COPY My $1,000/Day Affiliate Marketing Method For FREE

– Hey, everyone. Today, I'm gonna be
showing you my $1,000 a day affiliate marketing strategy and show you how anyone can copy it step by step for free. Yes, that's right, for free. No hidden startup costs, no hidden fees. Plus, this can be done worldwide. And because I know that
not all of my viewers have a computer or a laptop, I'm gonna show you how anybody can do this using just a mobile phone or a tablet. So yes, if you enjoy learning
about different hustles and ways to make money
online, then I would love it if you gave this video
a like and to subscribe, and we'll get started then on the step by step tutorial video. So yes, as I said, currently I
earn on average $1,000 a day. And when I say that, I'm
talking about US dollars. (cash register dings) And the reason why I clarify that is because if you check out
my biggest affiliate account over on Impact, it will say that in the past 30 days,
I've made over $50,000, but that's not quite as much money as most people probably think that it is, and that's because that account
is set to my local currency, which is New Zealand dollars.

And so if you convert
50,000 New Zealand dollars into US dollars, it comes out
to about 30,000 US dollars or around 1,000 US dollars a day. Not that I'm complaining. I just wanted to be transparent there. So yes, now you know transparently
how much money I earn. The question is, how do I do it? And the honest truth is that I think that my affiliate marketing
strategy is pretty simple. Well, what I do is I create
videos that have tutorials with different tips and
tricks of different apps and websites that I love. So take a video on this channel, five apps to create t-shirt designs. Well, in the description for
that video, there is a link to where you can go and get
a subscription on Canva, and that is, of course, an affiliate link, and it contains a tracking code that tracks whether
anybody clicks on my link and then purchases a subscription.

And if they do, I get a
commission on the sale. Well, I track my affiliate
commissions that I earn with Canva using that website
I showed before, Impact. And if we go and we check out
my Canva specific earnings, you'll see that in the past 30 days, I've made over 2,000 New Zealand dollars, which when you convert to
US dollars is around $1,300. And it's funny, because
I used to very rarely post affiliate links in
my video descriptions. The reason why I started adding them in was because I started
getting so many requests from people for it. And I do understand why people ask for it. See, I know for me that if
I'm interested in a website or an app and I watch a free
video for it on YouTube, I try to use that YouTuber's
affiliate link for two reasons. Firstly, I was already gonna
buy that website or app anyway.

And so it's an easy way for me to thank the creator without having to spend money that I would've spent otherwise since I was already gonna
buy the app or website. And secondly, it also
encourages that creator to keep making more free video tutorials that I get to watch. And speaking of making more
videos, as you can probably see, this is not a make $1,000
a day overnight strategy, because as you saw, Canva makes up just a small
portion of my earnings. The reason why I make $1,000
a day on average right now is because I've made video tutorials for lots of different
apps, not just Canva. And so over time, they have added up. This has required consistency and for me to invest my time. But while it may not make
$1,000 a day overnight, something that it does do
is it makes passive income, because you take that video, five apps to create t-shirt designs, well, on average, two years later, that video is still getting
100 to 200 views a day.

So that video is constantly
making me passive affiliate commissions every month. And it makes sense. People are constantly
coming to video websites like YouTube and TikTok and
are looking for tutorials on how to use different apps and websites. And so people keep watching
these videos years later. So that's pretty much it. Now you know my $1,000 a day
affiliate marketing strategy. So now let's discuss how anybody could get started copying it for free. And while I do it, even
though I personally chose to use a computer to
create my video tutorials that I've uploaded, for the
sake of this tutorial video, I'm gonna show how you can
do it on just a mobile phone if you only have that and
you don't have a laptop or a computer, but if you
prefer to use a laptop or a computer like I did,
that's absolutely fine. (air whooshes)
So then let's go ahead and pick your perfect
most profitable niche. The definition of niche, which can also be pronounced as niche, both are correct, by the way, means to specialize in a
particular segment of the market.

