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– And so if you calculate it, yesterday, it basically means that
I made $173 passively just from recommending free apps. Hey, everyone, and welcome back. So recently I made a video
where I shared my strategy of how I make over a
thousand dollars a day with affiliate marketing. And well, when I went back and looked at my video analytics, I couldn't help but notice
that interest spiked when I talked about how
I find high-earning, high-commission affiliate programs. And so I thought that I
would follow that video up by sharing my strategy of how I find easy affiliate products
and apps to promote, because they are free and
they have high commissions. Yes, free. I don't have to sell anything. I just introduce free
apps and free products that help people solve their needs. And in exchange, I earn high commissions. And I personally think that
these are the easiest types of affiliate marketing
programs to earn money with because it's a win-win. When you recommend a free app
or a free product to someone that helps them solve their needs, they're really happy because they just got something for free.

And it's a win-win for you because these products and
apps pay out high commission. So you are happy because
you are getting paid. So yes, that's what this video
is gonna be discussing today. So I'm gonna split it into two parts. The first part is gonna be me
sharing my personal case study about how I promote free
products and free apps in exchange for commissions. And as you'll see, these
programs pay out pretty well. With just two of these programs, I made over a hundred

Dollars yesterday in commissions passively. And then for the second part of the video, I'm gonna show you other
free products and free apps that pay out high-affiliate
commissions in other niches in case you are inspired to try this too. But for now, onto the
first part of the video. So let me show you how I
earn passive income every day just from recommending free stuff. Okay, so to get started
with this case study, let's go ahead and take a look at one of the free apps
that I recommend to people, and that is Placeit.

Logging into my affiliate
account with them, you can see that in the past 30 days, I have made over $2,100
in affiliate commissions. Now, just to be transparent,
that is New Zealand dollars and it's not U.S. dollars. If you convert that into U.S. dollars, it comes out to around $1,340. So for those of you that
are new around here, I'll quickly explain what Placeit is. So as my long-time subscribers know, I have multiple streams of income, not just affiliate marketing. Another form of income that
I have is my merch business where I sell print on
demand merch like t-shirts. Well, Placeit is an app that
merch businesses, like mine, absolutely love because it
solves a problem that we have, and that is creating lifestyle photos.

Now, usually, getting lifestyle
photos of your products is really annoying and really expensive. You've gotta hire models. You've got to do a photo
shoot, that sort of thing. Whereas the Placeit app
has tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, I'm actually not quite sure
just how many photos they have. They have a lot of photos that
have blank products in them. And so you can just go
in and choose a photo that features a blank
product that you sell and then upload the design that
you print onto that product. And now you have a lifestyle photo that you can use for marketing. No annoying and expensive
photo shoot required. I absolutely love Placeit, and so I have made different
video tutorials on this channel showing how to use it. And then in the video description
for those tutorial videos, I will place my affiliate
link over to Placeit. But here's the thing, right? Placeit has two different
types of accounts that you can register for. They have their premium
plan, which you pay for, which gives you access
to tens of thousands but maybe hundreds of thousands of photos and templates in their catalog.

I'm not quite sure how
many, but it's a lot. But that's not all, they
also have a free account which gets you access to over a thousand templates and photos. And they're actually really good. But here's the kicker: the commissions I earn from Placeit, I only get these if people register for
the premium account. I get nothing if they
register for the free account. But you know what, I will always recommend that people register for
the free account anyway. And here's what happens when I do that. So for most people, yes, a
thousand templates and photos is a lot less than tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, but for most people, a
thousand is all that they need.

And so they register for the free account and they get exactly what they need and they're really
happy, which is awesome. But for some people, they'll be like me and they love it so much that they'll just
naturally start to wonder, huh, I wonder what other
photos that Placeit has. And so on their own accord, they'll go and browse through
the premium library of photos and they'll be like, oh, look
at that, isn't that cool? Lifestyle photo that features a dog.

Well, I sell a dog-themed t-shirt. This photo would be perfect for it. And so they then make their own choice to upgrade to the premium version, which I get a commission on. And so this is what happens when you promote products and apps that have a great free version. You will earn money and commissions from the people that make their own choice to upgrade to the premium version. And actually this applies to another great free
app that I recommend, and that is Canva. I absolutely love Canva. Now, they also have two versions. They have a great free version and they have a premium pro version. And so just like with Placeit, I will always recommend
the free version if I can.

