Clickbank Affiliate Marketing | How I Made $3,901 in 4 Days Without a Website Using Free Traffic!

Hello everyone here and here video today I want to show you how to earn money on clickbank and what I did to make more than 3900 in just a period of four days I'm going to Refresh this page so you can see it this amount is 100 accurate and if we go to my main profile here and I reload this reload this page you can see that 3918 and here are the four days from the 16th to the 19th and if I click on one of
these let's say the 16th of September will it brings me to this page where you can see that it's 100 legit and that's all the sales I've made on that particular day now if we come to my WordPress account you can see that this is not the only product that I don't promote use free traffic and I'm going to show you exactly how you can do the same but before I do that if you want to win a
copy of my jet video academy coaching and accompanying YouTube course, all together you need to right below
now go and comment I want to earn money online because let me know why you want to earn money online and I will choose one comment and I will announce the
winner I will actually answer you and I will now send a copy of my course if you can see it's not the only product I promote like this is one of the ones I just promoted you can see I had 4 hundred over four thousand five hundred unique click here is another product here i have promoted more than three thousand seven hundred this is all with free traffic guys and i will show you here is how you can do it yourself another one i promoted here you have two thousand 2700 so how can i get this free traffic, what did i do ok all i did is i went to my convertkit account here and i promoted it to my 52,000 email subscribers and you probably think i don't have that many emails subscribers , that's good, I got it you've got it covered in this video after which I'm going to show you how you're going to get free email subscribers so you can do the
exact same thing I'm going to walk you through this whole strategy step by step so you can make money on clickbank on digi save 24 fighters plus any affiliate network you have available to you and it's not that hard to get started guys when we come here's what you're going to do send out emails as you can see that's exactly what I do with my convertkit account as you can see here I sometimes send a broadcast get more than 570 clicks 651 clicks 271 clicks and everyone who clicks on it possibly buys these different types of products that I promote and that's how the last four days with just one email marketing promo i was able to make almost four thousand dollars and this is only one of the ways i make money online and i want to show you how you can do the same so the first step to this is you have to come to either or any affiliate network and you have to create an account for yourself so you want to come here and sign in once you sign up for an account he's going to take you to their main dashboard it looks like exactly what you can do here guys you can click on their advanced search once you click on their advanced search you have a few options here as you can see results per page you can leave it at 50 and then you can click here on share items simply gravity select A 30 here, so just click on 30 and then select search what is it going to do, it's going to give you a
whole range of different types of products that are currently being sold it's going to give you the highest gravity first of all, this means that this product changes 426 affiliates have sold with this during the last 30 day period and when you scroll down here you can see all these other products and people making money with clickbank and affiliate marketing promoting it different types of products the other thing you'll notice too guys exactly how much do they earn average per sale so if you look at this product here called the okinawa flat stomach tonic people make an average of 147 per sale with this product okay to promote this product there are a few things you want to do number one , is you can come here and click on this product is going to open and show you exactly what this product is it's about you can click on it to watch this video you can scroll down and it takes look and see exactly if it's a is
product what are you willing to promote the other thing you want to do well guys if you're into this profile here or this product over here you can click on the attached resources page I'm going to show you exactly how you can take advantage of this resources as well because there are many useful things that you can use from here to promote it Product the other thing you need you guys come here click on to promote once you click on that promotion you want to click to generate hop left it is the link you're going to use to promote that product just copy the link there and I'll show you exactly what you're going to do that so that's step one you want to consider to clickbank you want to find a product that you're happy to be promoted once you've found a
product you'd like to promote now you need to move on to step two and step two involves roughly following
this site called I have a link in my description for you at the bottom and sign up you can do it for free it can start absolutely free it won't cost you anything if you scroll down check this out for zero dollars a month you can get 1000 subscribers so you get these email subscribers absolutely free to sell because what you're going to end up doing is you're going to send out an email just like me and you're going to do it absolutely for free plus you're going to be creating these free landing pages that I'm going to show you how to do video, so that you can get this free traffic that you're going to send them to the landing page, I'm going to show you two ways that you can possibly promote that product absolutely free so that you can make money with a clickbank all you want to do is sign up at convertkit that link is in my description from there once you've signed up for clickbank guys that's going to take you to a page that looks like this and that's where you're going to create these landing pages and sign up form possible so all you want to do you want to come here and you want to click to create new what we're going to do we're going to create a free landing page is we're going to promote this landing page to traffic you're going to sign up are you I'll get the email address I'm going to show you how you can possibly give something away for free to entice people to sign up, when you're on this page you want to scroll down and you want to find one of
