Fastest Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources

The fastest affiliate marketing traffic sources
and can you generate affiliate marketing traffic within 24 hours? we going to use the same strategy
the top affiliate marketers in the world used to generate affiliate marketing traffic. There
is nothing for you to purchase here. I'm not going to ask you or try to push you to buy
a course for a thousand dollars. This is absolutely free. Something that you can do on your own.
The only thing I ask you is for a courtesy which is very simple subscribe drop a like
and make sure to share this video. Here's what we need to do. Hello. Welcome. This is
Mark Daniells here and I hope you are ready for this. This is gonna be an epic training
about how to get traffic for affiliate marketing traffic sources. It doesn't matter if you are an affiliate
marketer, who or maybe started out or maybe you've been doing it.

For a while. It really
doesn't matter. We going to go ahead and talk about some really important things the first
thing obviously we're going to talk about how to get fast affiliate marketing traffic sources, because a lot of affiliates
new affiliate marketers are so confused because they think the number one thing that you need
to get is a product but there's a lot of things that you have to get before you get
your product. Does it matter if you get the best product in the world, but if you cannot
send traffic Convert traffic. Basically, you have nothing. And in addition to this, you're
going to have this is the first time I'm going to go ahead and reveal that based on a lot
of years of experience mentoring professional entrepreneurs who wanted to succeed online.
I have something really special for you and this is going to be a bonus for you. And if
you follow it, you will dominate the market. It doesn't matter what market it is. It's
been tested proven. And it is ready for you if you are ready as well.

So what are we going
to do here we're going to do and talk about six items affiliate marketers are having a
hard time with I get that from people who are asking questions on the comment area or
maybe sending me and emails and we got to talk about all of them to make sure that we
going to talk about every single one of them need to get we're going to talk about what
is free a platform and I'm talking about the free platform for The 24-hour or solo ad that
is used by a lot of Affiliates and I'm talking the top online marketers that use it. Why
do they use it? Why is there a demand for it or a lot of people don't know why it's
used the other thing.

We're going to talk about why 90% of new Affiliates affiliate
marketers use only 20% of its capabilities and I see that all the time.This platform
if you use it, right you can get a whole lot out of it and I'm going to show you how to
do it number four where we going to do. We're going to go step by step training. And then
what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you the top filtration secrets in this platform.
I'm going to talk about it here in just a little bit and can tell we have checkmarks
here that we make sure we want to make sure that we cover every single one of them.

are some Target lead, Miss. exceptions what I'm talking about is I get a lot of inquiries
and so forth about the think the this platform that I'm going to talk about is only for maybe
online marketers how to make money online and so forth I'm going to prove it. kind of like
debunk that myth because it's a lot more than that then what are we going to do we're going
to talk about the bonus which is going to dominate traffic in traffic if you follow
that this is obviously for people who want to make ten twenty fifty thousand dollars
a month this is not for the people who want to jump from one thing to another hoping that
the grass is greener on the other side it is not the grass is greener where you water
it so you need to water the grass that you're on so we're going to talk about this the first
thing we're going to do is talk about the first one which is what is that free platform
that I'm talking about now if you know I'm sure you probably Ready know it it's Udimi.
There's a reason why top athletes including myself for the last few years been using that
because a lot of people don't know what goes on behind the scene unless you know, the people
that actually run this thing just want to let you know the way it works.

They do a lot
of filtration and the reason we use it as top marketers… is because there's a lot of
filtration going on and the way A I want to make it very kind of simple here. When you
make an order it goes to the seller and then you read me does a lot of things behind the
scenes and they are proactive and then they send it to you so you can make some sales
so so far they caught, you know, a hundred and fourteen million useless click filters
fraud the Cod over four hundred and forty-nine.

