actually   read again okay so that's really really 
important number 10 you want to include   not just the good but also the bad as well like 
if you're writing a review don't just write all   the good points you should also write some bad 
points as well that just adds some credibility to   to what you're saying okay so if people see that 
you're just you know writing all the good stuff   then you know people aren't going to trust you so 
people aren't going to read all your content and   things like that so you don't just want to be like 
okay this product is absolutely amazing and you   have no downsides whatsoever then i don't think 
that's very very good right but then on the other   hand you do want to have like if there is some 
bad points sometimes it's not necessarily bad uh   for everyone so for me i used to like really like 
if i if i don't like a product then i would say   like okay i don't like it but the thing is like 
there's different types of users so let's say for   example you're creating content about tubebuddy 
right you're writing a review so the users of   tubebuddy there there are different types of users 
for example you might have an 18 year old who has   a gaming channel but then you might have like a 
36 year old who has a business channel so everyone   is sort of different so you have to try and uh 
think about you know their needs right you have   to think about okay is this product good for them 
maybe it's not good for you maybe you should get   this product you have to try and think of it like 
that okay because sometimes one product might be   good for one person one product might be bad for 
another so for example if uh let's say for example   uh i like bmws right but then someone might not 
like bmw because of xyz maybe you recommend like   a you know a different car maybe like a japanese 
car or something like that because of x y and z   okay so there's not necessarily uh just like 
bad all the way and not necessarily good all   the way so having both you know addressing both 
points is going to help with your credibility and   also help people make the right decision as well 
okay so those are just some of the key elements   of creating great content so what i want to 
discuss right now is the content creation process   so i want to help you guys break down everything 
step by step day by day so that you guys can have   like an action plan of creating content because 
i know that you know creating content might be   quite scary but honestly it's not as hard if you 
break it down step by step day by day right if   you try to do everything one day you're going to 
get completely overwhelmed and you're probably not   going to take any action and if you really want 
to succeed with affiliate marketing it's about   actually producing content and taking action 
right so day number one you can focus on keyword   and competition research so you can use ahrefs 
to do keyword research and you can look through   all the different websites and you know research 
the different keywords that you can target as well   and you can use a miller note to jot down all your 
ideas and brainstorm you know find out you know   what they're doing well what they're not doing 
well you know what can you improve on and things   like that or any other information that you might 
need right because you might have a lot of things   in your head so it's really good to actually just 
write that down and then you can come back to it   later on so then what you could do for day two 
is you could do product research and also testing   of the products so depending on the product and 
depending on the competition it may take longer   for the testing and things like that it 
may take a week or might take two weeks   it really depends on what type of product that you 
want to promote as well okay because you want to   gain as much product knowledge as possible that 
way the content that you create is going to be   really good all right so day three you can start 
writing you know your titles your introduction   your different subheadings and you can also create 
your featured image right so what i recommend   is writing all your content in google docs first 
because that way you have it saved right you don't   really want to write directly on wordpress because 
it's not as easy to sort of edit your content   there okay so you want to have your content ready 
in google doc and then you want to transfer it   once it's all done okay so you can write out your 
title um and then you can also get your affiliate   links as well so generally um you should apply to 
join the affiliate program by now so most of the   time when you join the affiliate program it's 
going to be like an in-house affiliate program   and you can just get the affiliate link directly 
from the dashboard area sometimes the uh affiliate   program might be like a affiliate network that you 
have to join and then it does take like a day or   two to get approved once you get approved then get 
the affiliate link and then you can paste it into   here okay so what i also like to do is i like 
to write out you know who is reading this post   okay because that's going to give me a very clear 
direction of you know who am i writing for so you   can also write out your introduction and then you 
can also write out all the different subheadings   so you don't have to write everything right now 
but you can write out the different subheadings   based on your keyword research and then once 
you've done that then you can create your blog   post featured image so your blog post featured 
image is like the image like this right you got   your blog post and then you need image that's 
going to display on your blog right so you can   either create it on or you could hire 
someone on fiverr to actually do it for you so   you can search blog featured image and you can 
hire someone and think it starts from like five   bucks or something like that five to ten dollars 
for your blog post featured image and then you   can get that done okay so that's probably going to 
take you know 24 hours or 48 hours to get it done   and then once you've done that day four you can 
just focus in on writing so just filling out you   know all the subheadings that you have written 
right and you can just focus in on writing so   when you're writing just pretend you're writing 
to a friend right don't over complicate it i know   a lot of people might be scared you might be 
like thinking you know i'm not a good writer   but at the end of the day we're just writing our 
opinion okay so don't try to over complicate it   just focus on writing and over time you'll get 
better at it okay when you first start out you   might not be the best um it's just gonna take 
time just like if you were to learn tennis so   you're not going to be the best tennis player 
overnight okay you're not going to create the   best chocolate cake overnight so you have to keep 
on practicing and over time you'll get good at it   all right and then the next day you can just focus 
on editing that content making sure everything is   well formatted and everything makes sense and you 
know write out your conclusion and things like   that and check all your work right and then day 
six you can focus in on adding different images   screenshots uh videos or different quotes and 
you know references for your article okay so   to add some more sort of depth into it okay so 
if you want to screenshot things then what i   recommend is going to so this is 
a really awesome tool that's going to help you   screenshot anything that you need and you can also 
record uh short videos and also gif files as well   so for example we click here we can capture 
it okay just like that selecting the area   and then that's going to capture again 
that's going to upload directly to the server   and then you can use this to draw like arrows okay 
so you can also change the color to the color that   you selected for your color palette earlier you 
can also blur things out as well so for example   like that okay so you can play around with the 
different settings and once you're done click   on share and then that's going to upload okay so 
then you can paste in the url so you can share   this with a friend especially if you're working 
with other people this is a really really awesome   tool okay so you can download that onto your 
computer okay so what i recommend is creating like   a special folder with all your images so when it 
comes to images you always want to make sure that   you sort of uh optimize images so it's not the 
biggest file size you want to make sure that   the image is not too big otherwise your website's 
going to load slowly right so this is another sort   of ranking factor as well um the user experience 
factor right so with your website you want to make   sure that it is loading quickly and a big part of 
that is if you have too many images it's going to   load slowly so what you always want to do is make 
sure you use photoshop and either crop your images   to a smaller size and you always want to use the 
jpeg file okay unless you need a logo then you   might need a png okay so let's say for example 
we got the image let's just save that image   okay so let's just download that all right so what 
i recommend is naming your images appropriately so   that might be uh let's say you know a specific 
feature okay of tubebuddy okay so feature one   all right because this is going to be for search 
engine purposes as well right so i'll talk about   that a little bit later then you want to go to 
photo okay or you can use photoshop or any other   tool that you guys use and then we can let's go 
grab that image and then we can drop that in okay   and then over here we're gonna scroll 
down to resize and let's just resize it to   i think one thousand and you wanna make sure this 
is selected so that way when you change it the uh   the height also changes okay click on apply and 
then export okay so you probably need to log in   okay and then we can save it as normal quality 
so generally that should be enough and download   it okay let's save it right so if we compare the 
file size if we look at the file size over here   uh so we've saved it as a png and that one is 
about 107 kilobytes this one over here is about   half that size okay so that's gonna ensure that 
your website loads quickly otherwise if you have   too many images then it's gonna be super slow 
okay so that's a really important thing as well   that you have to note then day seven then 
you can focus on adding the actual content   that you've written onto wordpress so this is the 
next step that i actually show you and then i'll   show you guys how to optimize it for the search 
engines okay so let's get into that right now so   once you finish writing all your content and also 
getting ready all your images ready to actually   upload onto your website then hopefully you know 
adding that content to our website won't be as   hard so with your images i've basically cropped 
it to around 1000 pixels in width and they're   all in jpeg format already right and the total 
file size for the whole entire folder is around   two megabytes okay so generally you probably 
don't want your page size to be more than three   megabytes three to four megabytes if it's that 
size then you'll need to have a really really uh   powerful web hosting server for example cloud 
hosting otherwise your website's going to load   slow what we're going to do is add in our content 
so we can hover over here and click on add post or   we can go to our dashboard area and we can go to 
the post over here okay and then click on add new   so let's click on that okay so now if you don't 
see the dashboard the left hand panel and also   the top tab then we can click on the three dots 
on the right hand side and we can deselect the   full screen mode okay so generally i keep it 
like this it's just a lot easier for me so   we've got our content ready so then all we need 
to do is just copy and paste basically so copy   and then just paste in your title scrolling down 
and we're going to add in a new category so this   one is going to be reviews okay so if you have 
comparison it might be comparison if you have some   other category for example like how to or tutorial 
or news just write in your specific category   and add new and then make sure that is selected 
then we can go to tags this is going to be   tubebuddy and then we're going to do comma 
tubebuddy review and then we might do youtube growth tool something like that and then 
for our featured image so you should have   created a featured image previously 
so we're going to click on that   and then upload files select files and then 
we're going to upload our featured image   so i personally got the featured image done on so you can either get that done or you   can just use canva or photoshop depending on what 
you guys use so the file size for the image is   1280 by 720 pixels so we're going to set that in 
and set featured image so once we have done that   then over here we can click on discussion and if 
