Best Way To Start Affiliate Marketing Business In 2021!

by far one of the easiest business models to get 
started with is affiliate marketing you don't have   to buy or keep inventory of products you don't 
need to deal with returns or customer complaints   it is also very flexible can be done as a side 
hustle or it can become your full-time business   plus you don't need previous experience so 
a complete beginner can succeed in affiliate   marketing there are also so many ways to do 
affiliate marketing that you can just choose   a way that is right for you and just focus on that 
that's why in today's video i want to show you the   best way to get started with affiliate marketing 
even if you are brand new so if you're ready for   that then go ahead and hit that like button 
and let's dig in now you can start affiliate   marketing without any training if you want but the 
one way that i recommend to get started is with a   training that takes you step by step on setting up 
your online affiliate marketing business and this   is called the 15 day business builder challenge 
and it is by a company called legendary marketer   now legendary marketer is an online educational 
platform that teaches you online business as far   as affiliate marketing selling your own products 
coaching and consulting copywriting there is so   much training on there you can learn any online 
business and that's a great way to get started   because you do have a community of people that can 
help you now i got started with their training a   couple of years ago so what i want to do is i want 
to show you what their training is all about we're   gonna go through what the 15 day challenge is 
also i'm going to show you a little bit about   who is actually behind this company i actually 
had the pleasure of meeting him he is a nine   figure entrepreneur and he's been featured on 
entrepreneur magazine and on forbes magazine   his name is david sharp have had the pleasure of 
talking to him i'm actually going to be talking to   him again in a couple of months i'm actually one 
of their speakers at an upcoming mastermind so   i'm really excited about that but i actually 
want to go ahead and show you some of that   so without any further ado let's get right into 
it so legendary marketer is a digital marketing   education so if you are brand new this is a 
great place to start if you're doing anything   at all online you are going to need to learn how 
to market yourself because you can do affiliate   marketing and market other people's products 
which is like i said earlier a very low cost   way to get started with an online business 
now earlier i started the video by saying that   it's one of the easiest business models it is 
but i don't mean that it's easy easy it's like   any business you have to put some work in 
you have to create content and you have to   learn how to market now all of the information 
that you do need is inside of this platform can   you go out there and do this yourself and find 
out all of the information for free yes you can   you can absolutely go on youtube it can go 
on google you can start learning on your own   and that's totally fine also but this platform is 
just like a one-stop shop now i do like promoting   digital products because the companies can afford 
to give you bigger commissions just because they   aren't spending more on shipping products and 
manufacturing and so on also i do love to promote   products that i already have and i do think that 
they over deliver on value also there's also a   facebook community so you can connect with other 
people they have a wake up legendary call five   days a week that you can watch every single day 
or you can watch the replays every single day   to motivate you and to stay connected to the 
community so that's what i love about it is that   they are big on community you can increase your 
marketing skills and you can learn exactly how   to get started that's what i like about this and 
this is actually how i got started so i came here   to get my education basically and this is why 
i do promote it now the founder is david sharp   and this is the man that i did actually meet and 
he actually interviewed me for one of his shows   i was super nervous but i did it i actually get 
to talk to him again next month so that's going   to be really exciting and he's been featured 
like it says here on and   forbes okay as one of the masterminds of this 
industry okay so you'll be learning directly   from him as well this is why i think it's so 
important this guy has proven that he can do   this and that's why he formed this company and 
he's got great people working for him as well   that also teach you how to do affiliate marketing 
how to start an online business now i do suggest   that you get started with this 15 day online 
business builder challenge okay now the link   that i do have below which is the first link that 
is a link to this i will have a video of myself   just pretty much explaining to you how this has 
helped me in my life and when i got started online   now this is a 15 day challenge and it's on how to 
start a business online from scratch he is taking   you through how to create your own online high 
ticket business okay so creating a high ticket   business is different than just collecting little 
online commissions here and there this is for   high ticket marketing and high ticket commissions 
now this 15 day challenge only cost seven dollars   so it's definitely something to check out only 
seven dollars it's not going to cost you very much   you can start learning and see if you like it if 
you don't like it you can just leave it and you   can also download all of his high ticket template 
scripts and funnels so what i like about this   is that you get to learn how to actually put 
everything together so at about day three of   this challenge you will be required to call your 
advisor you do get a business plan advisor who   will personally help you develop your business 
plan and get into action so this is what i like   about this it's very actionable you can just start 
doing things instead of just researching all over   the place you can just get started okay they are 
going to lock the rest of the days for you until   you do speak to the advisor they also do have 
other products on here that they will present to   you some of their main products and how affiliates 
that are actually promoting legendary marketer   make most of their money is when people purchase 
the blueprints okay this is a high ticket program   so it's high ticket commissions that you 
do get if you do promote legendary marketer   so as you can see they do have other products 
for you now you can go ahead and learn a lot from   those blueprints i do own the blueprints myself 
if there's something you don't think you need   then that's totally fine you don't have to 
purchase all of the other products but really   good products on this platform and if you do want 
to become an affiliate of legendary marketer you   do have to apply and be approved basically so if 
you do want to check it out then i do have a link   down below it'll be the first link so very quickly 
i just want to show you what you do need actually   you are going to need a funnel builder and an 
email autoresponder now these are two separate   things there are separate services that you 
can use for this i used to use click funnels   and aweber and those are two different companies 
but now i will show you what i use this is builder   all if you do want to check it out i do have a 
link down below and what i like about this is   that it's all in one so you don't have to pay for 
a separate email autoresponder and then a funnel   builder everything is already on here okay so you 
can definitely check that out if you do want to if   not if you don't want to go with builderall just 
do a simple search on google for funnel building   softwares and things like that now the one that 
legendary is going to recommend inside of their   training they actually use click funnels and they 
just use click funnels because it's like the most   common one you can replicate everything they're 
doing on clickfunnels onto builderall or cartra or   anything else or if you want to use click funnels 
you can use click funnels i just want to let you   know that when starting this type of business 
you are going to need those tools and this is   definitely the one that i recommend especially if 
we come up here to plans you're going to see that   this is to get started only thirty dollars per 
month i don't usually have this plan available   but they do have it now so you can definitely 
check it out i will put that link below   so i do recommend this for any beginner that's 
starting online the reason being is because they   actually teach you all the skills this isn't a 
program who does everything for you and all you   have to do is promote it this is not that at all 
you actually learn what you have to do and then   you go ahead and promote whatever products you 
want to promote you can create your own online   courses and promote them you can create a coaching 
and consulting business you learn copywriting   everything you will learn in there can get you 
started and can get you on your way now if you   want to get started with a 15 day challenge then 
go ahead and click the first link below thank   you so much for watching and i hope you found 
it helpful i will see you in the next one bye

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