Plus they band basically 14,000 people from
their platform. I want to tell you how they do it. And basically, that save people
over 418 million. Basically, I'm going to tell you just a few things about this. A lot
of people don't know one thing you need to understand is that click counter? Some people
have a click counter and they think oh, yeah. This is a filter. They are some other companies
that they do, of course, solo some misconception is a lot of people they say, oh, yeah, you
need to buy a thousand clicks right away. So you can know exactly what's going on. You
really don't what Udimi you don't maybe with other ones. Maybe you are trying you have
to but with them you don't have to you know, you can buy 200 whatever the minimum of the
solo provider because each and every one of them have a minimum for several reasons. They
concentrate a little bit more about the a hundred percent. They're interested in the
quality, not the quantity and what I like about it is they go and they Purchase hundreds of
thousands of bad clicks and they see if any of their providers are using them and when
they do what they do? they ban them, so that's why we use it and that's why you should use

There's a lot of things happening behind the scenes of the a lot of people don't know
any company that is proactive. It's really good platform to do business with just before
we go to the other section. Just want to let you know. How they filter it and then they
let you know they give you a report that why they filtered everything out another word
if they filtered something out. They will give you extra they replace them for you and
they tell you why there's a it's likely a traffic exchange. So they ban them it will not
consider as a click or an opt-in or a lead for you. So they do that behind the scenes and
you can add more filtration for yourself as well. okay now we covered one until we going
to go to 3 and 4 together 90% of the new Affiliates they don't really use the capabilities that
are available for them and I'm going to show you how to do that so we're going to go ahead
and click this one and I'm going to go right now and do a step-by-step training for you
so I can to make sure that you understand every aspect of this platform form and I know
there's a lot of YouTube and YouTube videos and I have watched them and it's I'm sorry
to tell you I have caught a lot of mistakes that other people are making and telling you
and you're not gonna get the most out of it I'm not against anybody please don't think
that I am but I just want to make sure that it seems to me like we have here like the
blind leading the blind syndrome so let's go ahead and get going here And let's go back

Now. Of course, you can go to or you can click the link that I have here
for you. When you do that, you will get an automatic discount or coupon. I'm not really
sure if you want straight to them. I don't think they'll give you the coupon. They just
enroll you but if you want to, you can go there now. There is a reason why I'm doing
this because if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing have to have traffic and there are
a lot of levels that I'm going to explain. Later, just want to let you know that you
have to have fast traffic. Now. There are some people that they are used different means.
I'm not going to talk about them. I'm going to talk about you to me. So let's go ahead
and get going here. I'm going to cover everything that you see here, and I'm also going to cover
this but I'm gonna go back here and take a look at this. Now. A lot of people put
40 cents, whatever. No, don't worry about that.

Put the maximum. I'm going to tell you why
in just a little bit now as far as the niche believe it or not. Have heard somebody on
YouTube tries to teach you that Niche is not important while there he said well, don't
worry about it. Just leave it the way it is. Don't mess with it. No, this is the most important
thing. Why would you for example get people that gonna send you business opportunity leads
and you are in the fitness industry, so I know you don't want to do that. So I'm going
to show you here in just a little bit about about some trick here that some people just
sent me and send me some questions regarding that because they said all Udimi is only for
internet marketing or making money online.

No, it's not and I'm gonna prove it to you
here in just a little bit. So let's move on now as far as rating, I would not worry about
that leave it as it is because the rating is gonna is going to show anyway, so I would
not mess with that. Okay as far as the goal of sales. I would not worry about it. I don't
and as far as sales you can go up for the lease sales for the people that made the most
sales least sales you can play with it if you want to but it really doesn't make any
difference. Now. As far as here last time a dead logged in you can you can go ahead
and just click if they are online now or they're online within the last 24 hours. It's up to
you what you want to do. It's really not that. Important because if somebody is good, they're

Anyway, as far as the start time this is this is kind of important, but you don't
have to do it right now. You don't have to sit there and filter people at this point
you can if you want to but it's good not to go straight and say I want it immediately.
I would say a minimum of 24 to 48 hours so you can get the best possible leads for you because
There are some people who are just like going to send you some leads now. Obviously, I'm
assuming that you know, who are these people these people are they collect people that
are interested in a certain type of products for example Fitness or making money online
cryptocurrency and so forth even diet what they do is they send you the lead. They don't
send you the email. They send you leads straight to your opt-in page. For example. Apple basically
when they obtain you will have their email address obviously.

