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In this video, what I'm going to do is I'm
going to show you exactly how to copy millionaire affiliate marketers and I'm going to share
with you three important secrets that only top 3% of the affiliate do hello. This is Mark Daniells a factory worker turned
digital entrepreneur over 10 years ago. My life right now is absolutely blessed, but
it wasn't always like that.

I was confused frustrated. And and overwhelmed with all the information
that I see online about how to start a business. I've taken many courses. I want to seminars webinars. You name it? I've done it but nothing really work until
I met my mentor. I remember the first time what I said in front
of my mentor after repeated requests for him to accept me to work with him and learn from
him. Of course for free. He looked me in the eye and he said I'm not
smarter than you.I don't want you to think that I'm smarter than you. I have a higher IQ than you. The only thing is I know more things than
you do. So I want you to understand that if you are in
that situation, it's not because maybe you're not smart enough.

You don't work hard enough because I did work
very very hard. Nothing really happened. But it's just the information that we don't
know information is the most important commodity so I created this Channel to share the information that I know
with the people who are hungry to succeed whether in Business Online side business. It doesn't really matter because a lot of
things it just what you know, it's not how you studied what you studied online or what
you studied in college. It was really nothing or not much to do with
it. So if you are hungry to succeed and you want
the information The Insider information, all you have to do is subscribe to drop a like
and make sure to hit that notification belt to get the latest information before I get
to the Deep stuff. What I like to do is I want to give you some
information. You probably don't know one of them is that
according to Business Insider.

The affiliate online marketing is a 14 billion
dollar industry now 14 billion dollars. I want you to remember that number but surprisingly
only 3% of all Affiliates worldwide generate the 14 billion dollars now, you probably asking
the question how much money do they make? Well, I can attest to that and I can tell
you the range between anywhere between $15,000 up to 1 million dollars a month and I've worked
with someone that actually is doing 1 million dollars a month. I'm not telling you you got to be making 1
million 10 million or $5? I just don't know that I'm just giving you
some figures now. It's up to you to decide how much you got
to make. It depends on how you take the information
that I'm giving you right here on this video and how you're going to process it and make
it work for you. Now. You're probably asking well, what about the
rest of the Affiliates? which they are 97% of them. They average about $100 a month. Hundred dollars a month, but many of them
don't make any money now, you got to understand obviously 3% generate 14 billion dollars and
the rest they hardly make any money at all.

So the 97% don't do what the three percent
are doing the three percent. The reason they are successful is because
they are doing something different and you need to understand that and this is what I'm
going to share with you now. I'm going to share with you three secrets
and if you get them and if you Understand them very well.You'll be on your way to be
a successful affiliate marketer secret number one, which is Product Chaser Syndrome. Unsuccessful Affiliates. This is what they really concentrate on. They concentrate on finding the right product
as they think the right product is the key to their success. So if I find the right product, I'm going
to go ahead and succeed. That's not what the top Affiliates do three
percent. Of the I'm talking about 3% of the top affiliates
in the world.

They don't do that. Let's go ahead and think about McDonald's
– McDonald's make the best tasting hamburger in the world? Obviously They don't I'm sure you have tasted better
hamburger, but that begs the question, why they are the best or the top or they sell
most hamburgers in the world than anybody why they do that. They don't have a good product. The product is maybe average was or maybe
be a little bit above average but they sell they are the number one seller of that product. The reason is because they have a foundation
and inside the foundation. There are three things. The most important thing that you need to
concentrate on is systemization and automation. This is the biggest thing that makes them
tick and this is the number one key to their success and it's no different. What are you selling if you are selling online? Offline it doesn't matter. What do you have systems and Automation in
process than your success is much better than anybody else and that's what the top 3% concentrate
on how to succeed as an affiliate secret number two, which is poor mindset.

