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– We're gonna talk about
finding high paying products that you can promote for free. Now I know it might be hard to believe you can just promote other people's products for free, however, I'm going to show
you exactly how to do it and just how easy it is. So, here's exactly what I do every time. So I wanna give you guys
over my shoulder how I would and I'm gonna start from scratch, I actually opened up my back end, and I was gonna do a
little research beforehand, I said, you know what, I'm gonna do this off the cuff, and I swear to God, this is gonna be off the cuff, because I want you to see
real world how this works, how I research things, and how I go about finding these products.

So we're gonna look at one popular affiliate marketplace, plus, as a bonus, you'll see below, I'm gonna give you a list of all of the marketplaces that I use. I'm gonna show you those here in a second. You can just download it to a spreadsheet and the links are there, you can click, you can
join these places for free. We'll go over those in a second. I'm gonna show you what to look for, there's a couple key components that you need to look for when promoting products, because the point is you
wanna promote good products with good support, but you also wanna make good money promoting these products right? So we wanna win, win, win, win win all the way across the board.

And then I'm gonna show you how I would take those links and actually put them into
my content and so forth, to put them into action. All right? So yesterday this is a little recap but also it has to do with today, we talked about the
evergreen niches, right? So there's three main niches, health, wealth, and relationships. Hopefully you took what
we talked about yesterday, got the wheels turning, and found out kind of where you fit. If you don't fit exactly
in one of those three, that's just do a little research and see if other people are doing what you're thinking about doing.

If they are that's good, right? That means competition is a good thing, it means there's a marketplace for it. So don't freak out about that, but hopefully you found yourself somewhere within these three, and then you were able to maybe kind of niche yourself down a little bit. So let me show you how I'd go about doing. And what I wanna show you first is one of the marketplaces that I go to when I can't find a product.

So typically I like to promote, and when you go through one
of my trainings with me, if you've ever been through one of the trainings with me, I like to talk about
focusing on the niche first, then selecting the product, then choosing the platform to promote, because it's very, very important that you select a product that you have some
interest and passion in. So I'm gonna go with this as if I was somebody in the health and wellness space, and I was all about fitness and exercise. And let's say I really wanted a product from a particular manufacturer, but they didn't offer
an affiliate program, or maybe there's a product
you're using right now, but they don't have an affiliate product, but you still wanna stay
in that niche, right? That's you can go to
places like ClickBank here, it's free to sign up, and again, I'm gonna put link below to all my free resources as well for you to look at.

So what I would do is
I'd come to ClickBank, I'm not gonna go through
the signup process, it's really straightforward, you can do it for free, name, email all that stuff. But when you come into the main DASHBOARD it's pretty straightforward, you're gonna click up
here on this top button it says Marketplace. Now, when you look on the left hand side, look at this, everything under the sun is available here. There's mostly digital, but there are some
physical products as well. So I was talking about health and fitness, so I would go to health and fitness. Now here's some important
things to look at, up here is under Search results, now these are gonna vary depending on the product platforms you're on, but ClickBank is one of the most popular and it's a great place for beginners to at least get started. So the way this works is, you can look at popularity, which is a great way to do it, but also you can go by average sale which means how much
you're gonna make per sale.

So we're trying to find a combination of popular, sale, and in some cases we're looking for stuff
that's reoccurring. So Initial sale just
means your initial sale, this is the average sale. Now the Rebill is important, because Rebill means that you're gonna be getting reoccurring commission. So if you can find a winning product that pays you on the front end, as well as pays you on the back end, monthly like a membership, that's really cool. But Gravity this is one of
your most important things when you're looking at ClickBank products, the reason why is Gravity shows you that the product is currently selling, this means that this product is selling.

So when you look here and
you look at the Gravity, look at that, Gravity 652, a good Gravity score. Keep this in mind, a good gravity score
is between 20 and 100, that's that's what they say. That might change, you know, who knows. And if it's not exactly 20 to 100, don't freak out about it. If the product aligns
with what you're doing, and you think it's a great product, and they have good support, go with it. Because really what it
comes down to in the end is how you're gonna promote it, and are you gonna get traffic in? But for this case, you can see Gravity here, like this is the Godzilla Of Offers.