All right, let's move on
here. We're going to go and click on that as far as country. Just leave it all countries.
It doesn't really matter language. Who cares as far as to repeat orders. You can do that later.
But here's the thing that a lot of people asking that and really convinced that you
to me is only for making money online and the person told me that hey I am in health
Witness and things like that. So what else I can use? Well, not really there's two things
here. There's here's the niche.

But the thing is that they don't put all the niches for
you. They do put Health you can click on health, but let's say you're you want to say Fitness.
So what you do is you click on a keyword and you put Fitness
Now what happens here all the people with the fitness you can see him popping up. Okay.
And not only that let's say you're in self-help. For example. Now you can see all the people
will self-help. So don't be under the impression that this is only for certain things. It's
really not it's for a lot and it's going to be even grown even further. I'm not going
to go through all the stuff that they offer but what I'm going to do is I'm going to go
through a few things that you should know. Now what we did is we cover the filter. I
call it the premier or the First Step filter now you can go ahead and understand a little
bit more. So what are we going to do? We're going to click on this person right here.
Just want to let you know.

Let's go-ahead and start with his name right here. You can
make them as a favorite. Now. What is that mean? That means he delivered a thousand and
ninety-four people didn't like for some reason which is normally 24% mate. Sales another word
when he sent them this person sent them the clicks or the leads 24% bought from the first
time now, I don't know exactly and I'm not saying just go ahead if you're an affiliate
make sure that you send it straight to your affiliate offer. That's not really a good
idea because we don't know what these people are or they have as far as their landing page.
Maybe it's more sophisticated.

We don't know. All right, here is a price per visitor now
right here is telling you that 12% are repeat customers and he can respond within two hours.
You can message that person. You can see their time where they from now this one right here.
He'll tell you that minimum that this person will do is 75 now. I do not recommend 75 to
be frank with you because you're not going to be able to see what the Integrity of that
person or if you Gonna get some type of sales a minimum do 300 if you can now here it says
like okay.

You want it in September September 30th now watch out for this. Okay, right now
I'm recording it's not a September tomorrow is going to be September 30th. So what happens
is that this is too close. So try to unless you have to try to put it 24 to 48 hours.More
but here let's say you you say you want to do it in October 2nd. Make sure you understand
this right here seller is allowed send earlier even immediately if you don't agree because
some of them you put October, but what they do is they send it to you tomorrow because
they say I already have them if you don't want that you can just say you know what?
I don't want that. I just wanted an October. Okay, just make sure you understand that now.
A few things here, very important now only mobile it says right here only mobile.

I would
not even mess with that right here says top tier. You can waste money do not click on
that because it says 15 cents extra. So if you click it watch that price it goes up.
So do not click that. I'm going to tell you why in just a little bit here is no mobile.
Why would you want to even do that Premier filter? This is not bad. It's really cheap.
It's a .03 sense. Does it make that much of a deal but it gives you a really good top-notch
leads and I do it all the time because it is worth it.

Now. You're probably wondering
here. What is what is this? This is where you put your own landing page. Obviously.
I'm assuming of course. If you are buying something you need you need them to go to
some kind of a landing page now some people People don't have something to sell. It's
okay. It's okay. Just give them Something Free like an e-book or something like that
or if you already have some affiliate links go and do the same thing that I taught you
in other videos and do the same thing because that will get you sales and get you leads
at the same time. You can do that. Here's the other thing that I want to show you if
you go down here right here he tells you Exactly what else he has.

So even spiritual a personal
development self development internet marketing and business Ops and the reason I told you
not to do this because going to cost you 15 cents more is here's the reason because if
you look what that person or this solo ad provider provides is basically mostly about
90% top-tier already. So why should you pay 13 cents extra per lead, so he's going to
give you this anyway, so there's no need to go. Head and pay extra. So I'm trying to save
you some money here. Now the other thing if you're not really good at some stuff. Let
me go ahead and just kind of like give you an idea here as far as this nowhere is simple.
It's like people, you know, giving them five stars here. They say I got sales and if you
click on you get a little bit more information about this, it's self-explanatory here is
just like, you know what people are talking.