you want to you know allow comments or not allow   comments you can disable it here as well if you 
scroll down to themify custom panel over here you   can actually set the specific layout for that blog 
post right so you can do this later uh we're going   to leave it as is right for right now okay but i 
just wanted to show you guys that you can do that   then the next step we can click on publish okay 
and then we can also uh select this if you don't   want to click on publish twice right so you can 
deselect it and then every time you click on   publish then it's published so over here we can 
check our url is this the url that you want okay   so basically what we can do is close this and 
i want to edit that url a little bit because   it is a bit too long so i want to keep it try to 
keep it as short as possible so tubebuddy review   let's do this okay so let's just delete that okay 
we're going to keep it as tubebuddy review and   then we're going to update that so just try 
to keep your url structure uh nice and clean   uh you don't want to have like 2021 because then 
you know in 2022 then your url will be outdated   so you don't really want to change your urls 
too often because it's going to hurt your search   engine rankings unless you sort of do something 
like redirection but you know that's another thing   that you need to do what you want to do is make 
sure everything is done right when you just start   out okay so once you've done that then let's check 
everything that looks so good let's update it   and we can navigate by clicking on v post or we 
can just click on the url like that okay so this   is our blog post so what i want to show you now 
is how to add in the content for example the text   images videos and your links then i'll show you 
guys how to style it so change the layout and also   change the colors to your branding okay so what 
we can do is first of all turn on the builder   on the top or you can turn it on over here and 
then on the left we've got the modules again so   generally you know there's quite a lot of modules 
but you don't really need to use all of these so   most of the time i just use like the text module 
video module and the image module so over here is   where we can actually put in our content so for 
example let's say for example we want to add this   content over here which is our introduction we 
can just copy it from google docs and then i'm   going to drag in the text module and drop it and 
then i'm going to paste it and match style okay so   that is the introduction and then what i'm going 
to do is do the next part so what is tubebody so   let's just copy that and then go over here so what 
i'm going to do is i'm going to click on done and   then add another text module and then i can put in 
the title so what is tubebuddy now this is really   important so we want to change it to heading two 
or you could change it to heading three or four   but don't change it to heading one so generally 
for each blog post and each page you should only   have one heading one and that's going to be your 
title okay so this is for search engine purposes   so for now i think i might just do it as heading 
three okay that looks okay let's click on save   and then let's go ahead and paste in our content 
so copy come back over here so we can just add   it in that same module as well so paste and 
match style or you could just add in a new text   module as well so sometimes i think that looks 
okay so what we're going to do after is going   to add like a content section and it's going to 
scroll to each of the different sections as well   so here if you want to add an image all right 
so let's add in our image so we can drag in the   image module just below that and then what i want 
to do is click on upload files select files and i   want to upload all the images that i'm going to 
upload for this post so that way i don't have   to upload it individually again so we're going 
to select all our images except the uh this one   which we've added in before and then what we could 
do is just click on open okay so that's going to   upload all our images that we need so that way we 
don't have to you know keep on uploading images   everything is very very streamlined so the image 
that i want to pick is let's find it i think it's   this one okay so this one over here let's do 
insert file url and that's going to insert our   image so we can also add in an alt tag over 
here okay so this is maybe you know what is   true buddy so what a alt tag does is that you can 
put in like you know the description of the image   so by default google doesn't really understand 
you know what your image is about so if you add   an alt tag it's going to give an idea of you 
know what that image represents so then when   google actually scans the content on your website 
then they know okay this website is talking about   tubebuddy and things like that let's click on done 
and then that is done so then the next section is   let's add this in over here copy it so this should 
be fairly simple so what we're going to do is i'm   going to keep on adding in that content so we're 
going to add it in like that so as you can see   over here it's probably too close so what i like 
about themify is that you can actually hover over   here and you can drag it like that so i'm going 
to drag it and maybe do 20 pixels or maybe 25   okay so let's say if i do 25 then you know in 
the future then all of it will be 25 as well   so that's going to keep everything consistent 
and we can click on that and we can also align   it into the middle like that as well you can also 
go to styling and you can adjust it here as well   so they're both pretty much the same thing so we 
can click on done so next i'm going to show you   guys how to add in the next sections and i want 
to show you guys up to i think up to pros and   cons because i do want to show you guys how to 
style this section as well so let's quickly add   in the rest so let's just grab all of this 
maybe let's just grab that one first copy   let's go back over here we can also duplicate 
the text modules like that if you want to   so then we can just paste it in uh this one 
we're going to reduce that size that spacing   and then we can also bold our text like this 
okay then the next section is going to be   getting started with tubebuddy so what we want to 
do is we want to sort of add like a calls action   um near the start of our blog post which is going 
to include our affiliate link so then people can   click on their link and then if they do purchase 
the product then we can get a commission right   so generally we don't want to have our affiliate 
links like at the end of a blog post we want to   have it within you know the blog post maybe three 
to five times so this one let's just copy that   let's come back over here and let's just 
duplicate that post again let's click on   that and then let's just paste that in that 
match style let's change this to heading three   again then the next section is going to be 
available on so let's just try and copy that   copy this and paste that in let's grab another 
text module put that below there paste that in   okay so sometimes the format b might be off so we 
need to try to reformat it ourselves a little bit   so what we can do to display this text is 
we can go to styling and then we can go to   multi columns and set the column to two okay 
so that's going to be like something like that   so actually what we're going to do is i'm 
actually going to click on this and maybe just   let's just remove that one oops delete that click on that one and let's click enter paste 
that in change that to bold okay so sometimes   you do have to play around with it and fix it okay 
so to try to make everything look nice so let's go   back over here we're gonna add in a button so i'll 
show you how to do that let's click on done let's   go ahead and drop a button module just below here 
and then we can change the button text so install for free and then here we can put in our affiliate 
link so i'll show you guys how to cloak your   affiliate link a little bit later right now i'm 
just going to you know put the actual affiliate   link so an example of an affiliate link which is 
cloaked is something like this so we're on the   food rangers blog and if you hover over the button 
over here get tubebuddy now you're gonna see the   forward slash tubebuddy on the bottom 
left okay so that is an example   so that just sort of cleans up your affiliate 
links so sometimes when you do get affiliate   links uh from the affiliate program it may 
be like a very very long link okay it does   look kind of messy and people might not want to 
click it so sometimes a lot of blogs and a lot   of youtubers actually cloak it like this and i'll 
show you guys how to do that a little bit later   so we're just gonna copy and paste that in 
for now and we can edit that later so okay   so for the link we just paste that in okay 
so when people click on that link it's going   to redirect to tubebuddy so what we could do 
is probably just arrange it into the middle   so right now i'm just going to leave it as is 
and i'll show you guys how to change the colors   later when we style everything so i might just 
add a little bit of spacing right now maybe 20   25 i think that looks okay let's go back over here 
okay let's add in the rest of that let's copy this and then click on done let's drag 
in another text module below that's   paste that in add some padding align 
it to the middle come back over here   so let's get this done let's copy this actually 
i'm going to try and copy the whole bit just copy   that and then let's go ahead drag in another 
text module below that and then paste that in   who uses tubebuddy change that to heading three 
okay so if we want to sort of link a text so for   example i'm going to click on this and let's 
copy that link okay so if you want to add a   link in wordpress and the editor so we could just 
highlight the text okay and click on insert link   and then we could just paste that in so generally 
what i do is click on link options and i paste it   in like that and then because this is linking to 
someone else's external link then i want to open   link in a new tab because generally i want to keep 
people on my website if it's like a link within my   own website then i'll just do it without this add 
link and then you can do it for the rest of these   ones so that's just the basics of it now you can 
also add affiliate links like that as well okay   so i'm not going to show you like each and every 
one you're going to have to do that yourself so   let's go back over here let's add this one in copy 
that and let's see let's just add the whole thing done drop in a text module let's paste that in 
change this to maybe heading oops that's not good   ctrl z okay maybe hit enter 
let's change it to heading three   and then what we need to do is let's 
try to format that properly like that   okay um let's just leave that right now let's go 
back over here okay and then maybe i might have   another text so get started with the tubebuddy 
maybe that might not be a button though   so let's click on that and then just have it like 
that paste that in let's move it to the middle   and then if we want to copy the 
affiliate link again just copy that   paste that in so everything that i'm showing 
you now is like the actual work that you need   to do to become successful with making a affiliate 
marketing website right so there's so many videos   on youtube that just show you like you know 
just like the concept of it but you actually   have to do the work right so this is part of the 
work um and yeah it's just all everything that   you need to know so let's go down over here and 
let's add in the pros and cons so if you want to   display your pros and cons so we can display 
it in a few ways so let's go back over here   so what i'm gonna do actually is add a new row 
okay something like that and then i'm going to   separate it into two columns okay two columns 
like that one on the left one on the right   let's do a text module again paste 
that in and then we're gonna copy that   like that and then we can come 
back over here let's paste that in okay let's change that to heading three oops 
let's drop a space first change that to heading   three or maybe try heading two maybe heading 
three actually so then we can go back over here   copy that and then we can just duplicate 
that one drop that one over click this in   select all and maybe just paste the match 
style oops that's not good uh let's just   delete that first paste and match style 
click on enter changes to heading three   save it let's click on this and okay so for the 
rest of this stuff uh you can pretty much do that   yourself so the next thing that i want to show you 
now is how to actually style your blog post so i'm   going to add in a bit more content and then i'll 
show you guys how to style it and make it look   really really nice okay so i've added in some more 
