Geld verdienen mit Digistore24 πŸ‘‰ 2023 βœ… Ohne Affiliate Marketing

Today we earn money with Digistore24. I have put together ten ideas on how
you can earn money with Digistore24. Without affiliate marketing.
Yeah right. No affiliate marketing ideas, just ideas on how you can still make
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video. And I would
just say, let's just start! I just said
hey, it's about ten ideas. To earn money with Digistore24. Affiliate Marketing That
's my topic today. Because there are very, very few videos. There are hundreds, thousands of videos on the subject of affiliate marketing,
but without affiliate marketing. No, there aren't that many. I would just say we
start with the videos, with the ideas. And that
becomes very, very important without affiliate marketing. And
I'll show you live examples of all the ideas for all the ideas.

Very, very important, so that you can watch it too,
please write in the comments if you
would like to have your own video for one of these ten ideas. Idea one
to earn money with Digistore24. Create your own video course. And now you might say, well, that's a lot of work and I
don't know about what either. And not like that. And the important thing is don't take a money making course if
you don't make money on the internet. There are enough people out there
and there are enough bad courses. But create a video course on a topic
that you enjoy. That means you
can bake well, for example. Why not a course on how to bake? Why not a video course? That's a
very, very cool idea. The next on how to cook as a single. That means you cook them differently when you're single
, you buy different quantities and so, you
only have when you buy a kilo of carrots , what do you do for the
next few days and then you freeze the portions you cook you then
maybe have five portions and then you eat one or two portions and
you lose the rest.

And what ideas there are? There are
more and more single people and then there is the problem that people don't
want to throw anything away, but still want to cook freshly and the
portions are always too small. It's kind of just cooking two potatoes
and a carrot or something. It's not like there's still something to be done or
many other things too. And when you have the information and maybe you also have training,
for example how your favorite cat no longer pees in the corner or
the dog is trained properly and so on.

Plus video courses. But you also have the ability to know
any software, Excel or something, does that mean
you learned it in an apprenticeship or did you teach it yourself and know
more than everyone else? Then do a video course. That's very very simple.
We'll get to that now. But we still have a few other ideas, so we'll just
go through them a little faster. Or you
can do it that way too. Jet set affiliate system. Jetset Affiliate System is simply my experiences that
I have on the subject of affiliate marketing. I just put it in a video course and
I'm selling it via Digistore24. And that's fun.
I help. Customers receive regular messages. Hey, I quit my job, I finally worked off my debts
and and and. And that with the help of the video course. Because such a video course also has the advantage that I
have to explain everything again. Like now here in the video.

And hundreds or
thousands of people can watch it. So a video course, really awesome. So then nothing further. The idea is that in the two create
an eBook also fits in again. I can keep it that small,
create an eBook, why an eBook? You can also have that created. An eBook as a first step. That's the first step.

Maybe even before you
do a video course. You need an email list. It's very, very easy
to sell your own product. And because you just need a PDF form , maybe that's
a fan story or something else. You have some great information. It occurs to me that I've been to London again and also to New York
and I've seen a lot of autograph collectors. An eBook for autograph collectors. How far do the celebrities live or the autograph addresses. You just sell it like that for €27. An e-book with over 100 addresses of celebrities, where you can get autographs
and maybe even the next edition, next edition, always the
most up-to-date addresses or something. There used to be a
newspaper and it was published as an e-book. That's so many possibilities and
that's what your skills are too. You write down the addresses. You look them up on the Internet and if
you get a successful answer and you have an autograph,
you put that in the eBook as well.

And then maybe four
issues a year, each quarter a new eBook with new addresses
and tested addresses will sell. And people will buy that because there are enough autographs, but thousands of
ideas that work again. My next idea Number three
is number three, to earn money with Digistore24, organize
your own online congress. Now you might say
yes, but on what subject? The topic doesn't really matter,
you don't have to be familiar with it. That's the great thing about the online congress.

You don't have to be the expert because you
invite experts and they only interview. And now it's the same with the online congress. Of course, a large part of it is also affiliate marketing, but you
also sell congress packages. For example, I also created an online congress years ago,
that was in 2019 and 2020. And you can simply
look at all the experts here. I interviewed the experts and the expert interviews
will come in a week. So a congress like this lasts seven
days, ten days or something like that.

And the benefit is yes, I
was just the host. I needed the skills
purely theoretically. And of course that brings a few
advantages when asking the question. And if you have a bit of experience
and such, but there are very, very many congresses from early childhood education, father congress, Engels congress, health congresses and and and of
course also make money congresses. In this case it was Digital Nomads Congress on how to
travel around the world and make money. I've been in the market for a bit longer , so in
2019 that was the congress. And the advantage is that you do
n't have to pay a lot when you organize a congress
because you don't need much. Zoom You mark the interviews, you deliver them via e-mail marketing
system and you just see, I 've just interviewed all the
online marketing experts here.

