Easiest $1750/Week Affiliate Marketing Method (2022)

– In this video, I'm gonna show you how to predictably make $250
a day with affiliate marketing using Facebook ads starting from scratch. (upbeat music) What's going on guys, Matthew Sabia here. As you guys know, affiliate marketing is a substantial part of my online income. And you guys have been asking
me to make more videos on it. Now, just last night before
I recorded this video, I saw that Daniel DeSilva also made an affiliate marketing video where he promoted an offer and made around $450 from it. I thought that's cute. What's gonna happen if
I unleash our expertise with Facebook ads on
that exact same offer, I've never promoted before, a brand new Facebook campaign and a brand new ClickBank account, all starting from scratch, just like you guys could do as well.

Well, the results are if
I jump onto my computer in this ClickBank account we set up, you guys could see I've generated $747 in commissions promoting
that same exact offer over the course of about five days. – What is all this money doing? – So in this video, I'm gonna show you guys
exactly how I did this. I'm gonna show you how to
choose a winning offer, I'm gonna show you how to
set up your Bridge Pages. I'm gonna show you how to
set up your email campaigns. And I'm gonna show you step-by-step and share with you our
Facebook ad strategy for promoting affiliate offers to start driving traffic and commissions, and again, click the like
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more people who need it.

So without further ado, let's go ahead. Let's hop into my computer, back into ClickBank and let's get started. And you guys can go
ahead and put on offers from any affiliate network that you want but we're gonna be using
ClickBank for this example. So head over to clickbank.com, click on sign up, create
your free account. And before you know it, you're gonna be able to
go to the marketplace and start finding offers to promote. And as you can see from here, ClickBank has offers in
almost any niche in any space that you guys can imagine. So we have everything from
business and investing, cooking and food, education,
health and fitness, green products, home and garden. Anything you guys could possibly imagine. There's gonna be some type
of products on ClickBank that you guys could promote.

Okay, so first things first, how do you choose a winning
affiliate offer to promote? Well, if you guys are just starting out, I highly recommend you
kind of take the easy route and just promote the best selling and the best converting offer in the niche that you're interested in. Now, of course, if you already
have an existing audience or an email list around a certain topic, like how you did skydiving scars, which are not as cultured as I am.

– (indistinct) – Go ahead and promote an
offer in that specific space. You don't wanna be promoting
like a health and fitness offer to a marketing list for example, which by the way, if you wanna check out
one of my last videos, I'm gonna show you guys how to build an unlimited email list
to promote offers too for free using this tool that we found. The link to that is gonna
be down below as well, but we're gonna be going after the health and fitness space. Now the health and fitness niche is kind of like a double-edged sword.

If you're just starting out, it's one of the easiest spaces to start generating your first sales in, but it's also the hardest to
be compliant with Facebook. So guys, make sure you read and understand the Facebook terms of service and their advertising policies
before you jump into this. I just want to give you
that little disclaimer. So what we want to do is head over to health and fitness category right here. So as you guys can see, ClickBank is gonna sort these offers by bestselling automatically.

One of the key metrics you want to look at is the gravity right here. Now, in short gravity basically means these are how many affiliates are consistently making major
paydays with this offer. Now, ClickBank is gonna show you the average commission you're gonna get for selling the product. So 154 bucks, you had the promote button to grab your actual affiliate link once you're ready to promote it, you can click on the offer right here to go ahead and take a
look at their website and see what the offer looks like. So this offer right here is the bestselling
health and fitness offer on ClickBank right now, it's in the health and fitness niche. It's this like weight loss
supplement type thing. You guys can go and check
out the offer itself.

And then even more importantly, you're gonna have what's called
the affiliate or JV page. This is where you're gonna find out more information about the
offer and more importantly, where to get your actual sales materials to promote the offer with. So for example, the banner ads
to use on your Facebook ads or your paid advertising,
your email templates and swipe to send out to your email list, they're gonna provide you with
everything you possibly need especially if it's a big offer like this, but we're gonna get to
that in just a moment here. Okay, so another thing you
guys need to understand is we can't just take this affiliate link and start driving traffic
to it over on Facebook.