these different types of landing pages that you can promote and like you can see there's a whole bunch of these can very easily log in to one of the
ones that I really like let's say you wanted to use this here it's called panel you can scroll down and find a few others let's say we wanted to run here with this one it's simply simply called union would choose once you're done it takes you to a page that looks like this now remember the product we're promoting click about this specifically about this video today or wit it if you're Me looking to promote this here called okinawa flat stomach tonic so we're going to help people lose weight and we're going to help people get a flatter stomach so simple you come here guys and what do you want to do do you want to change this headline there's ' a few things you can do here this is all we can adjust going to do we're going to be collect the email address I'm going to show you how to get rid of this and then what we're going to do is to to give them a call to action to get something for free so let's say we come here and we're going to remove this well and what we're going to do we're going to call this we'll say something like five best ways to lose belly fat fast now we can change it later here what you want to do is you want to get rid of this because we want their email address but if you can see all the other fields you can get rid of once you click on this field you can just select delete delete and delete now here as you can see it says subscribe you can change it to something like click here for instant access is good and I'll show you what you're going to post here in ' a second okay here what you want to do is you might want to put a little more of a call to action with this or what you can just simply type something like enter you in
email to receive the five best tips for losing belly fat plus my bonus method it has amazing results well as you can see here guys you want to enter it this is actually a call to action and I'm going to show you exactly there are two ways you can do it now that you the first way can promote is if you come here to the settings what's going to happen, you have it tab general and in the general tab you have this redirect to an external page you want to make sure it's now selected here , this is where you can possibly paste that click bank or digi store or fighter plus whatever it is link you can paste it directly there ok what we want to do now is we want to give more value so it's not the strategy we're going with today the strategy we're going to run with today we're going to provide they'll give them more information something for free that they can read and take away and we're going to have our link within what we're going to paste in here then show i you exactly what i mean by that in a second so we know the product today's promotion guys is this one over here is an old japanese tonic etc.

and this is a flat stomach tonic okay we help people lose belly fat what you simply want to do is you want to come here google and what you want to do is you just want to type in Google Docs for example Once you've done that just open a google doc ok once you open this google doc guys from there you just want to go to google and type something like great ways to lose belly fat (okay and what you from there can do scroll down and find all these different types of sites that you really know have created all this information for us let 's say this here from healthline six simple ways to lose belly fat once you do as you can see , is this a title now you don't copy these guys you rewrite it in your own words so it can be the title here and you can very easily copy and paste it as a title from now on guys whatever you want do is you want to show point one that you want to come back to this article that you can scroll down and as you can see there are all these different articles here so you can scroll down and you can copy it but I highly recommend that you rewrite it guys don't use this exact article I'm I'm just showing it as an example you'll do one here you'll paste it's good now as you can see there's all these other reliable sources you can leave it there because it's all 100 legal things is it their research people can come over here and click on them what would you do would you simply scroll down and you would paste all these different points well into this Google Docs document okay simply would you all scroll down the road to the bottom and you would paste all these things in there so you come here you would grab number two scroll down and you can find other guys that you don't necessarily need to use this one you can scroll all the way down to for example number four well scroll down to number four and just stop here come back up here and go to point of point two and now stick it in there what you'll do for number six or number five I should say so you'd come here would you number four and
then grab number five what you can easily do can you promote the product is good so you would come here number five and then with number five you can just put something like [Music] here is my bonus strategy to to lose belly fat fast good something like that tab down there and then all you need to do is type something like in