Even years ago.
That's a cool thing. And how do you make
money with the congress packages? So you can click on it here and see
if it still works. There are various congress packages here. Congress package one costs €97, €
147 and €2,000. And I sold that deluxe package in the
middle very, very often. I made very good money
with the congress packages. But of course I also have every participant who
also promotes their products as an affiliate.

So this is now a two part part. But the congress packages just came about because I interviewed people
, i.e. an online congress. Yes, you can make really good
money with Digistore24 because the congress
packages are sold via Digistore24.
Everything should work now. So theoretically you could still buy this package here for €147 and still buy that every
now and then. people even after years. Yeah nothing further. The idea What else do we have? We have the next idea,
which is number four. Become a service provider for
vendors and affiliates. What do I mean? So there are a lot of people I get to know again and again at
the congresses. In Cologne, for example, I once
met a woman who was sitting next to me and someone paid her €35,000 to create
landing pages etc. and funnel pages and and and.

This is a skill that you can learn very quickly
and work your way into. And you don't have
to take €35,000 right away. You can start with a few 100 €
for the first page, maybe do it for free for someone and
then see what the results are like. But services for vendors and affiliates, and then that's your
area of ​​responsibility, familiarizing yourself with Optimizepress, for example how
to build landing pages and, for example, my Jetset Affiliate System site
is also built with Optimizepress or something, but there are a lot of people ,
they just can't.

For example, I also know someone. This person just builds WordPress sites for coaches and makes money from it, because
coaches also need a website and if they are a
personality coach or something else, they have no idea how they
build and need such a website. Anyone building a website. If you agree with me,
I'll be happy to write in the comments. Yes Michael
Yes, you are absolutely right. Those are the things. But a lot of money is made there, because you get paid then, of course, and
not just in the event of success or something like that.

Become a service provider for
vendors and affiliates. Even large affiliates often outsource this and
no longer do it themselves. In the beginning, affiliates often do it themselves because of the costs and because
they don't have a network at all. But at some point, when such an
affiliate earns half a million or a million , he also has certain
service providers who do something. Shouldn't you forget. I also pay people to do something for me from time to time
. Idea Five! Do you also like to write in? If you want to know more about an
idea, write it in the comments. Create software that solves a major vendor
or affiliate problem.

Now you're going to say yes,
but maybe I can't. You can outsource that too. So most manufacturers most likely also have
a programmer. Maybe even found in India or something or through Fiverr, who
then create software. And that can of course be a link shortening service or or or. For example, I can only think of the quentn e-mail
marketing system right now, which is very good. That's just a small solution or something, but they
also started out small. But they also arose from the atmosphere
of information products or webinaris. You can
also buy webinaris via Digistore. Directly and Digistore then releases
the connection if you want to do an automated webinar
as a vendor and also this software. I don't know if the owner is good at programming or if he
only has employees. That's the way it is or DigiMember was like that, so from my point of view it was the first
member system in the German-speaking area that I got to know at the time
and was also based on WordPress.

And that's the
best example again. As a vendor, you might want to do
a video course and then need these
different programs. And then you create them. And there are still opportunities. I always notice that there are a few things that I would like to
automate or something. Or of course there is also the possibility that you say okay,
I could just build a huge project, that is, a
landing page kit with an e-mail marketing system, with webinars
together and with a member system.

All in one and
very easy for laypeople. Now, when I
buy this here, I have to buy all four things so that I have a good solution, and
then you just need a box. You simply have the vision
to build something of your own, which is easy. There are a few solutions and such, but
the market is simply huge. So even there you could now
earn money again with Digistore24. DigiMember sells webinars
and also click tips, for example. Yes, Klick Tipp is also the
number one product. So create software for
vendors that solve a problem. What else do we have here? Number six Become texts Watch out for these stupid AI texts and such, where
there are always these business ideas etc.

That's [ __ ]. Write effective
sales copy and emails. If you're really a good copywriter and write very good sales texts, then
you'll get a fee like that from a DIN A4 page for
€500, that's the fee and more. Naturally.
But only you don't sell the texts for €15 or so
, good sales texts are always wanted and that's something again. Try good
sales texts, of course, the people who sell products on Digistore24 and there
are still quite a few under points. So of course you need a
sales text on a landing page so that the text on the
landing page sells well. Surely you agree with me, right? Feel free to
leave a like if you want. where else do you need
So you have an email marketing funnel. You.
A webinar might have that and for that you need
good e-mail texts. And again the
vendor is not so good at it. Or he doesn't want it at all
and wants to outsource it. And that's your job and you can
earn money with Digistore24 again.