On Facebook, Google, and all
their advertising platforms, you can't just direct link
to an affiliate offer. Back in the day, you used to impute made
a lot of money doing this but today you need to use
what's called a Bridge Page or just an opt-in funnel
to act as a barrier between Facebook and your offer. But there's other benefits
to doing that as well.

When you're sending traffic to a link, you wanna collect email leads from that. So you can keep following up with those users in an autoresponder which we're also gonna
set up here in a moment. So what I've done is I put two of our best converting
Bridge Pages down below in the description. It's gonna let you literally
steal our best Bridge Pages into your ClickFunnels account. Now I've actually included two types of Bridge Pages in this same funnel. The first one is one of my favorites and that is the quiz or survey funnel. This is actually the page that
I use to promote the offer to get the results in this case study. Now there's two main benefits
of using a survey funnel. Not only do the act as your Bridge Page but they're gonna pre-qualify leads who come through your funnel before they opt into your list. So sure, maybe you're gonna pay a tiny bit more on Facebook ads to get each lead but in the long run, it's gonna make you a lot more money because they're more qualified and it's gonna save you on
your autoresponder costs.

You're gonna have a smaller list but it's gonna convert way better. The other benefits of using survey funnels is you could actually direct people to different offers depending
on the answers that they give. So let's say someone answers
a question that says, yes, I'm interested in the keto diet, send them to a keto diet affiliate offer. Maybe if they answered
the alternative, you know maybe I'm a vegan, send them
to a vegan dieting offer. You guys see how that
could be pretty useful. So lead is gonna come to this page.

It's gonna say, are you currently struggling
with losing weight? Yes I am. So here we had the keto diet before. Yes, but I never see results. And then are you
interested to watch a video about how a 43 year old mom
lost 54 pounds without dieting? And both the answers are yes, show me the video. It's gonna say, okay,
we're gonna qualify you. And then we're gonna ask for their name and email address. Now, if you guys are new to
the internet marketing space, this is very important because
we want to collect the leads to re market them with
our email list after.

So once they fill this out let's say they don't purchase the affiliate offer on the next page cause it's gonna redirect them there. We're gonna continue to email
them the affiliate offer and then other offers down the road to keep monetizing these leads. It's very, very important. So they're gonna fill
out their name and email. Let me just fill this out as an example and they're gonna click
on, watch the video. It's gonna go submit and then it's gonna bring
them to our affiliate offer. So again, this is the
supplement offer, 67 per bottle. We're gonna get like 37 hours from that, that we have bundled deals
for a couple of hundred bucks. All you need to do is change the offer with your affiliate link
and change the questions. Change the headlines, change the logo. I've already put a legal disclaimer. That's gonna make it
compatible with Facebook ads and just legally in general, just make sure you customize this. And we already have a privacy policy and everything else
already inside the funnel. You wanna customize the quiz right here. You'll edit survey
options and you can see, click funnels gives you
a lot of cool options.

We could like redirect them
to a different page depending on the answers that they give, we could set different triggers. And one of the other cool things is you could actually track
this with your Facebook pixel so you can create different audiences in your Facebook ad account based on the answers that people give. I also included a click-through
version of the page. Now this is a little bit different. If I open this up right here, this is a more quick and easy
version of a Bridge Page, which isn't to qualify leads. There's no survey. There's nothing like that. All this is for is to collect
leads from that traffic and then direct them to the offer.

So we're not redirecting them in different places
depending on questions. Nothing like that. Now, one little insider
tip I can give you guys and I highly recommend you model this. is use these graphic
illustrated images on your ads and your opt-in pages. You guys have heard me say
this all the time before, the goal of your opt-in page or your ads is not to fully demonstrate
and sell the product. That's what the sales page is for, the offer you're driving people through. The goal of your ads and opt-in pages is to drive enough curiosity and interests to make them click through and these types of illustrated graphics
do that so, so, well.

