Clickbank Affiliate Marketing on Twitter without website for beginners tutorial in Hindi 2021

Hello Ajay, Hello friends, in today's video I
am going to tell you that how you will be able to promote the products of the bank without clicking on any website on Twitter,
okay so watch the video till the end, which is enough. It is
going to be fun and a lot of information which I am going to give you in this, ok now the step is complete, let me
tell you the process in it, that is how you will be able to promote your product without any website,
ok enter Aghorio Will definitely see but what a powerful tool that Twitter is, first
let me tell you why Twitter was there and daily activities that if we talk about how much
daily activities on behalf of its two million 200 million, which is its Delhi active users. This is Twitter's
and I have time to say that

You will get to see the bitterness Here, before that how much is limited how much is 22%
only for United States, you are getting traffic, in this you are right and secondly,
whatever Mukesh is above Twitter, that communication is not like any other platform.

If there is a storm, then
anyone else has come here, it is okay, so here you are, because of this, the chances of being dry for half an hour
increase. What we have to do first
, which product is good to ask, this ribbon's joe has been main in the market, if you click on it, keep your
bank account out, then you will get a lot of youtube and you will get the total, if I am married, then this video has been
put Once you go inside the middle of my channel, you can also wear it, well like this market,
you will get to see many categories, you will get to see, just like the function that
we have agri products eight but right now we are who? I will talk about photos from now on for pimple,
you will get a health and fitness product Let me tell you here, I felt the festival,
you will get to see a lot of products here, as if once, if I currently have this product,
by passport I will show you where you have to do what from here But as it will go, you
will get the time to open it in Europe, from here you will get the left foot, you can also open the app by writing it, yes, you
can kill the printer etc.

From Rupa Kumari girls , that is, according to the city, the fast which is of the
cross. According to the conversion on the card, you can also print it from here according to the gravity, you will
get many options from here You will get the ticket right now, from here you have to take some information that the
products are near that you will get both the plates at once. So that whatever product you are promoting,
you should know that it is okay to promote the product for this product, so what it is, it is
related to the product here, health and fitness category like camera
Seeing yours from here too If I do not leave the content, I can pick it up from here, later here you will get updates,
I will also get a lot of content option from here , it is okay to promote your page, so
here is the picture of the letter. But you have dropped yourself, many matrimonials are
ready, whatever the friendly approach is ready, so here you are already here for lecture updates,
everything has been given to you, like this in the evening, I have to promote Tell you what to do now,
here we have done the gas simply market best option, after that you will get the option of promotion here, you
will click on the festival Matka to open that kind of drop which will open in front of you.
And by doing one product, how much commission will you get on top of it, so what you will get here is
75%, you will get commission on top of green chutney here, right here,
what you have to do here By putting in your jo nikle, here you have to click on open chat install.
If you click from it, you will get it written here, this job link is fine, what you have to do too
, for the worship you have to copy paste inside the job, now in the wards also I have used
it here like I will remember that little Kanojia to take you up a little bit, how to promote B Kuch Toe,
I will tell you what is right to promote you, you don't have to promote this Vaseline on Twitter,
what have I got to do? Somebody has to create the landing gear in the middle, now you have to promote
the app of the landing beach that was clear and it was on top of Twitter or on any social media
platform, it is okay to share it there .

This web link
used to increase the chances of joining that account . If you are happy then what do you have for security, get
up and send languages to pick you up on the field and send it here , thank you for free, talk at home, phone so 2 minutes do you
have it or not? that now you will get the set on the link like this and including Tree landing,
you will also have to open this account, you will have to contact someone in it and to create, we
will get to see the interpress like this, ok good quality, I have taken my stuck
here, add new ringtone pain As you click here, I click and hold it as if it is a bar here,
the internet will be a little slow, here you have to give the title and leave the European step,
like I have done blood here, by repeating here But as custom minutes you can see this,
I have copied the serial full titles from here, whatever gender is there, I will also copy it and press it here,
okay the link is at least for you, then thank you on that I have told Link: The blood pressure that you have here,
the gender that is, we do not have to share it in it and the other is also in it,
even by mixing, you will get the boys here, you have a little bit of hot matters in this