click here to get access to this amazing new belly fat dissolvable solution good all you need to do from here guys get simple the affiliate link so we come back to this product here we're going to click on to promote after which we're going to generate the hop link again we're going to copy that we're going to close it we're going to come right back to we're going to highlight it so what we do is we give them something for free so they can come here and they can literally read it well, it's really good stuff, it's 100 legit like I said, make sure you rewrite it in your own words, although a lot of this is pretty common now once you highlight these guys all you have to click to link here paste the link in there and click on apply and highlight it well we kill two birds with one stone number one is that we're promoting our
product in this but we're also going to collect these leads after which I'm going to show you exactly what it looks like now what you need to do is what you need to come to you click to share once you click on share what you want to change to everyone with the link and look and you want you copy this link well once you copy the link what you want to do now is back to this landing page now here under the settings here you want this redirect link and you want to paste it in there and you want to click on this to save the other thing
you want to do guys if you want to click on this logo here, okay and you want to click to replace, you have a few options for Instagram photos you have unsplash you have images if you click on unsplash and you type in something like weight loss and then click on to simply search let's just use this logo there okay another thing you can do guys that 's good we're going to use it now what we can do is click on the general
style you can see we have this color here you can click on the guys and you can this color change (make it 9-9-6-6)
stand out a little more so it color looks pretty cool there now all you have to do guys blreview this that's exactly what it's going to look good so simple guys don't overcomplicate it leave it now what you want to do is you want to publish it and you want to grab it link here so if we grab it it's going to copy what we're going to do then we're we're going to come here test it we're going to paste it in there and as soon as you paste it in there check here our landing page is fine so I'll just switch to 100 here when we get here and when I type let someone say test at let's one two three test four for example one two three four and we click here to immediately click here access you can see we're going to bring
this page here if we scroll down people will be able to read it as they get to the bottom guys they go step 5.

See if they click on this it's going to take them straight to the product but most importantly guys what's really important about this is if we go back to my convertkit account for what you'll be able to see if we Go to convertkit like you can see test1234 at appeared as one of my subscribers now this person comes here not only do we have the possibility to make a sale by giving them that free pdf google docs whatever you want create information they can also on the click
product and purchase but now we can target this person again with email broadcast well email marketing is super powerful now how are you going to promote it so you can get it for free there is a number of ways to do about this I'm going to show you several this video is one of the easiest ways to do these guys come to I talk a lot about this because like you I can look at my quora analytics if I scroll down here You can it sees when I send it different answers or when I answer it different questions you can see exactly how many views I get on these different types of answers that you and I post can do exactly the same here is one that I got here guys every 405 years If someone sees this you have the potential for them to click on it because if you answer this question you can almost say click here to get my free report on how to lose belly very fast people get fat click on it to get the free report get but then you're going to click on it email address they can click that link and buy right then and there but you can also target them again build an email list to make money with clickbank or any affiliate network guys are very powerful, look at this 860 views 278 views if you scroll down here's the longer answer there you're going to find thousands of guys if I turn down here one thousand four hundred thousand four hundred two thousand two thousand three hundred three thousand three hundred and so on five thousand views about some of them guys three thousand seven hundred these answers literally took me a few minutes to create and I'm getting email notifications again and again it's not just coming from my youtube channel so what you would do is come to quara guys and simply you would search for different types of questions that people have already put here you can answer so you can search for things are fastest ways to lose belly fat as simple as you search for these guys it gives you a whole bunch of different answers if you can see the question sorry what is the fastest way to melt away some time fat how do you lose belly fat etc what do you want to do from here click on one of these guys and you just want to give a detailed answer like these guys are sitting here you can also like this before post pictures and after pictures you can find a whole hope of them even on their affiliate resources and I'm going to show you how to send these email broadcasters right once you get this free traffic man so you want to come here and you want to do exactly what these people are doing you can see here think eat plan not weight on diet etc if you click on more here you'll find out people have done a lot more pictures now that's a very easy answer in this answer guys you want to include this article is good and it's not going to happen good remove because it's a free pdf document people can click on it I have affiliate links on all my answers good and that's exactly what you want to do, I'm not going to show you How to answer this, you can do your own research guys, and you can also do it purely how to lose weight, etc.

