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today I'm going to be showing you my 300 day affiliate marketing strategy and I'll show you how anyone can copy it step by step for free that's right you won't need to use your credit card even once for this strategy plus you can do it from anywhere in the world so do want to know how I do it well the truth is that my affiliate marketing strategy is pretty simple what I do is I create video tutorials with different tips and tricks for my favorite apps and websites that I use so take a video on this channel about the best online course platforms see here too buddy it's my YouTube SEO browser extension it shows that this video ranks on YouTube for many keywords like best online course platform comparison and many others when I go to the detailed analytics of this video you will see that it's been getting more views over time mainly from YouTube search and you might have noticed that I made some AdSense income with this video but it definitely currently isn't the biggest way this video is monetized you see in the description for the video there is a list of links to the platforms that I reviewed and compared here and they are of course affiliate links and they contain tracking codes which track whether anybody clicks on my links and then purchases a subscription and if they do I get a commission on the sale for example my affiliate commissions that I earned with the first platform thinkific are tracked in the large affiliate Network called partner stack so far I sold about three thousand dollars worth of thinkific subscriptions and that's about 900 I earned in commissions you can see here almost 700 are already approved and 222 dollars are still pending that's totally normal because commissions are only approved once a month and people can make a purchase on any day keep in mind that these commissions are recurring meaning that for the most of the referrals I will keep earning commissions for many more months basically for as long as these referrals keep using thinkific I also earned about 700 in commissions from a different online course platform also reviewed in the same video and again it's not the end I will still keep getting commissions for it in the future months so want to make the math with me just so far I made nine hundred dollars plus 700 plus 185 dollars in ads on this video which is almost two thousand dollars in total now you're wondering why would someone click on my affiliate links under the video right well in most cases people will actually click on your affiliate links in the description below the video because a if they found your video it's because they were interested in a product or app that you covered in the video so it makes sense that they would use the links you provided because it's the fastest way to get to the product instead of go going back to Google and searching for the links there and B after watching every video that helped you wouldn't you see a click on the affiliate link as an easy way to thank the Creator without having to spend money if you were going to purchase the product anyway why not through this Creator right plus you know when you help the Creator he or she is motivated to keep making more free video tutorials that could further help you with this product or with the tools that they might review in the future one thing to keep in mind is that this is not a strategy that will make you a millionaire overnight you've seen that my video didn't get all that amount of views in one day it's been on the platform for over 270 days and the views just keep growing and yes it may not make you thousands of dollars overnight but it's something that creates a source of passive income and affiliate commissions will keep coming from it every month while I have done the work to record the video just once this is my affiliate marketing strategy in a nutshell but now let's see how you can copy it for free so step number one is pick the niche let's go ahead and pick your perfect most profitable Niche I know that a lot of people get stuck on this stage because you could make videos on weight loss food paths video games art home decor social media marketing website development there are just so many options to choose from so how do you choose a profitable Niche well when I chose what topics to cover on this channel I considered two things the first thing is it what I cannot stop talking about because it's easy to get a creative burnout if you're not really interested in the topic if you are not here to make a quick Buck but you're trying to build a business that will make you money in the long run then you should pick something that you enjoy learning about like for me it's Pinterest marketing it's the way that I've seen an explosive growth of traffic to my own blogs and I like to learn and evolve and know all about the platform so what can I promote in relation to Pinterest for example for one I have several tutorials that show people how to use Tailwind it's a scheduler for Pinterest I also often share my screen in the videos and show how I use canva to create pins as well as other tools to create short videos and upload them on Pinterest you can check these tools because I will give you links to them in the description below this video so you can see my affiliate marketing in action and well just in case you needed those tools for yourself don't forget to sign up through my links I have a video that should help you pick a niche because I covered in it my top 10 highest paying affiliate programs I will also link to this video in the description below Step 2 is find the affiliate program for your product if you have have some ideas about the products you would love to promote first use simply Google to find if they have an affiliate program and if so find out what is the commission rate just make a search by including the brand name and the word affiliate program and you will find their page for Affiliates some companies will have their private affiliate programs but most of the brands are actually hosting their affiliate programs on one of the largest affiliate networks and maybe you should just point out their names for later one is impact another I can recommend is called partner stack these are the biggest ones and the ones that I personally use all the time both of them have a ton of software Brands and digital products that always have higher commission rates than you could