content so what i want to show you now is how to   add in like a content section something like this 
over here where people can actually click on it   and it can scroll down to the different sections 
so this is going to add to the user experience   of your blog post and your website so let's go 
back over here and then let's turn on our builder   so this is actually really simple to add so we 
can actually drop in let's say a text module   let's say we want to drop it over here oops let's 
move it back okay so just above what is tubebuddy   so over here we can label this content 
let's change it to heading 4 like that   and then what we want to do is we want to 
look back at our article and we can start   adding in sort of all the different uh 
sections so for example what is tubebuddy   so for example copy that and then we can start 
adding all the different sections in manually   and maybe who uses it like that and then we could 
do the next section which is going to be let's say okay so pros and cons so or maybe getting   uh wait wait a second i think we're missing 
something uh what is shoebody pros and cons pros and cons enter so i'm just going to quickly 
add all these in okay so you can add your content   section in as well and then i'll show you guys 
how to style it properly and link it to the   different sections so right now i've just added 
in everything like that okay so it's all in one   column so as you can see on the right hand side 
there's a lot of space over here so what we can   actually do is i think we need to fix this text 
over here first so let's click on enter so what   we could do is click on styling okay and then 
go to multi columns and set the column to two   so sometimes you can set it to three depending on 
how you want to display it i think that is okay as   well so i might just put it as two though okay so 
what we want to do is we want to add a background   color so as you can see over here we've got nice 
background color so what we want to do is go   back to our miller note and if you have your color 
palette selected then we could just copy the color   code okay come back over here go to background 
and we're going to paste in the color like that   all right so what i like to do is i click on it 
okay i'm going to drop the opacity down to let's   say 0.0.1 or 0.15 maybe like that and then what we 
could do is actually i'm going to put 0.1 for now   and then we could go and go to border and then 
paste in the color on the left okay so paste in   the color there and then we're going to set 
it to four so as you can see it's a bit too   close to the edges so what we want to do is add 
some padding so let's click on padding on here   so padding is just space so i could just drag it 
and move it in like that so i can try maybe 20.   so as you can see it's a bit uneven so maybe what 
we could do is make sure we adjust it a little   bit let's see so we're going to deselect this 
for the bottom i'm going to change it to maybe   10 okay so i think that looks a little bit better 
or maybe even 5 something like that so everything   looks really really nice now so how do you 
actually link the different sections to each   of the different sections over here so what you 
can do is you can link it two ways so for example   if we want to link it to this section over here 
we can let's set in the uh link id first so   let's click into the text module edit and then 
for the id name we're gonna label it what is and then we're gonna copy it to our clipboard 
let's click over here again and then select this   text okay we're gonna paste in this so we're 
gonna type in hash first and then paste it in   and then we're gonna click on apply 
okay so that's gonna add a link   so if people click on it then 
it's going to scroll down to the   this section over here hopefully so let's 
click on save and we're going to close it   okay let's scroll down a little bit click over 
there and as you can see it's going to scroll to   this module over here so if we actually click 
it it's going to scroll past the title area   so what we want to do is actually scroll it to the 
to the row okay so we can turn on the builder so   if we actually zoom out then what you're going 
to notice is that all this content is in one   row okay so over here when you hover over it as 
you can see this purple that's the second row so   this is actually in one row so what i want to do 
is scroll to the very bottom and i'm going to add   a new row like this and then what i'm going to 
do is i'm going to click it and drag it up okay   so hold on to it click it drag it up to the very 
top and i sort of want to separate it into two   different rows like that okay so i'm going to drag 
this content over here drag this one over here on   the top okay so now it's in number one row and 
then number two over here so i'm also going to   add a little bit of spacing on the top like that 
so maybe 25 so instead of linking it to the text   module i want to let's just cut this and click 
on done i want to link it to the row so we're   going to hover over here row options and set the 
row anchor to whoops let's row options and paste   that in so that's going to set in the location to 
the row let's click on save and we can close that so as you can see it's going to scroll down to the 
row so if we click on that okay and that's going   to look really good so what you can actually do 
is you can make it scroll down to either the text   module or the row so sometimes if we actually turn 
on the builder let's say we want to scroll it to   the summary section okay so we don't actually 
have a summary here so let's just do maybe summary and then we can set the link summary 
like that's and then we can scroll down   and we can actually scroll it to the sort of the 
text module above so we can scroll like this and   then label this summary click on done save it and 
then close it so if we click on it like that then   it's going to scroll sort of like that okay which 
is okay as well so you can do it both ways scroll   it to the row or scroll it to the text module 
so what you can do is you can individually uh   do it for each one okay so what i want to show 
you now is how to actually change the link color   so as you can see the link color is red and 
you know that's not part of my color scheme   that i've actually set in here so what i'm going 
to try and do is maybe change the colors of this   copy that okay let's go ahead and go over here 
customize and i'm going to try and change the   color uh universally okay so that means i don't 
have to change it you know for each individual   module so let's click on let's go to body and 
body link okay let's paste in the module like that   okay so as you can see that color is really really 
nice okay so everything looks you know blends in   really well with my color scheme so that is that 
then we can click on publish and then for the link   hover what we can do is we can also set it to this 
one so dark green okay and we can paste that in   like that so when people hover over it it's 
like this dark green okay so you can adjust   it a little bit as well so maybe sometimes 
i actually just take this color over here   okay so we can actually go to a website called 
zero to 255 and we can paste in the color over   here click on next and then what we could do is 
it's going to give us shades of the same color so   what i like to do is pick maybe two to three 
shades darker for the link hover okay so this   is like a web design okay so you know you're 
learning a bit of everything here and it's   honestly what you actually need uh to know so you 
need to know you know a little bit about keyword   research a little bit about building your website 
a little bit about design and everything like that   so as you can see it just makes it a little bit 
darker it's very very subtle but it looks very   really nice click on publish and while i'm here 
i'm actually going to change the color scheme for   the entire website as well so we're going to start 
from the top okay so for the headings let's click   on okay so that is the main navigation 
so over here menu link okay let's just   select the green color okay so it didn't actually 
save yet because i need to exit out of it perhaps   so it's gonna copy that paste that in oops that 
is actually the background color put it into here   like that um i think that looks okay ish okay so 
we can actually keep it like that or we could just   do perhaps just for the menu link hover and we 
could do something like that right so it hovers   like that color so i'm actually going to go back 
over here and make sure this one is saved as well   and then click on publish then if you're scrolling 
down as you can see you can see the back to top   button so what we're going to do is we're going 
to change that back to top button color so let's   go to advanced and then scroll down to footer 
and then look for back to top button okay for   the color we're going to select this one okay 
the dark oops that's not the one that i want so   we want that for the background color and then 
we want to change that to white something like   that okay so that looks really really nice so you 
can either pick like an orange color which is also   part of my color scheme up to you right so just 
try and keep everything consistent as possible   um i think that is looking pretty decent okay 
let's click on publish so what i want to do   is maybe i want to change the footer color 
okay so what we could do is go to footer wrap   let's go to background color and maybe select 
that color like that okay and then what i can do   is i'm going to change the the link color within 
there so let's put a font change that to white   and then for the link color for the 
link let's change that to white again   okay so that looks really really 
nice we're going to click on publish   and yeah so that's basically how you actually 
change the colors on your website so you can   control each of the different sections over here 
so let's close that for a second let's go to our   blog okay so as you can see we can't actually see 
our blog post yet so what we need to do is turn   on the builder and actually display our blog post 
so what we could do is click on the post over here   and drag it in like that and now you can actually 
see the blog post right so we can actually change   you know how we want to display it like that and 
then what we could do is click on save and then   what we can do is i'm going to actually change 
that hover color as well so let's click on close   and let's click into that first okay so i want 
to change that hover color let's go to customize   okay so i want to click on post and then 
that's going to be the post title over here   for the post title hover we're going to change 
it to the green so maybe the dark green perhaps   uh whoops that's the background color okay 
that should be the font color like that okay   so it may be something like that and then for the 
post title we can also align it into the middle   like that looks quite nice and then for the 
post date we can also change that as well so   let's minimize all that and let's go to post date 
we can also change the background color of that   so for me i don't really want this rounded version 
of it so i'll show you guys how to change it   so what else do we need to change so let's scroll 
down to the bottom okay so over here how do you   change the color over here so we can go to forms 
and then this is going to be the form button   and then for the background let's just change it 
to the green like that and then maybe the hover   color let's change it to the dark green okay so 
that's going to look really really nice and subtle   okay everything is consistent on our website 
then we can actually click on publish   and then let's go and click on close   so i want to change this okay to an inline sort 
of uh date so let's go back to our dashboard   so let's open up in a new tab let's 
go to themify ultra themify settings   and then over here we can go to default layouts 
default single post layout and then what we could   do here is we can either hide the post date if you 
want to or change it to inline text click on save   and then we can refresh it and then it looks 
something like that okay so it's really really   awesome this theme that's why i highly recommend 
it because you can literally create any type of   website any type of theme that you want right 
so customizable otherwise if you you know pick   a theme then sometimes you want to change 
something and you can't really change the   thing you need to change the entire theme right so 
that's why this theme is so good so over here this   is the meta description now you can definitely 
hide it if you want to so for example we could   hide you know the author save it and let's close 
it and then that's going to disappear like that   um you can also hide you know the different 
sections like categories and tags like that as   well maybe i just might keep it but what i want 
to do is probably move it into the middle and   i would probably want to let's say maybe let's 