Although sometimes the
tutorials that I create do require using pro
account-only features, in which case I'll
always strongly recommend getting the free 30-day
trial for the pro account. Either way, I focus on my tutorials on how to maximize the
freebees that Canva offers, and just like with Placeit, every month I earn passive commissions from people choosing to upgrade
to the premium pro version. And so I was curious, since yesterday's sales have been tallied, I wondered how much money
did I earn yesterday just with these two free apps? And when I calculated it, it turns out that I earned
over a hundred U.S. dollars. Yes, I made 126 New Zealand dollars, i.e 77 U.S. dollars with Canva, and I made 157 New Zealand dollars, i.e 96 U.S. dollars with Placeit. And so if you calculate it, yesterday, it basically means that
I made $173 passively just from recommending free apps. And so that's why I love this affiliate marketing strategy so much. By focusing on recommending apps and products that have
great free versions, you can help other people for
free while also earning money.

Yay. But of course, I understand that not everybody is a t-shirt creator and so therefore not
everybody is as interested in Canva and Placeit as I am. And so what I've done
is I've compiled a list of other free affiliate products from a wide range of different
niches to inspire you that also have high commissions,
at least 50% commissions. So first up is GetResponse. This is an online
marketing software suite. I personally use GetResponse for their email marketing tools, but they have other ones as well, such as their website builder. But you know what, their free
account is super valuable. It comes with a website builder, email marketing services, free web hosting, even a free domain name. As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of internet marketers with low startup budgets that would love a free service like this.

And then for the customers that, like me, try it, love it, and
upgrade to the premium plan, you can either earn 33%
on the monthly payments, or you could opt to just
get $100 upfront right now. And when you consider that most people purchase
the $16 a month plan, that is 600% commissions. But if you're more interested
in the travel niche, then this next affiliate
product is super interesting. And that is Tripadvisor. Yep, Tripadvisor is a free
website that you can go to to find reviews for things
like hotels and tours. And you can even book these things through Tripadvisor as well. Well, Tripadvisor has a very
unique affiliate payout system. So each time that someone is
browsing through their website and then clicks on the link to a hotel and goes and views that website, you will get anywhere from 15 to 75 cents for that free click.

I had no idea about this. And so as an avid traveler
that uses Tripadvisor a lot, I'm sure that I have made affiliates a lot of money over the years. And as an added bonus, each time that somebody
goes and book something like say a hotel or a tour, you will earn 50% commissions on the profit that Tripadvisor makes. Yay. But if you're somebody
that's more interested in personal finance and investing, then you might be more interested in the next affiliate program
on my list, Personal Capital, one of the most popular personal
finance apps in the world. People create a free account and then they connect
their investments to it, such as their retirement
funds and their bank accounts.

And now they can track
their investment portfolio all through the app. And the really cool thing
about this affiliate program is that you can earn $100
in affiliate commissions just by people creating a free account. That's right, they can
create a free account and then you can earn $100. All they need to do is
create a free account and then connect at least
$100,000 worth of investments into it to track. And then you will automatically get $50 to $144 in commissions. Nice. But if you're more into marketing and you love getting free Google traffic, then you should check out this next affiliate program, Semrush. Semrush is an online app and website that has a bunch of SEO tools and their free account is super valuable.

The free account gets you
access to 12 SEO tools, including their very popular
keyword research tool that you can use up to 10 times per day. So for new internet marketers, this is going to be super helpful. And then for the advanced
internet marketers that decide that they want to have
unlimited access to these tools, you will earn $10 in commission just for them having a free
trial of a paid account. And then you will earn
$200 commission per sale. And considering that their cheapest plan is currently $119.95 a month, that is a 160% commission on the sale.

And these commissions, they can add up. A blog post over at BloggersPassion shared how they've made over $400,000 in affiliate commissions,
just with promoting Semrush. And they give some tips and tricks and strategies
that they've used to earn even more money
with the program too. Yay. So then, did my video inspire you? If it did, please
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