Earn Money Online ➤ ₹50,000 💵 Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2023

Hi guys and welcome back to the channel. Today, I will share another method for an online side income job with you. I have earned ₹50,000 myself through this. In fact, I'm showing you proof of earnings on the screen right now. This method is called affiliate marketing. And the screenshot I shared with you is from my Amazon affiliate portal. For this method, you don't need a lot of skills. However, you do need to consistently dedicate time. In this video, I'll share complete details of affiliate marketing with you and how you can earn income from it. First, let's understand what affiliate marketing is. Whenever you visit a website or look at YouTube descriptions, you might have noticed that often there are links provided for some products. When you click on that link, it opens a purchase link for the product, whether it's on Amazon or on their product's website. This is called an affiliate link. For instance, let me show you the website I created during my college days.

Here, I used to write MBA-related content. In this blog post, I've talked about what should be your dress code for interviews. At the end, I've suggested that you should carry a black-colored folder in your hand. This link here is an affiliate link. If you click on it, you'll be directed to its product page on Amazon, where you can make the purchase. Note that the price you see here is the same as what you'd see if you directly purchased it on Amazon, meaning you'll get it at the same price. However, because you went through my link, I'll receive a 10% commission on your purchase price. Now, an interesting thing is that after you click on this affiliate link, whether you purchase the same product or any other product from Amazon within the first 24 hours, I'll definitely receive a 10% commission from that purchase because you went through my link. So, this is what is called affiliate marketing.

Now, you might think this involves a lot. First, create a website, then write content, and next, set up an account on Amazon's affiliate portal. Doing all this took me about a month in my time, but you can do this within a few minutes. Let me explain how. The first step is to create your own website so that you can blog on it. For this, you can use Hostinger. I have collaborated with them because their AI website builder is quite remarkable. With it, you can get your website ready within a minute. Let me explain to you how.

In the description of this video, you'll find an affiliate link for Hostinger. When you click on it, you'll be redirected to this Hostinger page where a Cyber Week deal is running until December 3rd. When you claim it, you'll see four plan options. You can choose any of these, like I would suggest the Premium because it includes a free domain. After adding it to the cart, you'll need to select a time period. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning if you're not satisfied, you can get a refund within 30 days.

So, when we check out this 12-month plan, you'll sign up inside, and then proceed to fill up the payment details. Here, you can use my referral code 'shweta' which will give you an additional 10% discount. Within 3000 rupees, you'll have your own website along with your own domain name for an entire year. After making the payment, this page will open for you. Here, click on 'Premium Web Hosting', then skip it, and click on 'Create a New Website'. You'll see two options here. On the left side, there's WordPress, and on the right side, Hostinger Builder with AI. Since we are beginners and want to create a website quickly, we'll use this AI builder for the website. Now, click on 'Start Creating' here, and provide a brief description about your website, what it's about. Like I have my YouTube channel, so if I want to create a blog about how to make videos, I'll write its description here. I'll put 'Shweta Creates' as the brand name on top and select 'blog' as the website type.

Now, we click to create a website, and within a minute, it will give you three customizable templates. This is the first template. This one is the second template, and this one is the third template. If you notice, the key elements and design of these exactly match the description I gave. I wouldn't suggest making a lot of changes because it's already quite professional. However, on the left side, there are some elements or options provided. Using them, you can change the color codes, font size, or type if you wish. The main thing is to set up your blog as quickly as possible. On the left-hand side, you'll see an option for 'Pages'. After clicking on it, you need to add your blog. Once done, you'll see a blog on the left-hand side, and in it, you'll click on 'Create a New Post'. You can write a blog post on any topic you want. Choose any title, add any photograph – create it as you want it to be.

I've written a post on the equipment used to make my YouTube videos. You can see that I've added a lot of affiliate links. I'll explain to you how these links are added so that you can set up your blog in a similar way. Similarly, you can come back and further improve your website. There are various AI tools given on the left-hand side, such as the logo maker, which you can use to create a logo for your website that will look quite good. Similarly, you can also use the AI writer tool, which allows you to write content for your website. While ChatGPT is there for writing posts, you can creatively use it to add various affiliate links while writing, thus creating different posts. So now that we've set up the website. Let's understand how you can generate your affiliate links, meaning how the Amazon affiliate program works. Applying for it doesn't require any payment, but before applying, you should have at least 10 posts on your website, otherwise, your application might not get approved. Firstly, we'll go to the homepage of the Amazon affiliate program and sign up there.

You can use your Amazon account to sign up. Then, you'll provide your account details like name, phone number, address, and add your website here so that your website is linked with this portal. Make sure to use the same website where you'll be adding the links because you'll only receive a commission through those specific links. After that, you can write any store ID here, like I had written 'non engineer 21' in my time. You can skip the tax and payment details for now, and click on 'Later'. This way, your profile will be set up. Now your profile will be under review, but meanwhile, you can surely create links. For this, go to your Amazon homepage and search for the product you want. Click on that product, and you'll see an option called 'Stripe' above it along with 'Tax'. Simply copy that link and come back to your blog.

Select the word on which you want to add this link, click on 'Insert Link', and paste the copied link there. Then, publish your website, and that's it! You can easily track this link in your Amazon portal. You can see how many clicks it has received, how many purchases have been made through it, which products were bought, and the commission you've earned for each purchase. So, this is all about affiliate marketing and how you can earn through it.

Please make sure it's not a quick money hack; it requires a lot of consistency in creating posts. When I started this, it took me about a month or two, and initially, there were very few views. However, later on, my posts started getting featured on Google Discover, and as a result, there was a significant increase in clicks on the links. If you want to know more about how you can reach more people with your website, just write 'yes' in the comments. I'll make another video about it. Make sure to choose a topic for your website on which you can write a lot of content and also add links to products.

I hope this video helps you. Let me know in the comments how you liked this video. Thank you so much for watching, guys. See you next time!.

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