let's just not hide that one okay and then we're   going to click on save okay so what i want to do 
is change my name though because right now it's   just my email so let's go to users over here click 
on edits and then i'm gonna set my name so hogan   chua and then display publicly as maybe hogan 
or who can chew it doesn't really matter okay   and then here you can also change and you set 
your password as well let's click on update let's   go back over here and refresh okay so that's 
going to be like my name uh the category and   the tags so let's just go to customize again 
move that into the middle scroll down to post   and this is going to be the post 
metal okay move that into the middle   and hopefully that is good to go so what 
we're going to do now is i want to show you   guys how to style something which is really 
important so let's close that and close it   now if we go to some websites as you can see with 
the image you've got like a nice little border on   that image it just makes everything very very 
professional and just polished so how do you   actually achieve that so we can go back over here 
we can do that as well so turn on the builder   so we can do it two ways we can click 
on the image module and we could do like   let's say boarded like that but the border 
is a little bit thin to be honest we could   also do drop shadow if you want to display 
like that or we could just go to styling   and then what we could do is we 
could add a border so click on border   and then we could do all so over here what we 
could do is use a light gray so something like   something like that should be alright and then 
here we can set in the thickness which is three   pixels okay then you got like a nice border 
like that so that looks really really cool uh   it could be like four pixels it really depends 
on what you want i think that looks pretty good   let's go over here maybe let's drop it down 
a little bit so maybe something like that and   then i'm just just going to add that to my color 
palette as well so i can use it whenever i need   so once you're done click on done okay so how do 
you actually add it to the other images right so   you don't really want to add it individually 
because that's going to take too long so what   you can do is you can right click and we can copy 
okay so that's going to copy the styling so let's   go to the different images on your website right 
click and then we're going to paste paste styling   okay so as you can see it's applied already 
to this image and we can scroll down and   we could right click again and then we could do 
paste styling and then you know and so on okay so   that's going to make it look really really cool 
let's zoom out okay so that's what it actually   looks like okay so uh make sure you zoom out of 
your layout and make sure like all your spacing   is all you know all good okay so you can just play 
around with the spacing like that and let's say   for example we want to add you know some social 
media sharing links so let's drag the social share   and we drag it below that or something like that 
and then we could do you know facebook twitter   uh maybe linkedin and then we could do let's 
say squared and then we could do styling and   then we could move it into the middle hopefully 
like that let's decrease the spacing actually let's zoom back in so i think that looks not too bad we can also 
change the color if you want to uh i think that   is going to be the icon and then we could do 
background color and then we could do something   like that green or maybe dark green okay so 
that really depends on what you want really   i think that looks not too bad actually uh yeah so 
that really depends on what you want okay and then   what you could do is you can also add the social 
sharing on the bottom of your page as well just   duplicate it zoom out and then we can click on it 
and then we could drag it anywhere that we want   okay so we could drag it onto the bottom of our 
blog post like that and we can also rearrange it   to maybe something like that so i'm just 
going to leave it as is i'm going to delete   that okay let's click on save oops what did 
i actually delete we can also undo over here   okay let's save it and then we can close it so 
before i actually show you guys how to customize   the sidebar section i sort of want to show you 
guys uh we're going to change the button over   here okay so we're going to add some like calls 
actions within our blog post and we need to change   the color so we can click into the button module 
and we can change the color over here but you got   limited options right so i'm going to select 
transparent and then let's go to styling let's   go to button link background so i'm not going to 
select green for this one i want to select the   color that stands out a little bit which is maybe 
the orange okay so i'm going to use something that   stands out now you can use red or depending 
on what you want okay so let's paste that in   okay so that's going to stand out a bit more 
so then the next thing is the link color we're   going to change that to white okay and then 
for the hover color let's just change it to   a darker orange copy that's and then we can paste 
that in okay then what we could do is make sure we   add that to a color palette same thing for this 
one add that in okay and then here get started   with tubebuddy so we could change this link color 
as well manually so let's go to styling go to link   and then for the link color change it like that 
and then for the hover we can change it like that   okay so then we could also make it a little 
bit bigger so like heading two or maybe not   maybe heading yeah maybe add heading four or 
heading three okay something like that so you can   rearrange it um and then we could make it less 
bold maybe yep something like that and save it   okay so the next section i want to show you guys 
how to configure your sidebar section so you   could add like a image and you could add like 
an advertisement a banner ad also an affiliate   link and then also show your categories 
and fully customize the section over here   so let's click on save and let's close 
so to edit your sidebar we need to go to   the dashboard area we can also just go to 
widgets uh directly so this is going to take   us to the appearance and widget section right 
so what we want to do is we want to edit the   i think this one sidebar section okay so for 
the recent post uh we're going to delete it   recent comments we're going to delete that as 
well let's navigate over here to see what i want   to show so i might include like a profile image or 
a little bit about us uh really depends i think it   adds some extra trust uh for your content as well 
so let's just drag in a image module from here   let's add an image and maybe let's add this 
one over here that's okay insert that in there   save it click on done and then we could add in 
a text as well so over here so about me and then   you could write a little bit about yourself okay 
so i'm just going to grab some dummy text for now   copy that and paste that in okay so you can use it 
and you can bold it you can also link it as well   so save click on done now if you want to add 
let's say a affiliate link so for example   uh we could add a banner so i'll show you guys 
how to add a banner so for your banner there's   actually two ways of doing it so sometimes the 
affiliate program might actually give you a sort   of custom html that you can add in so for example 
for the amazon associates uh we can actually click   over here and we're gonna go and click on build 
link and then over here right it's got the html   for that product so it's gonna include the image 
as well as your affiliate link all tied together   with the shop now button and things like that or 
you could click on the image only and you could   also paste that in so this is the html so we can 
copy it all right and then we can go over here   and then we could drop in custom html and then 
paste that in like that and click on save okay   so or you can just do it manually so for example 
if you have your own image so for example drop it   below add image and upload files select files 
and then let's just add in the tubebuddy logo   okay and then we could add to widget like 
that and then over here we can just put in our   affiliate link manually so for example okay we're 
going to grab our affiliate link so copy that   and then come back over here 
and then we just paste that in   and save click on done so now we can actually go 
back over here and let's see if we can refresh it   so here's got an image about me and 
then you've got your amazon link   okay so that's the html that you've added 
in and then this is the tubebuddy one that   you've added in manually okay so both of 
these if we click on it it's going to link   and it's going to take you over here the other 
one is going to take you to tubebuddy okay so   yeah so for that one actually what i want to do is 
i probably want to open that in a new tab if i can   let's see edit image advanced options okay 
let's open that in a new tab update and save   okay let's go back over here let's refresh that   and then let's click that okay that's going 
to open a new tab so that's what we want okay   so that is pretty much it for your sidebar um 
we can also add in like categories as well so   for example uh where is it categories over here 
we could drop that in below okay and then you   could arrange it okay so you can click on done 
you could also do like the most popular post   so for example i think this one featured post okay 
so drop that in like that and you can also set the   thumbnail size so for the thumbnail it's going to 
be 128 by 720 okay 72 sorry and then we could do   uh display the post thumbnail uh you could also uh 
not display it so we can relabel like most popular   and then we could save it and then let's see what 
that looks like okay let's refresh it and then   that looks like like that okay so you could do 
that as well we can also remove the post thumbnail   done refresh it okay so this is something that 
you can play around uh with yourself so you're not   going to break anything so you can just rearrange 
it and you can play around with the different uh   widgets and display it okay so part number six i'm 
going to be going through on-page search engine   optimization as well as off-page optimization 
so this part is really really important because   it's going to help us rank our website on google 
right we want to make sure that on our website it   is fully optimized so that when google scans our 
website then they know exactly what our website   is about and it has all the best settings so we're 
going to go through that and then i'll go through   off page optimization which is basically getting 
backlinks to your website so generally the more   backlinks you have on your website the higher 
that your website is going to rank so i'm going   to go through that in detail a little bit later 
so what we're going to do now is we're going to   install a plugin called yoast seo so we're going 
to go to dashboard so this is a plugin that   is basically going to help us optimize our website 
on our page so when we hover over plugins over   here click on add new and we're going to search 
for yoast and click on enter so it should be   this one over here yoast seo by team yoast and it 
has over 5 million active installations installed   so once that is installed then we need to make 
sure we activate it just by clicking on activate   and it should show the little icon on top so the 
next thing we need to do is click on post and we   want to make sure that all our posts and pages are 
well optimized okay so if it's like your affiliate   disclaimer page or your about page you might 
not really need to sort of optimize it that much   because you're not really trying to rank that on 
google right so if it's like a review post and you   want to make affiliate commissions from it then 
you want to make sure that it is fully optimized   right so we can click on edits so on the right 
hand side yoast will actually show up like that   you can also click back onto the gear icon to 
display the old uh display panel okay so what i   generally like to do is just scroll down to the 
very bottom and you've also got the yoast panel   um down here as well okay so scroll down to the 
bottom of the post and navigate over here so the   first thing you'll need to do is put in a focus 
key phrase so this is going to be the keyword   that you want to target for your page or your 
post so for example it's going to be tubebuddy   review so what yoast basically does it's going 
to take that keyword and it's going to scan the   content on your page and it's going to provide us 
of a simple checklist to follow so if we actually   click on seo analysis then you can see some of the 
problems and the things that we've also done well   okay already and it's going to provide 
us a simple checklist that we just follow   step by step to make sure our page is well 
