Create These Ads and Earn $1,000+ Weekly (Affiliate Marketing Tutorial) This Works Every time!

what's up with you guys in this video today want to show you how to make your first thousand dollars in affiliate marketing commissions using these very simple ads that you can see every time you search for something on google but on addition i want to show you where you are can find all these different types of
products really very quickly with the Click on a button you can see here when if you come here you can find all these different types of products is I'm going to show you how to sign up as an affiliate but more importantly from there I'm going to show you how to go Google Ads and create these very simple campaigns from there I'm going to show you how to do all the research to help you make money with affiliate marketing so you can start earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars every day it's going to be a
complete step by step tutorial you should check it out because it's very simple and you can start today let's go in what's up you guys come back here from the smart money tactics channel as I showed you in the intro today I want to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing with these very simple ads here that you can see when you search for something on google you're going to see people have these ads here and they're very simple to set up and i want to show you exactly how you can do the same and where to find all the products you need now the first time you come to my channel don't forget to hit the bottom hit with the subscribe button i still have some great content is coming out and if you end up enjoying this video: like button for appreciation so for example if you go to google guys and you type video creation for example you're going to find all these different types of ads here people are now come here and they show ads on these different types of software the time where do you find all these different types of software guys one of the best places to do that is with a website called if you come here to capterra you can see that you have it categories tab now once you click on it this categories tab if we do it over here is what you're going to find whole list of different types of categories where you can get a range of
different types of products when you scroll down here you can see you've got affiliate software aml software you've got animal shelter software got every software and you can think of an affiliate marketing program maybe if you scroll down it's in alphabetical order just to show you a few guys here
you can see that I clicked on affiliate software and if you scroll down here you have pages of this stuff if you can see that map drop appears here you have another one here called grow surf is another big one you have referral rock and as you scroll down you go ' a whole list of find
this another one here guys video editing software as an example of you if you can scroll down you find a whole series like in videos one of them you have a vemma you have obs studio and then is what you want to find if they are an affiliate or not program another one here you can see guys is email marketing software this is one that I have been doing and I have made a lot of good money and progress with this and I want you show exactly how you can do something very similar so you can start making money with an affiliate marketing like you can see aweber etc so one product guys I found here on email marketing software you can get here and find the exact same one is convertkit ok i was a partner of convertkit for quite some time as you can see it also appears on captera and then what you want to do if you find a
product that you might want to promote what you want to do is what you want to get over to google here and type convertkit in okay and if you scroll down you'll see right now there's only one ad for convertkit if you type convertkit hopefully if you go there and you find a product that sometimes no one is going to ' to run an ad for this, which means someone who comes here and clicks on this I'm going to show you how to look at the volume that's really important the research behind this is important because if they have a lot of volume and you're the only person that has this specific management you have a very good chance to make a lot of money online guys so what do you want to do if you type convertkit here you see how many ads are shown but number two you want to then click on this product it bring you over here from there what you want to do is want to scroll all the way down to the bottom and see if they have a the affiliate program okay so what you want to click from there click on it and once you've done that it's going to your transfer to the affiliate page and if you look this is how you look for a lot of money you can earn with this look at this product product here pay 30 commissions this is the best income share about recurring passive income income guys are you going to spend money for this ad that you're going to do this one time but you're going to continue to reap the rewards and get paid every
single month and I'm going to show you how much money you can possibly make with this it's astronomical if you scroll down here you can see that they have a bar calculator here also now what do you want to do here you also want to see how much it costs to have this product so when you come here to convert kit you can see that they have a price tab once you click on the price click and if you scroll down here you can see that when you first start with this it 's up to 59 it depends on how many email subscribers they have but if you start pulling this bar out guys like you can see someone with 20,000 up to 25,000 e-mail subscribers can be paid something up to 279 and then there are people who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and you can see that you can earn 30