What I'm talking about here is not like you're
poor it just like your mindset is limited to a certain belief. The reason I'm talking about this because
it is vital and most almost all the top 3% of Affiliates. They don't have that or they used to have
it and they don't have it. So there is some good news that I'm going
to share with you how to overcome that in case you have it but to kind of elaborate
a little bit more about this something simple usually in our past something happens, you
know, it depends on our environment and it starts when you are young or could be a trauma
that happened to you during your years.

I know a lot of people that Dividend environment
which is toxic to their success. They've been told you're not worthy. You can't do it. No matter how much you try. You always gonna be a failure all these things
especially in a younger age does affect you tremendously when you grew up so it puts like
an invisible ceiling on how far you can reach what I'm talking about how far of your success
or how much money you can make so how to overcome that what I'm going to do.

Do in case you are suffering from that issue? I do have a video that you can watch. I'm going to show it to you in this video. What I would recommend for you is to go ahead
and watch it because this is the secret of how to overcome that and at the same time
how to set your goal. How To Succeed as an entrepreneur secret number
three, do not reinvent the wheel. All you have to do is copy what the top three
percent of the Affiliates are doing you. Have to sit there trying to figure things
out because it's going to take you probably maybe 10 years or longer. Now, what I'm going to do right now is I'm
going to share with you the tools that are used by the top Affiliates. So let's go ahead and talk about the first
one email automation platform talking about is autoresponder not all auto responders are
the same what I mean by that is a lot of these about 97% of all the autoresponders.

They're not affiliate friendly. Maybe you can get away with it maybe in a
month two or three and then what they do is they shut down your account all the tools
that I'm going to suggest that all free to start the second thing about autoresponder
companies. What they do is that for example, if you have
a domain name, what they do is they charge you per domain another word. If you have two domain names what they do
they charge you to X, so if you have three they charge you three times.

I just want to remind you that all the tools
that I'm Talking about the all in the description area below. Now. The other one that I'm going to talk about
is very essential if you want to succeed which is a sales funnel basically in case you don't
know what a sales funnel is it is so important for your success because it does take your
prospect. Whoever your prospect is and takes them through
a series of steps to turn them from Prospect to a buyer. Now The other one that I'm going to talk about
is very important as well, which is a A hosting platform or a domain name now. I've been hearing a lot online that yes, you
can start you can sell product as affiliate products without a website. Yes, you can but if you want to model the
top Affiliates the top 3% of the Affiliates who are making thousands of dollars.

I just do exactly what they do. I'm not going to take any shortcuts. Now, we have tried during the 10 years. We have tried every single Platform that ever
existed and at the best one that we can ever find is a Bluehost tracking system is used
by every single top affiliate. And this is a must for the people that I coach
you must use that if you don't I'm not going to work with you because simply you're not
going to really succeed because if you can't measure it, you can't improve it. If you can't improve it then you're lost and
the last one that you get a need in order for you to succeed and this is part of your
foundation as well. You need traffic and if you are new to
the traffic world, you have to Market if you don't mark it. Basically, this is a death sentence the minute
you stop marketing you stop growing. This is a rule that you must understand as
an affiliate and I'm not saying that you got to go spend thousands of dollars.

So the one that I would suggest for a beginners,
it's also going to be in the description area. The reason I'm picking this up rather than
something else for right now, maybe it Change in the future is because a lot of people who
are using that platform. They can actually rate the person who is giving
them the service. It's a very much like five or for example,
you are dealing with one person and if you like the service, you can rate them. So if you have somebody with bad rating,
for example, you want to stay away from and if you have people that are with a good rating
you want to go ahead and use them. Don't just try one person. Try two or three. People this is the best one for beginners
based on feedback. I decided to give you a bonus here based on
the information that I received from people because you need to know what are the best
affiliate marketing programs at their otherwise.

It's going to be very difficult for you to
succeed in affiliate marketing. What are the best affiliate networks program
affiliate marketing program, which is the same thing as Networks. Glee if you are an affiliate, what you want
to do is sell a product and sometimes the product is in affiliate Network or affiliate
programs. So we're going to go ahead and talk about
that. And the reason this is so personal to me is
very simple because years back when I first got started I wanted, you know, I went online
I want on YouTube and I got a lot of information.

