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Many people
strive for recognition, including me.
People want to see me,
want to take pictures with me.
Pretty nice. ♪ Dynamic music ♪ Watching this from the side
, it's inconceivable
that you could get so much wealth,
so much money.
In a legal way. But it is so. ♪ Dynamic music ♪ *cheers* My name is Dennis Loos,
I'm 30 years old.
I am involved in network
marketing and cryptocurrency
and have become a multi-millionaire by the age of 29
♪ Shimmering music accent ♪ People say:
Are you crazy? That does not work.
I'm on the private jet, not you.
Doesn't seem to be working… If there's a few
who've made it,
there's also tens of thousands who
've funded that person's.
who lost money themselves. ♪ Shimmering music accent ♪ ♪ Dynamic music ♪ ♪ Dynamic music fades away ♪ * elevator signal * (announcement) * 20th floor.

* * People shout "Dennis" * * Cheers * I made my first
network marketing
million at this
company, PLC Ultima.
We have our convention on Saturday
with over 2000 partners
from all over the world. They always arrive earlier and
stay longer.
Then they want to have meetings,
training sessions, talks.
* cheers * He is our hero.
We are waiting for our hero.
♪ Trouble Andrew: "Chase Money" ♪ ♪ Cause you're lush with the crush
with the cash I see it in your eyes
walkin the strip, you know we watchin I won't pay for them lips
if that's what gets you talkin' Cause you Chase money for love You ♪ When I first heard about
multi-level marketing
, it was like I understood: wait a minute, if I sell something, I get a commission, yes okay – wait a minute
I can sell as much as I
want and get commission every time?
Yes! Then comes
this multi-level marketing:
If a partner sells something from you
, you get a commission.
And if their partner sells,
you get a commission too.
That means someone is selling something in China
and you don't know him.
You still get commission. I found that fascinating. ♪ Humming synthesizer sounds ♪ I was born in Bad Homburg,
a suburb of Frankfurt.
It's very rural there. So you don't see
every cow fall over,
this is a village
with several inhabitants.
But you don't have the big city flair
of Frankfurt with the skyline.
As a kid, I wanted to be
different things.
Pilot, then policeman. Once I even set my
sights on becoming a millionaire.
We had to
prepare a presentation at school about
what we want to do later
and report a lot about the job.
♪ RJD2: "Smoke & Mirrors" ♪ ♪ Who knows what tomorrow will bring
Maybe sunshine and maybe rain ♪ I've always been
very pragmatic and lazy.
I didn't feel like
pasting giant posters and asking questions.
So I made it easy for myself
and said:
I'm going to be a millionaire and painted a huge euro sign
on the poster.
The teacher said,
why, what does a millionaire do?
I said I don't know,
I'm not a millionaire.
I couldn't find anyone
who could answer that for me,
but I'll be one. That was my presentation. I got in a lot of trouble for it. Not because it was a dream,
but because I just
wanted to save myself the work
and was lazier.
♪ Pharell Williams: "Money Maker" ♪ ♪ I see you on my radar,
don't you act like you afraid of [ __ ] You know I got it,
if you wanna come get it Stand next to this money
like eh, eh, eh ♪ I have achieved my goal for this year
, which is for 2023:
5 billion sales,
2.5 million team partners
and 100 million euros net worth
is my goal for 2023.
♪ Driving music ♪ I dreamed a lot,
planned and goals set,
but that it will be like this at some point,
you're sitting here, working…
That's unreal. You have to pinch yourself to see
if that really happened.
Because it has exploded relatively quickly, now very big in
the last few years.
This is madness. ♪ Driving music ♪ ♪ Calm synthesizer sounds ♪ In Dubai you have a pool
in the garden, a bit bigger.
But here, this is the memory. You played football, you
grew up carefree.
You had school, after
school you had games on your mind.
After playing, play again
and then back to school.
You didn't have to worry about anything else
– that was nice.
There was always something going on.
Dennis has always been the doer.
He always,
how should I put it,
he always had the ideas
and the others went along with it.
♪ Monotonous sounds ♪ This is Imad,
a classmate of mine.
And now
he works for me.
So I'm very happy
that we found each other.
That wasn't then.
Inflation has arrived here.
Nine hours three euros. A student pays three euros
to go to school.
Wild.Cheeky. I hope
they get a parking ticket.
Are also money makers. We would have
dismantled the barrier then.
It was a great time, I did
n't try that hard.
I was below average. But you got through it.
Abitur passed with 3.0.
I had 3.4.
Dennis is a nerd.
*laugh* Look,
this is where we had our prom.
Did you think you could
nopeI had doubts. ♪ Calm sounds ♪ Back then, after high school
, he said
I wanted to go to Austria to
become a snowboard instructor.
Dennis gets his head around that
and says it and you're like,
Come on, Dennis. But he believes in himself
enough to do it.
And then he is a
snowboard instructor in Austria.
You think: How did you do that? ♪ Le Tigre: "Deceptacon" ♪ ♪ Rock music ♪ I was a semi-professional
snowboarder, I did contests.
It was much more practical
to study in Innsbruck.
That was actually my goal. And to be there in
no time on the mountain.
♪ Le Tigre: "Deceptacon" ♪ ♪ See you later ♪ At some point we
got the funnel, his dad too,
Dennis doesn't go to university that often.
then his dad told
him to come back. He wanted to give him an apprenticeship
as a car salesman here
so that he would have something solid
and down-to-earth.
And Dennis said to me: "Mom, I don't want to leave. Please,
I want to stay in Austria.
I promise you,
I'll find work."
So I looked for part-time jobs
and accepted
everything the internet gave me to
earn a few extra euros.
Then a lady on Instagram
or Facebook was looking for someone to watch