optimized for this specific key phrase over here   okay so i'm just going to go through each of the 
different settings that you should have optimized   so the most important thing is you want to make 
sure that your focus keyphrase is in your title   so for most of you it should already be your post 
title already so if you don't have your keyword in   there you want to make sure you have your keyword 
in there and try to keep it at the front of your   title as well okay so tubebuddy review and then 
you could have you know what is it and should   you use it or anything like that after that okay 
because this is going to be really important if   you know someone searches tubebuddy review and 
they look at your title and don't have it within   you know your title then they're probably not 
going to click into that okay so that's going   to be a really really important factor so the 
next thing that you want to do is if you want   to edit manually you can do that as well just 
by navigating to seo title and deleting that   and just typing that in so two body review and 
then you could do is it's really worth your money   okay so you want to make sure your title is also 
um has your keyword but it's also like enticing   for someone to actually click into okay so for 
me i'm just going to have it as the default one   so i'm going to put the variable in there 
and it's going to take it from my post title   and add it there okay so for your meta description 
by default it's going to just take a random   snippet of a piece of content on your website 
and include it in your meta description so this   is uh the description over here okay so we can go 
over here and we can type in a meta description   that we want okay so we could do like in this 
tubebuddy review will be taking an in-depth look at all the features and benefits and then maybe like does it really gets you more 
views find out here something like that okay so   with your uh meta description i generally try to 
include the the keyword in there as well okay it's   one of the checklist items over here as well um 
but if you can't include it naturally then you   don't have to right so with these different things 
um besides the sort of the the title uh here   like sometimes if you don't get it 100 then 
it's okay right you don't need to like have   everything 100 optimized so if you have like 
80 of them like you know green then it should   be pretty much good to go okay so here we can 
actually just look through the different things   and just fix it okay so as you can see i already 
have a lot of these green now mainly because i've   done this a lot of times and actually you know 
when i'm creating content then i'm really aware   of it and i'll try to actually do it already so 
let's say for example you want to fix something   then let's say for example this one your keyphrase 
does not appear in the first paragraph then you   can actually fix it okay sometimes you might not 
have any outbound links which is like linking   outside your own website and internal links which 
is in linking uh within your own website you might   not have it so i'll show you guys how to fix that 
and for example the image alt attributes okay so   you can just work through this yourself as well 
i'm gonna click on update and then i'm gonna click   on view post okay so just turn your builder and if 
you want to fix something it's fairly easy let's   just say for example you want to add you know your 
keyword within the first paragraph just click into   the first paragraph and try to include it within 
the content naturally right you don't want to just   like squeeze it in anywhere you want to make sure 
that the sentence actually makes sense okay so if   you can't do it then don't do it right so if you 
want to add let's say for example um the the the   link so an external link um outbound link then 
let's say for example we can link misinformation   click on the link over here click on link options 
and then you can put in your url over here   and link it up okay so most of the time for 
outbound links or external links i'm going to   open it in a new tab mainly because i want to keep 
people on my own website and then we can click on   add link now if you want to add an internal link 
let's say for example you have another article   about youtube growth and how to grow your 
channel so maybe i can link you know this keyword   to that page so people can click into it and they 
can read about that content so it also has to make   sense right it has to be relevant before you link 
anything so you can click over here click on that   and then over here we can just search for 
our content so for example if you have   you know the content and you know the title 
you can just type in the title so let's say for   example we're going to link it to our about page 
right then we can actually just click it like that   and it's gonna link up okay so for an internal 
link a link on our own website i'm gonna just link   it as is without opening in a new tab okay and add 
link like that okay so the other thing is for the   image alt tags so if we click into an image that 
we've added you can add the alt tag over here so   by default when google actually scans your website 
and they look at images they can't really read you   know what that image is about so that's why you 
know all tags are important um it basically gives   like a little description on the image so that 
when they read the alt tag then they know you   know what that image is about all right so you can 
add your alt tag over here okay and click on done   so those are just the basics uh that you need to 
do so once you've done it you can just save it and   you can click back to the back end of that post 
okay and then you can scroll down and you can   try and work through you know the different 
other things that need to be fixed as well   okay so as you can see it says your key phrase 
does not appear to be in the first paragraph   um but if we actually go to our page over 
here you'll notice that you know it does   include it within our first paragraph actually 
right same thing over here okay that should be   the first paragraph i think it might actually be 
because we've got content on the right hand side   and for some reason you know yoast seo might be 
reading that and they can't actually see they read   this content over here okay so don't worry about 
it if you can't do it as long as you know you've   included it over here then what really matters is 
that google just scans the sort of the back end of   your website and they'll know that it's actually 
included there okay so yoast seo is just like   a checklist tool it's not like a tool that tells 
google you know uh where uh your keyword actually   is right so it's just basically there to actually 
just help you right so if we go back over here   then you can go through each of these uh different 
things and fix it once you're done just click on   update so the next thing that we want to do is 
we want to click on plugins and want to install   a google site kit so what we want to do is connect 
our website with google analytics and also the   google search console so basically if you actually 
search our website right now so we take the url   and let's type in our url over here just paste 
that in let's type site and colon hit on enter   so what we want to do is try and index our 
website okay so what we need to do is install   our google search console and add our website 
over there okay so if we go back over here okay   so we're going to click on add new and then we're 
going to search for google site kit hit on enter   and then we're going to install this right so 
it's going to help us connect google analytics   and also the search console really really easily 
so with google analytics you're able to track   how many visitors are coming to your website and 
what they're actually doing on your website how   long they're staying so basically once you 
actually have that information then you can   figure out how you can actually improve your 
content and your website and things like that   by looking at the statistics okay so 
once that is installed click on activate   so what you also want to do is make 
sure to actually log into your gmail   or your google account and once you've done 
that then we can just click on start setup   and then we can just sign in with google and 
then i'm going to select my gmail accounts just allow that and allow that 
scroll down and allow that   okay so now it just needs to verify ownership 
of your website and that's going to add they're   going to add a html code with the actual plugin 
so click on proceed and then click on allow   and then we can add the site and then that 
is done okay so go to my dashboard okay so   it's connected with google search console so 
the next thing i want to connect is google   analytics right so it's going to track 
your visitors so click and connect service   and select your accounts and select your accounts 
just allow that and then allow okay so it's going   to create a new account for us and our account is 
going to be maybe just affiliate tutorial so this   should be your uh basically your website name or 
your company name okay this is the website and   you can set in your country and time zone 
and create account let's select that one allow so he's gonna select my country 
here australia accept the terms of service   and then accept go to my dashboard okay so that is pretty much done right so that's 
gonna start gathering the analytics data once   you know you have a few visitors coming onto your 
website so let's say for example uh what we could   do is we can search for the page so our page is 
tubebuddy oops tubebuddy review and then we can   click into that and view data and that's going 
to give us you know how many visitors are coming   to your website uh how long they're staying for 
you know are they clicking on other uh pieces of   content on your website or they are they just 
leaving okay so once you do have visitors then   it's going to show over here and then you can 
start looking at the data and you know optimizing   your website and making it better improving it 
and things like that so the other thing that we   want to do is we want to submit a sitemap file 
so basically this is going to help google better   understand how to crawl our website and you know 
when we when we publish new content then hopefully   it's going to index our pages a lot quicker as 
well so this is really important so we can go   back over here and what we can do is go to yoast 
right so ghost over here click on general tab   go to features and then for the xml sitemap we can 
click on the uh question mark okay and then see   the xml sitemap and it's going to redirect us over 
here okay so we could just copy this url just the   last part of it okay so sitemap index.xml right 
just copy that and you should receive an email   and you can also just click on submit a sitemap or 
you can just go and search google search console   and login okay so it's going to click on start 
here and we can navigate to sitemaps on the left   okay and then just paste in the url okay so our 
website sitemap over there submit okay let's click   on got it that should be good to go so let's 
go back over here and that is pretty much it   for your on-page search engine optimization so 
make sure you optimize all the posts and pages   that you want to rank uh rank for okay so for the 
other pages which aren't as important like you're   about affiliate disclaimer you don't really have 
to optimize those ones okay so the next thing i   want to talk about is your off-page seo which 
is basically getting backlinks to your website   so backlinks act like a vote for your website and 
generally the more backlinks you have so the more   sort of popular your website is and the higher 
google actually rank your pages and your website   okay so what i want to talk about now is off 
page seo which stands for off-page search engine   optimization so it's everything that we do off our 
website and that basically means getting backlinks   to our website right so i want to explain a little 
bit about what backlinks are first so for example   um in this article in neil patel's blog in 
his article within here there's links right   so if you click on that link then it's linking to 
another website and that is basically a backlink   now generally the more backlinks that you have 
to your website so for example we have a lot   of backlinks to our website over here that means 
that it tells google that our website is popular   and therefore it should rank it higher okay so 
that's the general sort of idea behind backlinks   so we need to have good on page optimization so 
we need to have good content and make sure that   it is fully optimized so that when google scans 
our website that it knows what we're talking about   then it needs some backlinks to tell google 
that okay our website is more popular than   other websites so it's also really important to 