percent of this every month at the moment that I pay almost five hundred dollars a month, which means by who i signed up get about two hundred dollars every month just from myself okay so this is the potential that only one product has you can do it with several products when you found the product and you like to favor something like that where you can make so much money affiliate sales that you want to do come here and sign up to become an affiliate once you click on that it's going to take you to a page that looks like this you have to sign up first , it will take you to
this page and as you can see it says again here where you will earn 30 commissions on every person that you sign up and that is going to be your affiliate link and as you can see some of my recent results are now clearly this recent referrals are commissions that I'm going to earn later down the track I've been doing this for a while and right now I'm putting in just over a thousand dollars for this particular week which is absolutely insane now if you've found the product that now you want to promote you want to do is you want to go over and sign up to google ads because that's where you're going to run these ads but before you create ads one pro tip i need to give you and something what you need to check is you want to come here where it says tools and settings click on that and go here and click on keyword planner once you click on that that's
I'll take you to a page that looks like this and that's where you can see how many people are searching for a specific keyword related to convertkit or email marketing so you go over here and you click on discover new
keyword once you click here you type convertkit once you done you want to press enter
click on to get results one thing be aware of that depending on where you are all over the world you want to come here and see where it says in australia want to click on it and add the
countries what do you want to run these ads now, I come here again and I'm going to enter the united states because I just want to check the
volume I'm going to leave Australia there and I'll click to save now, as you can see convertkit kaverkey is entered in google about anything from 10,000 to a hundred thousand times every month in google search so the volume is astronomical and if you have an ad appear at the top of the page you will get traffic from this and you will get signups and you will earn money with affiliates marketing the best thing about it too guys if you scroll down here give you extra keywords I'm going to show you where do you go it in a put
second so you can also get some of
this other traffic see as best as possible convertkit and then some of these are anywhere from 100 to 1000 which is
also good because everyone's looking for something like convertkit landing page convertkit price etc possibly sign up and you want the traffic what you want to do from here want you come back to google ads here and you want to click on the new campaign we're going to create a campaign so we can start showing these ads so you come here click on new campaign and that's where you have to choose the goal that it would make campaign successful so what do you want we want to get a website traffic good so the first thing you want you click on website traffic what you want to do then as you can see it choose a campaign type and we're looking for search traffic then you want come here and click on continue once you click on
continue this is where you can very easily create a campaign name so we can just call it convertkit one as an example then we do n't want a display network , we just want search traffic you're going to untie it then you're going to do here you can choose the countries where you I want to show this ad that's up to you highly recommend these ads to t1 countries for example the United States United Kingdom Canada Australia new there are some European countries also possible you can select you and do it just come here to location options and then you can select these different
countries as you can see enter another in the location here is where you would come here and enter it in this all about you leave it as is for the purposes of this guide I'm just going to leave it on all estates and areas then as you can see here with the language guys I'm I'll put it on English let alone I'm not then I'm going to touch something else it comes to the campaign budget everybody I'm going to do it to be ten hours dollars for now and the reason why I'm doing it at ten dollars because what are you going to do later , you're going to split test different types of campaigns and I'll show you what it raises I mean in a second but you can start very easily with ten dollars and ten dollars is enough to start making sales and recurring affiliate commissions every month from there is you guys what you want to do want to very simply scroll down all of this you don't have to do anything here and then to here and click on save and continue as soon as you click save and continue here we go bring to this page here where we're going to set up our ad group now you can just leave it at this and just leave it ad group one which is good this is where we're going to enter the keywords
where is it going to tell Google type of people that searched for it or look for this they are our addition to now what we know will show that it was clearly one of them convertkit here and you can very easily come here and type it here I'm sorry I typed it wrong place so come here convertkit now type it there as you can see I want to show you this is something that is very important you have the different types here with statistics that Google tells you so that it knows where to show your ad if for example you just enter
convertkit it goes a to a wise