In or saying about that person and there are
some some videos here that you can watch that this person, you know is talking about this
person because they like them they use them all the time and here's what I really want
to talk about so you can get the best for your money. Now if you notice right here,
it says link only and what I did is I put Google right here if you already have links,
what happens Udimi knows that because some people send traffic to the same exact
landing page, but they use different providers.

For example. So what happens right here says
only provide me the link is like, okay what I just want you to understand one thing this
person right here. He has a huge email list In another word, these people know him more than
you so Right here. You can put a text which I have done in the past of course and you
can put a lot of things and this is what actually will be sent to this person's email list,
but now there are some solo ad providers that actually do that for you. So the best thing
to do some of them cost money some of them don't cost any money some of them Say okay
if you have like 400 visitors, I'm not going to charge you anything and some of them do
it like free. So what you want to do is message that person and say okay. Can you do a text
right here text ad for me? What they do is they email these people your offer what he

He looks at your landing page that person you have to have a landing page. What is the
product he needs to understand that? Because he knows his own audience a lot more than
you do so, he would write one for you and some other ones as well. They actually create
a landing page in case you don't want to create a landing page. There will create a landing
page for you and which is not bad of course a cost money. But if you know exactly if you
have a winning product, okay, you know you're going to be making money from that.

It's a
good product. It's good to have somebody. That knows his own audience to create a landing
page for you because he knows a lot more or she knows a lot more than you do about what
these his audience are. So make sure you understand that. I'm not saying that just because okay.
Let's just put it in order and just a little let's move on now. I'm giving you what if
you want to get the top-notch type of late. This is what you need to do. Okay, now You
do have two options. Sometimes I use the options that I have which is I showed you which is
the text area right here, but it's much better to just give them the link he would send that
email or whatever you have if you have it in an ad Tech just like I showed you a little
bit this is what would go to his own people another word his own list, which could be,
you know, fifty thousand people or leads.

Or emails I would really highly recommend
that had that person some of them do it for free. Some of them don't do it for free. Make
sure you message them. And you say, you know, can you write that add email because they
know their customers more than you do. So make sure you do that after that you add the
card and which I've done and after that you place that order but make sure you communicate
with that person now some people some sellers they all Already have that on here. They say
Okay. Click here. I want to see if I can find you one. Just one second. Okay, just to make
things a little bit simpler here. I went and I got you a person. just want to show you a
little bit about what they offer some of them. They put it up here. They say seller will
create a custom landing page. You pay $70. Okay. Now you click on detail and you'll see
here a little bit more.

Formation and some of them what they do is they say, you know,
what if you are, you know ordering, you know, 400 or 500. I'll do it for free for
example, and here they'll say okay for $25. I'll write a custom ADD text. Here's the custom
ADD text that I told you about right and some of them here. It's free for 200-plus dollar
order. So if you have a 200 plus dollar order for Sample this 297 or whatever as long as
it's more than 250. So what they do is they do it for free, but it never really hurt to
ask about this you send a message. So some of them have that some of them don't if they
don't you can just message them and let them know. Hey add me a text so I can place the
order and more than likely they will say yes.

I'll do that for you. Now the other thing
I like to show you is this right here says solo deals. When you click on that. Now these
people have like some kind of a sale on something right here says all niches, of course, you
can pick and choose now if you cannot do that do alt find and then put your word let's say
Fitness and then it will just like pill it will just like Mark all the fitness and things
like that. So, What happens here? Is that some of these providers do have a lonesome
items that don't mean they're good or bad but they do have like a sail you click on

And then that person tells you you know what I have a sale. I usually sell it for
whatever but sometimes they say, you know, maybe there is a minimum. Sometimes they don't
it really doesn't matter but I don't think all of them have like this person has minimum
hundred visitors because it's not worth his time to do less. Hundred. Okay, so that's
why I tell you and he knows that she can I get really good results with less than a hundred
this person. I know him he been doing it for years and years and he's really good. If you
look here he only has one complaint so you can you can check them out as well. So this
is the information that we have and if we go back here now, we kind of like covered
all the stuff except that bonus that I'm going to tell you about and this is really going
to make your foundation.