Yes and you take time to create whatever professional advice you have, then come
You can also use dry fruits oil, like I have for demo, now I have already made this
type of professional recording, it will be done, ok then do it for both the videos or
else the description will remain in the description. I will also give it to you and you will also
get the link of both the videos in the uprooted button, I will see it once on both sides,
because the health of the person who is coming from here rests on the turn of love. You will not be able to process anything further in it, it is
okay to cut the landing punjabi according to you, as you like it, you
must go and watch both the videos once , ok, what will we do now, our
melanin, which is ours. Both of the William 's got it OK as I have copied here and
kept a mixture of fun in the page's cap , that is also there and what is the input here is also
I have kept both of the building's comment So what are we going to do here on Twitter?
Let me tell you something for

me Want to promote the product on cheese from
, related to that product or whoever is below you, please any one of you
is here, it is ok to create your joe, here we will go in it, that a lot you will see pizza here If you get
it, then it is like a fish, as in 1431, how cute is it that the floor settles very well for
it and in this, but its special thing is if we talk about Twitter, then why is it better than this conflict,
I will tell you in this Because on every post you will be able to add print what you have, as if
you will add your hair on top of this photo too, in this you have hair done , see here this forward you have
shared the link in the group in the second post it is ok But whatever you post, you will be able to give the description of each post to you,
your airplane settings.

In 15 ko , what to do, post how do
you have to clear such copyright post, I will tell you there, ok you have to update any similar plane in this,
I keep posting you daily. Whatever allocation is there, it
keeps you locking the app in it, well if I talk, if you have a question in your mind that
from where will we get the content to post so many, then jet pixels to go to the canteen and exam In properties, you
will get the set up, where Begum African tell the table , the photo including the video, of both the light pixels at the moment, let
me tell you the example here, which I select, just now the weight of the launch quality,
I just typed and searched here It has been done for Uttar Pradesh but here you will find a lot
of people photos here it is absolutely royalty free photo goes on top of it
no corporate will come neither collection will be ok and promoting on twitter
anyway Your weight loss can be prevented even by searching the drink in Google.

I am also a little bit as if let
me tell you that weight loss is right now
I have to search here . Somebody will ask in Twitter,
take what I am from here and if you are promoting your prostate cancer, then it is

ok either So if there is any problem in it then you are going to come, neither any copy or tissue will come, right now
Bloody Mary has downloaded this photo and kept it , I am excited for the content, by tweeting it,
let me tell you how In this , you will be able to do comedy for your post,
by activating the Vada, now here you will get the option of what to do image, click on install here,
I go on top of the desktop, select this photo from here It's okay,
let me tell you such a thing for the sake of the example, who do it on a regular basis on daily wedges tow.

I have to keep posting and keep
growing in my Play Store so that this time will come such that this page which is yours will automatically
come in the group and once it has looked so bad , the minister of more affairs has 15000 20000 sheets.
Your FIR marketing business will go on the roads in autopilot, ok, turn off auto pilot mode
so that you can also comment in the comments that you will take more technology in this, now it has become our soft
and here we are here Then take the title of it, I am now copying and pasting its title, that
you cannot do anything, Ritesh has been able to lose weight,
tangent, I have added it here according to my own, now it seems to be the description . That's why Talking in the house, it is here that should be made to
avoid here, so I have done research for a few reasons here, you have to set baking soda
and said that what are the keywords in it and here Optimize your keyboard with
such an optimizer you need to clear your description ok now this year i copied the whole europe here
and i have done it here in the description , we save it here too ,
i saved it here ok the second one too , though just in the edit now Inside the first test,
we go to where Attacks Vitamins OK Google , you can learn more and learn more here and now I
can see the pain that I do duty here, and if the challenge seems like something like this , then find them here

It's ok to give, now I send my branding here, lifted my penis, picked up the penis
and copied it here, either here, now you can also see that soft
and click here to learn and then click again. toe loose and west last look now you have
done from here that which is the gender will put on it ok this is the comment like i told
you will be able to add whatever your plate will take inside the chav report ok will write the post of inquiry into a You
will be able to do all the chuckles of them all, and the last 2 well, know that whatever is yours, your conversation increases.
Sure and here it is complete, whatever we will clear the report of this note, here you will get the option of tweeting, you have to
tweet from here whatever is your post, I also thought that you will get slapped,
just like you.

Dance has the properties that you can do this or other in this
, you can message anyone in Madrid about tank cases that we had searched for many workouts,
it is okay to eat here, now I clicked on continue here that Here I am engaged in pimples that after going in opposition,
see now that it is okay
to deliver But under everyone's,
kilometer is 50 problem which is 30 50 people, you have to fold on according to day, it is okay
, if not much better in this, what will happen but record at that time madam will come and you will get a With the finger
, the thoughts of the forces will fall, but money and you are grouped towards one bar graph, then
your And whatever your affiliate marketing business will run because your auto pilot mode is ok and there is a lot of
shortage then you can send it, so if you have any kind of job in this video, then
definitely by commenting in the comment box below.

Will tell more video if you think information has been
received by you click on continue then definitely like video and subscribe my channel do
n't forget thanks for real life have got a hua hai.

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