her dog for a day.
She wanted to give 50 euros for it. So I said,
that's easy 50 euros,
I'd be happy to take care of the dog. ♪ Maverick State: "Drifting" ♪ ♪ Maverick State: "Drifting" ♪ But the dog had diarrhea. We specifically took him for a walk, but
he put us on the carpet
that I proudly bought
from Ikea.
That was the most expensive thing in the apartment,
that white carpet.
When the owner
came I said: That was your dog.
Either you clean it or you
buy me a new carpet,
then I don't get 50,
but 230 euros from you.
She says it's no problem and pulls a vacuum
out of her car.
♪ Fast music ♪ And she sucked that away. The carpet was cleaner than before. I said: That's not possible. I've never seen that, a
water vacuum cleaner like that.
She said
you can sell them too.
You get 230 euros every
time you sell one.
I was like: How much of it can I
sell? Her: "As much as you want."
I'll do it.

That's madness. But I needed my
own vacuum cleaner to get started.
The parts cost 2000 euros. My only option was to
call my mum and say mum
I need 2000 euros
can you lend it to me please.
She must have
thought I had a drug problem.
When I told her
it was for a vacuum
cleaner she
thought I was crazy.
Because me and a vacuum cleaner
for 2000 euros, that doesn't fit.
Since then I've slipped
into this multi-level marketing.
Multi-level marketing is different
from classic direct sales.
Members can also
recruit other independent members.
This allows them to make money. When I refer someone,
I earn money from
what they do below me. i am dr Claudia Gross. I have been teaching
business ethics
at Radboud University
in Nijmwegen, The Netherlands, for 15 years.
Typical of MLM is
that people want to
make money: money, money, money. It tells of freedom,
But it's about the money. In multi-level marketing, you
don't necessarily have to recruit others.
but often the products themselves are
very hard to sell.
It is promised that
by recruiting others
you can earn much more
than selling products.
♪ Eminem: "Business" ♪ ♪ Let's get down to business I don't got no time to play around,
what is this? ♪ Became top seller
in Austria a few times,
second or third place,
sold a lot.
But building a team was
difficult for me.
Because finding people who also
want to sell vacuum cleaners
wasn't that easy for me. That's how I
slipped into crypto 2014.
In 2016 I got to
know the possibilities of
doing sales in the crypto area. That was much easier for me. That's how it changed for me. It's arguably easier
to sell people the idea of
making money "in their sleep"
with the right cryptocurrency.
Than selling them a vacuum cleaner
for 2000 euros.
Because I believe:
For many people, money means money …

Stands before absolute purity. Within MLM, tactile
products, home appliances, clothing,
vacuum cleaners, cosmetics are better than
non-tactile products like crypto.
Because crypto is always risk,
it's a risky investment.
As we
have seen with OneCoin
, the whole thing may
just be a pyramid.
That risk exists. I would never recommend anything
where I know, hey,
the company isn't entirely kosher. ♪ Troubled sounds ♪ ♪ Happy music ♪ ♪ Dull sound ♪ ♪ Troubled sounds ♪ I got a lot of calls
from a lot of people in the beginning.
Everyone got involved:
"What's Dennis doing?"
They saw it
on Facebook.
Everyone said, "What Dennis is
doing is really bad, he
should keep his hands off it. You just fall on your face
and all the money is gone…"
Me like: Help.