What is this called? This is a huge offer, don't miss out on this Bonecrusher. So what I would do is so let's say I had no clue what to do but I knew I wanted to
be in health and fitness. 2020, Custom, here we go. I like these, I like the Keto, and look at this gravity 381, this is perfect.

Now, $41. But look at this Avg Rebill
Total of 55 bucks a month, so there's probably a
membership available. So they have upsells, that's a good thing. So let's look at this one. So this is real world, you can see, I'm not
making this stuff up here. All right. So what I would do is I'd look at this and my guess is, so they're saying, so they make you, all right, so they make
you put in your name and email which is totally fine. Perfect, this is perfect. Look at this. So this is what's called a JV page, right? This is a true, so the Custom Keto Diet.

You can tell these people
care about their affiliates. This is their affiliate page, look at all this information, Create Your Affiliate links Product Information, Banners, Social Media, Lead Magnets, Lead Magnets means those are free things they give us to give away, right? So we can entice people, let's take a look at that. We're getting ahead of ourself, but look, Deliciously Easy Keto Recipes. So let's say you're doing a YouTube channel on weight loss and you recommend keto, you could say, "hey, download my free,
easy keto recipes below." They would download it. And then it would send
them to (humming fanfare) Custom Keto Diet where they buy the Keto Diet. So look at this, it gives us everything
to create our links, they also give you
different things to send to, you could send people to the Keto Quiz. That's another great way to promote, quizzes are huge. So you could literally say, "hey, take the Keto Quiz, see if it's right for you." You copy your link here, it's already got your
ClickBank ID with it to track.

And people would take the Keto Quiz, and they'd be like, "yeah, Keto Diet's right for you." If they go by, you get paid. So look at this, all
these different things, $1 7 Day Trial, this is great. And then look at this product information, it talks about all the stuff that these people will get in this. So this is stuff that you can use when you create your
landing pages and funnels. Now that's a little bit more advanced, that's stuff I go over and more of my full-time training, in my full training, but it gives you all the custom information you need here. Banners, so this is the type of stuff that if you have a blog, look at this, you can copy and paste this. And if you're doing a
health and wellness blog you could put this on the side, people click on it, they buy the Keto Diet, you get paid.

So this is a great example. Look at that, whoa, look how beautiful that is. So look at this, this is all stuff for
you to use to promote. Do you see what I'm getting at here? This is all free. They're giving me all
the marketing material, all I need to do is go
out and do the work. And then look, they give
me a social media pack, so if I'm promoting on Instagram, if I'm promoting on TikTok, if I'm promoting on Facebook, they give me all that stuff. And then Landing Pages, so what this is is what the landing page looks like that people will go to when they wanna put in
their email and information.

Videos. So custom videos that I can upload and put on my landing pages, in my Facebook page, and my blog posts, things like that. So Custom Demographics, look at this, it's telling me 80% women, 20% men, ages 35 to 65. It's even showing me the
most popular countries. It's telling me who to promote to. All right, isn't that cool? So come and play around with this website. Here's one more thing, Keywords, it tells me it's gonna, I won't do this, but you can download this and it'll give you all the keywords. These are keywords that you would now take and write articles about, create videos about, create Instagram posts about, create TikToks about, they're giving you everything, this is the stuff. They've done the research, this is the stuff see what I'm saying? How you can do this for free. They're giving us everything. So these keywords are what people are already looking for.

They've already done the hard work for us. So you download this keyword list and start creating content. Look at this, Email number two, right? Three, four. I mean, this would cost you to have somebody write you five, six, like this is called an
onboarding email sequence. So when people download
that free recipe guide you would then send them
these series of emails, because they may not buy on day one, but they may buy on day 2, 3, 4, or 5.

But it's already done for you, you don't have to write these, you know how long it
would take you to sit down and write these emails? It probably is for a beginner, it would probably take you a few days, and if you had to pay someone to do this I know because I paid, it could cost you anywhere
from 50 to 100 bucks for a good email. They're giving you the
whole sequence for free..

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