Do NOT buy an Affiliate Marketing Course…Do THIS instead (5 FREE GAMECHANGING Tips)

hey guys i'm doing this video today for all those 
people out there wondering if they should buy an   affiliate marketing course or not and the answer 
is no not right now anyway now i do promote one   affiliate marketing course on my channel and 
that's a course that's tailored towards amazon   because amazon is its own animal and if you want 
amazon to be your main affiliate partner then yes   get the course but if not watch this video because 
when i first got started in the blogging game   i did not have a lot of money so i had to be 
really toys about the things that i could buy   when it came to affiliate marketing i did 
not feel that i needed to buy a course   because a lot of the answers were already out 
there for free and that's how i've been able to   make six figures with affiliate marketing for the 
last three years without ever taking a course now   have i ever got an affiliate marketing course yes 
but i just did that recently and i'm always trying   to continuously learn so that's why i'm doing 
that and i actually can afford it now so that's   why i'm doing it and i got debbie gardner's ebook 
i know i'm always talking about debbie gardner but   she's like my blogging mentor and she created this 
ebook called 73 secret hacks to earn more money   with affiliate marketing so i bought that and it 
is really good so i do see value in buying courses   and ebooks but i know everyone cannot afford a 
course right now so if you can't this video is   for you on how to learn affiliate marketing for 
free so first thing i did was look at the people   who were boasting about how much they were making 
in affiliate marketing what i would do is i would   go to their websites and read their articles to 
see how they were referring different products   and services just to understand their strategy 
the answers are already out there for free for   us to see it for example i would google how i 
make money using affiliate marketing and just   to see what comes up in the search results so for 
example you see this guy right here he's saying   how i make money with affiliate marketing and he 
makes a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year   so i'm going to click on this article because i 
want to learn from him see what he's talking about   and just scrolling down this article right here i 
see it's you can see how long it is and it's just   value-packed look they have all these different 
affiliate programs and the commission rate   for each so this is an awesome article right 
here and he even shows you all the ways that   different people are making money with affiliate 
marketing so see you didn't pay a dime and now you   know all the different ways to make money through 
affiliate marketing by doing a quick google search   another thing that i did was listen to podcasts i 
remember listening to michelle schroeder gartner   and she was a very successful or she has a 
very successful affiliate marketing course   and i never took her course but she gives 
out some really good information for free   she is the reason that i learned about pretty 
links which really has been a game changer for me   pretty links is a wordpress plugin and the way 
it works is when you get involved in affiliate   marketing you're going to learn that you're you 
are given some very ugly links that look really   scammy now pretty links it makes your links look 
a lot better let me show you guys a quick example   all right so we're going to use raccoon for an 
example and this just see right here i've made   over four thousand dollars with this program it's 
a one that anyone can join so i highly recommend   if you're starting out definitely join racquetin 
because it's just one of the easiest ones to refer   because i use it myself and i love it and that's 
why i always promote it all right but what i'm   gonna do is see this is my referral link right 
here what i want to do is to make this look   a little bit better so i want to go ahead and 
copy this link and i want to go to my website   and then i'm going to go to pretty links 
right here and then go to add new and   what i'm doing is just trying to make this link 
look better so i'm going to call this racquetin   and then i'm going to put my url right 
here i'm going to go ahead and paste that   and then i'm going to make it look prettier and 
just say racketin so this is how the this link   is now going to look it's going to say my website 
name slash and whatever i want to call it but i'm   going to call it wreckating so go ahead and update 
it and now i can use this link wherever i want   so i can go ahead right here and copy this to 
my clipboard and then i'm going to show you how   this works i'm just going to go to a new tab and 
paste it so it looks like trying to mom   racketon if i press enter it will automatically 
take me to rocketing so this is a way that you can   they say like cloak your links just to make them 
making them look a little bit better the other   good thing about this plugin is that companies 
change their affiliate networks all the time for   different reasons which is really annoying for us 
creators because that means wherever you use that   affiliate link you now need to go back and update 
it because you will no longer earn a commission   if someone clicks on it and makes a purchase 
and i promote a lot of the same affiliate   products throughout my videos blog articles and 
social media so if i have an affiliate link that   changed that would mean that i would have to go 
all those different places and update that link   but with pretty links you don't have to do that i 
can easily update the link in wordpress with just   a click of a button and it will update every place 
that i use that link immediately with the new link   now i think this is such a valuable tip 
that i learned for free from a podcast   so if someone has an affiliate marketing course 
see where they've been featured because they give   out a lot of good information for free so you can 
eventually buy their course next thing i would do   is look at my competitors so i would see who 
is writing the same kind of content that i'm   writing or that i want to write about and i'd 
look through their blog articles to see what   affiliate partners they're promoting to see if 
it's a company that i want to promote as well   now one way to know if it's an affiliate 
link or not is to look in the lower left   hand corner to see what link comes up when you 
hover over it let me give you an example so   this is an article of mine so if we just hover 
over right here you can see that's hyperlink   in the lower left hand corner you can see that 
it has like a different looking spammy kind of   url that's how you can automatically know that 
that's an affiliate link because it should just   say if it's just directing them to 
their site if i don't have my special unique link   so this is how i go about to see if different 
website owners are using affiliate links or not   because you can automatically tell if they are 
doing it by just looking at the url so for example   if i just scroll down and hover over facebook 
you see it takes you right down to   and that's their url so you know that i have no 
special relationship with facebook and i'm just   talking about them organically so learn from 
your competitors about different products and   services that you can promote if you don't know 
who your competitors are just do a quick google   search for what you want to write about and every 
site that pops up in the search results those are   your competitors and you guys always want to make 
sure that you are disclosing that you are using   affiliate links whether you are using them in 
your blog articles this is how i do it here email   this is how i do it here youtube videos this 
is how i do it here and last but not least i'm   going to put a shameless plug out there and tell 
you guys to just look at my video i just did for   affiliate marketing for beginners because i just 
watched that video again yesterday and i'm like   man this video is really good i give out a lot of 
good information always for free for you guys now   it's about different free traffic sources that 
you can use affiliate marketing to make money   and i actually show you how to do it and most 
importantly i show you guys how to not use your   social security number which is really important 
so you can head to that video right now because   i think this one was enough to show you why you 
do not need to buy an affiliate marketing course   right now anyway all right if you guys are still 
watching this video please please comment and say   i made it in the comment section below just so 
i know that someone actually stays to the end   of my videos alright thank you guys i love you 
guys and thanks for watching have a great day

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