Boom, stupid, boom. I called him. And he: "Mom, stay cool,
that's something completely different.
Don't worry,
don't worry."
I never want to recommend anything
where I know, hey,
the company isn't quite
♪ Dynamic sounds ♪ Austria,
You should be here. If you knew
what Abnormal
♪ Dynamic sounds ♪ There have been many
scam companies that have run scams but
I believe it is
a super opportunity for people to make money
in network marketing
I would never recommend anything
that I know
hey , hey …* waving sound * This is a young man
who is 25 years young
. He has been with us since the end of February
2017. He
has already made 500,000 euros in
Has built up 260 partners. Welcome him with me
with a huge round of
applause Status Rubin: Dennis Loos * Cheers * ♪ Shimmering, driving sounds ♪ I also lost money
because the company was the wrong one
Then ran off with the money
after a certain time,
was also in the Kryptobe richly active.
I'm not allowed to name the company anymore, I don't want to name
the exact amount
But it was a higher amount
for that time.
It was just over 100,000 euros
that I lost there.
My conclusion was that I don't want to do anything more
in this industry.
Because I don't want to put anyone in
that danger again.
It was
such a big disappointment for me
that I wanted to do something else. I no longer do
network marketing.
How long did it
take you to start again? It took three years,
I didn't start again until 2021.
This is giving you
a lifetime monthly income
and this a lifetime yearly income. Are you [ __ ] ready?
(all) Born ready.
95 million euros in sales,
94 million of them this year.
76,000 team partners. ♪ Arrest warrant:
"Let the monkeys out of the zoo" ♪ How do successful MLMers
or network marketers keep
inspiring people? They might think: Didn't work before,
won't work now or something.
But if half of them go along
, there's enormous potential.
Many may have lost money
and want to win it back.
This time it will work,
and it is also said that
it is more ingenious now, much better
structured with extra functions.
It's built on a
different technology,
the community is better,
the experience too…
Or they say, "The other one
, I wasn't really involved."
Or: "I was also
cheated or taken by surprise."
"Guys, what I have
now is the scoop."
Be there, now it's really happening. ♪ Nina Chuba: "Wildberry Lillet" ♪ ♪ I'm hungry
so I'll have everything from the buffet Want a house for my mom
on the coast of Catania Canapes
and a Wildberry Lillet for breakfast ♪ Maybe people
don't want to be just like me.
But maybe a lifestyle similar to the one
I live.
It's fun
to travel the world without limits.
♪ I want dollars,
I want to fly like Marvel Canapes for breakfast
and a Wildberry Lillet ♪ I made my first
network marketing million
at this
company, PLC Ultima.
PLC Ultima
has its own cryptocurrency.
At the company, I am sure that I have a great home
for me and my team there.
That we have a CEO
who is absolutely serious.
That gave me the
confidence to start again.
* How would
your life change * * if you received a passive profit
on your smartphone? * * What if you could earn * * 100, 1000 or
10,000 euros every month? * The only thing you need to
create more financial freedom
is two apps and you start earning
money while you are driving a car.
This app changed my life. I make my share of
the product from the company,
which works very well. And from commissions
from network marketing.
Because I understood very well
how to build and lead teams
and how to train partners so that
they also achieve their goals.
When it gets bigger, it's part of
being on stage,
giving your people
motivation, training and so on.
There's excitement
when you go on stage,
but now it's joy,
I would say.
♪ Hip hop ♪ Thank you.

Hello Budapest.*cheers* genius. It's crazy. When you have achieved a lot, achieved a
lot in a short time,
people look up to you
and say: I want to go there too.
You have a bit of a role model function. It only took
one person
to make me a millionaire: me – my will,
my ambition, my commitment.
When it comes to team size
, I became a
millionaire with a team size
of around 10 to 15,000 people.
There's always a bottom
because I make money
recruiting other people. But if I recruit six people,
who recruit six again, etc.:
Then after 13 ranks you are
already bigger,
there are already more people
than the world population.
* The Team Bonus
allows members to: * * By inviting
active users to their team, * * gain long-term benefits from the