There guys what else you can do is you can come to instagram for example and you can create an
instagram profile for yourself also guys about weight loss okay so come here type weight loss and you can get a lot of inspiration from these different types of accounts and people will have different links you can a very detailed weight loss pdf document where are you just collect emails now because you're going to remarket and like you can see the guys here purely a before and after type of Instagram profile and like you can see if you roll up 195,000 guys followers i can't guarantee you any of
these different types of images are theirs but they get thousands and thousands of people click likes and comment on all of them and if you this link click here guys will it take you to a product they are promoting another thing you can do a lot simply create a pinterest profile a weight loss pinterest profile when someone comes here and they want the free pdf document get group google docs document whatever it is they'll click on it guys they'll provide their email address address to see it's very simple to do because remember every click you get the same as someone signing up and give them their email address every single email address you can get is worth anything from a dollar to four dollars if you send the email broadcast i'm going to show you how to do in a second and when you browse down here you can see how It's simple to create these pins can use a site like and I've talked about this in many of my videos so you can use pinterest use instagram you can use quora use YouTube you can use tiktok use pretty much any social media platform out there how about creating this very simple email broadcast stuff what do you want to do you want to come over to link here and as much as possible see here you can click to to send and you can choose a broadcast as soon as you choose broadcast guides very simple you come here and you choose new send out now you're probably thinking alan where do i get it emails from stuff when you're busy clickbank guys what do you want to do I showed you that you can do it very easily select this affiliate page here once you select the affiliate page will bring you to you and you I have all these different resources you can see that you convert the best email simply swipe on it and what it's going to do is it will take you to a page that looks like this and as you can see swipes are consistently updated for the highest performance click here to see instant access so select these guys as soon as you select it like you can see all these different emails broadcast that you can send out and it's labeled email 1 email 2 email 1a ml1b and you even have the subject line about drink it so before breakfast burn 1 lb a day etc, you can scroll down and look at all of them, 9-9-6-6)
you guys have to do come over here and select this as a copy of the line it's sent directly to your email paste it in there then come back to this email -mail, swipe guys copy Swipe the whole email as best you can see, stop it right there, copy it comes straight here and then paste it in there as you can see it's all there guys and then everyone has to do wherever you all these kind of have the same sign on here all you have to do is paste your affiliate link in there to paste your affiliate link all you have to do is click this link okay add link paste what in and then select the open link in a new tab click on to insert highlight the bold so somebody click on that you can copy it because we might want this one more time here scroll down paste it in there that's how simple it's to create it different types of email and when I come here guys look at it so if I click to see it this is what this email is going to look like and you can embed a video here if so everything is now in the resources from here all you have to do is come back to clickbank and you can promote one of these different types of weight loss products to anyone you have logged into your convertkit profile your convertkit account and you can introduce yourself how much money do you have can make it possible if you send two to three emails every single week but the key to this is to get the traffic get to quora on pinterest here come the people on instagram get all you can get the free traffic guys and start sending all these different types of broadcasts by email so you can start making money with clickbank or do you have store 24 or one of these different types of affiliate marketing platforms now remember guys if you go down win a free copy of my course after now below and just a comment i want to make money online because and i will pick a comment winner and i will give you a copy of my jet video academy coaching and guiding youtube course ok for someone in the comments the bottom guys and don't forget subscribe you must be subscribed now if you want another brilliant way you can make money online guys click on this video now watch another awesome way you can make money with affiliate marketing see you on the video until next time take care of yourselves and bye

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