note that not all backlinks are created equal   and each backlink have sort of different weights 
to them and how much they're actually worth and   how much they'll actually increase your ranking 
by right so one of the factors is the sort of   domain authority of a website so if you were 
to actually get a link from neil patel's blog   which is a very very authoritative website with a 
lot of trust and it also has a lot of traffic as   well then it's going to be worth a lot more 
than if you were to get a link from a less   established website and another factor is the 
location of the link so if the link is within   the content itself just like this then it's going 
to be worth more than if the link is coming from   like the footer section it's like a sort of like a 
profile link that you get from your facebook page   basically links which are harder to actually 
obtain which is links within the content it's   going to be worth more than links which are easier 
to obtain so for example if you were to get a link   from maybe like a blog comment then it's going 
to be worth less okay so that's really really   important to note as well as the relevance of 
the blog they're actually getting the link from   so if you were sort of a blog talking about 
youtube and youtube marketing and how to make   money on youtube and you're getting a link from 
maybe a blog that talks about dogs it's not going   to be worth as much and there's also two different 
types of links as well so there is the do follow   link and also the nofollow link so basically the 
main difference is that the do follow link will   actually pass that link juice that voting power 
to your website to increase your ranking directly   right whereas a nofollow link it doesn't pass that 
link juice so google actually implemented this uh   years and years ago back when a lot of people 
were actually doing sort of blog commenting   and spamming blogs with their links so what google 
decided to do was implement the no follow link tag   so for example if we right click this block 
comment link and click on inspect then what   you're going to notice it's going to show a 
nofollow tag right so the no flow tag means that   it doesn't pass any link juice to the website 
and it doesn't directly impact the rankings   of the website okay so this is not to say that 
it's not important at all because it is sort   of important for a natural backlinking profile as 
well as leaving blog comments is sort of going to   help you get some referral traffic back to your 
website especially if it's a high traffic blog   and it's also going to build a relationship 
with the blog owner as well which is really   really important in terms of our backlinking 
strategy that we're going to employ later   so what i want to go through now is a specific 
backlinking strategy for an affiliate marketing   website so this is really important because 
there's so many different strategies out there   of getting backlinks but what we're going to do 
is we want to have a process and have a strategy   specific for a new website so for our affiliate 
marketing website we're going to be implementing   a three-step strategy to building backlinks for 
it so one of the best ways to actually build   backlinks is through guest posting on different 
blogs and websites so what that basically means is   that we're writing an article for another website 
right so for example on this forbes website over   here this is an article written by erica right 
so she's a brand contributor from deloitte   and she's written this article about productivity 
and within the article she's linked back to the   deloitte's uh article okay so that's getting a 
backlink through a guest post so this is one of   the best ways to actually get a backlink because 
it is also a contextual link it's a do follow link   and it's also a relevant link that drives traffic 
back to your own website as well so this is a   really sort of powerful link that is going to help 
sort of increase your rankings for your website so   before we actually go ahead and you know do guest 
posts and things like that we do need to do step   number one and two so before we can actually uh do 
guest posting we need to build a very very solid   foundation and we also need to build relationships 
and things like that that's why we need to do step   one and two before we can actually go ahead and 
you know find different blogs and websites and   ask if they accept any posts and things like that 
right because with guest posting we are basically   contacting another website owner and asking them 
can we submit our article on their website so what   we want to do first of all is to sort of build 
our own portfolio first to actually show them   the work that we can actually create so this can 
act like a practice for you guys and also if you   are writing a guest post for them right it's going 
to drive some traffic back to to our own website   now if our own website doesn't have any content 
on it then you know there's no reason for people   to actually stick on your website and read your 
content and eventually become fans of your website   and if they don't become fans of your 
website they're not going to come back and   they're not going to they don't have anything to 
link to right so they've got no articles to read   nothing to actually link to so it's going to be a 
waste if you actually you know create guest post   right now first of all i don't think you 
many people are going to reply because   people want to see that you are a legitimate sort 
of online business before they actually work with   you okay so it's going to be a lot easier for 
you to collaborate with them if you do have some   work to show for that okay so for our affiliate 
marketing website before we sort of focused mostly   on review content comparison content basically 
affiliate marketing content now generally with   that type of content it's not really uh linkable 
right so most of the time when people are linking   within an article it's generally to a resource 
so or it could be like two different case studies   different statistics uh it could be to show people 
how to do something it could be different case   studies and things like that so what we want to 
do first of all is to create sort of informational   content which is worth linking to and also the 
informational content um that sort of helps people   right because when you actually help people it's 
gonna sort of help you build an audience as well   and it gives an a reason for people to come 
back for example uh for my website which is   talking about uh helping people how to start 
a youtube channel how to make money on youtube   then i would also create content for example like 
how to get more views on youtube seven easy hacks   or i could do like how much do youtubers earn i 
would do like 21 real examples basically content   that people want to read right and content that 
people can actually link to people can share   that type of content right so people generally 
aren't going to share like my tubebuddy review   or like video iq review or any type of review 
so people normally link to resources so for   example if i'm creating a video showing you how 
to build backlinks and things like that maybe i   can't cover every single little strategy but then 
i would be like okay maybe you can refer to this   blog post or you can refer to this website uh 
you know this video so that's gonna i'm gonna   leave a link in the description and that's gonna 
help you know build a backlink for that website   so that's what we wanna do first of all we 
want to build a very very solid foundation   so you want to build at least write at least you 
know five informational blog posts which are in   depth and also well researched as well as finish 
off with your review and comparison content so   that's going to take you a few weeks to actually 
complete that but it's also very very important   right because you need a portfolio to show people 
that you can do great work and then it's going to   increase your chances that you're able to actually 
guest post for these websites okay so step number   two branding and engagement so this is also a 
really important step so what you want to do   here is that you can actually create a relevant 
web 2.0 profile links so for example that is   like your facebook pages um so create a facebook 
page create a youtube channel twitter uh profile   and if you have any social media uh profiles then 
you can actually add your domain or your website   link as a website or in your buyer okay so most 
of the time that's going to give you a backlink   back to your website and it is probably going to 
be like a nofollow link but it's going to add some   trust signals for your website and it's going to 
help with your rankings as well initially okay so   what you want to do is you also want to engage 
within the community as well so once you actually   create those pages you want to get some initial 
sort of referral traffic back right so one of the   best ways to actually get that is to actually 
engage in the community for example on quora   right so it's a question and answer type 
of website and people ask questions and   then a lot of people will actually answer those 
questions with an answer and here for example   you know how does tubebuddy work and then this 
person over here he's explaining exactly how it   works with a link back to his video and a lot of 
these will have links back to their uh different   pages on their website as well and that's going 
to give you some initial referral traffic okay   so it's also going to help in terms of building 
a reputation for yourself on the internet because   when you want to request your different blog 
owners to actually guest post on their website   you sort of want to make sure you have a brand 
right so when people actually check your website   out and you know your social media accounts and 
different things like that then they see that you   are a real business okay so another thing that you 
should do is also do some blog commenting as well   so you can spend like 30 minutes a day doing 
you know question answers and also uh doing blog   comments and sort of engaging in the community it 
could be like on on youtube as well or perhaps on   you know a a person's facebook page or maybe a 
person's instagram page you can start engaging   there and sort of try and build a relationship 
with the you know website owner and things like   that okay so when you actually reach out to them 
then they're more likely to know who you are   so with the blog commenting you can do that 
after you've found some relevant blogs that   you sort of want to potentially guest post 
on and i'll show you guys how to find the   blogs in a minute okay so you can spend like 30 
minutes per day doing these engagement activities   so basically what we want to do right now is 
to because no one knows our website we sort of   want to get as many eyeballs on our website as 
possible and this is something they just need   to do when you just first start out so no matter 
what business that you do when you first start out   it's always going to be a little bit harder uh 
you sort of want to do everything that you can   okay so for example you could also post your 
articles and your blog post on your facebook   page on your twitter pages as well and things 
like that so what we want to do now is to find   different blogs and different websites where we 
can actually guest post on so for this task we can   use the ahrefs content explorer tool and we can 
navigate to the content explorer tab on the top   and we can enter in our topic so for example 
it could be a word or a phrase uh for example   let's say for our website we're gonna do how to 
make money on youtube okay and then do a search   so over here we can scroll down and we can see 
the different search results for that key phrase   so what we're going to do is we're going 
to click on the one page per domain because   there's 26 000 pages and we just need the 
domain we don't really need the duplicate and   you know the same pages from that domain as well 
so basically we can actually scroll down and what   you're going to notice is that a lot of these 
websites are quite popular so for example the   domain rating is very very high they get a ton 
of traffic and if you're like a new website then   it's probably not a great idea to actually go for 
these with your first guest post or your first few   guest posts because they get a lot of traffic that 
means they get a ton of requests for guest posts   so you sort of want to build up to that okay so 
for example the shopify blog is very very popular   and you know your chances are going to be quite 
low if you don't have like a you know relationship   with you know one of their uh staff and if you 
don't have much of a reputation yet so what we can   do is actually set in a filter before we do we can 
actually set it to english first since we're going   to be writing in english and we're going to add in 
a filter and set a domain rating so we can set it   to maybe 10 and 250.