wider audience anyone who type convertkit if you guys come here and put it in these inverted commas it's going to look for a phrase or a pass stuff so I like to do that always come here and put it these inverted commas and here you have these brackets that exactly match so if you type with convertkit prices it's only going to show it to someone who has the exact same phrase, but if you were to put it in these different commas here for example if you had to a conversion kit posts prices will show it to everyone types in you know the lowest price for email marketing something along the lines of it has convertkit prices but it's not direct doesn't match search well so what you want to do from here off, as you remember we came to google ads here under the keyword planner here and we saw everything this other here so what we're going to do we're going to copy this one here's also convertkit landing page we're going to copy that we're going to come here we're going to paste it in here so I'm going to put it in here again we're going to put it here in these commas here because we want it will again be a phrase that matches here so convertkit affiliate program is probably not something we value want to pay for convertkit email it's definitely like that come over here we can put it in there very easily then you can also search for your own uh words that you feel good okay for example if you would type convertkit review is like that again convertkit free plan absolutely we want the one and you get the idea guys so i just come here and use it but i highly recommend that you are going to use as many of
type it (possible) type in as much as you here can come convertkit free scroll down guys and find all the others say convertkit reviews okay convertkit cost etc convertkit income and then what do you want you choose all of it convertkit services and post it here once you do what you want to do from there come here guys and click save and now go ahead once you've done that it will bring you to this page now that's where you have to enter your final url and I'm I'll show you how to post all that here together to complete everything these headlines are now good for many of you who haven't done it before the easiest way to get inspiration is from current existing ads so the first thing we need to do is to in the final urlen this is something you are will get once you sign up here as an affiliate so you can come here we're going to copy it we're going to come back to this page and we're going to paste it now look at this the best thing about this once you enter it final url, the display path is going to come up as you don't have to enter everything here and then you want to scroll down as you can see is going to show you here exactly what your ad is going to look like and you have some headers here now with these headers what Google is going to do it's going to test it for you okay so the first one we can put in here guys is a convertkit so come here we can import into convertkit come here and type email in marketing made easy you can come here and type start for free here you can create import
simple landing pages then here guys can send something like import
from endless broadcast as an example so what's going to happen now is google going to play with this yeah , it has now create simple landing pages sent endless broadcast conversion then for example can test something like start for free convertkit email marketing made easy as you can see going to play with this and it is going to change and I highly recommend that you come here and fill this in as you can see now add power gets much stronger here then what you want here You can scroll down here and this is where you're going to add the bottom description of the heading and what it is when you go to google is going to say here and as you can see someone showing this ad here it says convertkit for creators so you can get inspiration if you type convertkit or you type convertkit in prices or convertkit affiliates etc you can come and get inspiration highly recommend that you write it yourself or rewrite it yourself don't copy somebody else's now as you can see this is what appears here what you can do is you can come here guys and you can look at this if you this if would copy
an example and come to your ad here is what you would put in here as an example like i said don't copy this create your own and if you can see it comes up here so we simply so we email marketing simplified by combining powerful automations with an easy-to-use interface, now you need more than that, because if you don't sit anymore what's going to happen is your ads aren't going to work, they won't know you that there is not enough what you want to do is you want to copy for example come here and fill it in rewrite it well and as you can see if you go over it it will tell you that you have gone over with the characters so that you just can come copy it here as an example let's say we come here we're going to copy that we can delete it click here to add the description and we can paste it here okay and if you can see it we're going to show exactly what that ad is going to look like from there all you have to do is simply scroll down here and click save and continue once you click
save and continue you go to this page where it reviews then now here you have the option to publish this very simple ad simply what you do from there you come here and you click on publish and then from there what you do guys you come here as you can see add group one you can click which then scroll down here click on ads and extension as you can see this is the ad now this is the most beautiful thing over here as you can see it says nothing but it is now pending and under review and it can anything of a few
hours takes 24 to 48 hours to be approved and once that's done you'll be able to see all these leads and referrals coming in and you're going to start seeing this income coming to all these people who sign up, but like I said, you can very easily come here to this site here, guys called and find all these other different types of programs and different types of software where you can possibly even start making commissions right away, so you all should come here , find it and set it up and you are well on your way to making money with affiliate marketing so as you have seen with this strategy you need a budget of at least 10 a day but if you want to know how to do it absolutely free click here video here to earn money affiliate marketing it won't cost you anything i will walk you through the whole tutorial step by step i will see you until next time on the video you take care of yourselves and bye

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