I could show you guys
all the numbers on this, if you want me to. So for example, like the
one, the screen right here. Okay, so she's drinking
some kind of liquid, something's happening to her at night. And then this last panel, I don't know. Let me watch this video and
see what the heck this is. I'm really curious at this point, the company that we're getting all these illustrated graphics from is called A.F Illustrations. I'm gonna put the link down
below in the description. You guys wanna check this out. They will actually design
custom illustrated images like this for your opt-in pages, your affiliate offers, you guys can post these inside
like your email campaigns, makes them looks a little
bit more professional, gets more click-through rates. And I highly recommend
you guys check this out and use images like this.

It's one of our little insider
tips I can give you guys in this video. As you can see, we have
paid advertisement up here in this little fine
print, just so legally, this isn't confused some kind of like medical advice or something. We also have the disclaimers
down here as well. And then we have click
here to watch the video. We have this opt-in form right here. And again, just like
before on the next page it just gonna redirect
them to our affiliate link. Now very important. The last thing you wanna set up before we hop over into
the Facebook ad section as should we start
actually driving traffic to these affiliate offers,
you guys need to make sure that you have your
email follow ups set up. Now, again, we're gonna be
using Awebber, as an example that you get 500 subscribers for free. I think it's a great
little beginner platform but they're all the same
at the end of the day, guys, don't get romantic
about the tools that you use, it's very, very important. Once someone opts in on that Bridge Page we're gonna be driving traffic to, it's gonna wait one day before it starts sending
them daily emails.

So if I go into, let's
say this one right here, I go to preview. I've just written the
simple emails right here that link back to our affiliate offer. Now, something else I really wanna mention is make sure you guys are rebranding or cloaking your affiliate links. The tools that we use to do this are called short.io and Rebrandly is another really good one that we use. You guys can go ahead and
Google those and find those because when you're sending
out your email campaigns, if you wanna make sure you're getting a high inbox rate AKA not
going to the spam folder or just getting blacklisted entirely, you can just direct
link to affiliate links.

Most autoresponders don't even allow it. So you come hiding it from them as well as making sure that you're getting a higher inbox rate because
companies like Google, Yahoo, whatever email platform
your subscribers have, see affiliate links from these networks. And they say, ah, this is probably spam. Let's ditch this email – Look, can I?
– Op. – I just.
– Op. – Stewie.
– Op. – Can I?
– Op. – So make sure you're
cloaking your affiliate link. So short.io and Rebrandly
are two great tools to use. And they're also gonna allow
you to track your clicks so you can see which campaigns
are getting more clicks through to your offer and kind of optimize your home machine based on that as well.

Now you can add as many email follow-ups in here as you want. I personally recommend you follow up until they buy or they die, but we only put a few
in here as an example. Now I wrote this particular
email swipe right here. I do have copywriting experience. I know what works in this niche and this space when it
comes to affiliate marketing but let's see you guys
aren't good at copywriting. And you're wondering, where the hell do I get
all these email templates? Well, it's pretty simple. If we had a back over here to ClickBank, we go back to the
affiliate page right here and we're gonna see a link right here to get affiliate tools.

Now, most JV or affiliate
pages as they're called are gonna have these resources for you. We have more information about the product a place to create your links. We're gonna have product
images and banners. Sometimes you could even use
these as your Facebook ads. And most importantly, we're also gonna have the
email swipes right here. So if I download this little text file, you'll see they've already included plenty of email templates
that we can copy and paste into our email marketing software. Now these are typically
referred to as email swipes but that means email templates. Anytime you see that on an affiliate page. So all you got to do
is copy and paste those into your email marketing tool, schedule them about one day apart, and you're gonna be good to go. And that's really as simple as it is.