Okay so that's going to pull 
in the websites with a domain rating of 10 to 50.   so what we could do is start sort of 
browsing through the different websites   to see uh if we actually want to you know 
submit our guest post on that because   not every website we can actually do it um because 
maybe it's not relevant maybe it's a bit old   you know maybe it's just not a website 
that you want to guest post on so   what we could do is just click on the different 
results like that and let's click through okay and you can also do like a different search 
as well uh so for example we could do like how to   get small views on youtube and then we can click 
on search and then we can scroll down we can click   on the different results as well like that's so 
basically opened up a few more different websites   uh what i want to show you now is basically the 
process of trying to find a good opportunity uh   for our guest post okay so this one over here 
our first website this online world so the first   thing i've noticed over here is that's you know 
this post is quite recent and that's definitely   a good sign then the next thing that you want to 
look at is you know is the content on the website   sort of um something that you can produce 
something that is relevant to your own niche   and also does the actual blog accept you know 
guest posts uh on their on their website okay   so you can look through that and normally on the 
bottom you might actually find like a author's   buyer for example over here okay so this one is 
ryan scribner he's a full-time youtuber and also   the founder of another blog and he has written 
a guest post on this blog okay so what you do   want to look at also is probably like the about 
page and check out the different uh social media   channels see they're actually active if there are 
then maybe you want to shortlist it and instead of   actually contacting them you know directly um then 
maybe what you do want to do is try to engage with   them on their different social media platforms so 
for example uh you would spend you know 30 minutes   a day you know commenting on the content that 
they produce perhaps on their facebook page maybe   retweeting their tweets and things like that okay 
or sharing their content on your facebook page   right so you do want to get them on your 
radar first especially if it's like a   a blog where it's like very very personal which 
i think you know this blog is right it's very   very personal and i think a lot of the blog posts 
like he actually writes himself some other blogs   a little bit different as well so maybe i'll show 
this this one and spend more time to engage with   this one so we can look through some of the other 
ones as well and we can look at you know is it   relevant to my own niche as well sometimes this 
one maybe perhaps i wouldn't maybe so let's just   click on the about us you know sometimes you can 
tell from the content um it's not like really like   a personal blog they just have a lot of different 
uh guest posts on there let's have a look   okay so this one maybe not so this one over here 
it's like i don't know this is like a maybe just   sharing different content so what you can actually 
do if you do come across something like this   right you can go back over here and we can set 
and add a filter to like set words to maybe   uh above 1000 okay so maybe it won't actually 
show uh results like this one over here okay   so that isn't good this one over here uh 
you can take a look at it and see is it   something that you want to post on maybe not 
you know it doesn't seem like there's a lot of   um you know traffic a lot of followers following 
this blog i don't know just the feel of it maybe   i don't want to post on this one this one over 
here let's have a look is it like a real person so you can look through the 
content as well okay if it is then   we would uh click on the contacts and 
see if we can get in touch with them   um this one over here okay 2016 it is 
a bit old so let's click on the blog   okay so it seems like they haven't updated their 
blog uh recently so probably not worth trying to   contact them this one over here okay so this one i 
think i'm pretty sure this one is actually like a   private blog network uh where they just sell seo 
services so we can click on some of these ones   and check their blog post you know are they 
linking to okay so it's linking to a company   website this one linking to like a product service 
page this one is yeah it does it does look like   you know it does look like a private block 
network so so i probably don't want to post   on this one don't want to contact them this 
one over here perhaps uh maybe it's a bit old   you want to look through their different content 
so maybe not this one this one over here doesn't   look too bad it's like a real person and let's say 
okay so maybe this one okay so that's what i like   to look for like is it like a real person because 
normally if it's like not like a real brand then   they won't have much of a following and you won't 
get much traffic to your website and things like   that so this one over here you know maybe maybe 
not i probably have to look a little bit deeper   so sometimes uh what you're going to notice is 
that if you scroll down to the very bottom uh   you might actually see like a write for us page 
right so these ones openly accept guest post   uh if you do want a guest post on it then what 
you do want to do is look through their different   requirements okay so if you can actually fulfill 
those requirements then i think it's a good idea   maybe to to get in touch and you know contact 
them and submit your guest post so websites like   this they might not have like a very uh loyal 
following compared to a website like this where   you know it's very very personal but 
i think it might be still a good idea   um just to get some initial links to 
your website and to do some guest post   uh to start off with as well um especially 
if you know they've laid it out for you   probably going to be a little bit easier 
okay so this one over here as well   i think it does have a write for us page so what 
you can actually do is you can actually use google   as well you can do like your topic for example 
youtube plus and then uh write for us okay so you   can type that in and you can see some of these 
websites over here just by clicking into them   and they might have like a write for us page where 
you can actually submit like a guest post as well   okay so you have to look through this manually 
uh yourself and you can also just shortlist this   on like a google doc or an excel document you 
can also sort of export it uh export it as well   for example export it so then you can just export 
it onto your computer and then you can actually   use a tool called and you can actually 
search up their domain and try to find the emails   that way so you can actually bulk import the 
domains for example let's say we take this domain   over here like sometimes they might not have a 
contact page or they might not get back to you   you can actually take the domain and you can 
use the tool like and you can just   put in their domain over here and we can click on 
search and that's going to give you their email   addresses so it's not going to work every single 
time but sometimes it might work and you'll have   a direct email to them okay because sometimes the 
contact email might not go directly to their email   it might go to the junk mail or whatever it is 
but if you're able to actually contact them for   example maybe their personal assistant uh then 
it might actually uh be quite effective in your   outreach campaign okay so i think personally 
probably uh doing it manually is probably the   best uh solution um it is a bit tedious but 
you get to sort of look through each website   and sort of manually filter it rather than just 
you know export it in bulk so that is pretty   much it in terms of actually finding different 
opportunities where you can actually guest post   so the next thing that i want to talk about is how 
to actually email them right so i'm going to give   you guys a very very simple template that you can 
use um as a sample right so you could do like hey   john big fan of your work especially x y and z 
post i'm hogan from i've written four   and then maybe you can provide a few 
examples you don't want to provide   too many you can also just provide examples of 
your work if you haven't done any guest posts yet   and then you could say i was wondering if you 
accept any guest post if you do let me know   because i love to write for your blog right so 
very very simple and then you can include a few   different ideas uh that would work really well for 
their blog okay so what i recommend is making sure   that you have done your research on you know 
seeing what blog posts work well on their blog   and also if you want to go the extra mile then 
you can also do some keyword research as well   right because at the end of the day they also want 
to get more traffic to their website right so if   you actually have done the work um to actually do 
some keyword research then you can actually show   them you know this is a great opportunity as well 
for you to actually get some more traffic okay so   what you want to do is you want to sort of set 
this as like a daily uh process where you reach   out to like a dozen uh different websites because 
not everyone's going to get back to you okay and   then what you need to do is you want to make sure 
that you follow up okay so follow up uh with like   a follow-up email uh to ask if they've received 
email and things like that because sometimes they   might just ignore it um and you might have to 
try again okay so make sure to not be like too   pushy uh in terms of you know getting guest posts 
sometimes they just don't want to so that's fine   and you have to move on and then later on once 
you've built your portfolio your reputation   then reach out again okay so in terms of actually 
writing up your content uh so what i do recommend   is obviously looking at their own requirements 
first and if they don't have any requirements   make sure to ask them okay so generally in 
terms of the links back to your own website   you should only include one to two maximum okay so 
depending on the length of your content maybe if   it's like more than like 2 000 words maybe 
you can link to it two times but generally   probably just one time and then you can also 
link to maybe some external resources as well   also make sure to ask them about that okay so 
you could also link back internally to their   own website so what you could do is after you've 
written your guest post then you could also look   at the content on their on their blog and try to 
help them internal link uh to their own website   right because that's gonna help with 
help with their own on-page seo as well   and help their own uh pages to rank okay so 
you can do that and then what you need to do is   uh make sure to not include any affiliate links 
unless they say you can and you don't necessarily   need to link directly back to your review page 
right so so for example i would do something   like before i create a video i always check 
out the competition by doing a general search   on youtube if it looks like a decent opportunity 
i will then do some keyword research i normally   use tubebuddy for this purpose and then i can link 
it to my tubebuddy review okay so sometimes that   is maybe like on the borderline you know two 
commercial because it's linking back to my review   if it is then i would probably link to maybe 
like another article on my website for example an   article showing people how to actually do keyword 
research and within that article then i'll link   to tubebuddy so what i mean is that i would have 
let's say a tubebuddy review and then i might have   a how to do keyword research for youtube right 
and then instead of linking directly to my review   i will link to this article first okay and 
then from this article i'll link to this review   right so this is uh internal linking right that's 
still going to pass a little bit of link juice   um but with guest posting sometimes it can 
be a little bit uh you just don't want to do   that right you just don't want to link directly 
to like a product page or like a service page   um sometimes you can do that uh just make sure 
to ask them okay so that's pretty much all for   guest post make sure you provide really 
great quality content and make sure to   organize you know all your images and screenshots 
and optimize all the image sizes for them   so you want to make it as easy as possible for 
them to actually just publish that guest post   so that in the future then they'll like to work 
with you right and then once they've actually   posted their guest post make sure to actually 
