Earn Up To 10$ Per Signup With These 7 Affiliate Marketing Programs

you have a link you share this link 
when someone signs up just sign up   you earn money i think this is the easiest 
way someone can start making money online   starting from today in this video i will share 
with you seven of the top affiliate programs   verified services that pays you per sign up up 
to ten dollars not only that i will share with   you a small trick that will help you discover and 
find services that pays you per sign up stay tuned hi friends i'm hassan from h-educate and without 
wasting time let's go directly into our   topic but before that don't forget that we 
have a running giveaway that will end in a   couple of days if you like to join three hundred 
dollars cash giveaway the link in the description   below so let's start with service number one with 
the first afraid program that pays you per sign up   constant contact an email marketing service this 
is the affiliate program don't worry about the   links everything will be a description below 
if you go here down you will see get paid earn   five dollars for each referral that sign up for 
a trial without buying anything five dollars per   sign up and 105 dollars when they buy very nice 
the second service is a plural site pluralsight   is like udemy like skillshare a website that have 
a lot of online courses to learn from you can see   also five dollars three trials and then fifty 
percent monthly subscription so also pluralsight   will give you five dollars for every single 
free trial service number three skillshare like   neuroscience skillshare also is a website that has 
a lot of online courses that you can learn from   if you go here to an affiliate page you can earn 
to send up to seven dollars for every new customer   just try and sign up i talked about this in a full 
case study here on my channel i showed you how i   promote skillshare and how i earn seven dollars 
per every single sign up with the impact   affiliate network you can fit this video in the 
description below or somewhere here on the screen   service number four semrush semrush is one of the 
top seo companies that helps you rank your website   and get more organic traffic from search engines 
go to this link affiliate program you will see   you can earn up to ten dollars for every trial 
sign up and 0.01 dollars for just submitting his   email so if someone submits an email to semrush 
through your link you can earn 0.01 dollars   i also shared with you these results in my videos 
here on my channel in my affiliate marketing   case studies you can refer to them in 
the description below service number five   fresh books it's an accounting company you can 
see i'm sharing with you different services   from different topics depending on your niche so 
here we have an accounting application accounting   service also you can earn up to 10 dollars 
with trial sign up very nice ten dollars   service number six is grammarly i also shared with 
you one of my case studies about grammarly you can   earn 0.2 dollars for free registrations awesome 
free registrations you can make 0.2 dollars   not that big deal but really it's a super easy 
method to start making money online to let someone   sign up only through your link 0.2 dollars the 
last service is ginger it's like grammarly a   grammar correction software also it pays you 0.2 
dollars per sign up now it's time for the trick it   will help you find more programs that pays you per 
sign up how go to a website called shareasale.com   and sign up as an affiliate marketer should i say 
is an affiliate network here go to merchants and   click on search for merchants open this then here 
you can you can find a lot of affiliate programs   you can join here the categories section what 
you will do is click on modify search then in the   program type click on per lead cpa that's it then 
for click on search and you'll find now a lot of   programs that are based on the cpl model or c cost 
per lead model per lead per lead per lead now some   of them means by lead like a customer so you need 
to test this but as an example if you go here to   and go search you will see here is ginger 
software it pays 0.2 dollars per lead this   is the application also you can refer people to 
this application to earn 0.2 dollars per sign up   i hope you enjoyed this video please if you find 
that this video is helpful don't forget to smash   the like button so we can reach more people and 
help more people also don't forget to check out   h-supertools.com the free seo and digital marketing 
tools that i build for everyone to start totally   for free here in this website we have the 
affiliate section then go to programs i   mentioned this before just for new followers here 
here you'll find a list of affiliate programs   to check a table that i always update with a new 
fresh affiliate programs that you can join and   start making money from affiliate marketing you 
can see all the services the earnings the website   the category the cookie duration by the way the 
cookie duration is very important it shows you   how many days or how much time a user can still 
use your link as an example let's say someone   clicked on your affiliate link but after 45 days 
he bought the service or he signed up you will   still earn a commission because the cookie will 
be saved in his browser this is very important   also i want to reveal a secret you can see here 
my new version of H-supertools with a lot of   new free tools totally free tools crypto affiliate 
email tools youtube tools seo tools a lot of new   tools will be available soon on the website 
what i want from you if you want to help me   is to suggest tool ideas so i can develop and 
add to my website if you believe you have an   idea for a tool commented down your suggestions 
i will be more than happy to hear from you now   you may be asking how to sign up how i can 
get the affiliate links how to promote them   and so on simply you can check my full free 
course here on my channel you can watch directly   right now after this video the only affiliate 
marketing guide you will ever need see you later you

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