* * It can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in
monthly profits. * * Then there is the rank bonus
for achieving each new rank. * * It can reach
up to 14 million euros. * * There are a total of
15 exclusive ranks in the system. * I find the exorbitant profit promises
very dubious.
The company video mentions a rank bonus
of 14 million euros.
Where is the money supposed to come from if not from
a pyramid-like structure?
As soon as there are no more sales
to the outside or it is difficult
, only money is made in
this pyramid structure.
This always means a shift
from bottom to top.
So promises that are way too high,
way too much hype,
that everyone can achieve anything. That's unethical. I know many who bet on the wrong
company and the money was gone.
That happens again and again. I know even more people
who rely on the right company
and still don't make any money
because they don't want to.
Because they think they're going to sit there
and tomorrow they'll get rich.
It's not like that
in network marketing.
It takes hard work and
you should also go the extra mile.
So, arrived at the airport
in the lounge.
Now it's off to Dubai. We have a convention on the 22nd,
2000 partners are coming.
♪ I'm sitting in a
plane again, it doesn't matter, because the bass is booming ♪ For me, Dubai is
the best location
because I have a lot of shops in
Asia, a lot in India.
A lot in Africa
and also a lot in Europe.
And from all these four corners
you came together relatively quickly
and centrally in
How much income tax
and VAT do you pay? In Dubai we have
5% VAT I believe.
And how much income
tax do you pay?Not as much. Is on the Internet
what the tax rate is in Dubai.
♪ Jack Harlow: "First Class" ♪ ♪ I been a (G), throw up the (L)
Sex in the (A-M), uh-huh (O-R-O-U-S, yeah) And I can put you in
(first class, up in the sky) I can put you in ♪ Today we have a gala dinner with
the top 200 people in the company.
Everyone here has made at least
2 million euros in sales.
♪ (O-R-O-U-S, yeah) And I can put you in
(first class, up in the sky) And I can put you in
(first class, up in the sky) I can see the whole city
from this balcony Back in 2019, I was outside freely
But now they got it out for me I don't care
what frat that you was in You can't alpha me, keep dreamin
Pineapple juice, I give her sweet ♪ With this business I have become a Euro-millionaire
in less than one year.
In March we realized
that we had several millions
in the bank
and were earning more.
You could
become a multi-millionaire in four months.
I said to my people: There's an opportunity,
I'll explain it to you.
And since it was very fast. That was two weeks
where I achieved my rank.
MLM thrives on rags-
to-riches stories.
A few have made it, but
unfortunately there are also tens of thousands who
have sponsored that of the person
who lost money.
Sometimes I look at
your photos and say:
My God, he's styled. ♪ And I can put you in
(first class, up in the sky) Let's have
a family evening tonight.
I would really
miss not having a Ferrari,
no longer being able to fly first class, in a jet
or helicopter.
However, that would also
drive me extremely to
achieve this standard again as quickly as possible
Once you understand
how to earn a certain amount of money,
you can do it a second,
a third, and a fourth time.
♪ Arrest warrant:
"I'm rolling with my best" ♪ Now I smile
when someone says,
"What are you doing?
It's not working."
I can see my paycheck
and his.
Then I say:
I'm flying in the private jet, not you.
Doesn't seem to be working,
you're right.
♪ Arrest warrant:
"I'm rolling with my best" ♪ I can understand
when people say:
seems to have a lot of money, is
that right? It is usually not in
people's imagination
that there is more than one job
where you earn 1500, 2500 euros.
I think you have to
expand your own imagination.
Because when you hear that from the side
, it's inconceivable
that you can get so much wealth,
so much money.
In a legal way. And that's the way it is. ♪ Humming, shimmering beat ♪ * cheers * one, two, three … (all) Yeah! Many say
network marketing is cult-like.
That's only
because everyone is in a great mood here.
There's super energy and you're
not used to it out there.
* cheers * The whole world is open to us. And everyone you talk to
will be amazed.
Everyone will say yes to us. Because
there is no other alternative, there is only us.
Either full risk with
others or full enjoyment with us.
(Shouting) Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex… Negative thinking is absolutely taboo. You always have to say to yourself,
it goes on, I'm successful,
I'll be even more successful. When you understand
that it's not working,
for yourself or for others
, I think shame comes.
I've talked to people
who were up there who realized
it's not good, it's unethical –
and they're ashamed.
This system of
being a victim and a
perpetrator also keeps the
vast majority of those who took part
and were successful,
relatively successful in the system, silent.
♪ Dynamic music ♪ If you have a name,
many partners, many Google clicks:
Then your name will often be used
as a click-catcher with some headlines. At Stiftung Warentest
they tend to talk about the old coin.
It's a pity
that some people think that way.
But in the end people say: It's a crypto coin,
all clearly decentralized.
But on the second side there
is a network.
This combination
has never worked.
They put everything
in a box.
Signs Crypto, Signs
Network – together: Okay, scam.
♪ Dynamic music ♪ In network marketing, I'd love to be a legend in
the history books.
Just as the first billionaire
through network marketing.
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