How can I learn affiliate marketing for free

affiliate marketing right Amazon Drop Shipping 
make money online it's all confusing right and   it seems very complicated I got news for you 
it's not that complicated it doesn't have to   be that complicated you ever wonder why people 
go out of their way to make it look complicated   I'll tell you why because gurus make a lot of 
money when they create a problem and then sell   you a solution does that make sense yeah it sucks 
doesn't it pisses me off too here's what I did I   created a YouTube channel where I make courses I 
build all the courses and then here's the deal I   don't put a five or ten thousand dollar ticket 
on them I just put them on my YouTube channel   and I give them to you I show you how to make 
money with specific platforms that I've used   to make money so I'll put a little screenshot up 
here of a student account check it out seventeen   thousand dollars per month in six months is 
what's been generated in that account and it's   only going to continue to get larger you want to 
know more adding perfect millionaires on YouTube

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