ever find with physical products and in many cases especially with software products you will also get recurring commissions which means passive income for months or maybe years to come but don't apply apply to these affiliate programs just yet at least not if you don't have any website or social media platform with some content on it already creating a website usually means a lot of work and probably some expenses but I promised you this method can work for you entirely for free so keep watching and I'll show you what you're going to provide instead of the link to your website when you submit your application for an affiliate Network or program the great part about making reviews of the apps and tools as an affiliate is that you most likely already have access to the app or the website that you are going to promote so you don't need to pay for it but even if it's not the case most of the companies will offer a free trial so you could use it to create your tutorial video and you know what else is free giving me a thumb up if you enjoyed this video so far and perhaps subscribe to my channel if you want more content like this now step number three record your video tutorial now you will also need a screen recorder app so you can record yourself creating the tutorial video if you are using a computer or laptop then OBS studio is a great free one that you can use on your phone you could simply use the functionality of your phone to record the screen or you could check a free app called X recorder next you need to pick which video cite a platform that you're gonna upload your videos to if you're creating longer horizontal videos with your computer kind of like this video then you should upload them to YouTube but perhaps if you're a beginner it might be easier for you to start with mobile video because they can be much shorter and you can upload them as YouTube shorts as videos on Tick Tock or as Instagram reels you probably know that short vertical videos can be 60 seconds long at Max so it should be much easier for you to start with if you compared it with an average horizontal you YouTube video which is usually about 10 minutes long you could basically produce 10 short vertical videos instead of just one long tutorial on YouTube starting with short form content will also help you find the best topics that take off on your account faster you simply have so many more chances to win when you try 10 different topics with short videos instead of just one Topic in a long video Once you identified the best topics that worked great with the short videos you could then recreate them in longer more detailed tutorials for YouTube I can also tell you that short videos can be better simply because you can re-upload them to all the platforms including YouTube shorts Tick Tock Instagram reels and even to Pinterest as video pins and as idea pins so you could try to reach an audience on different platforms and reuse the same exact video four times while if you work on longer videos there will be basically only for YouTube there's a lot of demand for tutorials even on Tick Tock if you go there and just do a quick search for example notion tutorials you will see that there are lots of different videos that have gone viral but they've been uploaded by small creators that have just showcased different tips and tricks on how to use notion better so let's say then that you had chosen to create a video tutorial on notion that you wanted to upload to tick tock what you could do is you could go to Google and just do a quick search for different notion tips and tricks and then find a big blog post that lists a bunch of them and then cross check them and see which ones don't yet have a tutorial on Tick Tock and then you go ahead and you make that tutorial video lots of people would prefer to watch a short video tutorial rather than just read through a Long blog post with lots of screenshots and so you're helping people discover tips and tricks that they would not have known otherwise plus if you're talking about an app that you personally have used for a while you might know some tricks for it that others don't for example as I am big on Pinterest I could show in a very short video tutorial that canva is not just a graphic design tool it also has a built-in scheduler for social media including Pinterest and so if you're already using a canva pro account you could save some money and use canva instead of an additional social media scheduler what I would show in this video is simply the process after creating a pin you click here on share and then instead of just downloading the file I will choose share on social and then click on schedule then select the platform in my case I connected my Pinterest account and that's it so this is how you could make a short video with a canva trick now you need to have a few of these tutorials uploaded on your video platform why because in the next step you will need to submit an application to join affiliate programs for the products you want to promote remember I mentioned that if you don't have a website you won't be able to apply for affiliate programs now you can do it because now you can give a link to your social media profile instead and it was entirely free to create once you get accepted you will then get access to your affiliate links which you can then paste into your video descriptions if you uploaded the video tutorials to tick tock you could even add your affiliate links in your account profile now people can click on your links and you can make money if you start with tutorials for just one product you could have just one Link in the profile but if you start recording more tutorials on different tools you could use something like link tree well I actually use another similar tool on my Instagram account it's called Koji it makes it super easy to create a mobile friendly page that lists different links that you have it's free as well and I'll drop a link to it for you in the description below and now when people click on your profile link they can access many different affiliate links instead of just one congratulations you just copied my exact affiliate marketing strategy and if this video helped you please give me a like and if you want to learn more on how you can make money using affiliate marketing on the Pinterest platform then check my video up there and I'll see you in the next one

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