I personally think that it's
a great idea to niche down, because what that means then is that as you grow your audience,
when you release new videos, you know that a high
percentage of your viewers are likely to watch and be
interested in your new videos. And when it comes to
choosing a video niche, there are so many to choose from. And so just brainstorming
some broad ones here to get you started, you could make videos on food, pets, video games, home improvement, music, social media marketing,
website development. There are just so many to choose from. So how do you choose when
you've got so many choices? Well, when I started this
channel, I considered two things. The first thing was this, (bubble pops)
what am I passionate about and what do I love? Lots of content creators burn out. And a big part of burnout is
not enjoying what you're doing. And so if you want to build a business that makes money in the long term, I think that it's very
important to pick something that you're interested in and love, but here's the thing,
I enjoy lots of things, and eCommerce is just one of them.

Take board games. I like board games a lot, but there is one big
problem with this niche, and that is that it revolves
around physical objects as in physical board games and less around digital
products like software and apps, and that can have a big impact on how much money that you make. So take this board game. I could make a video tutorial on this, and I could post an affiliate link for where people could
go buy it on Amazon. However, the Amazon
associates commission rate for this board game is 3%. Whereas if I post an
affiliate link to Canva, their commission rates are 15 to 80%. And the reason for this huge difference in commission rates is
because physical objects like board games have lots of overheads each time a customer purchases one. You think about it, you have to print and make the board game, and
then you have to store it, and then you have to ship
it out to the customer. Well, that all has costs.

Whereas each time somebody purchases a new subscription to
Canva, it's a lot cheaper and a lot less expensive for them to just add the customer
into their database. And so that means then that Canva makes a lot
more profit per sale, which means then that they can offer much higher commission rates. So if you want to maximize
how much money that you make. then I recommend that you find the balance of these two things. You find your perfect,
most profitable niche. (air whooshes)
So then, let's now find high earning affiliate
programs for our chosen niche. The first is through Google.

If there's a website or an app that I love and I want to promote,
I'll just go to Google and do a search and see if the app or website has an affiliate program listed on their site that I can register for. But the thing, though, is that having a built-in affiliate program
is quite complicated. And so a lot of apps and websites don't run
their affiliate programs through their own websites. Instead, they will use
popular affiliate platforms. And of course, one of the most
popular affiliate platforms is one that I showcased
earlier in this video, Impact. It's free to register for, and they have tons of affiliate programs in their catalog for a
huge range of niches. On Impact, you're gonna
find affiliate programs, both physical products
and digital products. Although ads have established that digital products have
way higher commissions. The second platform that
I work with the most is PartnerStack, works
very similar to Impact.

You just register for a free account, and then you'll be able to apply for different affiliate
programs within their platform. And the way it works for both PartnerStack and Impact is the same. You register for a free account with them, but this doesn't give you instant access to all the affiliate programs within them. Instead what you do is
you individually apply to each affiliate program to be accepted. And here's the thing, right? When you do apply to be accepted
into an affiliate program, they're probably gonna ask
you for a URL to a website or a social media site that
you're advertising them with.

And obviously, because you're
just beginning with this, you don't have one yet. (laughs) So I don't recommend that you actually apply
to any affiliate program, because you're probably not
gonna be accepted without this, (air whooshes)
but soon that will change, because now I'm gonna show you how to copy my advertising strategy for free. And to do this, as I said, I'm
gonna choose to use my phone, but if you want to use
a laptop or a computer if you have one, that's
absolutely fine as well.

So to get started, either way, you're gonna need to get your website or app that you're gonna make
your tutorial video about. Now, if you've picked a app
or a website that you love, there's a really high chance that you're already gonna
have this website or app. Yay, but even if you don't have it, that's absolutely fine,
because most websites or apps have free trials
that you can register for. So go ahead and get a
free trial to the website or the app that you're gonna
make a tutorial video about. You'll also need a screen recorder app, so that you can record yourself
creating the tutorial video. If you're using a computer or a laptop, then OBS Studio is a great
free one that you can use, or if you're using your phone, you can use the free app, XRecorder.

Next you wanna pick which
video site or video apps that you're gonna upload
your tutorial video to. If you're creating videos
with your computer, then uploading them to YouTube
like I did is a great idea, but the honest truth is
that if you're a beginner, I think it's a lot easier to have success by uploading your videos
to mobile video apps like YouTube Shorts,
Instagram Reels, and TikTok, and to see why, we just
need to do a bit of maths.