I got confused frustrated and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed and I don't want you to go through
the same thing. So this is kind of personal to me. I have evaluated but 25 videos on YouTube
regarded in this subject alone. So I'm going to go ahead and not only give
you the ins and outs. I'm going to show you what these people are
talking about why they're talking about it. And then I'm going to go ahead and give you
the pros and cons about everything. Now. The first thing is Amazon Associates a lot
of people. YouTube they sit there and they tell you about
Amazon associate how good it is since sliced bread it could be but I'd sometimes they do
show you how much money they made from Amazon Associates show you on there video screen
shots because last one that I saw he said that this is the best one.

So I'm going to go ahead and just go to Amazon
Associates and then we're going to talk about it. Alright, let's talk about the pros and cons
pros is that it would work. Work for you. If you have an extensive technical experience
or expertise most of these guys that I noticed that I've seen them doing it. They're actually a one of them. I can remember is that it was just like doing
cameras and and he was making good money and he showed his screenshots.

He's making good money. Yes, but you have to have the expertise not
only that you get to have usually it's an Electronics not everything is going to make
you a lot of I can't sit there. Talk about a couch how good the couch is for
example now and then you have to have an existing product evaluation platform. The best one is as you know, is YouTube there
go to YouTube and they talk about it and then they put their links to Amazon Associates. One of them does high-end headphones. The other one does something about music mostly
cameras and things like that now, you know cameras are expensive and
Sometimes the actual lens cost about $1,000 or so at the cons. Is that the maximum payoff just because in
case you didn't know it is only ten percent. That's the maximum and then the cookie is
only valid for 24 hours another word if that person who clicked on your link, maybe you
have a video on YouTube and they clicked on your link.

This is only good for 24 hours another word
if that person went back and You bought something after 24 hours one straight to Amazon that
you will not get that sale or the credit for it. Now, you know about Amazon Associates, that
could be good. But only for a few people the people that
I have evaluated basically about most almost all of them.

They don't do that anymore. Wow, what a coincidence they just don't do
that anymore simply because it's saturated. There's so many people talking about cameras
and electronics its way. Way over saturated so they are not doing it
anymore. They don't want something different. So just an FYI here now. Let's go ahead and talk about Commission Junction,
which is CJ. It's a it's a high-end. It's for GoPro and Overstock and things like
that. We're going to go ahead and go to It's a really good one. We're part of it. I'm going to show you the pros and cons here
in just a little bit, but they do have a hundreds Maybe.

Ends of product in case you're not familiar
with this and this publisher means Affiliates. Okay, a lot of people they just tell you about
it, but they just don't know what's the difference between these two but they just say, oh, yeah,
that's a CJ go ahead and just sign up for it. Don't if you are new. This is the worst thing that you can do and
I'm going to tell you why it is so now we're going to go ahead and talk about Commission
Junction or CJ the pros and cons as as far as the pros are they sell good name product
and I heard one of the guys he was doing it goes. Well, this is you know, they sell some really
good product while name. Yes, that's true. But I'm going to tell you what the issue is
with that a hundreds of products probably thousands of product. They do have a great marketing tools for you
to track your stuff the cons about it. Is that a good thing for beginners not a friendly
for beginner or Is that well because there's two qualification process has one of them
is that you get qualified.

You need to be qualified by Commission Junction
first, then when you get in what happens each time, you want to be promoting one of these
products you have to apply to get permission to promote them. For example, GoDaddy a lot of people think
it's they also go through Commission Junction. A lot of people think GoDaddy is going to
be easy, but they're not when you go to Mission Junction, if you try to apply for them, it's
going to be tedious process. They're going to ask you a lot of information
have a proven record website large email list. It is a cumbersome a little bit. You have to explain also your marketing strategy
to them and not all of them are going to be very difficult. But some of them are be expecting to do that
when somebody said yeah go to CJ and go ahead and just put in your information and that's
what happened to a lot of people who are New they don't know much about that, but they
hear that. Hey, this guy has a lot of likes on YouTube
and people love them and he has a good nice haircut and he talked about that.