So now when somebody opts in and want these sexy Bridge Pages, you guys are gonna be creating. You're gonna keep remarketing to them in case they don't buy the first time. If you guys aren't familiar in marketing, they say you need to touch
people five to seven times, not in a creepy way. – Would you take a seat right over there. – Before they purchase a product. So you need to keep following up with them through those email sequences. Once they opt in on this
page, it's very important. Okay, so we chosen offer, we set up our Bridge Page and we're ready to start driving traffic in generating sales. Now we're gonna be doing
this through Facebook ads. This is the most
predictable and scalable way to start generating an affiliate income. And once you master this and
add this to your skill stack, you guys are gonna be unstoppable and basically have an online income on demand whenever you really need it.

Now, one thing I do wanna say before we hop back into my computer, actually with strategy, I'm gonna be showing you a strategy. I'm not gonna make a
blow by blow tutorial, on how to use the
Facebook ad manager, okay? Six months to a year from now, if you're watching this, the whole thing's gonna look different but just because the buttons
are in different places doesn't mean the strategy doesn't apply. This is gonna be an evergreen strategy that works on basically
any advertising platform. So just emulate the strategy
I'm about to show you here on the whiteboard and you
guys are gonna be good to go. So what you guys want to do is start off with a single campaign. Now this is gonna be a CBO campaign. Now Facebook is slowly transitioning all campaigns into CBO campaigns. Maybe by the time you're watching this this is gonna be an irrelevant point but CBO stands for campaign
budget optimization. That means Facebook is gonna use the trillions of points
of data they've collected in their algorithm to best optimize the budget of your campaign
throughout your ad set.

So it's gonna save you
a lot of time and money, especially in the testing phase. So make a CBO campaign, let Facebook's algorithm do
all the heavy lifting for you. Now, as far as the
budget for this campaign every time that we test new campaign, we start with a budget
of $100 a day minimum, but here's the thing, if you guys really want, you can drop this down to around $50 if you're really desperate, if you really don't
have that much to spend but $100 a day is gonna
be the optimal amount to get Facebook's algorithm
learning who your customers are and which ads are performing the best.

Now, inside that CBO campaign, I recommend you start out with creating three different ad sets. These ad sets are gonna be the interest that you're gonna be
targeting on Facebook. Now listen, Facebook is not like it was five or six years ago. You don't go on Facebook ads and do the detailed interest targeting of, you know, single moms in
Ohio who eat Oreo cookies on Friday nights and all that stuff. You use super broad targeting
with your interests.

And then you're gonna
let this campaign run for a series of days. And again, let Facebook's algorithm do all the heavy lifting for you. Facebook is gonna learn which
of these interests is working. They're gonna find out who
to target with your ads. And hopefully you're gonna come out on the other side with a winner. Now for these interests again, you wanna go with something very general? So let's say we're prone to
health and fitness offer.

Maybe you start off with
something really broad, like let's say a weight loss, excuse my sloppy
handwriting with my mouse. Then maybe you have something very general like the keto diet and
anyone interested in that. Let's say your offer is related to that. And then you can do
something else very broad, like let's say fitness, okay? And then we're gonna let Facebook decide which of these are performing best based on the results of this campaign. Now, inside these ad sets, you're gonna be creating at
least three different creatives. Now creatives are the actual ads that people are gonna be
seeing and clicking on to go through to your funnel.

So anytime you hear me
say the word creative that's just the technical term for ad. Just like if you hear me say ad set that basically means the
interest that you're targeting. So we're gonna have one
campaign, three ad sets, and each ad set is gonna have three ads. And by the way, a quick shortcut. So you don't need to replicate all of this over and over again, kind of like I'm drawing
it out right here. If you create one campaign,
one ad set and three ads, just duplicate the ad set two times and then change the interest. All the ads are gonna be the same. All the structure's is gonna be the same. So that's a quick little
shortcut right there. Now again, what you're gonna do is you're gonna take this campaign and you are going to run this
for at least three days, okay? Now again, whether you're
running $100 a day or $50 a day, whatever you're doing, you are not gonna see accurate data and if this offer is performing well and tell Facebook optimizes
for at least three days.