So if we take standard
YouTube videos, for example, let's say, on average, they're
around 10 minutes long. And on average, you watch a
video for half its length. So that means then that on average, you watch a YouTube
video for five minutes. Well, if YouTube wants to
entertain you for one hour, that means that they
need to find 12 videos, because 12 times five
minutes is 60 minutes. So then let's now go and
compare that to TikTok. So on TikTok, if we're being generous, videos are maybe a minute long, and people, on average, watch
it for 50% of its length. So that is 30 seconds per video. So, that means then that
for TikTok to entertain you for an hour, they need to find 120 videos, because 120 times 30
seconds is 60 minutes. That is 10 times the number of videos. And so you can see then
why it's so much easier to become a TikTok star rather
than become a YouTube star, because unlike YouTube, TikTok needs to showcase
videos from small creators, just so that they have enough
content for their audience. And there is lots of demand
for these tutorial videos.

So take TikTok, for example. If you go on there and do a search, you'll see that there are lots
of different Canva tutorials that have gone viral,
but have been created by small creators that have
just showcased different tips and tricks on how to use Canva better. So let's say then that you had chosen to create a video tutorial on Canva that you wanted to upload to TikTok, or what you could do is
you could go to Google and do a search for different
Canva tips and tricks, and then find a big blog post
that lists a bunch of them and crosscheck them and see which ones don't yet have a tutorial on TikTok. And then you go ahead and
you make that tutorial video. Lots of people much prefer
to watch a video tutorial rather than read a blog post.

And so you are helping
people discover tips and tricks that they would
not have known otherwise. Or of course, if you're
making a video tutorial on app you love, you can
always just get creative and come up with your own
typical trick to share. So I know from my YouTube comment section that a lot of people don't realize that Canva has a remove
background feature. So I'm gonna just, as an example, make a tutorial video on that. Well, once you've picked
your tip or trick, you just go ahead and do that trick on screen while you
record it using XRecorder. And after that, you can then go ahead and download a free video editor. There are lots of great
free ones for your phone such as YouCut. You then just upload the screen capture that you recorded and you
can cut out any sections that you don't like. So for example, something
that I often like to cut out is the loading times and
the processing times, because that's really boring to watch, and nobody wants to see it.

And after that, you then just go ahead
and upload your video. And if you've chosen to create
a mobile tutorial video, you can upload it to all
of the mobile video apps like YouTube Shorts,
Instagram Reels, and TikTok. And one of the really cool
things about uploading your video to TikTok is that they have
a free way to add a voiceover if you're shy. It's really simple. Just add text captions to
your video when you upload it, and then select to use their
text to speech feature. And now, boom, you have your
own video tutorial created just with the mobile phone
that even has a voiceover that was created automatically for you that you didn't even have to record if you were shy. (laughs) And so now with that video, we
can earn commissions, woohoo. All right, so as you probably remember, earlier I said that if you're
gonna submit an application to join an affiliate program
for a product or a website that they're going to require
that you have a URL of a site or a social media platform that
you're advertising them on.

Well, now that we have our
video that we've uploaded, you can apply for the affiliate program that you created the tutorial on, because now you can post
a link to that video in your application. Once you get accepted, you'll then get access to
your own affiliate link, which you can then paste
into your video description, or if you've uploaded it to TikTok, into your account profile on there, and now people can click on it and you can earn commissions.
(cash register dings) And as you expand your video catalog and make even more tutorials on different apps and different websites, you can use a free
website called Linktree. Linktree is a free app and website that makes it super simple to
create a mobile friendly page that lists different links that you have. And so what you can do is that rather than just linking
to a single affiliate link in a TikTok profile, you
can instead replace that with your Linktree link.

And so now people can click on it, and they can access all the
different affiliate links for all of the different websites and apps that you have made tutorial videos on. And then with that, boom, you
have copied my $1,000 a day affiliate marketing strategy, yay, all while putting your own twist onto it and creating something new
that helps others as well.

So then, did my video inspire you? If it did, please subscribe
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