Station for your success and make sure to UND make sure to
go back and look at it again because if you know exactly where you're going you are prepared
a lot more than the other person and you can make adjustments and you know your destination
instead of going like OK I go half a mile and then I'll wait to see what happens. No,
you have the destination of what to do first second and third and I'm going to explain
that to you. This is an epic. Bonus, nobody ever will give that to you or explain that
to you or show you how to dominate any traffic. Alright, this is where the fun starts right
here. So we're talking about how to get traffic for affiliate marketing affiliate marketing
traffic for beginners and I'm going to go ahead and show you a few things. You probably
never heard of or don't understand it. So I want to Explain as a specific and easy
so you can understand what I'm talking about. I just want to let you know that there are
three main types of traffic to dominate the traffic now, I'm going to tell you explain
to you all about these.

Okay? So this is a man I'm starting with the three and then
I'm starting with the F now one F. That means this is the first stage right here. Second
stage fourth stage and Are they are fourth stage and this is basically retargeting. What
what are you re targeting you targeting retargeting everything in here another word. If somebody
opted-in or didn't obtain you can still have the information and you can still follow them
no matter where they go online trying to sell your product. Now. The first one here is the
F1 F is like Fast traffic's that stand for Fast traffic now they are. A lot of things
under fast traffic, but the most important one is the 24-hour type of traffic that I
just showed you that you can get from you to me. You have to start getting do not wait
do not wait until you have a product or things like that. You need to start building your
building your list and you can just give people free stuff and free things just get their
email going start practicing start having emails written I'm going so under the one

This is one. This is fast traffic. This is right. Here is the liar number two is scaling
up your traffic. Now, there are some some platforms that you can use to scale up. And
the reason I'm not putting all that in here because I try to do that before with the people
that I was mentoring. I Mentor over 1,200 entrepreneurs when I did that they got really
confused. Start, you know doing because under here there are about eight platforms that you
can use to get fast traffic. So what happens they start using Okay 1 then 2 then 3 then
4 and they start going back and forth and they start to get confused. So the best thing
to do is to start with the fast traffic as far as 24 hours, which is you to me or solo
ads that I just showed you when you are really good at that then you go to number two and
if you are interested about All the other stuff in here you need to let me know put
something in the comment to let me know say you know what explain more to me.

So I'll
do that. But right here, I'm only talking about only one which is the most important
one 24 hour traffic so you can start building your list and be able to sell other people's
products and I'm talking about how to get affiliate marketing traffic. So there are
inside here don't think there's only one. I just put one This is the first step that
you have to actually really become good at it.

And then this and then this this is d
stands for Domination. When you get to that level right here, you can dominate the traffic.
In other words, you can get hundreds of thousands of leads per hour. I'm not going to say that
that you can have that overnight. Okay, because I don't know you I don't know your habits
and I'm not promising anything because I'm an honest person.

I want to tell you. Upfront.
I'm not going to do like I'm not going to be like the other people that say hey. Yeah,
it's easy. Just click here. And you're going to be making $500,000, you know in one year.
I'm not gonna do that. But I'm going to give you the real deal then it's up to you to decide
exactly what you want to do again one f is stands for fast traffic scaling. This is domination
here are for our that means we are retargeting. This is retargeting for everything inside.
Here inside this one right here. We are retargeting that means whether that person did obtain
or didn't obtain. We still can follow them and still, try to sell them. That means you're
not wasting anybody's time. You're not wasting your time. If they obtain or didn't obtain
you still have that information where you can still try to sell them on the internet
without even getting their email address yet because they didn't give it to you.

Make sure
you understand all all the stuff that I'm going to put in inside the description area
and watch every playlist that I have because you can get 40 percent conversion. I already
talked about that. So this is not the subject of this video. So I'm not going to talk about
that. If you want to learn everything about affiliate marketing watch this playlist up
here. If you want to learn about the strategies that top affiliate and top online marketers
use watch this video here and as usual, I'll see you at the top.

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