HIGH TICKET Affiliate Marketing versus LOW TICKET Affiliate Marketing (For Beginners)

hey everyone i'm laura 0:00:03.120,0:00:06.640
and today i'm going to share with you 0:00:05.520,0:00:10.080
the differences 0:00:06.640,0:00:13.440
between high ticket affiliate marketing 0:00:10.080,0:00:16.160
and low ticket affiliate marketing so 0:00:13.440,0:00:18.400
this is for you and stick around if you 0:00:16.160,0:00:20.320
are brand new to affiliate marketing 0:00:18.400,0:00:21.439
and you're interested into getting 0:00:20.320,0:00:24.320
started 0:00:21.439,0:00:25.039
or if you have been dabbling in it for a 0:00:24.320,0:00:27.439
while 0:00:25.039,0:00:29.519
and you're looking for new offers to 0:00:27.439,0:00:32.559
make good commission on 0:00:29.519,0:00:35.760
so you can achieve financial freedom 0:00:32.559,0:00:38.800
location freedom and a best yet 0:00:35.760,0:00:41.600
time freedom so 0:00:38.800,0:00:43.440
first things first what is high ticket 0:00:41.600,0:00:46.160
affiliate marketing and what is 0:00:43.440,0:00:48.239
low ticket affiliate marketing you see 0:00:46.160,0:00:51.760
high ticket affiliate marketing 0:00:48.239,0:00:53.280
is often a one-time commission but a 0:00:51.760,0:00:57.199
higher amount around 0:00:53.280,0:01:00.559
500 or more often times 0:00:57.199,0:01:04.239
one thousand dollars or more 0:01:00.559,0:01:06.320
these products are often info products 0:01:04.239,0:01:08.560
which means that they can be online 0:01:06.320,0:01:09.680
courses they could also be coaching 0:01:08.560,0:01:12.960
programs 0:01:09.680,0:01:16.320
financial products overall just business 0:01:12.960,0:01:19.360
opportunities low ticket is either 0:01:16.320,0:01:22.320
a one-time or can be 0:01:19.360,0:01:23.040
monthly recurring as long as the buyer 0:01:22.320,0:01:26.080
keeps 0:01:23.040,0:01:30.000
paying for example this can 0:01:26.080,0:01:33.360
be software's membership sites 0:01:30.000,0:01:36.720
apps or even amazon products 0:01:33.360,0:01:39.759
pay low ticket what's great 0:01:36.720,0:01:43.280
about either one is that you 0:01:39.759,0:01:46.320
have to focus only on sending 0:01:43.280,0:01:48.000
the traffic so you don't need to worry 0:01:46.320,0:01:50.479
about fulfillment you 0:01:48.000,0:01:51.360
don't need to actually work with any 0:01:50.479,0:01:53.759
clients 0:01:51.360,0:01:54.880
or you don't have to create any online 0:01:53.759,0:01:58.640
courses 0:01:54.880,0:02:02.320
you can just use simple social 0:01:58.640,0:02:06.159
media to send traffic and get credit 0:02:02.320,0:02:08.879
for the sale second 0:02:06.159,0:02:10.000
what is the best thing for beginners 0:02:08.879,0:02:14.000
well 0:02:10.000,0:02:17.840
i highly highly believe that high ticket 0:02:14.000,0:02:22.080
is way easier and simpler to get started 0:02:17.840,0:02:25.120
in simply because you make money 0:02:22.080,0:02:28.720
way way faster so you can 0:02:25.120,0:02:29.920
spend five hours a day setting up a 0:02:28.720,0:02:33.200
traffic source 0:02:29.920,0:02:34.319
to get one sale for something that's low 0:02:33.200,0:02:36.720
ticket 0:02:34.319,0:02:37.920
one instead you could have spent the 0:02:36.720,0:02:41.040
same amount of 0:02:37.920,0:02:43.760
hours time 0:02:41.040,0:02:44.640
but instead getting a high ticket 0:02:43.760,0:02:48.640
commission 0:02:44.640,0:02:51.040
which is way better so 0:02:48.640,0:02:51.840
does this necessarily mean you're going 0:02:51.040,0:02:54.400
to make 0:02:51.840,0:02:55.040
a high ticket commission sale right off 0:02:54.400,0:02:58.319
the bat 0:02:55.040,0:03:00.080
right off the first day no but the 0:02:58.319,0:03:02.959
growth starts to compound 0:03:00.080,0:03:03.360
as you stick with it and you find your 0:03:02.959,0:03:06.879
group 0:03:03.360,0:03:10.159
eventually so by getting that first 0:03:06.879,0:03:11.040
cash injection you obviously get 0:03:10.159,0:03:13.599
momentum 0:03:11.040,0:03:14.159
and it will definitely motivate you to 0:03:13.599,0:03:17.360
keep it 0:03:14.159,0:03:20.560
up and to keep going and 0:03:17.360,0:03:23.280
there are proven step-by-step 0:03:20.560,0:03:24.400
systems to earning commissions that you 0:03:23.280,0:03:27.599
can follow 0:03:24.400,0:03:31.120
that are not wasting your time 0:03:27.599,0:03:35.120
third what are the best offers 0:03:31.120,0:03:37.920
i generally prefer high ticket 0:03:35.120,0:03:40.480
because you can't always bet on a 0:03:37.920,0:03:43.920
monthly recurring revenue of a low 0:03:40.480,0:03:46.480
ticket offer to keep coming in 0:03:43.920,0:03:47.280
the average stick rate of a monthly 0:03:46.480,0:03:51.519
recurring 0:03:47.280,0:03:55.040
membership program such as softwares 0:03:51.519,0:03:58.080
is actually around three months so 0:03:55.040,0:04:00.000
that's why high ticket is actually way 0:03:58.080,0:04:03.519
better and one of my favorites 0:04:00.000,0:04:06.799
because you get the sale plus 0:04:03.519,0:04:10.239
you can get the buyer to go 0:04:06.799,0:04:11.040
and buy another of another high ticket 0:04:10.239,0:04:14.080
offer 0:04:11.040,0:04:17.440
from you so for more 0:04:14.080,0:04:18.639
info on my favorite offers that you can 0:04:17.440,0:04:21.199
start promoting 0:04:18.639,0:04:22.160
i would definitely check out the 0:04:21.199,0:04:25.360
description 0:04:22.160,0:04:28.320
below i also have for you a 0:04:25.360,0:04:29.360
free guide to high ticket affiliate 0:04:28.320,0:04:32.560
marketing 0:04:29.360,0:04:35.520
and free trading videos i 0:04:32.560,0:04:36.400
want to thank you so much for watching 0:04:35.520,0:04:38.960
this video 0:04:36.400,0:04:40.000
and please make sure to subscribe to 0:04:38.960,0:04:43.280
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and i'll see you on the next video 0:04:49.639,0:04:52.639

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