But you can also write in webinars
, i.e. prepare all the slides for a webinar and then
you get the basic information and then work out the webinar
, all the slides one after the other. You wouldn't believe how many people
would take you as a webinar creator
once you get really good at it. So six mega
you can earn a lot of money with Digistore 24 seven Become
an affiliate manager at a vendor. You may know one or the other affiliate manager if you are already
doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate managers are wanted
, because there are no good ones because there are good ones. Affiliates say Oh,
I'd rather do it myself.

And yes, and the bad affiliates, they are just too bad for the job and
then you need a bit of qualification and then you
have to have a bit of knowledge about how affiliate marketing works, maybe
even a very small network and then you get it too a job in
no time, sometimes with a fixed salary and a commission for all the sales that
the affiliates make. Or at least the affiliates that you
bring on board and take care of the affiliates with advertising material, create advertising material
and campaign and and and. Maybe train the affiliates. Dirk Kreuter's Carsten
is an example. Yes, like a very good
affiliate manager does. That would be idea number seven on how you
can make money with Digistore24. What do we still have?
We still have a few ideas ahead of us. I'll be a service provider again, but then I'll be an editor or videographer,
because the videos should. So you see, even a vendor like this needs several specialists, maybe he
does it himself, but a video course like this might have to be
recorded. That means yes, you have a camera and accompany the vendor and
maybe also create sales films.

Even their own landing page, such as the Jetset Affiliate System,
has a video here in front of the Malibu. I've now done it myself, but of course I could also do it with
Ein Video Filmer. It will then be all the more professional. And that would then be your job,
to create videos for vendors and to edit them or
the content of the courses or then the sales
pages and and and. Because
if you're a big vendor or something, you don't edit the
films yourself and and and. So these service providers are
definitely sought after at Digistore or at the vendors and sometimes
even at such large affiliates.

Even with big affiliates it's like that, of course, I always need
films and stuff like that and I'm also an affiliate and even if you're
like that, carry on, that was the idea. Oh, now we come to the idea. Nine If you are of course a vendor
or a large affiliate, you might also need a social media
manager, you can see that, for example, the
big ones, they don’t post their Instagram photos
themselves or the TikTok s or something like that, or they just hang out any
stage performances where they gave any lectures, little
shorts or tiktoks or something.

No, most people have
a social media manager for that. I even know a few big vendors who have two or
three social media managers. Yes, I think
Hermann Scherer, for example. I once saw a video from his office on Instagram uploading the
story and I think he had three social media managers, so
who loses there, manager right? Well, sorry, become a social media manager. Social media is becoming very, very important. But Hermann Scheer
also has an affiliate manager. That's why I know, because this
video also featured affiliate managers. So become a social media manager. And create content for a vendor. And he's just happy
when he sells more. And then you get a
lot of money too. So then you can
make money again. Move on like this. Host an event like the Contra. Um, that would be something, for example. I haven't called yet. The side, the cons. And that takes place
again in May, for example, or something. But as an organizer, you bring all the experts onto the stage and are
actually the organizer, the moderator. Of course that makes sense if
you also have a lecture or something.

And the Contra started very small in DΓΌsseldorf,
in the Rheinterrassen. I don't know, maybe there was a predecessor, but
that wasn't the big hall. It was just the Rheinterrasse
with a couple of 100 participants. And I know a lot of events that kind of started with 50 people
and then you have 50 people, a couple of people giving a talk, and
every year the event gets bigger. So even that and that would be something that would help a
certain target group. For example, there are now over 30 speakers here, 2500 participants over two
days in DΓΌsseldorf and there again. You can simply sell the event tickets via Digistore24 and there are
also one or the other event in the area of online marketing, email marketing,
affiliate marketing and so on. You shouldn't underestimate the opportunity
to market your own event via Digistore24 and the Eifel and
build up your own affiliate army. What do you think of these 10 iDEEN? You would have thought
that there were so many.

And there are many, many more ideas. And now that
might be your question. But how do I find the right vendors? Of course, you can simply
visit the Digistore marketplace and see which vendors might be suitable for your
service. But as an editor you should already have
a bit of experience than as a social media manager,
for example. Otherwise it won't work. And or you are at an event such
as Die Contra and talk to people, maybe even a smaller
vendor who is just starting to grow and secure
a place in his team for you. Why not? My name is Michael Kotzur
I'm a backpack entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy the video
and I look forward to your comments. And I have
two more videos for you up here. Please check them out and I'm out.

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