But at the end of three days, you're gonna have some
interesting information. You're gonna go into your ads manager. You're gonna look at all the stats. You gonna look at all the sales and see which offer was getting to the most opt-ins and clicks. Again, make sure you have
your Facebook pixel set up. There's plenty of tutorials
on YouTube on how to do that. I'm not gonna show you guys
how to do the basic stuff here, but once you've run this for three days, you're gonna see which ad set or which interests got
you the most results.

Let's say for some reason the keto people really resonated
with this particular offer. You got some sales from
weight loss, but not too many. And you just didn't get
anything from fitness. What do you want to do is kill off the ad sets and the ads that
are not working for you. You could decide whether you wanna test, let's say weight loss a little bit more if you only got some sales
but for this example, let's say we want to
kill that off at the end, you ran it for another day.

And the keto audience is the one that's really winning out, okay? Next, what you wanna do is
look at your actual ads. So let's say ad number one, maybe it was like a video ad. It did kind of okay for you. Ad number two was illustrated ad and ad number three,
something totally different, maybe it's like a stock photo, didn't work for you at all. So you're just gonna stick with your one creative that worked.

Now for your ad images and
your ad creatives themselves, again, I highly recommend
you guys experiment with using these illustrated graphics from that site of AF-illustrations.com. So as guys could see for
these ads right here, we basically kept the copy all the same except we changed out the image in all three of the creatives
for each of our ad sets here. With this campaign, we're
experimenting with writing a little bit more text up here but typically all you really need to do is write out your benefit
and then post the link to your opt-in page right
here, inside the text. The ad, we have a very simple headline, your call to action button, and you're gonna be good to go. And yes, we're gonna be
running this on all placements and let Facebook decide which
ones are performing the best as you guys can see the structure that I laid out on the whiteboard before, we have our one CBO campaign right here, we have our three ad sets, which are fitness, CrossFit and keto. And then each one of those has three different ads inside of it.

And if I close out of this and I go back into our ads manager, I can go with here to campaigns. So again, one campaign, three ad sets and then each of those have
three ads inside of them. And at the end of this
test we're gonna see which one performs the best and which one we wanna
continue to scale up. So after these three days of testing, you're gonna have one campaign,
one ad set, and one ad that is gonna be your winner. And this is the one
that you want to scale. Now here's something very important. I want you guys to understand, if you were running $50 a day and you wanna scale this up, increase it to 100, double your budget. But if you're running $100 a day, there's a weird phenomenon on Facebook where you're gonna get diminishing returns scaling from your ad spent. So the way that we recommend you do it is you scale horizontally
as we like to call it. So let's say you want
to double your budget because you're getting sales.

Instead of increasing
this $100 a day spend in this case campaign to 200, we're gonna take this campaign. We are gonna duplicate it. And now we have two campaigns that are running a hundred
dollars a day in spent. So collectively we're spending
200 a day like you wanna do but we're splitting it
between these two campaigns. Now, here's our loose reasoning
on why this is effective. Again, this isn't exact science. I don't really know what the answer is, but one of our Facebook
account reps explained it to me this way and it does
kind of make sense in theory. Let's say that this circle right here is the audience you're targeting. One of your $100 campaigns
is this circle right here. So we're capturing this
area of the audience, okay? Now, if you increase the budget, it's only gonna increase this circle of people you're targeting a little bit. If we increase that to 200, whereas if we start or a whole
nother $100 a day campaign, you're gonna grab a whole other portion of the audience over here.

So that's why it's more
effective to scale horizontally. So if you guys want to
scale up your campaign, once you get results, just duplicate your
campaign over and over. And then after a while,
you can gradually increase the budgets as well. But you definitely want
to keep that in mind. Okay, awesome. So you found your winning offer. You found your winning ad and you have a winning campaign that's generating you
consistent sales on Facebook. Now, obviously it doesn't just stop there. The traffic remember from these ads or this one ad from
these different campaigns is going to that Bridge Page that we created with our graphic on there and our opt-in which is then
gonna go onto our email list.