So I'm going to go ahead and do the same thing. When you go in there and you find yourself
you wasting your time, you're frustrated and confused. We use it but it's for someone who's been
around or a company been around for while they do have a pro-proven record. All right. The next one we're going to talk about is
sharing. A sale which is a mostly physical product. Let's go ahead and go to their website. If you go to, mostly people,
they like fashion physical product. They don't only have physical product. They have other things, but they have mostly

Let's go ahead and talk about the pros and
cons about Mostly the pros is like fashion products in
case you are one of the people that like to promote passion homemade products as well. They have a great marketing. Tools and they have the best customer service
out there that you still have to do the same thing. Is it good for beginners? No, it's not after you establish yourself. This is good for you because you still have
to go through the two qualifications. Another one is that you must have a proven
track record and you have to explain your marketing strategy. Let's go ahead and talk about number four,
which is, which is also a brand name like Adidas and Airbnb. It's probably one of the most difficult ones
to get approved. Now the pros and cons for impact don't get
me wrong impact is a very good platform, but it's not easy and it's not good for somebody
who started out or even maybe have a year or two under their belt.

They sell a really good brand name product. They have a great marketing and they do have
a sophisticated tools. Now as far as the cons they are not. And lie because the simple they have a hard
qualification processes, you have to go through in order for you to qualify. Then also you have to have a proven track
record and you have to explain your marketing strategy. Now, the next one I want to talk about is
network marketing companies. A lot of people get confused between network
marketing companies and affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is totally different than
network marketing. Okay network marketing could be kind of On
the Shady Side sometimes well, most of the time it is I never dealt with that and it
will never ever deal with it. Now The next one I'm going to talk about is Jvzoo
Marketplace. It is a good platform. Let's go ahead and talk about that. It is a beginner friendly. Now if you get in started out it is it beginner-friendly
the second thing it is easy to qualify. They do have thousands of products. They also have something unique which is early
announcement of their product releases so you can Get ready for it and start marketing.

And so this is something kind of unique about
them. The other thing is their cons is that there
is still a qualification process not from Jvzoo, but from vendor, let's say you want
to sell a product or software you have to send something the message to the vendor for
basic information. Tell them a little bit about you and sometimes
they might qualify you sometimes they don't 75% 80% you get qualified if one of the This
is that there is a narrow Niche another word is just software.

Okay, the last platform that I'm going to
talk about is going to be ClickBank and a lot of people know ClickBank but there's something
they don't know about ClickBank and I'm going to go through the pros and cons for that as
well. As far as the pros. It's a very very friendly for beginners. And the other thing is that it is so easy
to qualify almost everybody can get in start selling products and they have thousands of

Other thing is that they have a dedicated
course of how to use the platform which is ClickBank and also have multiple niches and
sub niches another word the not like Jvzoo. They're like software oriented. For example, they do have different niches
in the health wealth and relationships. As far as the cons. You must know how to pick a winning product
because there are thousands of products out there not all of them are good not all of
them are very well.

So so it is very good to have a good training
before you start making it on ClickBank. The cons also are that you must know how to
navigate your platform correctly and I do have some videos about that of how to pick
the right product the ClickBank product with one click of a button you can do that and
you can watch one of my videos that tells you how to do that correctly and also some
tricks that you can do on ClickBank to get the right product and to start marketing.

That product as fast as possible also check
the description for free stuff. I do have some free stuff in there that could
be of major help to you. If you are in the online marketing business
and again the best way to start with online business online marketing business is as an
affiliate now, later on, you can create your own product. I know for sure the best thing to do is to
start as an affiliate and then work yourself from there if you want more information about
making more Sales Online. You probably need to check out my video right
here regarding how to actually find the best products on ClickBank with one click of a
button and I'll see you guys at the time..

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