follow up and engage with the comments if there   is any comments so that you can actually get some 
referral traffic back to your website as well   okay so in the beginning it's going to be quite 
hard and quite manual in terms of actually   building backlinks and doing guest posting and 
creating content but after a little while then   your content will start ranking on google right 
and that's going to naturally get you some more   people on your website and if they like your 
content then they're going to link back to you   right and then that basically means 
that you're going to get more backlinks   and that's going to increase your rankings right 
so then once that starts going then you're going   to start getting more and more natural backlinks 
to your website and everything else is going to   start ranking as well right so basically 
the more people that come onto your website   then the more opportunity you're going to get for 
natural backlinks and then you don't have to do as   much guest posting anymore because a lot of people 
are going to link to you naturally right so this   is like the flywheel effect and if you actually 
read a little bit more about the flywheel effect   uh jim collins actually discusses this in 
his book i think it was like good to great   and it talks about amazon's flywheel effect so 
basically he talks about how uh you put in a   lot of effort in the beginning and until one day 
the flywheel starts to turn right so you're going   to put in a lot of initial effort and then once 
the flywheel starts to turn then it's going to be   really really easy for you and all you need 
to do is to produce really great content   so this is amazon's flywheel and basically what 
drives growth is very great customer experience   so that's going to drive more people to actually 
use the website so more traffic to their website   and because there's a lot of people on 
the website then sellers will be attracted   to actually put their products and list it 
on their website that's going to increase   selection and that's going to increase customer 
experience and that's going to drive lower prices   and that's going to sort of drive growth naturally 
right so for example for our own flywheel is that   we're gonna produce really great content uh but 
initially we do have to get people on our website   first right to get some fans and subscribers and 
then once we do have fans and subscribers then we   might get links naturally okay so getting links 
naturally is always going to beat you trying to   always trying to obtain links right so that's 
going to increase our rankings and visibility   for our website that's going to get more people 
to read our really great content and then it's   going to get more links and then we're going to 
get more rankings and yeah so that's going to   sort of drive growth for our own website right 
just like if you were to open a restaurant um you   have really great service really great food and 
really great value initially there might not be   a lot of people to our restaurant and we have 
to do a lot of advertising marketing for the   restaurant but then once people actually come 
to our restaurant they really love the product   then they recommend them to their friends and then 
their friends will recommend them to their friends   and it's going to keep on going and that's going 
to drive growth for the restaurant okay same thing   for our website initially it's going to take a lot 
of manual work but eventually it's not going to be   as tedious and all you really need to focus in 
on is to create really great content and that's   gonna drive your growth okay so that's pretty 
much it for off page seo okay so we're pretty   much finished with this free course uh showing you 
guys how to create an affiliate marketing website   what i want to do now is just to give you some 
final tips to help you guys succeed faster with   your website so the first tip is what i recommend 
is actually targeting long tail keywords for your   website's content right so when you're actually 
doing keyword research and you're using ahrefs   what i recommend is using the sort of filter tool 
on the top so what we can actually do is we can   actually filter the keywords by using the word 
count and we can target long tail keywords by   selecting key phrases which are five words or more 
so we can click on apply now generally with these   keywords they are going to be lower competition 
and you're going to be able to actually create   content which is more targeted so that's going 
to give you a more chance to actually rank your   website quicker especially if you're a new website 
you don't really want to target key phrases which   are too short because they're going to be higher 
competition and it's not as targeted so you want   to focus on low competition keywords first until 
your website builds some more authority and trust   then you can actually go ahead and target 
more competitive terms make sure to get a   few sales first and then you can really once you 
actually believe you can actually get results   then you're gonna you know take more action then 
you're gonna get even more results so you can   also set the volume over here to maybe up to a 
thousand and click on apply and you can also set   the keyword difficulty to maybe up to 30 right so 
go for low competition first then aim higher later   so tip number two is to be early so when you're 
actually choosing a niche i highly recommend   choosing a niche that you are very interested 
in because if you're interested in a niche   then when a new product comes out generally you'll 
know about it right then you're able to actually   create content earlier than everyone else that 
means that your website is going to rank a lot   easier because there's going to be no competition 
at all so that's really really important i think   within sort of anything that you do in business if 
you're early then you're always going to have this   early movers advantage right that's going to be 
the same thing for an affiliate marketing website   so for example you could do like you know maybe 
old product versus the new version of product   should you actually upgrade right so that's a 
very very targeted uh key phrase that you can   actually use uh when you're actually doing 
new product uh reviews and things like that   so tip number three if you guys want to get fast 
results what i recommend is actually turning   your blog post into a video so what you can 
actually do is if it's like a product especially   like a digital product you can create like a 
tutorial sort of review and you can go through   all these points in video you can talk about the 
pros and the cons you can show people the features   how to use it uh what you'd like and what you 
don't like by doing a screen recording just like   i'm showing you right now in the screen recording 
and tutorial for pc you can use camtasia to record   as well as edit and if you're using mac then you 
can use screenflow to record your screen and also   edit as well and if you guys are really serious 
about it then you're probably going to need a mic   and for that i recommend the blue yeti mic and 
you can also get the blue yeti nano as well if you   don't want something that's you know really bulky 
all right so this one is really really bulky and   really big probably not going to be great for 
traveling this one is really really small and   really awesome as well so if you actually upload 
onto youtube then all you need to do is you know   make sure you create a really nice thumbnail make 
sure to actually do some keyword research as well   by using tubebuddy or vidiq and you can put in a 
title try to make it a little bit different from   other people put in a description and you can also 
put in your link so for example the review link in   the description or in the comment section that's 
going to get your backlink back to your website   and it's probably going to get you some referral 
traffic as well that's going to help your   website rank on google and yeah if you're creating 
a video you're able to showcase the product a lot   better as well and if you're showing your face 
then you're going to be able to build some trust   and you don't have to build any backlinks to your 
video so that means it's going to be a lot faster   for you to actually get results especially if 
you have really good watch time for your videos   right so i'm not going to talk too much about it 
but creating a video is just you know so awesome   because you're able to also build a brand and when 
you are reaching out to get guest post then it's   going to be easier for you as well so tip number 
four is repetition and execution so in this video   i've shown you guys how to do everything just once 
so for example i've shown you guys how to set up   the website once i've shown you guys how to use 
the builder once i've shown you guys how to create   content once how to do keyword research once how 
to actually add that content onto your website one   time so the thing is uh you've learned everything 
one time right but to actually get results you've   got to actually repeat those actions over and over 
again just like if you were to let's say go to the   gym or something like that and you want to get 
fit so you've got to go on the treadmill you know   every single day like for weeks and months until 
you get really great results so the same thing   with your affiliate marketing website you've got 
to execute on a daily basis and what i recommend   is having sort of like a daily process so take 
what you've learned from this video and you   know write out your own daily process of content 
creation of keyword research and things like that   so obviously you can you know group it into like 
for example you could do keyword research one week   and then maybe the next week you could just 
batch create the content and things like that   and then the week after you can you know edit the 
content right the concept of affiliate marketing   the concept of passive income it's super easy to 
explain and it's really easy just to watch a few   videos but to actually get results you've got to 
take action okay so that's going to be super super   important in terms of being successful online 
so tip number five and the last tip is to focus   so make sure to focus on your readers make sure to 
focus on the people that you are trying to help so   create content to help those people and that's all 
you should really just focus on right don't focus   on other businesses don't focus on e-commerce 
don't focus on you know drop shipping don't focus   on amazon fba don't focus on anything else other 
than helping your readers other than creating the   best reviews possible i think this is the biggest 
trap that most beginners fall in is to chase   a lot of different sort of making money online 
opportunities and not just sticking to one until   you're successful so i'm not saying that you can't 
do those ventures later but until you actually   start making money and until you make stable 
income from your affiliate marketing website   don't go and do other things right it's just like 
choosing a sport let's say you choose tennis let's   say you choose basketball you don't really want to 
switch from that to like swimming and then to like   other sports as well because it's going to take 
you time to actually learn the skills required to   be actually good at it to be able to actually earn 
an income so this is going to be the same with   affiliate marketing and your affiliate marketing 
website so yeah so make sure to focus and don't   get distracted by you know what is hot and what 
is trending at the moment focus on your readers   and your customers so that is pretty much it for 
this free course on showing you guys how to make   an affiliate marketing website so what i'm going 
to do is hopefully within three to six months i'll   update you guys with the progress of my website 
so i didn't really want to reveal it right now   because i don't want people like copying exactly 
what i do and things like that um so yeah so   if you have any questions drop it in the comment 
section down below so hopefully i can create a few   more videos to show you how to add in a few more 
things to sort of fully customize your affiliate   marketing website but i'm not really sure you know 
how this video is actually going to do so this is   a very very long video like four hour video but 
it literally covers everything you need to know   to create a thousand dollar per month or even 
more affiliate marketing website yeah do let me   know in the comments below what you guys think of 
this video and make sure to give it a thumbs up if   you found any value in it it really helps me out 
because it did take a long long time to actually   put together for you guys so thank you guys 
for watching and see you guys in the next video

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