And that autoresponder is
gonna keep following up with these leads, selling them this offer and then down the road, selling them other related offers. So guys, once they buy
this offer from you, you can keep promoting these basically as long as you want and keep building an
audience from this campaign. But before we wrap up this section, a lot of you guys are
probably wondering but Matt, once I run this three-day test, what happens if I'm not getting any sales? What if I'm not profitable with the money that I'm
putting into my ads? Well, the good news is, if you're following a proven strategy like the one I've laid out here, you're not just gambling with your money. Like you would be if
you were going in blind, but it still is a numbers game. I promise you guys, you hear me say this all the time, hold the vision, trust the process.

Be diligent, keep repeating this process until you find a winner. I promise if you don't give up, you're gonna find a
campaign that works for you. And you're gonna continue
to scale that up. And you're gonna be able to
build this predictable type of affiliate marketing business. So again, if for some weird reason, all these ad sets, these creatives, none of this one that working for you, all you need to do is start
over the strategy again, test for another couple of days and see what your results are. Even if it takes you a handful of times, I promise you will find a winner. It's all about trusting the
process and not giving up because once you stumble upon a winner, you're sitting on an absolute
goldmine that you could scale to literally millions of dollars a year. If you're operating everything else in your machine properly. But guys that right there is our Facebook strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing. And also when it comes to eCommerce. I know the majority of my
followers are into eCommerce. This same strategy applies there as well. And speaking of testing things, I want to remind you guys, you can actually run split tests on your opt-in pages
inside of ClickFunnels.

All you need to do is
go to start split tests, click on create variation. You're gonna duplicate
your first opt-in page and now you have two here. So let's say we go to the
second variation right here and you wanna test a different headline or maybe a different image. So let's say we wanna
try a different image. I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna replace that
with this image right here. So all you gotta to do is click on save. We're gonna go back to
our split test right here. And we're gonna tell ClickFunnels to split the traffic that link now 50 50, between these two variations. Now, once you run some traffic to these and you get some numbers in, all you need to do is click
on stats up at the top here and now you're gonna see a little dropdown next to that particular funnel step.

So we're gonna click on that and you can see we have
the different stats for our control which is
your original opt-in page and the variation which
is the modified one that we just made. Now, one quick thing I
want you guys to understand about running split tests. Don't be running those
stupid little split tests where you get 50 conversions on this page and then 55 conversions on this one. And think this one is the winner. That's within the margin of error. You need literally hundreds, if not thousands of conversions or actions to understand the split test
and understand the results. So yes, split test everything, always be optimizing your machine but don't think because you
got a couple of different leads on this page means that one is the winner.

If you follow the strategy and you trust the process
and you make this work, you could easily generate an
extra 1, 2, even $300 a day in affiliate marketing
income using Facebook ads. Again, we can go back in here to the case study ClickBank
account that we made. We had days in here, there
were $158, 283, $173. And remember all of this here is only from spending $50
a day on Facebook ads. And over the last week we made
around $747 in commissions. So I guess all I really have to say is, damn, your move buddy. So I really hope you
guys enjoyed this video and you understand the power of affiliate marketing
with paid advertising. And you can see how you can
predictably scale this up into literal millions of dollars a year.

This guys is the system
that the big boys use in this industry to generate
these massive commissions. And this is just a great way
to get started doing that. You guys want to see more
affiliate marketing videos or eCommerce videos like this, click subscribe down below
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building live streams, almost weekly here on this channel. And again, click the like
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more people who need it. And of course, leave a comment down below if you have any questions,
comments, concerns whatsoever. If you liked the video, if you
hate the video, let me know. I try and answer as many
questions and comments as I possibly can. So guys, my name is Matthew Sabia. Hope you guys enjoyed it and
I'll talk to you next time.

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